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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Strange Lollipop Taste Test ft. Rosanna Pansino & iJustine

Difficulty: 0

good mythical summer we are still on the

set of buddy system season 2 and we

would like you guys to be your mythical

best and offering a mythical welcome to

our friends our guest host for today

Rosanna pansino and iJustine enjoy the


it's time for a pop quiz a lowly pop

quiz let's talk about that



good mythical summer

hello mythical beasts for those of you

who don't know me I am Rosanna pansino

but most people call me ro and I'm I

just II NAND and most people call me I

Justine yeah and we are good friends

we're so excited to be here we do have

separate YouTube channels but you can

often find videos that we like to do

together we do challenges and games I do

a lot of baking and I do mostly like

tech games travel all that sorts of

stuff all that fun stuff

but when rhettandlink asked us to come

on their show we were worried that they

were gonna make us try something very

disgusting but we're no suckers we are

no suckers that's right my sister from

another mister but we do enjoy eating

suckers that's why it's time for the

lollipop taste test as you can see we

can't what we're gonna do is we're gonna

be given a lollipop and we have no idea

what the flavors are the flavors are

gonna be strange they're gonna be crazy

we actually don't know so maybe they'll

be tasty mm-hmm and if we guess the

flavour correctly we get a point in the

person with the most points wins the

challenge and is the lollipop queen

let's do this oh here we go

oh it's round even smell it's flat give

it a smell smells good as a spice smell

smells spicy I got pumpkin pie what I

don't know oh we got taste this are you

ready I'm ready okay let's give it a

taste good hmm oh this is good this is

really good this is really good though

see I smell a pumpkin but I don't taste

a pumpkin I'd taste a lot of cinnamon I

use like a nutmeg this might be a

holiday one do you think it's a turkey

like a Thanksgiving treat a pumpkin

nutmeg maybe it's a pumpkin pie sucker

hmm you guys ready to guess a new face

okay yes yes okay are you ready yes on

three one two three come on slice hi

Thanksgiving tree OH

ESL Apia is it appear she would she

loves Starbucks I miss my mouth again

I said pumpkin pie it's pumpkin spice

and ginger so I think I'm gonna give it

to both of you oh do we get to take our

eyes off this is good I'm saving this

for later

don't touch it I just have my hands in

the air hoping some sweet oh oh here we

go oh this doesn't have a smell I don't

smell anything I learned this is really

upsetting is that right that's how I how

I find things out I'm like a dog what is

that a lot of taste so what do you think

this is mmm

I think it's a candy yeah but like what

flavor I don't know I don't know

cherry maybe no hmm hmm no I'm confused

a strawberry I know maybe I would never

guess a strawberry that's definitely not

a strawberry oh it's definitely this dad

like this is like blueberry Justine I

just there's something here okay I was

licking this and feel this I know this

is gross I know that this is a lot of

germs being exchanged but just feel this

okay cuz we get a wet wipe or something

okay so just fill this what are you

doing for me wait let me find it let me

find it there what's this you feel that

what's that I don't know but it's sharp

I think there's chunks of something in

here now what do I do because I just

accidentally bit into it okay ready you

one do a 3 to 1 or 1 to 3 yeah okay okay

uh one two three strawberry it's this is

really tough it's red vines

what is that take off your blindfold let

me see this oh that's what the chunks

were oh wow wait what happened to your


Oh oh this is this this feels like oh

okay all this is the regular kind of

lolly this is a circle Oh God

no more Jason what what it I don't know

it tastes like dirt what Oh keep going

back for it it's like a really bad

relationship I'm like you're like me

more I am so confused

it tastes like a butterscotch but like

dirt this stays spicy to me spicy old

though like old like old spice like

spice you left in your spice rack so

long that it has expired for years but

it's still here

like this is could potentially also be

like moldy butter oh my okay what do we

think this is okay I got a guess but

it's not very good okay are you ready

yes one two three butterscotch spice

guys this is pizza pizza okay I've had a

lot of pizza I just had last night and

this does not taste like pizza just a

dirt I hope there's not gonna be any

bugs in these bugs yeah I'm gonna be

very very very unsettled if there's a

bug in my lollipop

it's the microphone oh thank you

the ones that don't have a smell really

get to me oh I don't smell anything Yuri

okay ready let's do it oh this is hot I

was prepared for that this days like

when I put too much stuff in my I

hate hmm you think this is a jalapeno I

don't know what the Maragos pepper it's

really hot okay that's a super spicy

I think it's salsa alright let's guess

one two three fire balsa its

sriracha oh gosh I'm crying it what I

knew it was I knew it something hot like

a sauce like a salsa you know what I was

thinking Justine hmm when I have fun

yesterday I put sriracha in it to make

it spicy buzz like that's too obvious


it's it's a circle it so it's nice of

fear all I can taste is the spice is

still in my mouth from the last one that

one was so like my top try to taste it

