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Thanks to EA Game Changers for letting me try out Tiny Living, which becomes available

today for PC/Mac and on February 4th for consoles.

I would say that I had a very typical tiny living experience, if you happen to be a bad

builder and make strange life choices for your Sims...

So, there's a little gameplay to look at here but as this pack is focused on building, I

don't really know why anybody would click this because I'm probably not your guy.

But I did build something serviceable.

Let's look at one of the main features, the sizing systems.

When you load up the pack you can pick a new lot type in the top left.

There are three tiers of size for this new Tiny Home Residential.

The game counts how many square feet you've made the house in a way.

You can make a micro home if you stay under 32, which means a 4x8 house essentially.

For some reason having a fenced in back yard counts as living space, but hey you can just

use a tree.

Things are much easier to handle if you go for the 64 sized tiny and 100-tile small.

That's roomy compared to furnishing a little 32 tile house with everything your Sim needs

to eat, sleep, and crush on Mila Munch.

It's helpful to remember that if you think your weirdo Sim might get a special friend

you only need 1/2 square on each side of a double bed to use both sides.

This applies to most spaces, so you can really cram things in... just do it in a way that

others might perceive as random and you're on the right track.

In the process of making a tiny home, if you're uncreative you will have problems with the


It's hard to get the maximum usage of your available space.

See I wanted a spot for the toilet and a tub here so I have this 3-step pattern off to

the side.

If that looks bad to you, then you have good taste.

The pack includes a couple things that might be helpful to saving some space, depending

what other content you own.

The little bookends can now serve as a full bookshelf thanks to a recent patch for all

players, and there's this tv, stereo, bookshelf combo that only has 2 fun but does have you

covered on entertainment.

However I think I most like the 1-square desks, so you can fit a PC.

Ultimately making such a small house means you can afford some of the higher end appliances.

To give you some idea I had about 5,000 left over when I was done.

On to another new item...

If you go for a Murphy bed (don't) realize a few things about them.

First, you really do need handiness to be able to not die and still put it up and down

on the regular.

However, the bed will give you tons of experience due to a particularly sadistic coding decision

- the bed breaks down because it's considered 'in use' while you're sleeping, so it will

break down about once every time it fills your energy from 0 to 100.

When it's broken down, it jumps massively in how badly it wants to kill you.

But don't worry, it does that regardless of it is broken or not.

While it might do this to your Sim and his companion, I don't think it can be fatal.

The only way I managed to die was while pulling it down, so simply leave it down, fix it when

it breaks, then delete the Murphy bed and purchase another because it also has 1 energy.

In case you wonder if I'm exaggerating its lethality, James Turner died the first time

he used his evidently.. and I managed to get a Sim dead about 6 times.

I think if you get the stuck animation it's 50/50 it'll kill you.

That happens about 1 in 5 times when its broken based on my guesstimates and preschool knowledge

of XML.

So my lovely little micro home is finished and I feel pretty good about it given the

roof was a pain.

I have some regrets about the windows I guess.

Once I was done playing and recording all this footage my friend did help a lot to improve

the build, but we'll have to live with those windows and lack of a pee and woohoo bush

for this footage.

I'm grateful to my friend for helping out once it was too late to fix it.

So as I said, there are three tiers of benefit based on the house size.

Naturally, I had to go for the best one in order to get all the bonuses.

The way it works is pretty simple, you get 2 perks for small, 4 for tiny and all 6 for


So let's test out some of those bonuses now and see how it changes things!

When your lot is the active one, your Sim will have a moodlet based on the size and

it'll list out all the bonuses.

So, you have this active no matter where you are in your neighborhood so long as yours

is the active house.

That's extremely powerful and I probably don't need to tell you that.

One thing you get, is bills are cut in half.

So they're going to be puny since my crummy little house doesn't cost much.

There will be no issue covering those bills because you get double skill gains so long

as you're at Tiny or Micro.

This is hands down the strongest buff in the game especially when you consider the effort

required to get a 20% boost from scouts or all four childhood aspirations for another


They are trivially easy to complete, but they do require a bit of effort on your part during

actual gameplay.

This simply requires you to build small.

I was shocked at how easy it was to gain a few cooking levels.

It's never hard, it's just extremely easy and given this works everywhere you can just

put skill objects outside.

So I'm blown away by the skill gains and decide to try making a friend.

You also get double relationship gains, although it does go both ways, meaning negatives are

also doubled.

But this was when I realized it works off-lot as long as your home's active.

I found a Sim fishing during a thunderstorm.

She'd been struck but my Sim was thirsty so I gave it a go, and.... she vanished?

Well, she's still here.

I guess she wanted to go home but my powers of persuasion brought her back, because he's

still talking to someone.

Maybe if we chat over here I can make her reappear.

Look how much friendship we gained already.

People do this thing where they always talk about how rapidly they can make friends with

this or that with friendly or some reward, but I'm just doing this without anything but

a little house.

It goes both ways, but you know it's not easy to fail unless you're unfamiliar with the

way stuff works.

Well, that girl covered in soot for some reason won't talk to me so I want to test if it will

work away from home and make sure I'm right.

Because my God it'd be nuts if this boost worked everywhere.

I invite Vlad and Mila Much to travel with me and rapidly become friends with Vlad, to

the point that he wants to move in with me.

This took about 2 hours, with stargazing being slow but super effective since it cannot fail.

I regret not ticking that sell all lot furnishings but it's one of the fastest 20k I've ever


Now, of course this could be done in a single visit, but it's taking half the time as usual

and this Sim has no Charisma.

Anyway I think it'd be fun to have Vlad for this test because he has those vampire skill


Let's make him an author while I court Mila.

I'd really like to show this in real time, but you see it's just too boring even if it

is incredible.

