Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WCC Chinese Flashcards (Character) with Audio

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You're on with Nora from WrittenChinese.Com

talking today about WCC Character, an innovative app that teaches you written Chinese, using

a highly effective approach wrapped up in user-friendly format

begin a new training session and easily flip through characters or deepen your study by

selecting the reveal button

you'll hear the pronunciation by a putonghua professor, and see the definition sorted by


scroll down to see usage examples which shows you the seven most common ways this one is

used with other characters

all of the manila colored cells are clickable and lead to detailed information about any

specific character

what really separates WCC Character from other learning applications is that the characters

are given by order of most seen

so in learning this first character alone, we're already 3.72% literate in written Chinese

with many options to tailor to your specific learning style WCC Character makes learning

written Chinese not such a daunting task after all

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