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- Hi, everyone!

Today we're doing a full warmup and stretch.

So, a lot of you were asking me how you can

stay flexible at home and I've heard you.

So, this is the video.

Um, it's another full follow along

and I'm doing it in my little quarantine space,

my tine space.

Um, so, don't worry if you're dancing at home

or if you are wanting to just

upkeep your, um, technique

and whatnot at home, I am here to help.

So, grab some space, put on some music

if you don't wanna listen to ours,

and let's get warm!


- Gadoosh!

- All right, friends, here we go.

Starting with some high knees.

And five, six, seven, eight, take it up.

And kick your butt.

Jump rope and step.

Press your shoulders down here.

Start over and up.

And kick your butt.

Jump rope and out.

We're gonna move into some squats.

Down and lift, down, lift.

Down, lift.

Turn out in a second and down.


Parallel go down.

Rotate and down.

Good, parallel, look right.

(finger snapping)

And side.

And down.

Look up.

And shoulders, go up, up, up.

At a plie, go back.

Back, back, back, front, up.

Good, let's go right, left, stretch.

Roll through, drop your head.

Other side, reach left, right, stretch.

Roll, drop your head and then up, reach.

And up, diagonal, flat back and down, hold.


And stretch, plie.

And stretch, take it down.

Hands at center.

Hello, plie.

And stretch, plie.

And stretch, walk your hands through your legs.


Roll up.

Other side, reach over, hold.

Keep your chest open.

Diagonal, reach.




And stretch, again.

And stretch.

Take it center.

Walk your feet together.

Then hold, plie.

And lift, plie.

And lift, one leg at a time, right and left.



Last four.



One, hold straight, elbows.

Release, shake your head out, yes and no.

If you want here you can release your shoulders above you,

so interlace your fingers.

The goal is to just drop as heavy as you can.

I probably look like a little tomato.

And lower, release.

Plie, roll up.

Fix, turn it out, and we're gonna go,

plie, and rise.

Plie, and rise.

Put your heels forward.

Control, hold, releve.

Press out, two,

three, four.

Turn your palms,

five, six, seven, eight.

Up and over, grand.

And hold.

Drop your left shoulder in,

other way and over.

And through drop your right leg

out point your toes.


And point, press up, release.

And flex.

And right side lunge, hold.

Those of you working on your splits,

this is a great hip flexor, stretch.

And taking it up now we're moving

into the hamstring stretch,

keeping those hips squared over that front leg,

drop your nose towards your shin.

Flex your front foot, hold.

Plie your back.

And up.

And lunge.

Let's drop our left knee, press up.

Its really important here to keep a

ninety degree angle between your front knee

and your front ankle.

Keep your chest up.

A little tilt forward at the pelvis,

to really get into that hip flexor.

And release, take that arm up and over

grab that back foot.

If this is too easy for you,

slide that back knee a little further.


And release, up.

Back into your full stretch.

Shift your weight forward,

take it up into a palm tree, or a needle.

Flex, plie.

And stretch.

Again, flex, plie.

And stretch.

You can rotate into your tilt, hold,

three, four, and stretch.

And lower, flip to the front,

up and over, left, hold.

Again, ninety degree angle in the front.

Hold it here, lengthen that back knee.

And stretch it up, square your hips off.

Flex your front foot,

plie your back.

And stretch,

and lunge,


We're gonna drop that knee down,

and press up.

Nice and lifted spine, hold.

There shouldn't be a lot of tension

in your upper body.

And arm up and over.

And release to get lunge again.

Shift your weight, needle, up.


Flex plie, one, and stretch,

and two, and stretch.

Shift into your tilt if you'd like,


And up, and lunge,

and sit all the way on your booty

into your straddle,

arms to a 'T', we stretch right, left,

again right, left and over.

Breathe it up,

and out and up,

square your hips, drop,


And point.

Breathe it up, left side.

Here we go, shift one.

Point those toes, and stretch.

Open it up and over.

Hold and up, square it off, hold.

And flex,

and over.

Bring it up, let's get a little bit of abs,

bring your legs in a little, we go side,

and side, side.

Try and keep your sits bones on the floor.

And four,




And open back up to your full straddle

take it all the way forward.

Flex those toes.

If you'd like to, you can roll all the way

up and over, or just hold it.

And practice winging those feet if you'd like.

Coming back up, shifting into a right jazz split.

So bend that back knee, straighten that front,

and fold forward with a flexed toe.

And point those feet again.

If you feel ready, you can shift into

your full right split, holding there.

You can always stay in a jazz split,

remember to listen to your body.

And fold forward.

Coming up, back through the middle,

and left jazz split,

all the way forward, flex, hold.

Make sure you're breathing.

And point.

And come on up, same thing if you're ready,

left split, if not, stay in that jazz split,

hold it here.

And forward fold.

And up, staying to the side, bring your legs

out into a pike.

Sit up nice and tall for your spine,

arms high, let's go flex,

point, flex, point.

Roll your ankles out, and out, and out,

other way.

Around one, two,

sit up tall,

three, four.

You're gonna separate your feet,

and fold in between.

And flex, flat back.

Again, last time.

Roll it up, bring your legs together,

and lay on your back into a little turtle.


roll your spine out if that feels good for you.

And release that left leg down,

cross your right knee over.

In a spinal twist you wanna look

the opposite way that your knee is going.

And gently switch to the other side.

Your back might crack, don't get scared.

And bringing it center let's move into

a small ab series.

Five, six, seven, eight,

take it up,


right knee high, up.

Left knee high, switch.

Both knees high, elbows out,

all the way up.

Feet all the way down, last eight,

eight, seven, six,



three, two,

one, release,

roll to your stomach, press up.

I'm almost went out of my quarantine space.

Press up into a full cobra, or a seal stretch,

if your back is screaming at you,

like mine always is,

come to a little half, baby cobra.

Press your shoulders down,

you can always drop your neck too to get a little

extra stretch.

And tap back into a child's pose.

Downward dog, up.

Really press those heels into the floor,

get a nice stretch in the back of those legs.

Walk your hands in,

let your body fall heavy,

plie, roll up,

seven, eight.

Good job!

Whoo, we're warmed up,

and I don't know why I'm yelling I'm sorry,

I'm just pumped up.

Um, seriously friends, that's a perfect little

fifteen minute stretch you can do every day,

some might argue you could do that maybe

twice a day.

It's just good for your body,

it's a full body flow,

um, and that's a great way to maintain

your flexibility and get warm before any

of your little virtual classes.

Um, I love you guys so much,

thank you so much for watching.

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Um, anyways, love you, keep tagging me,

I think I've said I love you,

probably four times now, I'm gonna go, bye!

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