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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I Quit _ A Latest Telugu Comedy Short Film || 4K || with Subtitles || Chitralahari Studio ||

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Why ?

I have told you to stop smoking for many times but you didn't

Hey listen to me, I am not that much addicted

I don't want to talk to you any more ... BYE ...

Listen to me Hello .. Hellooooo....

Dude From Today onward i am going to Quit Smoking

Why are you laughing ?

I am going to Quit Smoking from today if you want you can see

Hey Really from today i am going to Quit Smoking

People already know that if they smoke they will get cancer but still they do it

there are ads playing in movies and its written on packets

But still they smoke

These idiots won't change

After these many stunts you just wrote 2 lines

dude It's not a just paper and signature

It is equal to Bond paper, You can do anything to stop me from smoking

Why he is smiling like that ? Did i do a mistake by doing signature ?

In this process

per day you can take one or two cigarettes

You can consider that day as a cheat day

Can I do like that ?

Smoking Never Before Ever After

Dude Cigarette Cigarette Cigarette Cigarette . .. . . .

What do you mean by How may i Help you ?

this is smoking quit line right

why will i call you

i made a call to you, to quit smoking

unnecessary words are not necessary

So you are in Stage 2

What do you mean by Stage 2 ?

Early morning why did you turn the lights i didn't understand

Dude Why did you throw your clothes like that

What is this Dude ? Why did you keep the chair here ?

Do you have brain ? Why the chair is in kitchen ?????????

Why are you laughing ?

After eating food, won't you clean the utensils

Where are you going ?

going to Office

Office ? Until i say, you cannot go out of this house

Why ?

What you will do now ?

How to start now ? Like this

You should pass the test

Do you know what is this ?

I don't know

Get the lighter close to the cigarette

Light up the cigarette

Dude Don't do this

Dude No No

You don't know what is this ?

How do you guys smoke these cigarettes?

Dude untie me from the chair

I won't do it, get lost

He don't know how to smoke and also how to tie

Where is my phone ? Phone ?

I heard you quit smoking for me


How did you know about this ?

Your video is trending in the social media

Video ? Which Video ?

wait I will send you

Yeah, send me

Hello Friends, I am going to share a video of my friend

See this guy, for the sake of his girlfriend

He tried to quit smoking and became mad ...

Dude . . .. .

Hope you guys like this video

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