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Dianna: We won the Battle Royale for the first time ever,

but there's no time to rest.

I have 10 weeks till the Summer Dance Slam,

and a Doll versus Doll battle

is the fastest way for me to assess my team.

Coming up...

You take half and I take half.

We're gonna have an old-school scrimmage match.

[ Cheering, indistinct shouting ]

Hold up!

Dianna done gone and lost her mind.

This is my studio. Y'all got to get out.

Bye, Kayla.

Team Kayla versus team Dianna, the twins being separated.

Oh, Lord, things about to get real real.

Dianna: ...6, 7, go!

Give them your energy!

Kayla: I'm trying to prove myself as a coach.

This ain't gonna cut it.

Coach D and Crystianna, watch out.

Camryn and Kayla are coming for you.

What up?

Rittany: That damn J.J.

Girl, this thing feel -- whoo!


Here we go.



Kayla: Oh, it's wobbly.

This is Dollhouse history in the making.

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Oh, Miss Diannter. Where do you want this?

Put she right there, yeah.

She about as big as the building!

This is a big accomplishment, though.

We competed in Battle Royales before and we never won.

Cross that off my bucket list.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you, universe, thank you, Lord, thank you, new weave.

Announcer: From Jackson, Mississippi, the Dancing Dolls!


The Battle Royale is over,

and now it's on to Summer Slam and I have a huge team.

We just had tryouts.

Yes. A whole bunch of new faces.

We had 16 of our Baby Dancing Dolls

finally become Dancing Dolls.

Not to mention that we have 30 brand-new members to the team.

Now that we have this huge target on our back

from winning Battle Royale,

we have to make sure that we're A1.

It's gonna take us a whole lot of time

to really train 45 brand-new girls,

but I do have an idea.

How about we split the team in half?

You take half and I'll take half,

and we do a faceoff against each other.


With the Summer Dance Slam around the corner,

I've got to get these girls up to speed fast.

A Doll versus Doll battle

is the fastest way for me to assess my team.

And we'd see how our new girls are gonna look in a competition,

how well you coach, how well you step up to the plate.

Kayla was captain of the team,

and now she's the assistant coach.

Last competition season, Tina was running her mouth

about Kayla not having enough responsibility.

I'm just, like, getting real concerned

about what it is Kayla is actually supposed to be doing.

Tina, you gonna have to back up, though.

Kayla is an adult.

I know, but to me --

Hit it. You shouldn't have even came up in here.

Well, Tina, stop flapping,

'cause now Kayla has a whole lot to do,

so hopefully, she can swim and not sink.

You've been doing this for the past 15 years...


...and this is my first week on my own.

This is huge for me.

I finally have the opportunity

to lead the team and prove myself.

I just need this one chance.

I have confidence in you, but I'm gonna try to kick your ass.

You know what, I'm gonna go ahead and get prepped.

You can get on out here.


[ Chatter ]

[ Laughs ]

Selena: Well. Woman: Ahh.

I like.

This is the first official day of the new competition season,

and I'm walking into the viewing room and I'm checking it out.

Ooh, the pictures of the girls.

Look at the girls!

Man, we done upgraded for real.

We're back! [ Laughs ]

Wait, wait, why do y'all have on these coats?

Come on. Let us see, let us see now.

Okay. Alright, now.

Recently, I've had plastic surgery.

That DDP way.

Woman: Show me what you got.

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

I got a tummy tuck, and I got a Brazilian butt lift.

Now y'all can literally kiss the new ass.

Oh, my goodness.

[ Laughter ]

Okay, come on, Tina.

Get it right.

[ All cheering ]

Yes, honey.

When Mimi decided to get some work done,

I was kind of like, "Hold up."

You know, "We are DDP sisters.

We supposed to be doing all this stuff together.

She picked these on up. Oh!

And honey, I feel good.

And she picked the stomach up from down here.

And as my husband say,

she shaved the bacon off my back.


Tamala: If we thought these two were cocky before,

now they're gonna be impossible to deal with.

You have on heels, honey. You doing the thing.

[ Cheering ]

We are now finally into our summer season,

and we've added over 42 new girls.

If you're new, raise your hand.

The Dancing Dolls have tryouts every year,

and this year, so many people showed up.

Tryouts are really important

because it gives me an opportunity

to see what new talent is out there in the city,

and it also keeps the current members of the team

on their toes.

