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Hey what is going on guys, in this video today we're gonna be some of the mistakes that players

make, that really hurts their aim and accuracy in Fortnite.

As I've tried to emphasize in the past, improving your aim is one of those things that's really

going to take a solid amount of practice, and I believe that's the main reason why so

many players struggle with it.

But at the same time, a lot of players will put in that practice time, and still struggle

to improve, because they do certain things incorrectly when it comes to aiming, and the

purpose of this video is to hopefully correct those.

We're gonna have one tip thats exclusive to controller players only, but the rest of them

will be helpful no matter which system you play on.

So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

Alright, so the first tip I wanna cover in this video is the importance of predicting

enemy movements while aiming.

I think this is definitely applicable to all gunfights, but its without a doubt the most

important in close range fights.

In Fortnite the vast majority of weapons that players commonly use are hitscan, which means

that the bullets you fire don't move or drop like a bullet in real life would.

Because of that, most Fortnite players think that unless they're sniping, there's really

no advantage of predicting which direction the enemy you're'e shooting at is gonna move.

Let me tell you why it's a mistake to think like that.

What most people will do whenever they're in in a 50/50 shotgun fight is to wait for

their enemy to move, whether it be to the left, right, or even up by jumping, then they'll

react to that movement, try to line up their crosshair, and shoot.

There's definitely nothing horribly wrong about what I just described, and since that

way of aiming is so common, I'm sure there's tons of really accurate people out there who

aim like that.

But there's actually something you can do that's better.

A really good habit that I believe a ton of the best shotgun players in Fortnite have,

is that they'll almost subconsciously move their crosshair in the direction where they

predict their enemy is going to go, before they've even moved yet.

This is an incredibly difficult thing to show since it's almost impossible to see at full

speed, but I'll give you an example of what I mean by this featuring a kill from my last

gameplay in super slo-mo.

What you'll basically see here, is that because I'm predicting the enemy to jump, I preemptively

move my crosshair upwards, before he's even begun the jumping motion.

Then, after I hit him in the air, I know the only direction he can go now is back down

to the ground, so I basically pre-aim where I know the character model is going to end

up, wait for the body to enter my crosshair, and then shoot again.

And if you really paid attention there, on the way down, you may have noticed that I

probably even over-predicted a bit, going a little lower with my crosshair than I even

needed to.

So that's definitely a bit more of an advanced aim tip, but it's something that you should

really try to implement into your game, especially if you struggle with shotguns.

Because if you're simply reacting to where your enemy is going to move instead of actively

trying to predict it, you're gonna end up flick shotting super frequently in every possible

direction, which is a bad thing on any platform, and is especially unreliable if you play with

a controller.

The next tip in this video is the one that is exclusive to controller players, and it

involves over-abusing aim assist.

That may sounds a little weird but let me explain what I mean by that.

I believe I've made 2 different videos in the past that have basically covered the general

mechanics of how to abuse aim assist, what situations to do it in, which weapons are

best for abusing aim assist with, etc etc.

However, since both of those videos are multiple months old as this point, a lot of things

have changed since then.

It's pretty much been proven at this point that within the last few months or so, Fortnite

did something to mess with the effectiveness and general strength of aim assist.

Now, nobody is really sure exactly what they did, and whether it affects all controller

Fortnite players, or just controller on PC Fortnite players, but the fact of the matter

is, abusing aim assist is honestly no longer this super overpowered mechanic that makes

your aim so much better, and honestly in certain situations, it can actually hurt you.

I know a lot of mouse and keyboard players out there will probably disagree with that,

but as a controller player myself who has tons of experience with abusing aim assist

and just aim assist in general, I really believe that's the truth.

So let's talk about the specific situations where you should still be spamming or abusing

aim assist, and also the situations where you shouldn't, and just aiming normally will

work better.

So when it comes to shooting fully auto ARs, with the only exception being the heavy AR,

here's generally what you should do.

In close to medium range engagements where you're using your AR, I actually think with

the way aim assist currently is, it's better to simply hold down LT/L2 instead of spamming


I really don't think spamming ADS in these situations really gives you any kind of advantage

anymore, and if anything it makes it slightly harder for you to track your enemy.

And I think if you really pay attention to my gameplay, especially in the last few weeks,

you'll notice that I DON'T spam ADS in those close to medium range AR fights way more than

I DO spam ADS.

However, long range fights are definitely a totally different thing.

When you're in any kind of long range engagement and you're using a fully auto AR, shooting

it fully-auto is going to be mostly ineffective.

The enemy is going to be so small on your screen since he's so far away, that the bloom

of the weapon if you just fire it fully-auto is going to be way too large, and it'll take

a miracle for you hit anything more than maybe 1 or 2 shots.

Those long range fights with fully auto ARs are one of the situations where you still

want to spam ADS, and you want to do it while only shooting 1 shot at a time.

So the mechanics of this are, you tap LT/L2, then immediately tap RT/R2, next you'll release

both of those buttons, and repeat that same process over and over again.

What this does is it makes it so that you fire 1 shot at a time, and each time you shoot,

you'll be getting first shot accuracy.

This eliminates the devastating effects of bloom in long range fights, and it's without

a doubt the best way to handle those engagements.

The other common situation where spamming aim assist is still very effective, is in

close range fights while using SMGs.

The problem with SMG fights for a lot of players, is that you never wanna aim down sights, because

that makes you very immobile and easy to hit.

But, if you don't ADS at all, it can be really difficult to hit shots due to bloom and the

crazy bullet spread.

So by spamming ADS, you basically get the best of both worlds.

You're not aiming down sights all the way, so you're still really mobile, but you're

also aiming down sights enough, to where you'll get a smaller crosshair, and hit more of your


The final thing I want to quickly cover is a bit more of a basic tip, but man, it's such

a common bad habit, that even the best players in the world will make this mistake fairly


What I'm referring to here, is taking aim fights that players refer to as quote unquote

bloom battles.

If you're unfamiliar with that term, it basically means an even fight between 2 players using

a fully auto AR/SMG, where they have very little cover, and they both just aim down

sights and hold down RT/R2 until one of them dies.

So as the name "bloom battle" kinda suggests, it basically comes down to whoever gets the

better bloom.

People always talk about avoiding 50/50 shotgun fights, and rightfully so because they're

very risky, but at least with those fights, the player with better aim will win a solid

majority of the time.

With bloom battles though, that simply isn't the case.

Even if you have really good aim, there is so much RNG in the bloom of fully auto weapons,

that these are fights you want to avoid at all costs.

You won't improve your aim by taking fights like these, because skill and accuracy plays

such a minimal role in them.

And even if you do end of winning a bloom battle, you probably took so much damage from

it, that you better hope the player you killed drops an insane amount of healing/shield items.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watched the entire thing be sure to

let me know with a comment down in the comment section below.

I want you to rate your accuracy in Fortnite on a scale of 0-10, so for example 1/10, 5/10,

10/10, etc.

Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe, turn on post notifications, do

whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch you guys next time!

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