Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Shell Trading Career Stories: Dong Yuan, Regional Team Leader

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I have an engineering background and I worked in a competitive company

briefly for three years as an engineer

before joining Shell 10 years ago.

I have 12 traders and analysts

working with me in my team.

I don't see this role of leadership

any different from any other leadership role in Shell,

and my understanding of the leader

is we have to be truthful to the people who work with us and who work for us,

and we have to take care of them and inspire them,

create enough space for them to do their job properly.

I enjoy the most about my job, it's the flexibility of my job.

And the flexibility is something I define by the job scope I have.

So, in trading you have one main job scope

which is to make the company more profitable,

and the rest of the detailed stuff, a lot of them are in your own hands.

You define your own job scope, it is very liberating.

Advices for someone who aspires to be in my role, I'd give them two advices.

One is to stay positive, it is easier said than done,

but as a trader you tend to get stressed,

and to stay positive when you're having a bad time and a bad position

is really, really crucial in finding the best solution

in the worst condition.

And the second piece of advice I would give

is that you need to balance your work and life,

don't burn yourself out in trading

and trading is not about work hard for three months and rest for the nine,

it's about work hard and work consistent

over a year or two years or a long period,

so staying balanced is crucial to having a successful career in trading.

If you are interested in trading and the trading business,

do apply, and in the selection process,

if you are selected in the selection process, we are going to guide you through

and see whether you are suitable for the job

and if you are selected, then we will work together with you

in coaching you and training you

to make sure that you can achieve your highest potential in trading.

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