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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: True Sight : The International 2019 Finals

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Trying to get the big chain stun,

but they're just buying back now, LGD,

they're throwing corpses at Team Liquid,

trying to repel them out of their base.

They have to try and push back Team Liquid

but the Mass Serpent Ward is down,

the jump comes in, w33's getting huge Meld damage,

Somnus, he's gonna fall,

that should be the game right there, GG!

Team Liquid win against LGD,

they have dropped one game in this entire lower bracket.

We now know our grand finalists

for The International 2019, Team Liquid,

winners of TI7 go head-to-head

with the champions from TI8, OG.

Last year everyone was saying

OG fluked their way through TI,

well guess what, here we are again at the Grand Finals.

The only player in the Grand Finals,

that has never won it before will be w33,

he's been there though.

To see him lose another final,

is something I can't even bear.

You're gonna have a two-time champion guaranteed,

and then there's a chance of a back to back TI champion.

That is crazy.

This is the whole TA mid shit.

This is confidential information

against their opponent so thank you very much.

It's gonna be a different way of playing,

like it's gonna be different Dota,

it's gonna be like our Dota like all the way.

I think it's important now

that we set our mind to give them the respect

that they deserve,

they got to TI Grand Finals,

they're a very strong team,

we're gonna respect them,

we're gonna slay them with respect, that's important.

As for the ones of us that like them,

we've said it outside but once again,

no fucking mercy today,

like they fucking go down.

I want you guys to feel free and play on your best abilities,

and keep in mind what brought us here,

Him first and unity.

The only thing we have to understand about OG is,

we need to show resistance that's it,

cause they will go and they will--

Kill them.

They're like Monkey Business man,

that's their original team,

like monkeys they will go,

I want you guys to relax right now 10 minutes,

like bring yourself down,

just feel free like, I'm not even gonna say like a scrim,

this is just like a fun game you know.

It is a scrim.

In a way.

It's a costly scrim though.

Before this tournament,

things were a bit dark.

Sebastian, honestly I dedicate this tournament to him,

I wouldn't change a single thing.

These guys, they've got my back,

I can feel it.

You guys are going head-to-head

and now we are definitely going to see a repeat TI champion.

It's my biggest goal Dota-wise right now --

-- to take the Aegis.

We started from zero

and thank God I'm here now.

In my heart if it's not me,

I wish it for N0tail,

so this is a very pure finals for me.

TI motherfucking finals man! Woo!


Let's go!

Okay the energy levels have been taken care of.

Wait someone has to sing!

They see me rolling. ♪

They hating

Patrolling they trying to catch me riding dirty. ♪

Trying to catch me riding dirty. ♪

What hero am I playing tonight?


Amer, have you seen my sniper?

No, and I don't want to.

All right let's do the sound test

so we can get this out of the way.


Yeah, hello?

I think everything's good, right guys?


Oh I have a buzz.

You do?

No, he was doing it.

Oh okay.

Yes, you got 'em.

All right let's remember the lesson from yesterday.

And the lesson from yesterday was?

When we're about to punch them,

we're gonna punch them real fucking hard.

And punch them together, where it hurts.

Right in the ass, Ceb!

Stop thinking about winning!

Focus on this game.

You didn't say your line man.


You didn't say your line.

Upper bracket's for --

-- bitches man.


Oh my God.

We can just feel free, okay guys?

Let's have some fun.


Final day, final game.

It is time, to get this International

2019 grand final started.

Let's get in to the draft.

We'll get the Ench.


Sproink! Enchantress.

Dude let's fuck this guy up, give me Windrunner.

Yes, yes!

Let's light 'em up; gimme Tinker, too.

The Tinker is one that kinda bullies Ench, in my opinion.

w33 Tinker doesn't bully anything.

I mean the BKB timing on Tinker is

annoying for Ench.

It's really scary when he gets to fucking Yasha.

Yeah, it is like Ench, Alch, Tide.

I think they go with Tide anyway.

Just pick me Tide against Ench.

I don't care.

We play on the big team fight?

I don't give a fuck about this Ench.


Is Tide versus Ench something, Ceb?

No they, maybe they try to tri-lane me but

I don't think it's good.

I think he, he.

I think he thinks it's good.

So Tide what?

There is ET too.

Tide, ET?

The other one is Chen, so.

Oh there is Chen!

Oh let's go with Chen.

Chen, Tide?

I think I can do a lot of things for us.

Yeah, I think so too.

You are the best Chen after all.

Nice, Kuro! Best Chen!

Fuck off.


So far Tide and Chen together,

when combined,

are 5 and 0.

You should pick Tiny third, 100%, if it's in the pool.

I think we should get the Tiny as well.

I think we should pick it even for the mid-lane right?

Yeah, we can.

Yeah, it's up to Jesse and you then,

to figure out which one is best.

It's looking like a good TA game if you ask me.

It might be a very good Meepo game by the way.

I mean, Meepo is IMBA,

with Chen, Tide.

I want TA.

You want to TA?

Confident? Yes. Yes

Then lets roll, lets go for it.

Templar Assassin

This TA is w33's hero ever since he joined Liquid.

They started first picking it last series.

I think it's like their comfort way of playing.

Ana, I think we should pick your hero,

like the best pick.

What do you feel like playing?

Hmm. What do you think, Ceb?

I am kind of feeling the Spectre, man.

You feel Spectre?

What's the build?

Hey Ana, listen to your instinct man.

You are the best Spectre player in this,

probably in this fucking stadium.

Oh woah.

Is Spectre what you want?


Let's fucking go then.

What the fuck, let's run them over, please.

Run them over.

Even late game, I will kill the Spectre with Bloodthorn

and Nullifier.

By the way, it's actually a crazy idea, but we

can still go for the Meepo,

because they will think it's Omar's TA.

Let's see what they do.

Actually fuck the Meepo man. I want to play TA this game.

Look at their heroes.

But the Meepo too, look at their heroes.

We have Chen, Tide.

They'll ban it, they're not gonna be stupid about it.

Just think of their pick a little bit.

Can they Meepo?

Isn't the Meepo pretty good against our heroes?

Or, or--

We have ET. ET is really good.

No, they can't play Meepo, in my opinion. - Okay

So I think if anything, Gyro's probably--

I think the Gyro ban.

They bannned the Gyro.

I mean, Omar, honestly,

isn't fuckin' Meepo really good?

Meepo is auto-win, man. - Seriously.

Ten seconds remaining.

Sorry, Omar.

That's fine.

I mean, what do you mean sorry?

Give me the fucking Meepo.

Look at me.

Confident, or what?

I'm confident.

Just do it man, do it pussy.

Let's see.

Let's fucking go.

Let's fucking go!

Meepo, the last pick,

another hero that can quickly amplify his own farm.

Any chat wheel? Any chat wheels today guys?

Yeah, let's do chat wheels.

I'm Lakading and

What was it called?

Jesse, any chat wheels today?

I'm choosing the "Boom."

Boom is the theme of the day.

Like, "You know what cooking? What's cooking?"

Yeah, yeah that's coming.

Okay, good.


All right, let's fucking go boys!

Let's fucking go.

Wait what?

Oh no dude I don't have my chat wheel. What's going on?

You have to restart Dota then.

Yeah. I'm not playing finals without my chat wheel, man.

Oh hell no.

Welcome everyone,

to the 2019 Grand Finals, a best-of-five

between Team Liquid and OG.

"You know what's cook,

you know what's cooking,

you know what's cooking, you know what's cooking"


"I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed."

If they annoy you, mute them, I think it's funny.

I muted them already. - It's funny actually.

Lanes are identified immediately,

OG's gonna play super aggressive down bottom.

They're just gonna constantly be running at 'em,

and now it's gonna be a Miracle- in that matchup.

mid versus a Tiny.

Looking at the, the other side lane

can Liquid really output the pressure on the Spectre early on?

I think Ana's gonna be able to farm up here just fine.

They could set up some kills onto N0tail.

He's gonna take quite a bit of damage

in response this time with the Gush and the Anchor Smash!

Trying to run away with the tango,

he's gonna look for the neutral creep deny, he's not gonna get it! GH!

Awe, shit.

Nice try.

All good, all good.

Nice one.

Look at OG's draft.

They're about the late-game.

You look at Liquid's draft, they're very early-game-centric.

They wanna be snowballing the game, getting Rosh control,

and just ending the game.

Oh, taking them up towards the top,

setups there onto MinD_ContRoL.

Instantly Kraken Shells off the sleep, but it doesn't matter, Topson.

Yeah, I'm gonna start running at them I have Phase Boots.

Yeah, I'm ready to connect with you, Topias, whenever you want.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just gonna start killing them now.

Kuro still around in the neighborhood.


He got another one!

GH hears another combo, it's another kill, Topson!

That's how he plays, guys.

He will just run at you, guys.

Tiny is gonna rotate on bounties, okay?

He's low, actually; He's pretty low.

Lane continuing to be very much in Topson's favor,

Miracle- is gonna look to fight back. Topson,

getting rather low, Miracle looking for the angle, oh!

