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- What this does is, I'm gonna put it around your arms

and it's gonna trick your brain into thinking

you're working out harder than you really are.

It takes an hour workout down to about 17 minutes.


The bands make it extremely hard so....


- Rick Baller's back baby!

- [Nate] Teach me how to shoot.


That was loud.

- Oh, what the - ?

- Oh yeah, that's how quick it is.

- Hoo, you gonna be a cowboy, Nate, after this. Look out.

- I'm learning.

- [Nate] Houseguest, let's get it.

- This is dangerous!

I'm over here looking for my guy, Alex.

Mr. Alex Fine's crib.

Get a nice little workout. We up in Malibu, California,

guys, and we 'bout to pull up.

- [Nate] My guy! What's up baby?

- How you doing?

- How you doing, bro?

[Coach] Hussle, hussle, hussle, hussle.

- [Nate] Thanks for having me, bro.

- Sorry about all the strollers and stuff, man.

- Hey man - oh, yeah, congratulations.

- Thank you, thanks. - I see you a new daddy, huh?

You like it?

- Very new.

A week today.

- Oh, wow, nice. Congratulations, man.

- Little sleep, but it's been awesome.

- [Nate] You find yourself just always, just looking at her,

and just going, "Aw, man?"

- The first couple nights, though, I was up the whole time,

just like touching her, making sure -

- Making sure she's up.

- I was like, I was freakin' out, like she's so like

calm and peaceful that I was like touching her to make sure

she's breathing, and I was like, "All right."

But that was like just paranoia,

just like looking at her like -

- [Nate] I was like that too.

- [Alex] Something this tiny.

- I think that was the first time, when I had my first kid,

I had to learn how to be quiet,

and that was hard for me 'cause

I'm such a loud person. So I'm playing my video games

or watching a movie or football game and I'm, "Oh, yeah!"

You got to be quiet.

- She's already been through "NFL Red Zone."


Like all that, already.

- [Nate] This view....

- [Alex] It's totally crazy. So this is the ice bath.

- This is where you come cool down at, huh?

- Yeah, I gotta big tub because the offensive linemen

are too big for it, they kept splashing and everything.

- Getting their oil everywhere?

- So I had to get the eight-foot tub.

And then, out here, it's a little bit high-tide right now.

- [Nate] Yeah.

- [Alex] But when it goes down, we usually do sand, beach

work outs. We'll go chill at the beach after,

get in the water, and you'll usually see like four or five

sea lions, the same ones here every day.

- [Nate] Oh, wow.

- So, tell me about your football career, I heard you played

a little football.

- I played football at Central Michigan. That's where ...

- [Both] A.B., J.J. Watt....

- My roommate for a semester was Eric Fisher.

- You got some nice little kin going on here.

- We had a team, we won Little Caesars Pizza Bowl,

shittiest bowl besides the Idaho Potato Bowl.

- Nah, talking about, the Sun Bowl, I played in the Sun Bowl

in college, it was not that, Sun Bowl wasn't that fun

like that either.

- Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, like no one wants to say they

won, like -

- Little Caesars. [Laughs]

I wouldn't care what bowl - you know, it could be a

Gone Fishin' Bowl, as long as we win!

We lost our Bowl, I was hot.

- Our bowl ring literally says,

"Little Caesars Pizza" on the ring.

- I'm rockin' that if we won, I'm rockin' that.

- We just started the run,

Brandon's escorting me through Compton.

- [Nate] So I heard you did a 50-mile marathon.

O.K., so tell me about that.

- So I ran, I just made a phone call and I was like,

"I'll run 50 miles for charity - from Compton to Malibu."

So, I didn't really train for it,

since I hate running so much.

- [Nate] When you walked across the finish line, was you

doin' the...?

- So, I broke my right ankle and tore my left hip on like

mile 17 out of 50, so I was running like ...


Really like a toddler, just like with my head

trying to go forward for 30 miles.

I didn't eat before the marathon because -

- [Nate] Because you heard that - I heard that you shit

your pants 'cause your body just breaks down,

and you just shit yourself.

- That's what I heard before I -

someone told me that before I was gonna run.

So, I didn't eat for 36 hours. So I went completely dry,

I didn't drink a lot of water, because I knew I was gonna

finish it, if I broke something, tore something.

But if I shit my pants in front of my newly-wife's family,

I was like, "I'm done."


Like I'm fucking done.

- [Nate] ♪ It's time to get that workout

- All right, so we're gonna do about five or six things, and

we'll do a couple rounds so you get a taste of what it is.

Hold on, I got to put something on you first.

- You're gonna kill me.

- I may or may not have taken from the

Olympic Training Center, borrowed it.

- And just kept it forever?

- And kept it forever.

So, it's called a Kaatsu, it's from Japan.

What this does is, I'm gonna put it around your arms,

and it's gonna trick your brain into thinking you're working

out harder than you really are.