A lot of these new girls -- they're super talented,

but their talent is still very, very raw.

New girls, you're gonna be expected

to step up to the old girls' level.

Old girls, I would hate for your spot to be taken

because you haven't done what you're supposed to do.

With all these brand-new girls on the team,

my biggest challenge is to get my girls into tip top shape,

but do it really, really quickly.

For this week, instead of us

going to an actual competition with another team,

we're gonna have an old-school scrimmage match.


We have to do a scrimmage?

Dolls against Dolls?

Oh, crap.

And Kayla and I are going to choose our teams.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ All cheering ]

I mean, this is like David versus Goliath.

[ All cheering ]

Hold up, hold up! This just got real.

Coach Kayla against Coach Dianna.

Knowing that we don't have but three days to get it together,

Kayla has never done this before, I'm concerned.

If Kayla can do it and pull it off,

this could make a big statement in the Dollhouse.

Other people will say Kayla has something to lose,

but no, ma'am.

If Miss Dianna lose, she gonna feel some type of way

that her assistant coach beat her.

So, it's Dolls versus Dolls.

First thing we're gonna do is to pick captains.

For this scrimmage match,

Kayla and I are gonna pick teams the old-fashioned way.

A little bit of dodgeball-style.

Mm, I'll take Camryn.

Of course. Of course.

I picked Camryn not because she's the head captain

and she's, like, the face of the squad.

That don't matter.

I'm picking Camryn because I know her work ethic

and I know that she gives in good input.

Hmm, hmm, hmm. Crystianna, come on.

[ Cheers and applause ]


Crystianna is captain of Dianna team.

Yes. Thank you, thank you.

Just a couple more steps to actually leading the team

when Camryn leaves.

Baby, we coming for team Kayla.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

[ Laughs ]

Coach D and Crystianna, watch out.

Camryn and Kayla are coming for you.

Camryn, Crystianna going toe to toe.

You know they gonna make sure they team straight.



I'm not gonna pick you because you always make cuts.

I'm picking people that I know I can use.


I chose Faith 'cause Faith worked her ass off

to be on the battle squad,

and now she's coming into her own.


Last season, the twins made me crazy.

Do you want to be a part of the team?

I do.

I do.

I don't feel it.

They just make me just want to go...

[ Grunting ]

If you have potential and you don't use it,

then it's a [bleep] waste of space!

I picked Sky for my team

because I think if the twins separate themselves,

I feel like they'll be good.


Kayla: Miss Dianna always say

how she want the twins to not be together

because she feel like one goes harder than the other.

I'm gonna take Star. I'm gonna see what we can do when we get to practice.

Tina, I hope Kayla bring that beast

that Dianna been looking for season after season.

I'm glad Dianna picked Sky because I feel like Sky

can work with Dianna better than Star can.

Maybe Kayla can bring something out of Star

that Dianna hasn't yet.

But how am I gonna be on two teams?


No, behind you. You, you, yeah.

Yeah, Kierra.

[ Applause ]

Kayla: With the new girls,

I picked some of the BDD that I know can do something,

but everybody else, I don't know what you can do.

I'm just taking a risk.

[ Applause ]

Well, the competition is two fast stands,

and it's two medium stands.

There's also a call-out round.

This isn't gonna be some little scrimmage on a practice field.

This is going to be like a real competition.

I've hired judges, I've gotten a space,

we have a deejay,

we have everything that a normal competition would actually have.

So, what you gonna -- how many you gonna come back with, five?

How many make it.

If they get cut, you can send them to my team.

Mama know how to teach you.

Don't -- don't try to scout my -- my talents over here.

My decision to give Kayla half the team --

it's a really, really big deal.

This entire scrimmage match

is about putting everyone to the test.

Everyone, meaning the new girls included.

Gives me a chance to see who's gonna step up,

who's gonna fall off.

With the teams being split,

of course we can't practice in the same building.

And since it's my studio, y'all got to get out.

[ Laughter ]

Bye, Kayla.

Uh, get out my building.

Get y'all stuff.

Oh, now she want them out. Now she want them out. Now she want them out.

Oh, she kicking them out.

Well, wherever Kayla go, I go. No, unh-unh.

Rittany: Even though I would've rather been on the team

with Tina and Mimi, y'all know me.