Oh half my mouth yeah I got it out don't

worry we're good we're clear okay whoa

what is this sweet mold sweet mold

that's what it tastes like to me

discreet oh absolutely I have no idea

what this is like I dated a guy in

college that he left a pair of his old

socks in the back of his car and they

started to mold cuz he also spilt like a

soda on top of oh gosh and he never

cleaned him up that's disgusting so he

was like let's go on a date I get in the

car and I smell this smell and his mold

did he like talk about it was he like

while this is I have a moldy sock in the

back of my car was that a like a

discussion that you has had her was yeah

I asked him what says smell and he knew

what it was

he says probably my socks in the back

safe to say we did not work out what do

we think about this pop I'm sticking

with my guns this is sweet and moldy

okay you guys ready yes yeah yeah one

two three small ocean breeze you know

row you're so close because it's blue

cheese take a look this is blue cheese

the color is the white and the blue blue


so this is our last taste test and you

have two points and I have one point so

we could potentially tie this but I'm

excited see I'm not great at challenges

so oh this smells nice another

traditional lolly alright enough focus

it's not spicy no it's got like a sweet

taste it kind of tastes like a like a

baked good a sweet dairy it tastes like

oh man it's something you know some I'm

drinking my coffee black today but you

know when you just sometimes you want

something a little more comforting

sometimes I want half-and-half do you

think this is a latte I don't know I

don't taste any vanilla what do you do

half and half half okay well but like if

you were to think man this tastes like

something like what flavor do you think

that you would think it tastes like half

and half half and half yeah but isn't

just like milk is it it's like a heavy

cream cream what's the difference

between a Fanta I should know this this

is embarrassing

this is embarrassing this is how you

guys are gonna see I'm a self-taught

Baker and I don't know the difference I

feel so stupid right now and I can't

Google because I'm blind so maybe

somebody out there who's watching knows

why it's called half-and-half

and could tell us in the comments below

because I actually don't know but this

tastes like half-and-half to me okay

where's let's Reagan what is half and

half milk cream made out of okay don't

you can't take off your blindfold

because I'm not looking at that you

might get it you might get what does it

say okay equal parts whole milk and

light cream I knew it's cream anyway

back to the whole dream maybe it's

whipped cream okay I think I have an

idea happen it's half and half yeah I

haven't have what definite we hold it's

whole milk cream together

in a curtain and it's called

half-and-half and you add it to coffee

cop see right here this is my coffee you

can't see this but feel what I'm doing

here and feel the cup ready

I think there's my yes I'm gonna put the

lollipop in my coffee okay and you know

what I'm doing right now looking I am

adding half in half to my coffee that's

how confident I am about this decision

let me put it in here let me turn in

here wait let me just mix it around and

see if that am I in the cup I'm in the

coffee around the cup are you in the cop

okay okay let's try it okay now who

wants a taste at first I'm like tasting

it I'm gonna drink my coffee and see if

I can taste I think I have a guess Emmy

it is also coffee related are you ready

mm-hmm okay okay we're gonna guess in 1

2 3 guys I hate to tell you this but

that's breast milk the lolipop hold

breath you know I'm so uncomfortable

right thanks for liking commenting and

subscribing you know what time it is so


technically you won buns the mythical

crew got us some oh that is so sweet but

oh that we're both winners look at this

we got t-shirts

ohh oh boy what our way we're hitting

the microphone look these lollies


oh we should sword fight this is a may

wanna fight later we can slo-mo fight

this is like as big as my face like it's

like we could do it we could have done

our intro like this where we cover our

faces and then go oh I almost hit you

this would knock you out this is pretty


yeah ok let's put these down as is

potentially dangerous this is so sweet


fit in my cup are these mythical summer

shirts oh this is your weight this is


brand-new Wow oh these are so cute I

love this super cute you guys are new

good mythical summer shirt I'm loving it

I like this color - I've been brillant

to it if you'd like to check out more of

my videos go to slash

rosianna pansino

on slash iJustine what we

got in this basket we haven't made it

through these gifts yet

I think there's there what are these

little guys oh I like the hats and I

like these little lip glosses I'm gonna

put this in my pocket and now let's spin

the wheel of mythicality I'm gonna give

you this okay and do it and I'm gonna

make you read there is this one oh I'm

too short

can you LK there you go take it off peel

it off and pull it I'll help you okay

and then read the back okay this is an

activity to do undiscovered video Mike

chicken is on a roller coaster no fear

ooh let's make sure you guys go comment

about the bravery of this incredible

chicken click on the left to watch our

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at the bottom thanks for being your

mythical best

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