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- (Carl) You guys look bored.

Are you guys bored?

That's no good.

We can't have bored kids and a bored family.

- Ahh!

- (Carl) Because we're gonna make every day

an awesome one, right?

'Cause every day's a new day.

- Let's make it an awesome one!

- (Carl) There it is.

This is the one,

Crossy Road Arcade.

Let's see if it works.

Are we ready?

- Yeah!

- (Carl) Here we go.

Five hundred bonus tickets!

- (Cheering)

- Luke, Cade, I think it's about time

I broke my high score on Crossy Road.

What do you think?

- Yeah, you should do it!

- Let's go to the arcade

and see if we can smash that record.

You guys, I'm pretty confident that I figured

out a really cool trick and a secret

when it comes to the game Crossy Road,

this arcade game,

so that you can win the highest score multiple times

and get bonus tickets.

And we're gonna experiment today

to see if that's going to work.

Can you guys remember what my last high score was?

- I think it was 175.

- (Carl) One seventy-five?

- Yeah.

- It was something like that.

I think it was 171.

I don't know.

You'll have to click the link

and go check out our last video where we did that.

And we'll see if we can beat the high score today.

(upbeat electronic music)

- (Carl) There it is, you guys,

the infamous Crossy Road arcade game.

It's the one that we've figured out

how we can get tons of tickets and bonus prizes.

But first, we're at the arcade,

so let's have some fun.

Should we have a little family challenge competition

here on the--

- Oh, yeah.

- (Carl) --Ski Ball?

- Yeah!

- Total universe right now.

- (Carl) Mom versus kids.

- It's my favorite game, and they're gonna (mumbles) me.

- (Carl) Oh, boy.

- I'm very excited.

- (Carl) OK, vote down in the comments below.

Who do you think is going to win at Ski Ball

and get the highest points?


set-- oh, we gotta slide the card first (laughs).

Oh, ho ho!

I'm excited!

Mom is really good at this game,

so I think my vote's gonna gonna go for Mom,

but I don't know.

We'll see what you got.

OK, wait, wait, wait!

We gotta do the countdown.





Ah, this is a really cool view.

You can see everybody and how they're doing.

Oh, Kyle just got some big points!

The screens look crazy!

It doesn't look like that for real,

but on the camera,

look at those lights are just all flickering like crazy.

So right now, Gage is in the win.

He's in the lead.

He's at 22,000.

Is that the last one?


Kyle just nailed a 10,000-point shot right there.

That was such a good one, but wait!

Did it give you the points?

According to the point board,

it looks like Gage won the challenge.

Good job, dude!

- Yeah!

- (Carl) If you voted Gage,

then you were correct.

This is a crazy game.

This is like a giant claw machine.

Look at that.

It's huge.

I bet this thing is like 15 feet tall.

Gage is gonna give it a try,

because each one of these is what?

- Well, some of them are like 3,000 tickets.

Others are 1,000.

So I don't know which one I'm gonna get.

- (Carl) Oh, man.

They probably put the high-ticket ones on the bottom, huh?

- (groans)

- (Carl) We'll try.

Oh, it's underway.

We got this, Gage.

Everybody smash that light button

and give Gage some luck.

Let's see what--

push the button!

- [Boy] Get something!

- [Gage] Oh! Oh!

I'm not gonna get it.

Ah, not even close.

- (Carl) There he goes for round two.

Let's see if he can get anything this time.

Some of these are worth a lot of tickets.


Get on there! Get on there!


Oh, man.

It's really hard to get tickets

on the claw machine, isn't it?

- Next time, Gage.

Better luck next time.

- (Carl) That's right.

- I gotta get my mind and my body prepared

for this Crossy Road ticket challenge.

I think I can do this,

but I think it's time to go bowling.

(electronic music)

The thing about bowling shoes, Gage,

you don't think about it,

and you don't look inside.

You just put 'em on.

Let the record show

that while we were filming really cool,

cinematic shots,

Dad got a strike on his very first throw.

- Nice shot, Dad.

