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You've got a well-established set of equipment

here for taking pictures!

[LAUGHS] It's a video!


This is my husband, Bob Legenhausen.

>> Hi! >> How do you do?

I met a friend whose husband was Bob's best friend

and, um.... then we got together

and we started dating.

We went out on a date for the first time.

We went to Radio City to see West Side Story.

It was one of the loveliest dates of my life.

January the 8th, this year

it'll be two years

going on the third year now.

Did you ask him to be your boyfriend

or did you ask her to be your girlfriend?

Oh, we didn't really ask!

She would say, "Where's my kiss?! Where's my kiss?!"

Yeah! [LAUGHS]

>> So, I figured.... >> So, that was your cue!

[LAUGHS] That was the signal!

We got to talking

you know, a friendship

but, then, according to her

it grew deeper than it should have

what you call "love."


And, we eventually got married

and then we had our daughter.

What's your daughter's name?

Bethany Robin Mary Elizabeth Legenhausen.

Wow! That's a good name! [LAUGHS]


So, you guys met here

was that different from any of the other

relationships that you had

like maybe when you guys were younger

to meet in an assisted living community?


No. I don't think so

because we were both in the same situation.

We had known each other off and on

for many, many years

because of uh....

I think we met at the Jersey Shore in Manasquan.

That was the beginning of a courtship for keeps!


Well, we got married

and, well, here we are!

And I have no family whatsoever

no aunts, no uncles

Larry's my family.

Aw! That's sweet!

We're good friends!



When did that wedding happen? What year?

>> 1972. >> Yeah, I think so.

And, my son who was three years old at the time

walked me down the aisle.

Fortunately, we enjoy our good health

and the children are grown and have their families

and things like that

and, ya know, I'd say

in my native, Brooklynese, "It ain't been half bad!"

Last year, I've been in and out of the hospital

for most of the year

and when I'm in and out of the hospital so often

that way she was alone.

So, I call these people here

"Get Gloria up at a certain time so I can talk to her."

The receptionist here, she's very nice.

She said, "Okay!"

And I would call in my hospital

>> I would call >> Yeah, they really worked with us!

If you would have one bit of advice

for someone my age let's say

about what it takes to make something work

what would you say?

Making any relationship work

is not something that just comes easy.

You have to work at it

day after day after day.

Know the person and whether she wants

to have a friendship with you or not.

Make sure, ya know, that you both

are agreeing on everything.

I wouldn't use the word "perfection" for us

but, ya know, we've maintained ourselves

over these many years

and, uh.... well, look, we're here right now.

That was cute! [LAUGHS]


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