I can hang anywhere, I can go anywhere,

'cause they call me the big mouth of the south.

Well, I can't be in two places at one time, so I don't --

I have no idea.

Selena: Choosing who to support this week is hard,

but I'm gonna have to go with Star

because I feel like Star needs me the most.

Please forgive me, Sky.

You're my baby, too.

This the real DD4L over here.

That's all right. Guess what. Good luck.

Bye, new mamas.

Dancing is not a sport over here.

It's a way of life.

Miss D always seems to come up with these bright ideas.

I hope she know what she doing,

because this is a Dollhouse divided.

Even though these are still your teammates you're going against,

they want to beat y'all just as much as y'all want to beat them.

It's more of a bragging rights kind of thing.

So, y'all have to make sure

that when y'all get up there to compete,

y'all got it going on.

This is Dollhouse history in the making.


1 and 2 and 3 and 4. This ain't gonna cut it.

Not only do I have to battle Miss Dianna,

but I also have to train 20 new girls.

Fall out!

You know I'm not gonna take it easy on you.

You shouldn't. I'm not.

Jay: Battle time.

The Dolls versus Dolls competition!

Dianna: Y'all got five minutes.

Go over it, 'cause I'm finna teach y'all this clean.

I've kind of come up with my own little way

of getting the girls ready for the official competition season

with an old-fashioned scrimmage match,

so it's Kayla's team versus my team.

5 and 6 and 7, 8.

I definitely don't plan to go easy on Kayla

because this is a learning experience for her.

Kayla wants to be a coach, she wants to be a choreographer,

she wants to have her own team,

she wants to have her own business,

so why would I take it easy?

5, 7.

Missssianna picked me to be on her team.

I was so excited.

I was like, "She want me on her team?"

I love the Dancing Dolls,

and I know Miss Dianna sometimes have doubts about me,

but I want to prove to her that I belong here.

And 1 and 2, step 3, kick 4.


Mimi, Tina, and Selena left me here with Tamala and Dana.

It feel so awkward

being in this room with Miss Two Goody Shoe committee.

I ain't seen Amaya get up yet.


[ All cheering ]

Kayla: When we got to the studio,

they was so happy to not be with Miss Dianna.

I'm like, "Y'all, y'all calm down."

So, y'all are Team Kayla this week.

And even though we're doing this for the better of the team,

we want you to shine individually.

Of course I want to sound all smart and stuff.

I was like, "This is for you guys."

But really, in the back of my head,

I'm trying to prove myself as a coach.

Let's get started with our first stand.

Buck! Buck! Buck! Buck! Stop.

You can't just squat and half-ass pop your back.

Knowing that I have all these new girls on the team,

we're gonna work smarter, not harder in order for us to win.

We're gonna utilize choreography

that I know that even a kindergartner can do,

but has a lot of swag, a lot of energy, and a lot of attitude.

The first part of this stand is all bucking.

Alright, here we go. Go ahead, Crystianna.

Teach it. 1, 2...

Crystianna: Coach D is letting me lead the team

like a full-on captain would.


This is a great opportunity,

and I'm gonna go full out and show Miss D that I got this.

1, 2, 3, 4. Got it.

Dianna: Moving on.

Kayla: 7, 8.


Okay, let's try it with this one.

I am a different coach than Miss Dianna.


I like that better. See?

I actually like to hear other people's opinions and ideas

because somebody else might think of something

that I didn't think of.

But if we a team, teamwork makes the dream work.

Maybe, like, in the medium stand,

we can have, like, one of the babies be in the middle.

Unh, unh.

If we're gonna win,

I need to step up and do more than what's expected of me.

New girls, y'all go in this group! Hit it.

It's almost like I'm captain and assistant coach.

Cammy is the captain, Kayla is the old captain.

This week, I'm gonna call it the captain takeover.

Selena: Okay.

Tina: Yeah!

The captain takeover. I like that.

Captain takeover.

Rittany, you know I love you,

and Crystianna and Coach D are a great team,

but Kayla and Camryn --

that's a fire, and y'all about to get burned.

If y'all gonna do something fresh,

y'all do not have time to play around.

Please go home and practice, you got it?

Girl: Yes, ma'am.


Watching you in the window, them girls is, like, so happy

to be away from the Dollhouse, they just crazy in there.

