Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PASTEL CLOUDS NAIL ART TUTORIAL

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Hi, Youtube so welcome to my new tutorial for Deborah Milano and today I'm going to show you a happy pastel manicure

I've wanted to do something that you can easily recreate at home without having to buy any new products

so you don't need any new art stuff or to buy anything you just need your top coat and

A few polishes and what you need are two or more colors

And I've used three colors on one nail, but I've made different color combinations on each nail

So I've used five polishes total and what I've used are these pastel colors

and these are a number 94

101 96 102 and 88

So those are the ones that I've used but you can use any color that you like

And that's all you need and it does take a little bit of practice

But I do think everybody can do this so I really hope you enjoy this tutorial

As you can see I've already applied my base color. It's number 88

I'm going to make the first row with number 101 the purple pastel color and

It's really important that you keep the brush floating above your nail

So don't brush too hard this way you will get that nice round shape

The purple color is dry now. I've waited a few minutes, and now I'm going to apply the green pastel color number 94

I'm going to do that the exact same way

So now the final step is to add top coat to make the polish last longer and to give it a glossy look

All you have to do now is let top coat dry and enjoy your new manicure

So I will link all the products that I've used in the box down below and spring is almost here and my favorite colors are

usually the pastel colors or the really bright creams and if you have any favorite color or

Polish for spring let me know by leaving a comment, and I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you next time bye. Bye