They're just poking, you know OG.

They're monkeys, I told you guys.

We've seen Topson do this,

a lot of times, yes. it's classic Topson.

He's gonna find the Avalanche. Topson, he persists,

and he's just getting so much done.

This Tiny just can't stop killing people.

We need to kill them together,

That's what we need, yeah.

Oh they are playing YOLO now, look at them.

They're just securing farm for Spectre.

Can we blast the mid tower, Jesse? Is it okay?

Yes but,

I think we should do it.

Yeah, I can, I can do it.

Perfect, perfect.

If we get this tower, it's huge.

We need a lot of heroes mid.

I can TP to you, we can do the Ravage.

Can actually fuck someone up here.

They're already pressuring the tower

with the siege creep here,

trying to keep this aggression up.

Ooh! Ravage in mid. MinD_ContRoL

is gonna come in with a quick setup onto JerAx,

A Meld hit from Miracle- will do the job.

Now they'll look for the body blocks. Onto Ceb --

Liquid will punish OG.

Nice, nice.

Good shit, boys.

Pushing themselves, they're gonna push themselves.

I want to deny the mid tower,

I'm denying mid tower.

Tiny playing super aggro top.

Look can we punish them? Look, Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny.

Topson, getting a bit deep here, getting surrounded.

Yeah. Miracle with the wrap around.

Topson, his reign on Liquid's half of the map

finally put to an end.

They are literally just running around and

running around trying to set up kills and just make space

for the Spectre, but

now Ceb also, a bit far up and he's getting surrounded.

Trying to keep this aggression up, but Ceb!


He fuckin' disappeared.

I mean what they're doing is pretty crazy,

If I play with the Decrep, Jesse, like, you can see me

and they can never do this. - Yes, yes.

They're just diving me like, insane.

They've gotta keep the pressure on

and they have now got that Desolator done on Miracle-.

We've seen already the physical damage output they can off--

Goodbye, Ceb!

Holy shit that was fast.

He has Deso on TA.

Nice! Get top tower and go Rosh!

Go Rosh right now! Go Rosh! Tiny dead! Tiny Dead!

No, uhh, okay okay. Go Rosh. Go Rosh. Go Rosh, fast!

Top tower, top tower. - Just go Rosh, go Rosh.

I think we can easily turn these. They're going Rosh.

How do we stop the Rosh?

It's impossible, look at their heroes.

Their absolute garbage.

I'm taking Aegis.

Kuro, I wanna go top.

Look look look look look! Tiny Tiny Tiny Tiny!

Go go go go. Just go, I'm gonna, I'm gonna.

A bit far. A bit far.

Don't get baited, don't get baited.

You've gotta watch for MinD_ContRoL.

They have Blink and Ravage available, he's looking for

an opportunity to set something up.

We need to be ready, though.

I'm ready.

Are we ready, guys?

I can Ravage all of them!

I'm ready.

Liquid push on towards this tier two tower.

MinD_ContRoL, he has the Ravage ready!

It's arrowed through all five of them.

Ana and Topson are dead.

Fuck me.

As you see Meepo,

w33, he's constantly on the prowl, looking for Ana,

looking for the Spectre in the side lanes.

He just feels the whole team, of OG,

just sort of standing on Ana's shoulders.

Woah, there's a Spectre here, what the fuck?

I got him! I got him! TPing TPing! TPing! TPing!

Ooh, a beautiful net into the trees there,

it's gonna hold him back, cancel the TP, should

should still have the chance of running away with the Dagger.

I mean I said that w33 is continuing to--

Another root!

w33 is hitting them every single time!

GH is there with the follow up,

a beautiful play from w33!

All good, Ana.

This, is why this man's Meepo,

is absolutely terrifying.

Yeah thanks Ana.

I could have gone with absolutely perfect as well,

you are right.

This Meepo pick is really seeming to be amazing for them.

As it just puts too much pressure on the map.

In fact, mid lane, another attempt to push out, Topson

was trying to get the creep waves away from the base.

But w33 he is just everywhere on this map.

w33, he's here - He's gonna make him pay for it.


They'll find him once, it falls to the side,

the roots, making sure that no Glimmer will save him.

He gets a Decrepify off.

Nice, nice Omar! Nice!

Fucking Omar!

Man, Omar boss.

Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Can't they stop our high ground?

No, no they're too weak.

Are they going high ground? - They're going high ground, yeah.

There are five men here, just don't take the fight now.

And immediately, they're knocking on the front door!

Liquid, 36 minutes in, 20k gold advantage,

looking bad for OG, and they're gonna look for more.

It's gonna be about the Rosh, it's all about the Rosh fight.

This doesn't matter.

I can sit in the front line, I can poke them.

I wanna play with the Decrep, Jesse.

Kill their supports, do you hear me guys?

Kill their supports.

Look, look, look

Can we go in, Spectre?

Go smoke, fast, fast fast!

Smoke smoke smoke.

Go go go, go. - Smoke?

Look at the Enchantress, Fucking kill him.

Kill the Ench! Go Ench!

MinD_ContRoL jumps in, Gush,

Ceb's gotta be careful.

He's got the Ghost Scepter, but JerAx with the Decrepify,

stops Miracle- from being able to get another touch in onto Ceb.

Ceb will be fine.

They, they are just fucking with us.

You guys should read their gameplay, it's really simple.

All right, what do you want to do, Kuro?

Can we kill the Pugna, guys? His Decrep is too strong.

Yeah we need to kill the Pugna. Yeah, the Decrep is too strong.

I will Trap the next wave, they will have only this.

We need to kill Pugna, ET, okay?

Yes, win the game. Yes, that sounds good.

Spectre is the last target.


Let's fight him, let's find him.

I don't think they can stop us.

And you see them immediately group up,

they're still just trying to set up, and push the base down.

Isn't this our fight? Honestly? - Yeah.

I have Haunt.

We can fuck them. We can fuck them.

He's gonna Toss me! He's gonna Toss me!

It's suicide.

Take the fight if he does that.

OG just struggled to get any fights

going in their favor is they'll dive in,

they get the Toss back on MinD_ContRoL.

See if they've got the damage to beat him down

N0tail offering quite a bit of right-click,

but Miracle-, he's in straight away, looking for the back lines.

He's on top of the ET! Ana it's gonna step foward

looking for MinD_ContRoL, Haunt!

Can they get any of these kills?

They're onto Miracle-, Miracle- BKB, tries to TP out,

but they have the damage! - Just get out.

Can we get more?

Can we kill the Spectre right now, right now, right now!

The chase continues, Ana,

he found MinD_ContRoL. A second kill here for OG.

w33 surrounds Ana, Ana needs the safety, JerAx!

He's healing him!

The Decrepify, the heal, Ana is still alive.

Ceb sits to the side, throws down the Impetus as w33

is falling low, GH cannot save him, as w33 is dead!

No buyback.

Fuck dude, man.

Rosh is up.

What, how is he getting so much heal?


We get the waves. Go Rosh.


OG, they'll hold onto the game!

They may have lost their rax,

but they team wipe Team Liquid!

That's the haunt they've been looking for.

Go Rosh! Rosh Rosh Rosh Rosh, most important.

I think I wanna buyback.

Me too, actually.

Yeah, we should buyback. We should buyback.

It's really big.

It's really big, we should buyback.

They will jump you with Tiny right now.

Go go go, together.

More buybacks!

They do have to Ravage still on MinD_ContRoL. MinD_ContRoL,

just looking for that option, he's stepping in,

Stomp from N0tail.


Does get it out, there's no follow up though.

MinD_ContRoL, there's no follow up!

They've gone in.

Oh my god.

Look he's, he got in! Rubick! Rubick is in!

Please choke them.

They have two heroes dead without buyback. Choke.

And look at the gold difference.

Let's just bring up the graph, look at this.

Look at that. Look at this swing.

It is a 20,000 gold swing, it's back the other way!

Oh, my.

Look at that drop off!

They've done it time and time again,

in games and in whole tournaments,

when people have been quick to count them out.

The ranged rax are gone, OG,

they're gonna get the melee rax as well.

This game one, OG swinging it round entirely,

as this is a second set of rax that OG is taking away.

This Spectre is just an absolute monster.

He really is at full power here,

in the grand finals.

OG, this is the last set of rax.

We have to go. We're losing.

I don't want to lose this tower.

Go go go. - Rax exposed is not good.

I'm gonna find the Spectre, guys, I'm gonna find the Spectre.

Look at Tiny, look at Tiny,

Get the Tiny, go go go. Pugna ET, Pugna ET, Pugna ET.

Pugna! Pugna, guys!

I can't find the Pugna. I can't find the Pugna.

Jump the back lanes. Jump the back lanes.

He's getting Megas. He wants to get Megas.

I mean, we need to go, guys.

They're going on me. They're going on me, guys.

We just have to go.

We have to go, guys. We have to go.

MC just go.

I'm going in.

I got the Pugna! I got the Pugna!

Go go go go!


I'm on Ench, I'm on Ench. - Kill the Ench.

Look at Spectre, look at Spectre, Spectre can die!