Well, yeah, they were crunk when they first got there,

but I'm gonna try to make it fun.

But I'm still trying to make you do what I want you to do.


The first night, even though it was real chaotic,

I got a good feel for my team.

I know this might sound crazy, but I -- I might just win.

I feel like this is my week to actually let everybody know

what I can do without Miss Dianna.

You know that, well -- well, this is your chance.

Like, if you can pull this off, maybe she'll trust you more.


1, 2, 3, 4. Stop.

Go back.

Day 2 is here, and my goal is at the end of today's practice

is to be completely done with all the stands

and to clean them

so that I can spend a full day of practice tomorrow

making sure that they have it.

We still got two stands that we have to learn.

Scrimmage matches are about giving girls opportunities

that they wouldn't normally have in a regular competition,

and it also gives me a chance

to see who's gonna rise to the occasion.

With Summer Slam coming up,

they're gonna have to step up, put up, or shut up.

Y'all have to be ready for it again.

Get down, get down, get down, get down, get down.


Kayla: 1 and 2 and 3 and 4, 5, 6.

This ain't gonna cut it.

It's day two, and not only do I have to battle Miss Dianna,

but I also have to train 15 to 20 new girls

that don't know anything about our style.

I need you to do this full out.

I don't have as much experience as Coach D has,

so I'm gonna have to get the girls dancing

that I actually know and trust.

Spread them again and full out.

5, 6, 7, 8, and 1.

Spin around.

Rittany: I like this stand.

Even though I know this is one we've seen several times.

What's going on? What's up with you, ladies?


Here I is, here I is! What up?

Oh, my God.

Just when I get used to Dana and Tamala,

here come Hurricane J.J.

Hold on, hold on.

Why are you here? 'Cause there's a reason why you here.


Well -- well, see, I had to come and support daddy babies.

You know, I got Star --

But you got --

...over on one side, I got Sky over here on this side.

So, you're -- you're here for Sky? Yeah, I'm here for Sky.

Everybody knows I have nightmares about Selena,

that she hunts me in my sleep.

But I think J.J. is crazy as hell.

What y'all got going -- oh, look at the pictures on the wall.

Can I have a seat, baby? You can.

'Cause y'all got it all remodeled and everything.

Let me sit down.

Try it out.


[ Laughter ]


Dana: J.J. is plain nuts.

I don't see how he has all that energy.

Come on, girl.

Can you say that "unh!"

Girl, this thing feel -- whoo!

J.J. really molested the chair, to be honest.

Sometimes I wonder how Selena married J.J.

I want you to leave.

Baby, I would never leave.

I would never leave this spot.


I feel like Star deserves a solo moment.

Star, do not mess it up.

Try it again.

Sky, this is your chance.

I want to see what she can do.

Come on, Sky!

We not gonna lose. I'll be damned!

Jay: Let's get it! Let's go!

Kayla: 5, 6, 7, 8. Y'all.

5, 6, 7, 8.

This week, I have the huge opportunity

of coaching half of the team.

It's gonna be team Dianna versus team Kayla.

1, 2, 3.

I do have Camryn helping, and I'm like, "Oh, thank God."

And 1, 2, 3, 4.

Teaching the new girls all the stands is tough,

but it has to get done

because Kayla has to work with the old heads.

5, 6, 7, 8.

Um, Sky, get in the middle.

Giving Sky this opportunity to prove herself,

I want to see what she can do,

and I feel like me kicking her ass over the finish line,

maybe she'll actually see in herself

what I've been seeing in her all along.

Sky, this is your chance.

When Miss Dianna says that I'm gonna be the one in the circle,

I was like, "Did my mom talk to Miss Dina or something?"

Dianna: Full out.

Come on, Sky!

Sky: I'm so excited for my solo.

I'm gonna kill it so Miss Dianna can see what I can do.


Whoo! There you go! Look at that kid!

Y'all just see? [ Laughs ]

Did y'all just see that? Touchdown, baby!

Rittany, get some control of him!

Rittany: Take you a break.

Just have a seat.

Dianna: Finally, y'all separated.

Wonder if Kayla gonna use her like I'm using you?

Doubt it.

Kayla: Y'all pull through!

Come on, Star.

Where she at?

She right there.


