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hi everyone welcome to snippets and scraps if you are new here welcome and if you are a returning

subscriber welcome back i'm so happy that you are here in this channel we talk all things journaling

planning and stationery so i hope that you would stay and enjoy this journey with me um so

today i am back with another um memory plan with me video i do my memory plan uh in my traveler's

company standard size notebook so if you want to see how i do that please keep on watching

so before we actually start i quickly want to show you something that i purchased yesterday and i'm

having so much fun with it's this tiny traveler's company notebook it's their 10th edition notebook

and i found the last remaining piece in one of the local stores here in hong kong so i quickly

picked it up and i was decorating yesterday and i did quite a few collages and had so much fun

doing these tiny tiny collages i'll do a quick flip through of the pages that i've already done

so now let's get started with the actual memory plan

so this is my planner now and um i am not minimal at all in this one i use stickers and go all out

so i'm thinking there's no point doing the same thing in this one now so i will have to

come up with a better idea of how to do my memory plan maybe i'll just stick to

uh the main highlights of the week and decorate this side with any happy mail that i received or

what have you let's try that and see how it works out

i was really sick on monday it wasn't COVID or anything it was just the seasonal allergies but

i wasn't well at all i did not accomplish anything on the day except that my hobonichi order came in

but i did not film the video on monday i did that on tuesday but i did open up my package

and i was really happy and it was towards the end of the day so yeah i it was kind of a pick me up


so that's about it for this week i know this is not the prettiest spread but this week was

tough i was not well at the beginning and then we got some bad news in the family

um i think the hobonichi order and handstitchedleathert order and finally my

travelers company purchase really lifted my mood towards the end of the week but this is

all i could come up with i promise i'll be back next week with much more enthusiasm and i'll

make better spreads next week hopefully the week goes well fingers crossed so yeah stay

tuned and please subscribe if you haven't already and i'll see you in my next one bye


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