Fuck yes!

Let's go Rosh, finish the game.

They're going Rosh.

I could just buyback right now.


You, you don't wanna fight it?

He has no Haunt.

We, we have to fight base.

That's where we have to fight. - Okay.

Our base defense is crazy.

They're gonna go right away. We have to get ready here.

Liquid are just holding on to a ranged rax,

but they are doing exactly that, they are holding on.

Can we just go throne, right now?


We need, if you kill the Ench, I take throne.

Kill the Ench, I take throne, guys.

Kill creeps, guys. We're getting Mega-ed.

I, I, I'm dealing with it!

Okay, okay, okay. - Kill the Ench, I take throne.

I'm going, I'm going.

We have to focus the Meepo.

We have to focus the Meepo, guys.

We have Glyph. I think we can make it buy time for you.

I don't wanna buyback but, uh, I might have to.

No no no, look at me first.

Just buy time. Buy time. Be patient.

I think Spectre doesn't have buyback.

Okay we need to kill ET and Ench! ET and Ench right now!

Let's just go throne. End the game.

Liquid, trying to force out these buybacks.

Ana, he's got to buyback.

Still holding onto it.

He doesn't have buyback on Spectre guys, he's not buy-backing.

The Ench, the Ench, the Ench!

Go throne! Go throne! Go Throne! Listen to Kuro, go throne!

Guys, we're going to lose.

Yeah, we have to buyback, Ana.

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.

Finally the buyback comes out,

The Ancient is exposed.

The Ancient is going down!

Ravage. No Glyph.

Throne, throne.

Throne throne throne throne throne!

Hit the fucking throne!

With the Ravage, they're just going to keep hitting on!

Liquid, they've done it!

My god


Fuck yes!

My bad.

Fuck man, why so fucking fuck, man?

Let's reset for the second game.

Let's reset now.

Nice TA, Amer!

Let's reset, let's reset.

Let's reset, boys.

MC boss!

We fucked up here and there.

But, first game of the day.

All good.

We have five games, we're allowed to throw one.

It's, it's part of the fun.

Don't let it get to you.

You promise me you don't feel bad about this, okay?

Yeah, I know. - It doesn't matter man, it happens.

We got this. This was a free win, we got this.

You fucking carried us the entire game.

When we went mid, we could have then got Roshan

and then went high ground again but we fucked up.

It was GG

We got team wiped. Completely team wiped.

Fuck, man.

Fuck, man!

Yeah, we all fucked up actually.

I'll tell you, this strategy, you know how it works,

when I say go high ground, we go high ground.

No, the problem is I threw the top lane.

He tossed me.

But we already threw before that,

because the way the game goes like this, they're showing

we're like oh, "Tiny Tiny Pugna!"

And then we keep TPing--

But you should let just me do it, nobody else.

But then just-- - Cuz' I can be there, too!

All right, calm down.

Just make the call, make the call.

Just make the call, and you did it.

But then we started all running,

and then I couldn't do it anymore.

We just need to not get jebaited, that's all.

Anyway, reset from that stupid game.

Yeah, reset.

It's easy games against them.

You were amazing, like, this comeback

dude it was so fucking good.

Yeah, it could have gone either way.

Oh it was ours.

It was 100% ours.

We yeah, we lost a pretty unloseable game--

Was he Melded?

Was he Melded the last fight?

It's okay.

I don't want it to get to Ana.

Cuz' he fucked up.

Oh, he did God-like.

And he played God-like and he made a mistake that was,

frightful, it was a minor one.

Where are they now?

They're coming?

Yo, good job.

Good job,

but please listen to Kuro.

Please, you just need to listen to Kuro.

I don't need you guys to talk so much,

I can do all the talking.

I want you guys to focus more, focus more.

Fuck it, don't talk so much.

Don't be like, stressed like 'Go go go' and stuff.

No no no no no. You guys are soldiers, okay,

you're the best players; But play, don't talk.

Let me do the talking.

Shut the fuck up. - Yeah, shut the fuck up!

Let me call you guys the targets in the game, okay.

I'm telling you Pugna needs to die.

I actually didn't see him in the fights, I actually didn't see him.

He's a good player.

He's a fuckin' TI champion, TI finalist.

What do you think?

I've played with him.

Alright boys, listen.

Listen to me.

What I'm asking now is clarity, okay?

I think it was a very good Meepo game.

We decided to play against it.

Which is confidence, I love it.

We were playing a really hard game,

probably the hardest game of the tournament

that people had to play, honestly.

We're 20k behind, and we brought it back.

We played God-like.

And we broke them and we won the game.

They got two Roshans with TA Meepo timing.

You know, and we brought it back.

That was an amazing game for us, okay?

Sure, we let our guard down at the end, it's true

you know, we didn't emphasize enough

about the throne defense and they got it.


It's a win in my book.

This game is a win in my book.

So, very nice, guys.

They can only win with their fucking cheese

and they couldn't even do it.


Yo, I'm clean, man.

I promise you, God is with us.

See this game?

What are you guys talking about?

That we're feeling the goodness, man.

Feel it in your hearts, boys.

Let's just not waste it.

No, don't waste it, exactly.

Stand by, please.

Go, please.


That comeback, man.

It was the ana Spectre, man.

You don't just beat ana Spectre, even with Meepo.

Maybe you do. - Or maybe you do.


I'm fucking with you, bro.

Look, OG's strength is stressing teams.

Let's not fall into their trap, okay?

That's what they do, they stress everyone out.

But, they can't stress us out, man.

You have the calmest motherfucker on the planet, here!

OG's turn to ban.

What did they choose?

First pick. - They got first pick.

I mean, it's gonna be the same heroes that they're gonna pick, honestly.

I have a strong feeling that contesting the Chen is good.

In this case, I would ban it, because they have the first pick.

Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

So, you wanna ban Chen, Lesh, Alch?


Oh, shit, they banned Chen. Tide free.

I would go Tide again, I think, actually.

Go for it.

I'm always down for a Tidehunter.


Okay, it's most likely TA coming second.

You know?

So, can we think about that?

I think we should then take the Tiny.

Tiny is our answer to TA.

Yeah, I like it.

I think this is good.

This is a good opener.


Wanna go TA, bro?

Dude. - Let's fuckin' roll, man.

Do you even have to ask? TA is amazing, man.

Dude, I'm telling you, TA Tide gives you everything.

Team fight, Rosh, towers, push. Go TA please.

Let's go TA. - Go TA?

Wow. - Yeah, whatever.

God bless.

Fuck this Tide TA.

They got so fucking lucky.

It's fucking awful.

If first-picking Tide TA was a thing,

we would have known!

When you first pick Tide TA,

you're bottom seven of the group stage.

That's what happens.

Think about what we are gonna do to them.


Dude, Tide TA is just IMBA combo

I think I still should ban the Invoker.

But, Invoker

against TA?

I don't believe in that Ember ban though.

Okay, don't. Just ban Invoker.

I trust you, man. You do you.

Liquid's still scared of the Invoker.

Yeah, I think they banned it last game, too.

They did, yeah.

Cuz' Topson is one of the most famous Invokers.

I think it'd be a little surprising if OG

would pick it as a four.

Do we want to ban Meepo into Ember?

I like the Ember route a lot.

I think it's very interesting.

Do we want the Ember on six, Kuro?

No, I don't wanna pick three cores in a row.

Honestly, if they leave it, I want it.

If they leave it, I want it.

Fuck the Ember.

It's a very strong hero, but.--

--fuck it.

I'm just thinking because they might pick it.

Ember I think is very powerful here.

Ember fucks these two heroes, their timing, completely.

Is it bad against TA mid, the Ember?

Is it completely closed on ana's role?

I can play with it.

Yeah, no problem. - Okay.

You feeling the Ember, ana?

I'm down for anything.

Okay, then we keep it open.

Let's fucking do it.

Ember Spirit.

Ember. - There's the Ember.

It's definitely Ember mid.

Who is gonna get the treat of playing Ember

on main stage?


Or it could also be me.

If you pick it really fast, Ceb.

Team Liquid's turn to pick.

We should go Tide, I think.

Sorry, Enigma.

I'm down to play Enigma, too.

It is a bit farm-y, but--

I wanna pace on them.

It's too strong though, guys. Seriously.

Can't we pace on them with Enigma anyway, too?

Yeah, yeah, we can.

Yeah, you gotta rush Helm and we go.

Yeah, fuck it. Are you confident?

Fuck it.

Very confident.


So, it's a GH Enigma.

Oh, I will be Monkey then.

Monkey mid?


What do people feel like?

ana Ember and a Monkey mid?

Feeling the Ember ana?


You feel it? - Yeah, down.

Let's do it?


G. G.

G, G, G.

Monkey mid, Monkey mid.


This is so good for us.

Why do people keep picking Monkey mid, honestly?

Game two of Liquid versus OG

here in the best-of-five grand finals

at the International 2019.

Just about to kick off.

They've got a lot of comfortable things

coming out for the side of OG, right?

We have Topson on his master tier Monkey King, of course.