Selena: You know Dianna always criticizing Star

not being as good as her sister,

but what I'm seeing this week, I am so thrilled.

Alright, Star.

I love working with Kayla and Camryn.

There's no drama and we just have fun.

Kayla: I see Star really trying right now,

so I feel like she kind of deserves

a solo moment in one of the stands.

Come on.

Star, do not mess it up.


Try it again. Get down.


So, have y'all told each other

what the other one is doing or how practice been going?

Well, I want to tell her, but Miss Dianna was like,

"You better not tell your sister what we doing over here."

So I can't tell her, but I want to tell her.

Well, I'm not gonna tell any of our secrets,

but I want to try to get Star to tell me some of their secrets.

Star, I've been seeing a different you

since you been on team Kayla. Mm-hmm.

I'm happy that Kayla's giving me a chance

because I want to show everybody, like,

what I can really do.

So, who you think gonna win?

You think team Dianna gonna win or team Kayla?

I think we gonna win. I think we gonna win.

That's what she think.

You -- she just think that because she the coach.

The competition is in two days.

It's getting very competitive between the girls.

It's not only a Dollhouse divided,

this is a Selena's house divided.

Y'all gonna be basically battling each other. I mean --

Selena: And then you not gonna be here 'cause you're gonna be out there with Sunjai.

Can't be in two places at one time.

I'm gonna go up there and I'm gonna support your sister

out at DeSales University.

Gonna be a sad situation

because I got to go and support daddy baby Sunjai out of town,

so somebody got to be with her, as well.

I don't know who's gonna win,

but I'm proud of you both.

Come competition day,

only one team can win and only one twin can.

I'm not looking forward to the drive home.

I know y'all gonna come hard.

Yeah. We gonna come harder.


Dianna: One more time, come on.

Big booty! 1 and 2 and 3...

It's the last day of practice

and we only have a couple of hours left.

The girls have got to be on point

because the competition is tomorrow.

Pop and pop and stop. Do this again.

These new girls, they're trying and trying and trying,

but I can't cut them.

I'm pretty sure that's what Kayla is gonna do,

but that's not the whole purpose of this competition.

You ain't got no swag, you can't get up here.

The whole part of this process for me personally

is to see who's gonna survive or get eaten by the damn sharks.

We're not gonna lose 'cause of y'all.

I'll be damned!

Kayla: Fall out!

I feel like we're at a good place right now.

I'm using all my old heads to do the heavy-duty work.

The bang, bang.

But the crabs, they gonna do lightweight

where they're gonna come in, snap their fingers, and walk off.

Tina: Since Coach Kayla is taking suggestions,

I'm gonna add a little something into the pot.

When you step, you supposed to get low.

I'm gonna add my little secret weapon.

It's called stepping.

It's something that hasn't been done before

the way we're gonna do it.

Let's go show her.

Maybe I can dance better with my new butt.

Candy canes! Yes.

Back in our day, you know,

we used to have stepping groups in the neighborhood.

Like, y'all got majorette teams, we had step teams.

That was a hot thing for us.

I'm a little rusty, but I'm gonna do my best.

Give me a little room. I don't want to mess up nobody.

All: Go Tina! Go Tina!

Go Tina!

Go Tina!

When Dianna see this, she's gonna be like,

[Scoffs] "Where did you get that from,"

and then I'm gonna be like, [Scoffs] "Her mama, of course."

All: Go Tina! Go Tina!

It's a little late in the game to start actually,

"Well, let's do a stepping stand,"

but since everybody was so excited about it,

we're gonna go ahead and try it.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]


That stand was okay,

but the turn up better be real with it tomorrow.

I feel like tonight's practice went by great.

We finished everything.

Y'all get your stuff and y'all can go.


The time's up, and I must say that we're ready.

I know it's gonna be a hard battle,

but I'm actually proud of what we all got done,

so I can go to sleep tonight knowing that I did all I could.

[ All cheering ]

Miss Dianna is underestimating y'all.

Y'all get up there and do what y'all supposed to do.

Jay: You've never seen a competition

quite like this before.

The heat is about to turn up.

[ Cheers and applause ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

All: Team K! Hey, hey! Whoo!

Dianna: For this competition, I've gone all out.

The whole nine yards.

I've booked a venue.

I've gotten Jay Fever to emcee and host the event,

and I booked the judges, one of which is Mr. Cookie himself,

Tyrus Sellers.