- O.K.

- It's gonna pump you up real quick.

- Let's get it!

- So, it takes an hour workout down to about 17 minutes.

- Oh, wow.

- It's gonna get real uncomfortable.

It's gonna feel like the SpongeBob arm thing,

were you're blowing up your arms.

- So, question: How did you get into training?

Like how did you get to become -

- So, funny thing is I had a shoulder surgery in football,

and I came out to, I think, Long Beach to get rehab done

in the summer and I was at this gym and this guy was like,

"If you're out here, you might as well earn

some money and work with me."

You know, it's this guy named C.T. Fletcher. So I came back,

interned with him again the next summer,

and then, my senior year, after I was done with football,

I came out here and interned for a couple people,

spent a year doing that, and then started my own thing.

- [Nate] And now we here.

- [Alex] And now we're here.

- [Nate] So who was your first major client?

- For sports, it was Justin Pugh and Odell.

Entertainment-wise, it was Jennifer Aniston.

But everything has just been through word of mouth.

- Oh, wow.

- All right, you ready?


- How many did you say?

- I said, around 10.

- Shit.

- Yeah, you might do around six with the Kaatsu on.

So go down, come up, and - yeah.

- How many's that?

- [Alex] I don't count, that's one of my things.

I believe you if you say it.

So now we're gonna do pull-ups,

this is where you're really gonna feel it.

It's gonna be five wide-grip, then you're going five close,

five underhand, you can drop in between.

There we go.

[Grunts and cries out]

- Relax.

"Harlem Shake" that shit.

- [Alex] There you go, try to strike your foot

at the top of the treadmill.

- Oh, shit.

So I know your daughter, she's gonna be running a four-two

by the time she's five.

- I hope so.


I hope so, her mom -

- If she work out anything like Dad.

- Her mom thinks she's gonna be a girly-girl,

and I don't know, I think she's gonna be pretty athletic.

- I'm gonna tell you, from being a father,

and having a daughter,

is that your daughter's gonna wanna be just like you, bro.

'Cause my daughter hoops, she wants to work out,

she don't complain.

She just - I want, she wants to do everything that Dad does.

Having boys, they get to a certain age, and they just be

like, "Aw, Dad, I'm just too good for your now."

My daughter -

- [Alex] That's what I've heard, yeah.

- Shows so much love all the time, bro, it's crazy.

I saw one of your buddies challenge you and sayin' that

you can be a professional athlete.

Which one of your friends was it?

- So, it was actually this guy, right here, his name

is Justin Pugh. He's a offensive lineman

on the Arizona Cardinals.

I was like, "I bet you I could be a pro athlete in

less than a year," and he was like, "All right, whatever."

We bet $500 on it. I came home and - bullriding you needed

to win like around $1000, in rodeo winnings,

to get your pro-card, so I drove up to a ranch the night

that I got home and I hopped on bulls the next morning,

I did pretty well.

- [Coach] There you go, there you go!

Keep it up, keep it up!

- [Nate] Did you break any bones?

- I broke my face twice, on the front of the bull.

It dented the whole helmet, super concussed, was

driving away, wrecked my car completely, broke more

bones in my face.

I had a crushed muscle, I had twisted pelvis, tore my

shoulder and my bicep tendon twice, chipped my tooth

with a cross necklace.

- So, you just, you like pain - you just like breaking shit.

- It wasn't that, it's just like -


It was just like you never want to end on a bad ride

so you go back.

- Bro, the first - first of all, you just said you

crushed your helmet and broke your face. That, I'm done!

My $500, I would have sent $500, cash, out to my homie

that fast like, "Bro, you right."

- [Alex] All right, are you ready to do these abs?

- [Nate] No, but yes.

- [Alex] All right.

- [Nate] And yes, but no.

- The first thing we got is leg lifts.

Everything's 30 seconds, go.

Get your right foot up in the air, yeah.

- What!

Are you sure that's not five minutes, already?

- All right, last one.


Good work today, that was just a little bit of a taste.

We usually go for around an hour and a half and

then chillin' - the seat, use NormaTec,

go down to the beach afterwards, yeah.

- Well, listen, this summer, I'm gonna come back,

and I'm gonna spend a week here,

and I'm just gonna work out with you.

- All I need is around like 10 to 12 days -

no posting nothing, no one can see you -

and then you just come out, fuckin' diesel.

- I'm with that, yup, let's do it.

- That's all I need...

- I appreciate it.

- Ten to 12 days.

- Oh, was that a fuckin' shark? That was a shark or

a dolphin, some shit, no bullshit.

- Dolphins are here every day.

That was a dolphin, I swear that was a dolphin just

hopped out the water and went back in, I promise.

- Oh, I believe you.

- Yo, that's crazy.

- Look, there it is. - I told you! Look!

Aim the cameras, we gotta get the cameras on this one,

dolphin the water, I'm not getting in the water.

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