Practice English Speaking&Listening with: JetCoup: Alt-Flight for the Alt-Right | The Daily Show

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- The people, the insurrectionists

who breached the U.S. Capitol should be immediately added

to the TSA No-Fly list.

- [Announcer] Stuck at the insurrection with no way home?

Introducing jetCoup, America's first airline

exclusively for the heroes who tried to save democracy

at the Capitol and aren't allowed on planes anymore.

Featuring everything real Americans want from an airline.

No fee for carry-on pipe bombs,

complimentary wifi to see

if you've been kicked off Twitter yet,

relaxing in-flight entertainment,

and a strict no-mask policy,

even in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure.

Book now and get free shuttle service

directly from your suite at the Four Seasons.

jetCoup, an alt-flight for the alt-right.

- It's a revolution.

(upbeat instrumental music)

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