Up top, we have ana on his legendary Ember Spirit.

Talkin' about up top. - N0tail.

In fact, ana's gonna turn, chase down MinD_ContRoL.

They'll get first blood, OG.

Alright, small misplays.

It's a whatever kill.

Yeah, Tiny will try to kill your mid soon.

I actually think they're rotating somewhere.

The gank.

Mid lane, Topson.

Will get the Boundless off.

w33 trying to commit.

There's the wrap around.

JerAx comes in with the gank, tosses back.


That's three heroes mid.

They will just run at us.

Yeah, we know what's coming.

Look top, look top!

OGs already eying up the chance to get back over.


They're diving.

Chains are there.

Ceb and N0tail with the back up. GH.

N0tail getting the finishing blow.

My kill.

I'm looking at Tide.

Can we connect here?

I think we should keep running at them.

This is insane. Look at his positioning on the map, guys.

Let's man up.

OG looking to kill everybody.

Look at the map right now.

They're thinking about going for more.

The lanes are all open. They're just battling.


He's able to chop the tree down, MinD_ContRoL.

So, this Monkey will die.

Yeah, yeah.

They all die.

Ravage. Ravage, does get the three of them.

Ceb's getting burst lower, heals out in time.

w33 comes across.

Hex lock down is there from Kuro.

They'll get Topson.

They're quick.

Can they punish OG for more for diving for this?

KuroKy, though.

Kuro, he'll drop the Wards.

He's got the Shackles. He's holding him down.

Hex is out, as well.


And w33 gets Ceb as well.

Nice, Kuro!

Kill those fucking bitches. - Pressure top tower.

OG, all five out of the game,

as Liquid say, "get out of our half of the map."

All good, all good.

Keep bringing the numbers on them.

I think we should just wait for the Rosh. It can spawn in one minute.

They will fight it.

We go Rosh.

Okay. - Yeah, I think so.

10 minutes in and we have 10 heroes

duking it out over the ancient area. - That's how we love it.

I'm getting stronger and stronger.

Yeah, this games going real good.

Yeah, get stronger.

I mean, you guys know when we have BKBs,

the game is over, right? - Yeah.

The game just ends.

Into the pit, is spotted out

by the w33 trap.

They want to do Rosh.

Yeah, that's kind of slow Rosh. - Yeah

Actually, it's not that slow.

Wanna contest, or no?

I mean, we can. We have our Ults.

They're losing mid tower too, right now.

I think we should fight this, guys.

They will run for us, okay?

I think we can kill them with a Black Hole, Ravage, no?


I'm mid, I'm mid.

It's a bit slow, but--

Look at this, look at this, look at this.

Just run at them and kill them instead.

We chase 'em, we chase 'em.

They will have to fight. They will have to fight.

Miracle- is in the mid lane.

They're gonna go for jump on Miracle-. Instant Rage and a back off.

Still, they managed to sandwich them. If Liquid can get the Tide

and the Enigma in they could go for a good fight.

They will go on me. - Just bait 'em into the Black Hole, Ravage.

They'll go on me.

Run to us!

Run to us!

I'm gonna Ravage him. Maroun Black Hole.

I can't, I can't.

Miracle- will fall, MinD_ContRoL tries to get a Ravage off, but he can't.

Boundless Strike is out.

I canceled black hole.

Yes. - We fight, we fight, we fight.

I have an E soon, Topias. - TA, TA, yeah.

Stand next to him. Dusting.

Going more, guys. Going more.

OG. The jump over,

catch out MinD_ContRoL.

Oh, my god.

Toss back GH as OG, they just keep killing

every single member of Liquid

over and over again. - Ooh!

Nice one. Fucking OG Dota, boys.

Get 'em, boys.

I think we shouldn't contest.

We can, just misplayed it.

We can't fight without BKB.

We could kill them, but we need to be patient.

You guys need to come to us

so we can-- Yeah.

You guys really need to play on me and Maroun.

We would kill them all, seriously.

They stacked like piece of shits.

I think they were just baiting the Rosh.

They're not doing it. They don't wanna do it.

Don't get phased by the game so far.

We will still out-scale them.

It's too hard to play without the BKBs.

Problem is I actually don't have any creeps.

I think the game is over on BKB.

Yes, but--

I'm gonna farm this right camp here.

You know, the way that OG's playing is that they wanna punish the greed.

Liquid went for greed.

They've gone Midas on the Lifestealer.

OG wants to just keep this battle running at them.


JerAx is gonna have vision with the rest of this ward.

And Topson-- - oh, my god.

Setups perfect from the trees.

Wukong's Command down.

Boundless Strike already used.

It doesn't matter.

He's able to jump forward,

look to chase Miracle-,

Miracle- does get the jukes off.

We're getting wrecked here.

I'm good, I'm good.


I'm running, running, running, running.

Don't fall into them.

They will run at you, guys.

Ember's connecting.

Ember's connecting, guys.

Don't go. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

GH, he comes forward.

Stuns out, but ana,

he's in with the wrap around,

slammed down onto the Enigma.

GH is gone.

They're diving.

Up towards tier threes--

I thought we would take the fight here.

No, no, no. Just farm.

Just farm. Yeah, yeah.

They're way too fast.

TA here!

TA here!

We can kill TA.

We can get TA. Yeah, go go.

Go TA, TA, TA, TA.

Oh, god.

The chase continues.

ana, he found w33--

On top of the TA,

w33 is surrounded.

The control is too much - Oh, my god.

for w33 to withstand

and OG running down hero after hero.

Very fucking nice, boys.

Keep running at them. They have nothing.

They can't do anything.

Oh, my god. Every fight is the same, no?

They just run at us.

Yeah, they just run at us.

What do we do against it?

Ember Spirit and Monkey King, they're everywhere.

You cannot set up anywhere on the map.

Look how well

they're able to prioritize their main man, ana.

He's only died the once.

And it's not like Topson's not farmed.

He has a Radiance with the Echo Saber already finished.

- Excuse me?

Versus a TA.

But, they're gonna battle top.

A kill has been spotted.

Look at MinD_ContRoL's net worth.

I don't think I've seen that almost ever.

He is bottom three net worth as this Tidehunter.

They're terrified. They're terrified.

They're getting slaughtered.

Oh, there's a hero here.

Guys, I'm chasing TA.

w33-- Oh.

JerAx is already there.

JerAx, he's in position.

That's gonna allow Topson to close the gap on w33.

- There's a radiance. They do not have detection,

but he is slowly burning.

They've got another toss, as well.


Oh, oh, oh.

I'm not angry. - Burnt to pieces.

I'm just disappointed.

OG just walk up to this high ground,

but up top, MinD_ContRoL can't get back to base.

There's not Tide for the defense.

Look at this, look at this, look at this. Can we kill the Tide?

I will be there.

We should fight them on this.

I cannot come. - We need to fight.

I want to fight. I want to--

Look, I cannot connect! Look at me.

We cannot fight without ravage.

He cannot escape it.

This is relentless.

Topson's cutting off the escape route.

MinD_ContRoL, he wants something,

anything. It just doesn't stop.

They're running at TA now.

I cannot get out.


OG are making this game two hurt.

Oh, Kuro.

He will go down and give the rampage to Topson.


Holy shit, man.

It's gonna be rough, boys.

Alright, Maroun.

What's up? - Let's go.


Okay, let's just throw our spells here.

OG doesn't mind.

They're enjoying this.

They're loving this. They don't want this to end.

They wanna keep playing.

You have to imagine they tap out of this one pretty soon.

GH, he's popped the BKB.

He's gonna go for the black hole on the two of them,

does have the Pulse down,

and in fact, gets ana, as well, with the wrap around,

but they just don't take any damage at all.

GG is called.

I think we're still falling for their bullshit too much.

How can we stop it, though?

Honesty, I think we were winning

when they went Rosh.

I think so, yeah.

But, we gave them four kills and Rosh.

They made us angry, man. OG Dota.

They made us angry.

Nice rampage.


That was some ana bouncing back.

That was --

That was the weakest

the weakest fist bump I've ever had

after a win.


Fuck, I played well.

Tide, Enigma, N'aix,



Oh, wait. How to play Dota?

So greedy.

We need to think if we wanna still play the Tide.

But, don't you think we're just

not going for our strategy that we always do?

Why are we picking Enigma N'aix with TA?

Like, we run away from our TA carry,

and we're picking two more carries.

I feel like it's very greedy. - I mean N'aix is--

Not true.

I understand it can work, but when did we play like this?

But, I don't have any hero for Amer.

They ban it. They pick the Ember-- Just pick Wraith King, honestly.

Let's go.



Just remember if you see Liquid here,

don't fucking run at them. The game is done.

Remnanting in!

Oh, there they are!

MC is mentally done.

Nice, nice, nice.

This is a victory against MC.

Yeah, this Tidehunter,

holy shit, man.

I think the game is just too hard.

When we farm and they play active,

we can't do much.

It's how all the teams felt against us.

That's what we did to them.

We have to think how we want to adjust the draft.

I mean, I feel like with the TA,

we can just actually kill them and go.