- (Carl) All right.

Let's see what you got, Jinger.

Oh, boy. Here we go!

I gotta keep talking because the music--

and it's a gutter ball!

Wah wah wah wah. ♪

- I really chucked it.

(electronic music)

- (Bleep)

(electronic music)

- You guys, you got like a zillion gutterballs,

so let's just go play the arcades.

There it is.

This is the one,

Crossy Road Arcade.

This is an awesome game.

This is one that requires skill rather than luck,

so we stand a chance, guys.

We totally stand a chance.

So now it's time to share our secret.

You guys ready?

- Yeah! Let's do it!

- The first trick for beating Crossy Road

and getting maximum tickets

is the time of day that you come to the arcade.

You've gotta get here on a weekday,

but before school gets out,

because it's all about setting the high score,

and it resets every day,

so you gotta get here before all the kids get out of school

and that number gets too high to beat.

The all-time high score is 252.

Right now to get extra tickets,

I only have to beat 127 jumps

to get a bonus 500.

And then here is the trick.

As soon as I get 128 jumps,

which is one more than the 127,

I get the bonus 500 tickets,

and then I lose on purpose,

get the 500 tickets,

and then I only have to do one more jump than that

to get another 500 tickets.

- That is so tricky, Carl!

- [Carl] That's a really good one, huh?

Let's see if it works.

Are we ready?

- Yeah!

- [Carl] Here we go!

- [Jinger] All right, let's do it!

- Oh, man, this is gonna be crazy.

You only wanna do one player.

If you do two players, it's not gonna work.


Here we go.

(electronic music)

- (Boy) You did it!

You did it!

The score's only 27.

- What? What?

No, it's 127.

I gotta get 128.

- Oh, that was my fault!

- I didn't get it.

I didn't get it.

- I'm sorry, that was my fault.

- We have to try again.

Here we go.

Are we ready?

Only do one player,

don't try to do multi-player.

Now I gotta do 128 points.

Let's see if I can get it.

I gotta get more centered.

We got it. We got it.

We got it. We got it.

- (Boy) Good job!

You're so good, Dad.

- This is about skill.

You don't need luck.

Just play a game that you're good at.

Oh, this is the big part here.

Oh, I didn't make it!

I didn't make it.

I didn't make it.

OK, how many did we get?


So I'm gonna have to do twice as good.

Some little kids must've got here

and set the highest score,

so it's a real challenge today.

(electronic music)

- (boy) Oh, (mumbles). Oh, no, no!

- I'm having a rough go at it today.

- (boy) Oh, man, 57.

- Here we go.

- (boy) Good luck!


- We're doing good, 84, 85.

Now I'm waiting to see the opening.

There we go.


I was getting it.

It just wasn't wasn't refined.

- Ninety-seven's pretty good.

- One of you guys wanna try?

- Yes!

- Next up is Kyle.

I haven't had the greatest luck,

so Kyle's gonna give it a try.

So see if you can get 128, dude.

- (Jinger) Go Kyle, go! Are you ready?

- Yeah.

- (boy) Oh, he's going!

- (Carl) He's just going nuts.

- (boy) Oh, yeah!

- (Carl) Wait.

- (groan)

- (Carl) Sixteen!

Come on, you gotta get 128!

- OK!

- (Carl) Oh, lots of trains on this one.

- (boy) You got one, Kyle.

- (groan)

- (Carl) Only 19!

I think we need another competitor.

Well, Luke's gonna try it.

- Yeah, I wanna do it.

- Let's see who can get the best here.

- (Jinger) You ready, Luke?

- Yeah!

- (Jinger) All right. Let's see what you got.

- (Carl) Are you gonna use Kyle's method

and just go as fast as possible?

- Ah, I don't know.

- (Carl) Careful.

- (Jinger) Careful of the trains! The trains!

- Oh, you got so lucky there!

Whoa, that was a glitch.

Something totally glitched on the screen.

Luke might have it.

He's at 45, 6, 46--

Careful now.

This is the dangerous stretch.

