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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [MUKBANG]우동사리추가! 내인생 첫 곱창전골리얼사운드먹방 ASMR. Beef Tripe Hot Pot. Korean Eating Show

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Hello~!~!~!~!!!!!!~!~! My name is Daeseo-nyeong.

Today I will eat Korean style intestines soup.

There are various vegetables, noodles, and intestines in this soup.


Oh hot

I had a taste of kimchi

Do you like quail eggs?!?!?!?!?!

I really like Real.

Horo Rororo Roro

You are getting into this now

Myeong-namul is also available !!

Since I'm watching this, would I have eaten without reaction

I'm really tired ^^ ..

I keep looking and feel in my mouth ...


I know what it is now! ^^ Cheonyeop !!!!!

Hot is awkward ㅠㅠ

I don't really eat hot.

You're like someone who doesn't like hot things like me ~~

It's a TMI, but it's actually I hate hot food.

I really wanna eat it with a big ladle

I noticed it once,

Ah! If you watch the video sometimes, I'm impressed with the taste

I have a habit of closing my eyes when I'm not eating anything.

It is a habit that I usually suffer from very dry eye, so please understand!

This is delicious

The giblets are chewy and they go really well with the vegetables

Broth Real Truth

(Wrestling of the taste)

Thumbs up


Uh ... I think it's a bad boy!

From this time, it seems that I was tired of eating ~. ~

Mmm savoring

Yes it tastes

I have a drama I see these days

Do you know fire X's fire?

I'm watching a little bit through sns

Suddenly, it's more than a kumbang

If you notice something by all means !!!! Look at it


My acquaintances said

When I eat something delicious, my nostrils are all over

I try to refrain from filming, but it certainly is ...


I feel like udon is in my mouth.

Hot udon noodles in hot broth?

I personally eat rice more than noodles, but it's not bad to eat like this> <


Quail eggs. You can't get out of me

I usually drink twice as much water as other people

When you eat food, take a bite of food like this

I don't know why, but the water is full and it's not good!

But I can't stand the thirst. Why?

In fact, when you take a video or drink, drink or drink ㅠㅠㅠ

But I can't keep drinking and edit.

That's why I don't always eat all the food.

But when I shot this video, I tried so hard not to drink a lot ㅠㅠㅠ

Can you see my efforts?

(Not cop)

Great surviving Lord

The amount is not reduced, but it's raking forward! Misunderstanding Nono!

I eat this giblet hotpot, but it doesn't decrease.

Where did you go eating scene in the middle of Eng?!?!?!?!

Actually, if you stay there, it's not secret ^^

Next time I'll have to adjust drinking too much ^^ ..

Hello everyone ~~!

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