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We're alive.


Beautiful! Impressive!

The whole city is visible from here.

I got a mosquito on the lens.

We are on the train, heading towards Continetal China (People's Republic of China).

Today, we're having a trip,

outside the city,

to see the more natural part of Hong Kong.

Off to a good start.

Just when we were about

to start the climb

it started to rain.


Maybe it will go away...

The rain here goes away quickly.

It's magnificent!

It's raining,

40 fuck*** degress Celsusius (~104°F)

Three hour hike ahead of us!


It'll be okay.

I'm very glad!

There are monkeys in this wood,

chinese macaques,

We have to watch out for them,

because apparently they're stealing the gear.

That's true!

You can see, that the Sun is starting to shine.

The rule confirms itself:

If you have to go on a trip, go on a trip.

We're nearly there!

I'm not exhausted at all!

Not at all!

It's great that Hong Kong,

except for that astonishing urban landscape,

has mountains, the sea, the beach;

the natural layer is just beautiful.

I'm a bit wet, to be honest.

There we go...

Oh damn...


We made it, among chinese pensioners.

It turned out that we have similar stamina

to those seventy-year-old Chinese.


It's called "Lion's Rock", which means...

Drones are a really cool invention.

A few years ago, there was a serious case, when activists,

fighting for freedom and democracy,

hung a yellow poster

on that rock. The police was unable to take it down.

We have to watch out not to end like this because this not a good idea for today.

In general, it isn't worth falling down here.

Not worth it...

(immitates frog)

It appears that Hong Kong has a lot to offer in both cases.

It's a unbelievable city with magnificent natural aspect.

I think one of the best places to fly the drone, I have ever seen.

This is where we finish the mountain part of our today's adventure.

It's time for the next power of our adventure.

Now we're going to the beach.

I have no idea what to say, I haven't seen the beach.

I don't know how to make a comment on that.

We are going by bus, which,

as Maciek says, is known for driving terribly fast.

Road killers.

It was a good ride!

We arrived at Sai Kung.

It is a kind of summer

vacation place with a beach.

I mean - I don't really know if summer...

Let's just leave it like this:

there's a beach, there's a place.

What a fish!

I don't know if you can see it.

Good morning, Mr. Fish.

In some of the restaurants

you get a bowl to wash your glass on your own.

Good. Good. Cool.

You had a fly on your bowl.


For what I understand, Sai Kung is kinda like Kryspinów (Poland)... Hong Kong.

It's reference, which will be understood by people from Cracow.

It's like Turawa in Opole (Poland).

There we have their own language, currency,

culture, cuisine. All of this is strongly emphasized.

It's interesting for me that people in Hong Kong

want to heavility distinguish themselves from Chinese people.

What I mean, is presence of local identity.

This is one of few aspects of Hong Kong which I associate with Taiwan.

Because the problem is similar.

I think of Taiwan especially in this neighbourhood.

Because of the mood - we have: steaming mountains, the sea -

it is very Taiwanese.

Very nice!

A beach, just after the outflow, shining bright.

People are going to ride the "banana boat".

Also kayaks.


In the span of the last year, I was kayaking twice.

Both of those two times happened in the same week.

One was in Israel and the other in Hong Kong.

When you close yourself in the urban jungle of Hong Kong,

it's easy to forget where were are"on the map".

And we are in the place from which is relatively close to Tailand, Vietnam and

of the Southern Asia countries, which we often associate with this type of landscape.

Meanwhile, it turns out that it's just enough to leave the city, to see these things in Hong Kong.

This is called "Dragon Ball".

It is a type of boat, kayak.

I really like the "physical" culture aspect presence here.

There is plenty of basketball courts,

elders are doing Tai Chi, parks are open for exercising,

swimming pools.

Great number of people is doing sports here.

We're standing in an enormous queue,

everyone wants to leave,

get back to their flats in those awful blocks.

Is it possible to get used to this climate?

Because for foreigners eye,

it is a bit scary. MACIEK: On the overall, that is true.

But the buildings are kinda self-efficient.

There are restaurants, hair dressers, schools, doctors in it.

You can spend your whole life in it - never leaving it.

This sounds even worse.

I know!

- Is it possible to settle in this terrible building? - Yes, you don't have to leave it!


The network of those little buses

had a problem with speeding drivers.

So they installed a self-defensive system,

above the driver's head is a speedmeter.

If he's driving over 80, you can take a picture

and report for dangerous driving.

I'm worn out after today.

As you can see, Hong Kong is not only a city

but also beautiful nature. And this is very superficial, what I've shown you.

I hope to see much more of it, while staying here.

The most important lesson for you is:

those buns with condensed milk.

Holy sh*t, that is so good.

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