You got this.

- Whoa!

- Click!

- Whoa!

- Whoa!

- (Carl) Wait. You got this, 86--


- Yay!

- That was really close.

You give it a try.

Let's see what you got, dude.

Next. Ready? No pressure.

No pressure.

You are the chicken hopper.

You can do this.

- I am the chicken hopper.

- (Carl) You can Crossy Road all the way to victory.

I believe in you.


One of the other things is

that everybody watching has to try and be quiet,

because it is super distracting when everybody's like,


It's like, "Jump, jump, jump!"

And you get all confused.

He's doing it though.

Sixty-seven, sixty-eight, seventy-two--


- All right! He passed me.

- (Carl) Here you go.

He's about to break a hundred here if he can do this.

- Yeah!

- Oh, no!

- (Carl) That one extra little hop gets you every time.

- But I didn't do bad.

- That was really close.

- It's just a late reaction.

- All right.

I'll try again.

Actually, I think, Jinger,

you need to have a try right here, so go for it!

- I'm the best at video games in the family.

- (Carl) Ah--

- That is not true.

- (Carl) I beg to differ.

Let's try it out.

- You don't even play video games.

- Did you hear that?

"You don't even play video games."

- (Carl) Give Ginger some luck.

Comment down below, #ginger--

or not.

Never mind.

- (Jinger) All right, Carl.

You are up.

Are you ready for this?

- I don't know, I--

- (Jinger) Come on.

- I just wanna get the bonus at least once today.

Let me try this.

- (Jinger) You can do it.

We have faith in you.

Everybody give Carl a big thumbs up for good luck.

He needs it right now really bad.

All right, let's see if he can do this.

- Uh-oh! Train, train, train!

Here we go, 65.

- (boy) These big roads are so hard.

- (Carl) They are difficult, aren't they?

The thing is that you can't get tricked

on some of these logs that come through too quick.

You gotta be patient and get the right ones, right?

- Yeah.

- (Carl) Here we go.

I'm about to get past 100.

One hundred.

We got it!

- OK, everyone, shh!

Be quiet.

- Give him good luck.

Give him some thumbs up.

Hurry, quick!

Give him some thumbs up.

I got this.

I did it!

I did it!

I did it!

- (boy) He did it, he did it, he did it!

- OK, so now the trick is, I've got 128.

I've got 140 now.

I just purposefully hop off, and look!

Five hundred bonus tickets!


- I should've just stopped at one over

so it's easier to beat.

I should not have gone to 140,

but I got excited and just kept hopping.

- (Jinger) If you guys gave Carl a thumbs up,

you helped him.

That was so awesome!

- Five hundred bonus tickets!

We totally did it.

Now all we have to do is get 142.

We don't wanna go too high up so it's impossible to beat.


- Now I just have to beat my last score,

which luckily, I ended before I got too far.

So the second time through should be easier,

because I set the high score.

It's all about beating the highest score,

and I'm about to begin here

if I can just make it through.

- What do you guys think?

You think he's gonna beat the high score twice?

- Oh, yeah. Definitely.

- Should we give him some more good luck?

- Yeah! Smash 'em!

Good luck.

- There it is, 140.

- (boy) You did it!

- Yes, I did it!

Ready? Now I just hop here,

I let it in on purpose,

but I get the extra bonus 500!

So that's the whole trick.

Set your own high score really low,

and then just keep raising it.

Five hundred tickets each time.


- Yeah!

- It's working!

Here's the best part of this arcade strategy

is that it's totally legit.

It works.

I'm just playing the game against itself.

I'm beating the high score and setting it myself

and keeping it as low as I can,

500 tickets at a time.


So there you have it, guys.

It's all about getting there at the right time

and setting the daily high score,

just beating it by one point

and then allowing yourself to lose

so that you can repeatedly beat it over and over

and get all those extra tickets.

You guys, thanks so much

for hanging out with us today

on the Carl and Jinger Family channel.

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We've done tons of other cool, awesome stuff.

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- Bye!

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