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Probably everyone is interested in how the padlock works.

And here such transparent variant will allow us to see, that at it inside and to understand a working principle

even pintles there

This kind of thing can be very useful for your cabinet.

It is necessary to unscrew the bolt on the door hinge.

Screw it back together with the platform for the device so that when closing a special button is pressed.

Insert the battery - and ready.

Now when you open the cabinet will turn on the backlight.

And when closing - to go out, so as not to waste battery.

When we use a screwdriver, we really want the screws to stick to it.

But if this does not happen, then this miracle cube will help us.

Look: now the screws do not attract to the screwdriver.

Do a couple of moves through the bottom hole and ...


they are magnetized to it.

If you want to undo this effect.

then simply place the screwdriver in the top compartment.

In this box is a very cool thing.

Looks like a small camera.

It is inserted into your smartphone and turns it into a thermal imager.

Which shows warm and cold objects in different colors

this is the hand of man

мы прикладываем ее к столу

then we clean.

And we see on the table an imprint of warmth by hand.

And this is a small warm-blooded animal

we see that the hottest part of it is the muzzle

while the nozzle is cold.

Here is a man in socks leaving heat marks on the floor.

The device is very expensive, but also very useful in professional tasks

for example, can identify places of heat leakage in the house or see heating pipes in the wall.

This plant is a dried rose of Jericho.

It seems that she is dead.

But if you put it in the water, then the plant comes to life.

And if there is no water left, it turns back into a ball.

Do you know why this lady is so pleased?

That's right, because she has such a hand-sewing machine


let's check it in work

substitute the fabric

push the button - and go.

In my opinion it looks good.

If you have such a machine torn socks for you are no longer a problem.

Subtitles: Расследования Авиакатастроф.

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