Lot of new girls.

This is your first time performing,

so hopefully you're not nervous.

Everybody ready? Yes.

Let's go.

I feel like y'all have really proven y'all self.

Today, if y'all win, the look on Miss Dianna face.

She gonna be like, "Oh."

Today is the biggest day of my coaching career.

Am I nervous?

Yeah, but that's not important

because team Kayla -- we gonna kill them.

One, two, three, TK4L!

Alright, let's get in, get dressed.

Dianna: If you don't have on your fishnets,

you need to go put them on.

Oh, [bleep].

Hey, hey!

Come on out here, black widow.

Tyrus is actually one of the rival coaches

that I actually consider a friend.

Well, looky, looky, looky.

There goes my damn cookie.

And "friend" is not a word that I use lightly,

and because we all know

that Tyrus knows how to tell it like it is,

I expect for him to be completely honest

and give me great feedback about my team.

Give me this "ooh!"

I can't give you a kick today,

but kindly check this walk.

Ow, ow, ow, ow.


[ Humming ]

Lord, in the name of Jesus, who created that?

What a person.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Baby, today is the day that team Kayla shut this floor down.

All of us are ready for competition.

We got team Dianna and we got team Kayla.

Even though we all the Dolls and we are all on the same team,

everybody wants to win.

Selena, baby, so what you gonna do?

I'm team Kayla all the way, but when Sky hit that floor,

you know I got to cheer for my baby.

This is a healthy rivalry.

I'm seeing passion in both of my girls, and I'm loving it.

It was a hard week for me 'cause I was with some cuckoo bird.

I did. I-I-I'm warming up to it. I did.

[ Woman laughs ]

I never thought I would say this,

but after being in a room a week with Dana and Tamala,

I missed my friends.

I missed Mimi, Tina, even Selena.

They don't get -- get me.

That one thing about Rittany.

Ooh, and I'm included.

She gonna be honest. [ Laughs ]


Oh, what's up?

Feel like I haven't seen you all week.

So, I walk outside and I run into Miss Dianna.

And I'm like, "Here we go."

You ready? I am.

You know I'm not gonna take it easy on you.

You shouldn't. You really shouldn't.

I'm not.

Seeing Kayla today acting all confident,

I see she's taken a page out of the Coach D handbook.

You go, girl.

It makes me really excited even more now

to see Kayla on the dance floor.

So hopefully, you know, you did what I asked

or what I told you

with the little tidbit of advice that I gave you.


Mm-hmm. Uh-huh.

Yeah. Okay.

You better have chor-e-o-graphy.


You better have choreography. I was like, "Dude."

Bye, team Kayla.

Good luck.

Jay: Ladies and gentlemen,

it is now time for our Doll versus Doll competition!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Today, we have three judges

who are experts in the world of majorette dancing.

Rittany: I see judge Diana here from the circuit.

We also have our former head co-captain Kayla.

And we got Tyrus in the building.

We got our red handkerchiefs.

Kayla's team got her white handkerchiefs,

and it's getting real in this building.

The heat is about to turn up.

Jay: This battle is the first in Dollhouse history --

team Dianna versus team Kayla!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Heads bowed, eyes closed.

Lord, we ask you to touch the spirits

of each one of these girls.

The spirit of friendship, the spirit of family,

the spirit of sisterhood

as it has continued to reign through our team.

Going out here on this floor, y'all already know Miss Dianna

is underestimating y'all from the jump.

Make sure that y'all get up there

and do what y'all supposed to do.

Energy. Cleanliness.

Together, personality.

Don't forget your faces.

Star, your part is super, super important

because you already know how she underestimates you.

But this week, you done proved to me something completely different.

You're finna prove it to her, too.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Sky, make sure you don't prove me to be wrong.


This is an opportunity

for you to finally get your chance to shine,

but you got to kill it.

Y'all ready?

All: Yeah!

All the battle squad in the first line.

All my old heads in the second line.

One, two, ree.


Come on, let's go.


When I first heard about the scrimmage match, I was shocked.

Then I was afraid I wasn't gonna be able to lead the team.

But I have faith in myself and I did it,

and now it's time to win this thing.

[ Cheers and applause ]

I promise you,

you've never seen a competition quite like this before.

First to the floor is the white team, led by Coach Kayla!