I have a hard time finding Amer's hero, though.

They picked Ember,

Lesh is banned.

What's good now?

Kuro, isn't it a problem that we had the Enigma?

We can't react, help.

For example, when they run--

The draft went down like this,

Enigma is getting strong and we were like,

"Let's pace on them with the Helm and stuff,"

but it didn't come to that point.

Guys, guys.

Hey, think about it.

In their heads,

they almost lost to their Meepo,

and now they got smashed with Tide TA.

This is what got them to the finals.

They know they got nothing on us. They know.

They're good Dota players, they understand

they have nothing on us.

Tide broken. Meepo,

in a perfect Meepo game, broken.

TA broken.

They're 0 - 2.

Like Johan said, "Throat."

Go for the throat.

I know I said that, but guys, chill.

I want you guys to reset from this game, okay?

I know everyone's a little tired--

I wanna fuck them, man.

But, just take all your energy out now, okay.

Go all the way now, guys.

I wanna fuck them so bad, man.

They're running into us.

They're quick.

They're very quick.

I'm telling you, they're monkeys.

I don't mean it in a flame-y way.

You have to make the sound.

Monkey King.

Monkey King.

In a previous life,

you were something like a gorilla or a monkey.

I'm not sure which one.

I haven't decided yet.

I'm pretty sure I was some fucking gorilla.

Fucking cave man.

You wanna walk in with me? You sure?

Wanna walk in with me, Jesse?



Jesse, you wanna walk in with me?

I walk with you every day.

All alone.

All alone up here. No, no, no.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come, come.

No, no, no.

No rubbing.

Thank you, thank you.

Dude, how many times have we done this now?

It's like TI-- It's our eighth game.

It's just good friendly, here.

Bum bum bum ba bum ba bum

Woo! Woo!

There's a new password.

Wait, there's a patch?

New password.

Oh. There's a patch.

I was like, wait, what?

Oh, new patch, guys. New patch.

They nerfed Ember.


Ember is nerfed.

Shouldn't we just try what we always do

just pace them?


We need some new heroes, though.

And I wanna go away from TA.


Let's go Mars Gyro.

Let's play these type of heroes.

Mars Gyro is insane.

Mars Gyro, guys.


How can they run at us in Arena Calldown?

We are already into game three

and it's the exact same first phase bans.

Mag, AA, IO banned by Liquid,

Leshrac, Alchemist, Chen banned by OG.

What do you want at first pick?

I wanna just pick Rubick.

and we go from there.



What about the Ench here?

Any Tinys?

Yes, I was thinking Ench Tiny, as well.

Tiny secures a lot for us.

Keeps it open also, we're second pick.




I mean, now Tide looks good again, actually.

But, I don't know if you're tired of playing the hero.

I'm not tired. I like it.

I just don't want to have five late-gamers.

Yeah, I mean, like Tide Rubick I already have the lane ready.

Let's go one more try?


Very like the MC hero or the TA.

I think the Tide or TA, as well.

Most likely.

Guys, we broke their confidence.

They don't do Tide TA anymore.



This is perfect. Whatever.

No more TAs.

So, we should ban Meepo this time around, for sure.

Meepo. They banned Meepo.

There's still an ET for you, Kuro,

if you want it.

Yeah, I'm thinking about it.

So, I'm gonna ban Ember.

You don't need to, right? 'Cause we don't--

I think it's a key hero for them.

Yeah, okay, okay.

I think it enables them.

That's true, that's true.

Go for it.

These bans mean TA again,

but I don't think they should play it.

I'm thinking about Void.

For them? - Yeah.

I don't think that's good.

I think it's too much single target shit.

They will Tiny Void or some shit.

And, even if they do, we feel good about it.

That's true, that's true.

I think we should pick the ana hero.

Which one do you want the most?

I'm thinking Void.

Void? - Yeah.

Do we wanna Void, guys?

Isn't that a pretty solid pick here?

Yeah, it is. It's really cool.

There's no more saving supports from them.

Yeah, G.


Let's do it.

What can they do?

You know what's cooking.

You know what's cooking.


I have two picks. Two cores, guys.

I'm not sure if I'm stupid about it,

but now TA is kind of good again.

Like, now they don't have all their bullshit.

I like it.

I like it, too. - Wanna try again?

Are you still confident in TA?

Of course, man.

It's my hero. - I think this time

- My fucking hero, dude. they can't run at you the same way.

Templar Assassin.

No real surprise here.

Liquid go back to the Templar Assassin,

and to be fair,

the loss in the previous game

was her first loss on the main stage.

Yeah, yeah.

We have one more ban.

So, what are we looking at?

Wraith King is probably their go-to versus Void.

It's the whole blow you up kinda thing.

We do need to find the correct hero for you Amer.

Me? - Yeah.

Honestly, I dig the Wraith King again.

That's actually a really good pick.

I dig the Wraith King again. - That's good.

Ahh, they banned the Wraith King.

Let's see, let's see.

Good heroes for us are, in my opinion, Jugg Gyro.


'Cuz of the pacing with the Healing Ward.

We just go very fast.

It's fine.

I think it's fine.

Oh, and I ban, what, Monkey, I guess?

Or DS.

Ban the Monkey, man.


Nice ban.

What is Topias thinking?

Pugna is pretty fucking good.

Just give him Pugna, man.

He, he wants Pugna.

Let's go.

Game three, ready to go between

OG and Liquid, series stands one to one.

Are Liquid running out of options?

They've literally picked Templar Assassin in all the games,

and OG, they have to know this is coming.

Let's have a look on the mid lane. - Topson.

Wow, oh my god.

Three denies on the first wave there,

and he sprays the loser, of course.

And a very interesting starting item.

I don't think I've ever seen that, it's a Crown.

Rod of Atos do you think?

Uh, Veil? - Or Veil.

I think Veil is really nice

cause it gives you that armor that you're lacking

when you're playing versus TA.

Tiny is mid, I think.

Yeah, Tiny is, I think he's still going mid.

He's rushing Atos.

I'm mid, I'm mid.

Let's go.

Fuck him, fuck him, here.

Mid lane though w33.

He's been caught up by a bit of a move from JerAx.

He's trying to switch the Mango in

to go for a Mango Refraction play

but that's six seconds far too long.

Actually got the Mango in the back pack, unfortunate.

I warned you he's there.

No, no, it's my misplay.

As ana, though, top.

Top lane ana and N0tail.

Ana, you fucking god, double Bash.

Oh yeah.

See the Pugna? They wanna go on you.

Yeah, yeah I'm fine, I'm fine.

I'm baiting him, I'm baiting him.

Toss you?

The toss back setups there

JerAx is prepared with the dust.

w33 cannot hide in the shadows.

They see him every time and the tower goes down.

I love this Veil build on Topson.

It's just applying so much extra pressure that you

normally would not be able to do as a Pugna.

Look at Topson, look at Topson,

we should kill this bitch.

I'm TPing mid.

I'm TPing as well.

We have Ravage right?

Soon - Oh.

They have really, really low levels.

Tide is mid.

Silencing him.

Level four, level four tide, level four tide.

Can we just kill this guy.

N0tail throws the silence on him

but it's only level four Tide.

They're gonna life drain him down.

Slows there with the Stroke of Fate, will be able to Kraken Shell it off.

They do lose MinD_ContRoL.

Nice, nice man holy shit.

That's so good.

This Tide is done with life right now man.

And immediately Miracle-'s now gonna start getting pressured too.

Keep running at them.

If you silence him, he dies.

Yes I'm going for it right now.

They're going on me, I'm gonna die.

Holy shit.

That is such a nasty combo.

Decrepify, Phantom Embrace.

I'm coming, you have Chrono?

Yeah, I will Chrono this.

I'm invis.

I'll just Toss the Rubick.

And there just looking to keep the pressure going, oh God.

JerAx, he's got an invis rune.

He TPs up top, he's gonna look for the set up,

the toss back, JerAx is gonna look to set up

and they'll throw--

Chrono catching the two of them. OG,

Oh my God.

They just can't help themselves.

They can't stop making plays.

It's a level five kill.

Don't be phased by the early game, okay?

I think we can just go and gank Topson.

We can collapse mid right now.

Yeah, lets do it. - I'm coming as well, I'm coming as well.

Miracle-, he's got the Blade Fury and the Omnislash to play around with.

He fucked up.

I'm getting behind him. - Get the silence.

I'm silencing him.

Soul Bind's gonna lock the two of them together,

N0tail looking to turn, moves in with the Ink Swell.

They're both dead! - Holy shit.

I'm behind them, I'm behind them. - Holy shit.

They destroyed us.

Too much damage actually.

Can we go Tide?

Yes. - I Toss you.

But now OG, they can turn and collapse

on to MinD_ContRoL, surrounding the Tide.

JerAx and Topson, Ceb, they're not gonna stop chasing this

and trap slow will come out, it doesn't matter.

Topson - Nice!

Get this bitch, get this bitch,

I just need vision.

He's going for another. - Toss forward.

They're not done yet OG, GH.

