Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "I am a Nose" with Olivier Polge, CHANEL Parfumeur – CHANEL Fragrance

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Fragrance for me is a family affair.

My parents met at a perfumery school

and I was four when my father became the nose of CHANEL.

Even though I grew up in Paris,

the smells of my childhood are linked to Provence.

I remember the smell of the damp stones

from my grandparents' house

and the scents of shrubs burned by the sun

on the hills behind their place.

My parents loved painting,

I remember the smell of the turpentine

in their friends studios.

But more than fragrance or painting,

music was my first passion.

When I was 20 years old, I started to learn the mtier,

and I discovered that music and fragrance

share the same language.

I would compose and write

formulas made of notes and harmonies.

I remember the day when I had to tell my father

that I wanted to be in the same profession as him;

he told me that it was a bad idea.

I remember my first time weighing ingredients and my first travels,

bergamots in Calabria, lemon trees in Syracuse

and the jasmine in Grasse.

Then I remember that one day CHANEL asked me

to rewrite a contemporary version of N5,

without losing any of its character and its mystery.

I had become the nose of CHANEL.

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