Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hurricane Elsa update: Friday evening

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tower at handy as you may dodge,

one of two showers kind of

driving around, but most of us

should be on the dry side here.

Here's the latest on Elsa. Yes

it's a hurricane case you

missed that became a hurricane

early this morning over near

Barbados. Barbados had about 75

80 mile an hour winds reported

on the island. That was enough

for the National Hurricane

Center to bump this up to

hurricane status. Not a whole

now. Saturday night, both in

terms of the intensity of the

storm, but also us being able

to provide you with definitive

answers on the eventual

forecast by Saturday night late

into Sunday morning, after this

kind of negotiates around

Haiti. We're very tall mountain

peaks that can tear apart of

storm after we kind of get this

in that slot near Jamaica and

Cuba will have a really good

idea of how this is going to

play out for any possible local

impact, and it's a big if still

if we get those. It would be

Tuesday if we do but right

there again after we can kind

of negotiate this around the

islands will have a really good

idea of how this is going to

play out. Ultimately remember,

we're still four days out.

That's a long time. A lot can

change. And I know it's

menacing. I know it's kind of a

bit unsettling to see the cone

and must be right in the middle

of it. But remember here, it's

not just the middle line, it's

anywhere in the Kona Storm way

over here. Totally different

and a storm way over here.

Totally different. The European

has been very weak all along.

together and the GFS has been

pretty consistent, but it's

been further west off our West

Coast or over top of us, which

obviously. Is not a great

situation. So this is a wait

and see things. Still, here's

the GFS on samples just to give

you an idea of the spread

again. Still really good

agreement up Until this point,

the GFS is a little further

south of some of those taller

further west. Here's the

European little weaker kind of

washes it out and generally

moves at east of us. Once we

can fine tune those details on

the track will be able to kind

of narrow down the realm of

possibilities in terms of local

impact, So this is one to just

relax. Enjoy the weekend. Keep

in the back of your mind that

is out there and check back

with us frequently for more

The Description of Hurricane Elsa update: Friday evening