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Would I like to get old in Europe?

Back in Africa, when our parents get older...

we as the family, we have to look after them.

But here in Europe it's completely another story. Let's find out.

Today I have come to what Europeans call an old people's home.

Number 47.

Number 58.

What are they doing? -This is bingo.

Bingo? What's bingo?

If you have a complete row... If you have a street: Bingo.

So you have been married for 60 years. Good. Very good.

What keeps you moving? -My wife.

Mr and Mrs Apon moved to this home 6 years ago.

They have 4 children, 8 grandchildren and even 4 great-grandchildren.

But, like so many people here in Europe, they don't live with their families.

It looks nice. It looks nice, and clean.

Oh, thank you.

We sleep here.

And the bathroom.

In my country, a small space, we try as we can to live together.

Our children have children themselves, they have no place for us.

They would have us, but we want them to be free.

They can have their own way, take the children to football on Sunday.

They don't have to stay at home with grandmother.

So you don't miss that life of the family?

That where you have to be mother, father, children?


But they only come once a month to visit you?

Sometimes we go to their place, but not that often.

People in Holland seem to think it's normal...

that when they get old, they will not live with their children.

It is not self-evident that children take care of their parents.

Some of them don't even have children.

They are taken care of by professionals.

The best place to be in care, compared to America.

My husband was demented and he died here and they gave him excellent service.

And I am American.

So old people even come from different countries to live here.

Where are you coming from? -South America. Surinam.

Do you miss your family? -Yes, it's the first thing you miss.

Your family.

Home is better. But I have a handicap, that's why I stay here.

Because my family don't have this time.

And they get really old.

Much older than in my home country Uganda.

How old are you? -38. No, 83.

Do you believe that?

Yes. Say 'yes'.

I am impressed with the services they give to the old people in this house.

To be honest these people live a better life than most Africans.

But still, when I'm old I want to stay at home with my daughter.

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