[ Indistinct shouting ]


[ Cheers and applause ]

Kayla: It's crazy walking in here right now.

Everybody is screaming for us,

and yeah, we know that we're the underdogs,

but that's fine 'cause Miss Dianna, y'all team,

watch out.

Announcer: Now it's time to bring out the red team

led by Coach D, Dianna Williams!

[ Cheers and applause ]


Dianna: My team enters the building

for the scrimmage match, and baby, it's on.

I hope Kayla don't think that I'm about to

let up off the gas on her just because she's a kid

and just because it's her first time. So what, Miss Thing?

You wanted to coach a team, you want your own team. Let's go.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Let the showdown begin.

[ Cheers and applause continue


My baby Sky and Star.

I'm just so proud of them.

Kayla: The girls are about to do a big stunt.

She fall, I'm just gonna straight disappear.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?

Dianna: This competition is stands only.

There's fast stands, there's medium stands,

and then there's a call-out round

with only three girls on the floor.

Jay: Without further ado,

ladies and gentlemen, let's get it, let's go!

♪ 'Cause I'm in control

Tonight, they won't shut us down

No, we gonna get loose on this town

Not a whisper of a tear or a frown

I realize that Crystianna means business.

She's serious about showcasing the fact

that she can lead the team.

She is head co-captain,

and the girls are doing a great job and they're nailing it.

Just watch me

Watch me go

I'm burning this

Dang, Crystianna looks good.

I know she can lead. Her team moves together.

I can barely tell the new girls from the old heads.

Everybody's here on the dance floor

And they going to hop up with the volume

My baby Sky.

She got a feature part on Dianna's team?

Am I seeing right?

Sky is killing it.

Watch me go

I'm burning this floor

Come on, Sky!

[ Cheers and applause ]


When the daylight comes, alright

Let's go!

Let's spread the news

Keep it down with me, 'cause she's my muse

I'm gone, I'm gone, rightfully accused

Yes, let's get it, baby!


I'm really surprised

to see Kayla's team doing good right out the gate.

But then again, wait.

Not really. Why wouldn't she be? [ Chuckles ]

I trained her. [ Chuckles ]

She be gone, gone girl, like Ben Affleck

And when she do her thing, I don't know how to act

Kayla: As I'm watching my team perform,

I'm trying to put on this stern, like, coach face,

but in the back of my head, I'm like, "Y'all, please don't

mess up, please don't mess up, please don't mess up."



[ Cheers and applause ]


We're here to floss

Catch a vibe when you're steppin' in the mud

Come take a ride, man, we'll show you what's really good

It's going down, yeah, do it well

My team is on point.

Everywhere I look, no one is making mistakes.

Take that, Camryn.

Come take a lesson, learn ya something from a boss

It's a whole town show down

Cam! Get it, Cam!

A whole town show down

Kayla: The girls are about to do a big stunt,

and I'm a bit nervous because if she fall,

I'mma just gonna straight disappear.


So, I'm looking at her, I'm like, "Oh, it's wobbling."


[ Cheers and applause ]

And then she stuck it, and baby, Coach Kayla was not finna exist.

My name was finna be Jayla and I am a garbage-truck driver.


[ Cheers and applause ]

Dana: Right now, I'm nervous,

and it's hard to tell who just won that one.

Jay: We will now move to the first critique.

Dianna: It's time for the judges to decide

who wins the first round of stands,

and I really feel like it could go either way

'cause both teams were great.

Coach Dianna, when you dance, your faces tend to drop,

and you got them to be mindful, no matter if you're tired,

you guys need to still have a face.

Team Kayla.

If you're gonna bring out babies, let them stay together.

They was all over the place today.

Okay, team Kayla!

Judges, show us your vote.


[ Cheers and applause ]

I win! I win!


Kayla: Okay, so that's fine.

We lost that one, but that's just one round.

So, I know my team's gonna move on and push.

I don't know why,

but this is intense and it ain't supposed to be like this.

Right. This -- This is kind of crazy.

I know. It feels so weird 'cause we want to cheer for both of them.

Yeah. Tina: The tension is crazy.

You can cut the air with a knife.


Jay: Team Kayla, let's get it!

Let's go.

[ Up-tempo drumming ]

Damn, the stepping -- it looks impressive.