So I start the flirty stuff at 3:20AM and by 4:42AM I'm proposing.

One of the quirks of living in a tiny home is Sims aren't quite prepared for it, so they're

always going outside to do these things.

You have to plan for this and give them standing room.

Any common obstacle like a vampire on your computer can cause them to just say screw

it and go outside.

Of course she turns the proposal down, because we only just had our first kiss.

We wouldn't want to rush into things, would we?

Once I've got it out of awkward encounter, she decides that yes she'd like to leave her

family to live with me and Vlad with his little 'problem' in a 200 square foot home.

So where Sims 4 was easy, these bonuses take it to the next level!

We have our wedding party, while Vlad works on his writing.

I invite some of the best people to the wedding, people who absolutely will not attempt to

steal the attention from my bride and groom and look like an ass doing so.

One of my favorite Sims.

Bride and groom are finally joined as one, and I take the households funds as well as

their mother.

I thought Gunther was her husband but I've been informed that is not accurate, it's her

son, and I thought when playing him that was his wife..

I feel dirty.

Anyway, Vlad snacks on my favorite Sim.

I told him to do it over by the fridge, but he naturally goes outside in the daylight

to do this because he just doesn't understand how to do this in a small area.

You can pack a tiny home to the brims but it's going to be up to the player to leave

enough room for Sims to stand.

This wedding was definitely standing room only.

Bride and groom consummate their marriage while Vlad listens in the other room.

I won't act like he went in there on his own but I'll just say my curiosity got the better

of me.

I bought the couple a nice Murphy bed, because to be honest I have an urge to kill a Sim.

I am not kidding that when I say, on the first try, unbroken Murphy bed, my Sim got lucky

and got to roll the dice.

This unfortunately didn't kill him.

Something of note is that one of the perks you get from having a small 100 tile or less

home is Feeling Fine All The time... which doubles the duration of positive moodlets.

Yes, doubles, and only for having a house 3x the size of my current one.

Which seems like a lot of space right now, I have to be honest.

You can see that from having a decent day the moodlets have stacked up to the point

even a near death experience couldn't dent my Sim's happy mood.

I have the couple woohoo in the bed, but this time it does cause a problem.

Vlad is outside as he doesn't see the Bathroom as shelter.

Even though he has an umbrella, I hear the sound of death and realize it must be him.

He lies crispy on the ground.

We resurrect him, pleading with death for his immortal soul and that request is granted.

Despite everybody acting all hurt and making the death of an immortal all about themselves,

they show their disgust right as soon as he's back.

He takes this new lease on life as an opportunity to try to find love, and Vanessa is his target.

Things are going super well for Vlad, he's really getting somewhere.

I literally have woohoo in the shower queued up but then he starts to get a bit confused,

lowering and raising his umbrella over and over until he drops dead.

I think the bathroom was occupied.


Well, I hate to spoil it but he will not be returning to this wonderful overview of Sims

4 Tiny Living gameplay.

I add the Grim Reaper to my household to see if he can use the Murphy Bed.

This situation just feels even weirder now.

Because I do want to get to show the death, I try many many times to get Grim and Mila

Munch to do this.

Grim gets it, but doesn't die.

He seems to be 100% immune, or else a sample size of 1 is not enough to make that determination.

I'm sure it's one of those.

Mila IS immune.

I tried like 20x, but I forgot that she is pregnant which makes her immune to death.

When the moodlet popped up I finally realized it.

I guess I picked try for baby instead of woohoo!

My own Sim is not immune.

I finally get an satisfactory ending to my gameplay - Mila Munch living with the ghost

of her dead husband, an ancient vampire, and the grim reaper.

She takes on the actual replacement grim reaper as a roommate but we hardly have room for

a bed for him.

So, this was silly but fun.

Ultimately, this is a building pack.

It's got some great objects in that Hygge comfort style and a few things that combine

to help you save space including the Murphy beds.

The new furniture is nice.

It's not a bad stuff pack, but being straightforward I don't like some decisions made here.

I just don't like the gravity of the bonuses they're giving out.

There are other rewards than skill gains, and pushing them to 100% makes an easy game

even easier.

I think you can hit 6-8x speed skill gains with all the boosts and Amygdelight or Snaggle

Fluster, but there aren't so many useful skills you'd ever need to seek all those with these

types of bonuses from the beginning.

There are also considerations about how it's a disadvantage to not live in a tiny home

now, and I do it but don't like doing it... ya know, choosing to ditch bonuses because

I feel they're OP.

I guess that's where the root of my criticism lies, in that I'm not going to bother to seek

out all the childhood aspirations if I can just make my home 64 tiles or less and receive

a bonus 4x more powerful.

Double moodlet durations, double relationship gains and double skill gains and double plant

growth and quality.

To some people it's a selling point.

You can do what you want, and take advantage of what you want, but I do prefer things to

be a bit more varied and a lot less powerful.

Still, it's a stuff pack and I CAN avoid what I don't like.

I just hope that with this, and study spot, that we aren't seeing some kind of escalation

of bonuses that will render the game unplayable.

Some players already just use it for a building simulator.

From the eyes of a novice it seems to be a good building pack and I'm sure plenty of

people will like it for that alone.

Before someone decides to attack me in the comments realize that my intentions are good

and I just want Sims 4 to see improvements to gameplay.

This type of boost would cheapen any efforts to improve the depth of relationships, traits

and things like that which are the things the community is really buzzing about right


Maybe they'll even consider toning these down so the game isn't beyond trivial.

These boosts might make more sense to me if they were only inside the home and even then

they'd need to be half as strong.

Anyway thanks for listening, I'd love to hear your opinions on these gameplay ramifications.

That's what this channel is all about and why I'm not showing you what colors the toilet

comes in.

Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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