Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Короче говоря - КАРАНТИН! Скетч от Violettki Konfetki

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It was tuesday

time 23:00

I set the alarm at 7:00

I lay down

tried to sleep

10 minutes have passed

then 20 minutes

then another 30 minutes

I didnt fall asleep

Wait a minute!

subscribe soon to the channel

and do not forget to click on the bell

decided to go to Like

leafed through the tape

I liked the vidosik

like him from me

decided to act in film

cool slumo

and then I got involved in full

I heard an unusual knock here


oh yes, it's neighbors!

time 00:45

Yoshkins - grandmothers!

lay back and fell asleep

here he is, the long-awaited ...

who asked you to ring?

I decided to lie down

1 minute

10 minutes more

another 30 minutes

pancake! kapets! I overslept!

I started to pack fast

well, almost quickly ...

finally got dressed

for trudging

well, almost like all girls

I packed my backpack and ran away

there was not enough time for breakfast

ran out of the house

on the way I remembered that I forgot the shift

I came back for her

here is a drawer ... and how can this be forgotten?

running on the porch of the school

time shows me 8:45

Bliiin .... the call was probably already

I go to the door and begin to open it diligently

strange ... I thought

Well, is it locked?

I will try another

and it is closed to me

decided to look through the windows

hmm, and nobody is there ...

don't want to open ?!

decided to call a classmate

dialed her number

not responding ...

then another

also does not answer

i was upset

decided to ride the hill

didnt pass by the pinwheel either

decided for flattery on the stairs

maybe I'll see somebody on top

then decided to ride on a swing

hmm, this is also a good thing

the ice broke off today too

looked at the watch

time hour of the day

not sickly so walked

decided to go on the run

came home, changed clothes

took things, went on the course

walked for a long time



has come

and here the door is closed

decided to check all the doors

what is it ?!

shut off oxygen all day!

upset and went home

decided to do homework

and start an alarm earlier

at 20:00

set at 6:30

sat down for lessons and opened a diary

Eshkiny you are grandmothers!

in short


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