He's got the stolen Ink Swell.

They keep their distance, JerAx closes the gap.

GH is Enchanted, taken out, ultra-kill for Topson.

There is nothing that can stop this man.

This is just an absolute dismantling.

They're just given us the repeat of game two.

I'm gonna get Blink first and I want to fight them.

Yeah, we should do it.

We need to just fight them back.

They're just doing the same shit again.

I think the only way is if we Smoke with four heroes

and kill Pugna.

Cause he's cocky, every time.

It's not the Pugna that's the problem.

I mean he's here.

Yeah we just need four heroes at the same time,

and then he will die.

Okay I'm ready. - I'm coming.

Look at the trap. On the trap. - Look at the Trap, yeah.

Oh. Topson.

He's a bit alone.

They've got to kill him.

They've got to do something about it.

They'll surround him, they've got the Blade Fury,

they have got the stun, Topson falling low.

Pops the stick charges, but they kill him off.

Big kill here for Liquid, can they get more.

The rest of OG have turned up.

Keep running, keep running.

Yeah I'm fine. - I'm coming, I'm coming.

I'm toying Rubick

I'm gonna TP in again.

They're chasing me, actually. Does he have Chrono or no, right?

No, no, he might, he might, he might.

There's the catch. They'll get Miracle- separated.

He's shut down, silenced up, he did get the

Blade Fury off but the Soul Bind control with the Impetus

is far too much for him to deal with.

They're fucking with us too hard.


The map is ours, go ham, go ham.

They might just go high ground.

Topson's just gonna start poking high ground.

He's got an Arcane Rune with these Nether Blasts.

And yeah tier three's gonna start getting poked 17 minutes.

Liquid they are gonna try their best

to push this away, OG, they have Chronosphere.

Tower's already dead. They're already working on the raxs.

They're behind, they're behind.

-Going Jesse! -They can't get in. They can't get in.

This guy's dead.

And if Liquid's gonna make a move,

they've gotta make it soon, but they're not gonna

get the chance to, JerAx jumps in on top of MinD_ContRoL.

Phantom Embrace upon him.

Get out - Buying back.

They have Pugna Blink okay?


And we have a hard time jumping and no real jump.

They're taking the rax.

18 minutes in.

My God.

This is unbelievable.

Ceb continues to stand in the base.

He's a bit far forward here.

They do get the multi-cast.

ana's gonna come in with the backup.

The Decrepify keeping Ceb safe.

They'll pop the Ravage, they're trying to get on

top of at least someone.

They'll find N0tail.

Ana's surrounded, he's still has he Chrono.

He gets the three of them!

Topson going to town with the Lifedrain.

Miracle-'s down, MinD_ContRoL tossed back into the Chrono

making it a beautiful four-man.

Double kill for Topson.

The only way to fight is

if we surprise fight them, before they're ready at all.


And we need to play together.

Just all together, guys, together.

It's the only way.

Kill this fucking Pugna he's actually their creep if we go in him.

The way we win is we gank Topson.

He's always deep, he will die.

We just need one good fight on them.

Yes, one good fight and it will turn.

Just don't give them the kills anymore.


They're running here.

Yeah go on them. - I'm gonna Avalanche him.

Get the Void.

They do get the Blade Fury off in time, Ana.

He's brought down, w33's able to get him

with the Blink Meld.

Nice, very nice.

I have another trap, I have another trap up here.

Chase him, chase him, chase him.

Fuck me.

All good, all good. They might chase.

Can we fight it though, I'm really strong behind them.

I'm going, I'm going. Go, go.

Can they get more out of this?

N0tail will pick up the rune, has Topson by his side,

but Liquid, they're chasing.

They'll look to move onto the high ground.

Turn arounds there, JerAx is in with the combo.

The Healing Ward is not enough.

Miracle- is dead for over a minute.

Going TA, going TA.

JerAx with the Toss back.

Avalanche for JerAx, catches the two of them.

w33 he's got the invis. They don't have detection.

They've got AOE.

He's got the Blink up soon with the Refraction.


No, we don't have He's right out of Sentry.

Fucking invis.

I might get out.

They will let him be.

Or, will they.

He's going to be able to blink, or is he?

He's not going to be able to blink.

He's not going to be able to blink.

That's okay.

I didn't expect the first to proc actually.

The Pugna ward?

Oh, you learned something.

What the fuck is this?

Oh, MC.

He's buying Blink?

Oh did he sell stuff for it?

Yeah, I think so.

It's an absolute disaster for them.

I have Blink. - We need to be ready here, right now.

We have Smoke? Let's Smoke.

No need Smoke, no need.

We have to go right now.

w33 lets jump together the Pugna.

We have blink.

Look, look, jump the Pugna, go. With the blink.

w33 I need you, I need you w33. - Go, go please.

I need w33, I need w33, I need w33.

I'm running, I'm running, go, go, go, go.

Ready, ready, ready, go go.

MinD_ContRoL find the jump with the Ravage.

w33's in as well, do they have the damage?

They do.

Can we connect?

I have Chrono.

As OG turn.

There's the setup again, ana with the three man Chrono.

Catches them all, double kill for Ana,

the Toss up disable taking down Miracle-.

The Phantom Embrace is on Kuro,

they'll chase him onto the base.

Triple kill for Ana.

Two buybacks to come out from Liquid.

Laid the smack down.

Anything else we can do here?

Pugna is getting low.

I have buyback too.

Do you have a stun for Pugna.

Kill the Pugna, kill the Pugna.

I'm going in, I'm going in.

What the fuck!

Trying to win.

w33's trying to jump in,

find at least Topson, but he's not going to get it.

OG surround him, outnumber them and Toss up.

GH is dead, GG is called.

OG motherfucking Dota.

You want to go easy on them next game?

No, no, no mercy.

Topson, Topson man.

Okay, I think fuck this TA Tide.

No more Tide

Actually don't you think because of the lanes

we can't actually play aggro on them because of the lanes.

We lose actually every lane.

I think so yeah. - Yeah.

How do we win lanes, though?

We need to refresh everything.

I mean I feel useless as TA, actually.

No, this TA does not work against this team.

It's a classic like I pick four times Slardar for MC in Manila Major.

I've been there too.

Every game was like this time it's gonna work.

And no, doesn't work.

Stop these fucking fish heroes, man.

It is actually.

Fish heroes is the biggest jebait.

Quick analogy, Ana.

The fucking dying animal, you're about to butcher it,

it's gonna fucking bite you.

It knows it's about to die, - Yes, it's gonna bite back

so we don't give it a chance to.

No, we stay strong, we keep our guard,

we keep playing to win, we take risks, we do not care.


We're not afraid of losing, they are.

So we let them deal with this shit.

We stay strong, rock solid.

That's it, yeah.

Perfect, keep the energy, get what you need

for the next game, let's keep rocking guys.

Good shit.

This Tiny, this JerAx guy, actually is a huge problem.

I only have so many bans.

I feel like we should try to snatch the Tiny.

This hero doesn't need any items--

But we don't play it on four. - So what?

Give me Tiny, man!

Just give him Tiny, seriously, he's the best Tiny.

I'm gonna fucking kill them.

I'm gonna run at them.

They're not gonna run at me.

Time to go Monkey-mode, like they do it.

Monkey-mode, guys.

Monkey-mode on.

Let them play on our terms.

It's a best-of-one, let's fucking go.

They know how to play the true Dota.

The true Dota is you play against your opponent

like I always told you.

They have the unity and the vision, but we do too, in our way.

We need to feel good about our moves.

That's very important that we feel good about

what we are doing, so it gets amplified.

I know it's not easy but try to come from within.

We have nothing to lose, once again.

We came here, we should already be so proud

of what we're doing you know.

So don't think about anything.

At the end of the story, it's been written already,

it's us winning.

We're gonna find out if we are gonna have

a fifth game to the series, it is time for game four

of the Grand Finals of The International.

We just, I think the goal of the draft is that

we make a very strong ball as soon as possible.

Minute five.

I think, from minute zero.

Are you set on bans?

Yeah, the thing is I can't stop them from getting Chen

because I'm gonna ban Magnus, Io, Alch.

What is we leave the Io and the Chen

and they pick Io, we pick Chen, Omniknight?

And then later we can pick like strong heroes

and lane against them.


I think that's a decent idea.

Let's say they don't ban anything,

they could force a trade.

It could be like Chen and then the Io, Gyro.

No, we should first-pick the Io.

And we just play against Chen. We don't give a shit.


Most likely they ban Io man, most likely.

They're not gonna give us Io in the hardest game

of the tournament for them. - No.

And it they do it's very desperate, you know.

You wanna leave in the Io too?

Yes, I'll just get one or the other.

And we have to feel good about it.

Yeah. - I like the idea.

So, they will get Tiny if they want to.

Let's go? - I like it.

Okay, go for it.

Okay. They're leaving it.

I'm gonna grab it.

We see the first phase bans.

Guess what slips through, it's the Io.

OG immediately snap it up.

They're giving us Io.

This is, wow. Perfect.

Ana, I promised you.

