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Hello, everybody. Brandon Smith and Richard Buckleyhere

with a guide to help you navigate your waythrough the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

This particular video will help cover methods to help you buy new players to strengthen yoursquad.

Our goal is to help you get the best value for your hard-earned FIFA coins.

There are a fewguiding principles that you need to understand

before you start hunting for bargains on the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

But where do we start, Richard?

We start with two key principles,Brandon: Knowledge and patience.

I'm gonna break it down for you.

Knowledge, first. You have to be aware of what is in FIFA 21.

This isn't head-to-head anymore. This is a live transfer market.

There is players getting added onto the game every single day.

We're going to use MarcusRashford for an example because he is a player who has got multiple different FUT items.

He's gotan 86 Inform; an 86 Europa League, Row to the Final, live item;

an 87 Team of the Group Stage; and an 88Inform.

That might sound like a lot to understand,

but once you start getting your head around whatthese different players are,

why Marcus Rashford has got these specific Inform and special FUT items,

you'll start to get a better understanding of what to do with your coins.

For example, alive FUT item means that that player could get further upgraded due to real-life performances,

therefore, fluctuating his price throughout the rest of the year.

Promos are at the heart of theTransfer Market,

and if Marcus Rashford was to get a Team of the Year for Titan, for example,

hisspecial FUT items would decrease in value massively,

so you have to keep the finger on thepulse of the Transfer Market.

For their performance in real life and how will thataffect their price in FIFA 21.

But, Richard, it's all good knowing about all of these differentitems,

but when do I know it's a good time to buy a player, and what if I want to build my teamright now?

Think of FIFA on a seven-day graph.

On Monday and Tuesday, prices tend to be at theirlowest.

Throughout the weekend, players will compete in the 30 games a week allocated

and sellon their teams.

Sunday and Monday, weekend league is dying down, this is the perfect time to buy.

Playerswill undercut each other, wanting to get the coins straight away instead of waiting to make a bettersale.

Don't just buy a player because you see him on the market.

Check his lowest buy-now price andmake sure that you're getting him for the cheapest point possible.

And are there any sort of secret tips or tricks in the Transfer Market

that I can use to to get a player cheaper than the usualasking price?

I'll give you one for all the people out there watching this video.

This isall about trying to get the ultimate bargain.

As you can see on the screen right now, wehave set the maximum price to 15 million coins for Inform Cristiano Ronaldo,

and we are putting himlower than he is selling for on the market right now.

All you want to do is slowly knock off 1,000 coins at a time on the maximum buy-now price

and hope that a player pops up.

If it pops up, you arein business because you have just struck the deal of the century.

And don't forget that's just oursay on navigating the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

There are plenty of other FUT-related resources out there

which you can use to help you get the best value for your FIFA coins.

Andif you want to ask me or Richard a question,

please do get in touch with us on social media or leave acomment below on this YouTube video.

And as always, we'll be replying to all of your comments to helpyou out in the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market.

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