Ana, you got it man.

I would go either Chen, Gyro, or Chen, Earth Spirit.

We need to think together and talk together

about the draft.

Tell me what, this is a classic TI game,

like, I need to pick your guys heroes you really feel good,

want to play.

I'm feeling 15 Nature's Prophet.

I want to play Prophet.

I see.

Then they'll pick Omni with the Io.

Furion is good against Omni.

That's a bit of a problem, not gonna lie.

I can go Chen, Omni and we ball up very fast.

I think the Chen, Omni might be pretty good.

What do you think MC?

Yeah, sure.

I am worried about this Io. I think it's broken.

Okay, just take the Omni then.


They just want to run at us.

This is like, they are actually gearing up to run at us.

All it is.

Topias, what do you feel here?

Do you think the Tiny is worth getting here?

Because we're most likely not getting it after.

I'll play it, most likely.

I think it's pretty fucking good, right?

So, let's pretty fucking do it.

I think if we get just one early game fight

on this Tiny, he's gonna fall off instantly.

The goal is always the same, contain into high ground

like they do it, right? We do the same shit.

You guys understand that, right?

I don't know if you like really

feel good about it MC?

Oh, what did you say?

I just need you to play Omni

like how 7 does it, 7Mad.

And what does he do?

Just like farms and then connects mid, right?

He gets farmed, he gets Soul Ring

and Phase and shit and then he--

He runs to his team.

When he gets like those items.


We could pick Ember 15.

Yeah, we can.

I can do it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah we could pick Ember 15.


I mean what fights into this?

Gyro, Gyro, Ember.


I think Ember's a better ban here.


They banned Ember.

I'm gonna ban BB, okay?

Go for it.

Yeah, it's a good ban.

You don't feel like picking it?

I mean I could on 15,

and keep it ambiguous between you two guys.

Are you both comfortable playing BB?

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, me not so much.

Not so much? - No.

Are you comfortable playing BB Amer? - Yeah.

I will go for it now and we just ball up.

Yeah I'm fine with it. - Chen, BB, Omni highground.


Lets go guys, come on.

And I'm gonna pick you Timber here.

Fuck it, fuck this fucking game.

They're gonna pick Timber?

No fuck them, we'll pick Timber.

I mean they're chasing up.

They're just going ham.

They have zero damage.

But then our lineup is kind of weird, we have zero stuns, now.

But they're running into us, does it matter?

Because they're on a huge timer.

They are on a timer, I agree.

Alright, we should Timber here. For sure.


This is a Topson Timber right?

I think so, I think so.

I like Tinker, I like OD, or I like Windrunner.

There's so many good picks.

What do you think's the best Kuro?

I think Windranger's great.

Let's see what they do.

What about a Gyro mid?

That's good, yeah that's good.


I like the Gyro idea a lot.

Gyro they have to run at us,

and imagine running into us when we have Gyro,

fucking Abaddon, Io, Tiny shit.

Yeah, I like, yeah.

I think the Gyro's amazing.


So it's Io four.

Wait is it? Yeah it's Io four, Tiny offlane, no?

Or Abaddon offlane.

Isn't it Timber offlane?

It's N0tail Io.

It's N0tail Io, 7ckingmad Abaddon, mid Timber,

Gyro, ana Gyro.

What do they have on Windrunner, Kuro?

They have nothing man it's a free Windrunner game.

I would go Windranger and then like MC's my carry. I'm fine, you know?

I'm fine with that shit.

I'll play on BB.

I will kill them.

By the way guys don't pick your heroes right away

cause they don't, they don't pick their heroes right away.

- We should do the same.

Lets fucking go, lets fucking go

on our terms, guys.

Game four.

OG up at the moment in this best of five.

Two to one against Liquid.

Okay, I won my last BB game.

Okay, that's good.

I won my last BB game, guys.

Just turn your back always Amer, okay?

Yeah, I know my shit.

I know.


Ana Io, motherfuckers!

Oh, yeah! 15 wins in a row!

48 to 8!

In this game four Liquid, they have had the chance to switch it up,

but is it good enough to beat the OG Io?

He is 5-0 here at TI.

No one has been able to beat him.

Liquid are gonna have to see if they can do it

in their last chance here.

Guys, you understand the game plan?

We can't be static against this team.

Don't be static on lanes.

Do what they do to us.

Jump them. Kill them. It's GG.

Just do go YOLO. Go YOLO.

Let's go, boys.

Alright, guys.

Now, let's get in the game. Let's have fun.

We got really cool heroes that we love playing.

So, let's just enjoy it.

Let's fucking do it, guys. - Serious fun, yeah.

Let's do this together.

Liquid looks to go for something

that's more early game centric.

The last two drafts,

they went for the Tidehunter, the TA, the Jugg.

Very slow-paced draft.

This time, they get their Chen.

JerAx is bottom, though!

JerAx is gonna come down.

He'll turn this duo into a tri-lane from OG,

as Kuro pops the Faerie Fire.

It won't save him.


Go on the Io?

Going Io.

Liquid getting the trade!


Aw, sh-my bad. Just kind of screwed it up.

Can we kill the Gyro?

Yeah, we should fight them, guys.

Let's fight him. Let's find them.

I'm mid with you guys, too.

I'm with you, I'm with you, mid.


They're trying to collapse in onto Topson!

Topson, he gets the Call Down off,

but the Hellbear smashes him with the Clap.

Liquid making these moves around Kuro.

Nice! Nice!

That's how we play. Keep it up.

They're gonna keep doing this on Gyro.

What helps us fight into them?

Aghanim's Io, maybe helps a little bit.

I wanna gank again.

I wanna keep going. I can kill the Timber.

Top of my jungle.

I can run, I can run, I can run.

Yeah, play YOLO. We need to make the first move, okay?

I'm coming, Kuro. - Yeah.

I'm moving top. We can't be static.

GH and KuroKy, they're looking towards Ceb.

Ceb, they're TPing, they're ganking you.

Get out, get out, get out. - Okay.

w33, as well.

w33, the Focus Fire, have they got the control?

There's the roll in with the stun.

Shackle Shot, along with a Power Shot will do it!

Liquid's change up in draft,

and different approach is the answer they've been looking for.


They just keep looking for more!

He's trying to run.

I need help.

No TP, oh my God. - I need help, boys.

I don't have TP. - I'm getting fucked.

I'm TPing.

TPs will now start to come into play.

They got the kill on JerAx.

Topson's here, he's on top of KuroKy.

Recall me, Recall me, Recall me!

Recall me now, Kuro!

w33 is joining the gank!

They're surrounding Topson with a Divine Favor, bringing w33 in!

Liquid, they're going to be able to get both of them.



That's nice.

Let's fucking YOLO their asses. - Yeah, YOLO their asses.

KuroKy, every single one of these kills

has been down to Kuro, and his map movements.

We can collapse on the mid tower.

I'm so strong.

Yeah, we should fight.

I'm close! I'm close, I'm close, I'm close.

Let's go, let's go! Go, go, go!

Five Liquid heroes in the mid lane,

trying to brawl again, at the same time as last game.

It's 13 minutes in.

They wanna go for N0tail, but he's got ulti.

Go on the Abaddon.

Let's go. - Yeah, that's the best target.

Miracle-'s gonna continue to chase this

under the tier two, and they will get it.

Ceb holding them back.

What is this Timber doing, guys?

I'm on him. I'm on him.

Ceb Chains out back over the river. He's fine.

w33 shackled - Oh my God.

They've got a lockdown, they've got the roll forward,

the kick back, they'll crush him!


Nice Shackle, man. - They used all their cooldowns, guys.

Yeah. Yeah.

They're fucked!

I'm going. I'm going for more.

Liquid, they're diving again!

They find Topson! - They've got a bit of a flavor

for how OG was playing in these last two games,

and they're saying we can do it, too!

Five heroes.

This is really crazy.

Yeah, but this is awful for them.

They're just wasting their time. - Keep farming.

Yeah, I should farm.

Topson blows the Call Down!

They won't go too crazy.

They'll let him live.

Ah, fuck it, fuck it. Get the tower.

Get the mid tower, we need this fucking tower.

Side lanes!

Yeah, they're getting both side lanes.

They're pushing both side lanes.

They're not even gonna get this one here.

The side lanes are being split pushed.

Ana, as well as JerAx

are actually pressuring these other two towers.

And we know this is the timing.

It's all about just waiting for Io

to get not only Aghanim's, but get that level 15 talent.

That's what OG wants.

I'm thinking of going SnY shit.

What do you guys think?

Whatever you think is best.

Go YOLO, go YOLO. Fuck it.

SnY it is.

They're gonna make a smoke play. They have to.

Like, the map positioning, they can't do anything.

They're all in, guys. All in.


Mmhmm. Just playing on our timing.

Can we four, like, go?

Before they make a move on us.

I wanna make the move on them.


Oh, Tiny! Tiny! Tiny!

Oh, here?

Nice one. Nice, nice, nice.

We can Rosh, I have DD!

Yeah, go Rosh! Go Rosh.

All good.

What about Rosh? They're gonna go Rosh.

They have a DD. Yeah, they'll go now.

Can we fight it, Ana?

We almost have Aghs.

Can we care about Rosh, guys?

I don't think we care.

I don't think we give a shit about Rosh this game.

Nope. All good.

No. I mean, Windranger has to take it, right?

Nah, they won't fight us.

They can't fight us We are way too strong for them.

Look, mid Timbersaw is running. We need to keep going.

Finish Rosh, go Timber. - Yeah.

We need to keep going!

Yeah, we need to keep going.

We need to go to first move.

Can we go high ground top, actually?

Yeah, let's do it!

Fuck yeah.

Let's push these towers.

As Liquid will get away with this one.

And let's see what they can do with it.

We have an absolutely free game on our cores, guys.

It's fucking perfect, what's happening.

So, Aghs Io finished.

We're about to hit 20 minutes.

So, I'm assuming that OG's gonna buy the Tome,

and --

Diffusal Gyrocopter!

Wait, what?



Treads, Diffusal Gyrocopter.

Fancy that!

Topson doing something that

I don't think I've ever seen this.

I think we should be peaking now. We should go.

They have level 14 Io. It's not 15.

He does have the Aghs.

He's strong, but we have an Aegis BB.

I wanna go high ground. I don't know how they can stop us.

They can't! They can't.

Guys, they're starting to hit high ground now.


High ground where? We have Aghs.

We just need Tome for this Io.

Windranger! Windranger!

He went on me! I need help, I need help!

Nice! Nice!

Io coming, 15.

Level 15 on Io.

That Spirit hero damage is there now.

Ana gonna join the fray, finally.

There we have it.

Miracle-'s mana

is pretty much entirely gone while Topson's focused.

He'll look towards GH, GH is-

KuroKy can't get out!

There's no mana!


I can buy back, Recall!

No, 35.

The Timber! I'm killing Timber! I'm killing Timber!

Timber dead, Timber dead, Timber dead.

That Shackle turn around! They're looking for JerAx!

JerAx backing away!

Topson focusing Miracle-!

Miracle- still out of mana

because of this Diffusal Gyro!

JerAx! He's able to combo. The GA is out!

w33 will fall, though!

The magic damage is there from Topson!

Miracle-'s trying to run!

I don't have mana, actually.

They're fucking me with the mana.

Can we fight here?

There's no Timber, guys.

They can't kill-

I'm gonna TP.

Get 'em!

Nice one, nice one. They all die.

We have a shrine! Shrine! Let's shrine.


Nice one.

They're all gonna die.

They're all dying, they're all dying.

I have Netter!

Nice one, Ana.

Oh, what?

Jesse, you fucking-

I'm just meming, Johan, don't worry.

We fucked up.

They took me out with the toss back.

Let's wait their response.

Yeah, they actually, the Diffu's fucking me.

I can't use my shit.

I think we should go again, though.

Kinda can't wait.

Holy crap!

Topson. The Diffusal!

The Diffusal - The Diffusal is absolutely working.

Something- He burns all their mana!

that I don't think anyone would've expected to see.

Gyro, the deciding game.

The control is just gone for Liquid

after they were doing so well!

What would you do?

When your mana's gone, what do you do?

I can just kill them. I can kill this Wisp.

Hey, kill the Io, okay?

You have to kill the Io.

Yeah, actually, we need to kill the Io. - We need to kill the fucking Io.

We have to kill the Io, and BB kills the rest.

The Tiny, and the Gyro.

I'm gonna go on Timber right now.

Okay. I'm coming. - Keep in mind, Windranger.

Yeah, yeah, stay focused. - They're TPing!

Windanger! Windanger here!

Oh my God.


starting to take over the game completely here.

We have numbers.

They have nothing. Go, go, go.



I'm looking at the Bristle.

Good job, boys.

I fucked up, my bad.

Ana just moving in the base now.

OG, they're pushing in.

Flak starts to force Liquid back, they'll focus Miracle-.

Miracle-, he'll get himself out of the way.

The missile is out!

They're trying to pop their heals to save him,

but Miracle-'s dead!

He doesn't have buy back!

JerAx is able to combo, they'll bring down GH!

The tier three's going down, we're 22 minutes again,

and in a match where it looked like Liquid had the pace

to maybe bring something different,

but we're back to the same place

that we were in game two and game three!

They're just taking this rax instantly! - It's gone!

Can we just reset, take this, the haste,

and take the shrine top.

They're gonna, they will chase.

There is no chase.

Yes, they're desperate.

Just fight them on the shrines right now.

Racing back up, clean up shrines,

but I think if Liquid chases out,

OG can definitely just turn to look for the fight.

Look at them, look at them. They're running in.

Oh. Yes.

No Earth Spirit, they can't fight this.

Yeah, let's go.

They're running. They're running at us right now. Right now.

And OG's ready to go back in again!

JerAx in with the wrap around the combo down.


Can they fight for the duration? Even though they're getting towards Ceb.

The heals are popped! Ceb's back pretty much up to full!

JerAx in with another combo! w33's down!

That's fine.

Yeah, it's rough, boys.


Pushing Liquid back to the base!

MinD_ContRoL out of mana!

Topson with his Diffusal Blade, picking them apart!

Cuts him down with a Chakram!

They're pushing on OG!

Liquid getting forced back to the base,

as Liquid have nothing!

They have nothing to offer, Fogged!

They're just giving-look at this! They're diving fountain in TI finals!

They want KuroKy in the fountain, as well! They're gonna get him!

They're chasing Miracle-, as well!

Okay, boys. - GG.

That's rough - Yeah, it's GG.

Can still try.

Oh my God! I can't believe this.

I can't believe what we're seeing in this game 4!


Yeah, it's GG.

That's okay, guys.

We had a good run. GG.


GG is called!

OG are your two time TI champions!

Ana, come, bro!

Ana, man, what are you doing, man?!

Back to back!

Oh my God! Holy shit!

Fucking insane, guys.

We made history, boys! Back to back

Holy shit.

We fucking did it!

Oh shit!

Ah, what the fuck happened?

We both needed a Topias hug.

Ah, what the fuck.

Sick bootcamp. Sick bootcamp.

Yeah, sick bootcamp.

Johan. Two TI's. Back to back, bro.

It's okay.

Don't mind it.

It's okay. Come on.

GG, guys.

We tried our best.

We tried our best .

GG. One more hug.

It's okay.

We tried our best.

We're still amazing. - My bad.

It's okay. Let's go.

Holy shit, I'm shaking so bad.

Good job.

Good job, Ceb. Good games, bro.

Good game. Good job, man.

Thank you.

It's okay, boys. We fucked everybody else.

Dude, we went back for it, and we won it again.

Oh my God. We fucking did it again!

Oh my God, Ceb!

I don't fucking believe this shit.

Is it time? Is it time?

Ah, time for what?

To get the Aegis!

Oh, shit! We're going back for it!

Johan, I think it's your turn again!

No, no! It's not my turn!

You have it.

Have it! Have it!

I need all you guys with me.

Come, come!

Come, come, come!

We lift it.

Let's go!

Holy shit!

Yeah, baby!

Oh, my boy, you're a sexy fucking beast!

And your Io is way too good!

Come on, man!

Ana, ana, ana!

Ana, Aegis!

This is what it is.


Once again, same shit.

Same shit again.

Yeah I know, I'm fine. I'm fine.

I mean, we did try.

But this Diffu by Topson was next-level again.

How does he even think of this?

Ah, fuck it, man.

Fuck it.

First of all, everyone should really feel happy

about everything, okay?

Fuck it, man They were better.

If anything, like, for your future careers,

you can look at this team and like,

understand some things about this Dota 2 game.

At least you guys won a TI.

Two times, same shit.

1-3, 1-3.

I thank you guys for everything, okay?

Thank you for trusting me,

but, I failed you.

You did not, man, you did not.

At all.

We fucked it up for you, Kuro.

You really did.

You were the best captain. - You were amazing, man.

Shut the fuck up, man.

No, you shut the fuck up. You are the best captain.

OG's the best.

I brought you for a reason.

You gave me a chance I didn't even think I was gonna play this TI.

I truly believed I was not even gonna play.

Nah, I believed in you.

But you, you brought me here, and I thank you.

Woo, baby!

Never do this to yourself again, man.

You're the fucking best, man.


You're the absolute best, man.

Never doubt yourself again.

Yeah, remind me later this year.

We all do it. I'll be there, - We all do it, right?

and when it's my turn, you'll be there.

Ah, feels good, man!

You okay, MC?


Let's go back?

What do we do now?

I mean, let's eat, I guess?


No. What do we do now?

After party, anyone?

Yeah boy, let's get fucked up!

Yeah, let's go.

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you, guys!

Oh, my God.

Ah, shit.

Sorry, sorry bro.

Let's get in there, boys.

Let's get in there.

We couldn't make it to a fucking major!


We couldn't make it to a fucking major!

Did you know that 'the fluke' is one of the most common fish in the sea?

The Description of True Sight : The International 2019 Finals