That's right, mama got you covered, Kayla.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

[ Drumming continues ]

[ Drumming stops, cheers and applause ]

[ Up-tempo music plays ]

Dianna: I notice that Kayla is not using all the girls.

The whole point of the scrimmage

was to utilize all of the girls on the team.

You can't see them step up if you don't put them out there on the floor.

Come on stand up

And shake

Your little rump, let's make

I see the girls huddle up around Star.

I'm like, "There's my rising star."

I've been waiting on this moment for so long,

and I'm just so proud of her.

She's out there doing her thing.

Come on, Star!

Star: As I'm doing my stand, the crowd is just going crazy.

"There's -- there's -- there's Star."

And I was like, "Yeah, that's me."


Kayla: As I was looking at her, I was like,

"Dang, she is really owning up to her name right now. She is a star."

I've never seen her perform like that.

Come on stand up

And shake

Your little rump, let's make

[ Cheers and applause ]

We hot, we own the city

We fly, we know we pretty

No, we don't hurt no one

Know them girls just wanna have fun

We come to get our groove on


[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Now we will move to the critique by our judges.

Coach D, good formation changes.


Now to Kayla.

It was straight ugly.

It was so ratchet, honey,

I said, "This is what you call hip-hop."


He -- I was like, "Oh, snap."

I'm gonna keep that one.


Jay: Judges, show us your vote!


[ Cheers and applause ]

Coach Kayla walks away with the point in our medium round!

I am so proud right now.

Team Kayla just beat team Dianna in the second stand.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our call-out round.

[ Cheers and applause ]

This here is do or die.

Oh, [bleep], now. It's getting interesting.


Jay: Each team, three dancers to the floor.

The dancer will call out a dancer,

and the battle will begin.


Whoever wins the call-out round

is gonna take home the whole thing.

Jay: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our call-out round.

Each team will nominate three dancers to the floor.

The dancer will call out a dancer from the opposite team,

and the battle will begin.

Dianna: Going into this call-out round,

it was one for team Kayla and one for team Coach D,

and so whoever wins the call-out round

is gonna take home the whole thing.

So I have to make sure

that I put the best dancers out there on the floor,

and that is Crystianna, Makalah, and Ken'janae.

Let's get it, let's go.

Jay: Kayla, please step forward with your three dancers.

Coach Dianna, please step forward with your three dancers.

Team Kayla has Camryn, Kanarie, and Daija.

Team Dianna has Makalah, Crystianna, and Ken'janae.

Show time. [ Chuckles ]

Miss Daija pulls out Miss Makalah.

Can you handle this? ♪

Baby, I can handle this

Baby, can you handle that? ♪


Clap your hands, clap, clap your hands

I was really scared and nervous at first,

but after hearing people cheering me on,

it's like, "Okay, I know it's not gonna be that bad."

Clap your hands

Baby, can you handle this? ♪

Kayla: Daija surprised everybody.

When she started moving, everybody was like, "I didn't know she could do all that."

'Cause you're not her coach. You wasn't working her all week.

You don't know a lot about her, but I know.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Baby, can you handle this? ♪

Dianna: Looking at Makalah go up against Daija,

I was extremely disappointed.

She did too much walking around, stalling going on.

I feel like she just kind of got stumped.

It's like having a brain fart.

Beat of my drum


Jay: Miss Ken'janae calls out Miss Kanarie.

She's a doozy, got me feeling all used up

Move so loosely, make me blow like a tuba

Dianna: Ken'janae versus Kanarie, round two.

Ken'janae goes for it.

Over the tulips

I ain't worth two bucks, I'm gone with the wind

At the end of the game, you know I am going for the win

She's tsunami, got me surfing like a hobby

It's a wipeout, this girl might drown me

Turn the lights out, nobody can stop the

Wave that's coming in, I'm going off adrenaline

Who on board? I'm trying to reach the shore

How she moving around, I'm dumbfounded, of course

Kayla: Kanarie took everything Ken'janae did

and she made fun of it.

Like, Ken'janae did this little tiger crawl.

Here come Kanarie crazy self.

She just dropped, start walking like a dog.

She like [Panting]. It was so funny.

Turn the lights out, nobody can stop the

Wave that's coming in, I'm going off adrenaline

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jay: Ladies and gentlemen,

this is the final call-out round with captain Cammy...

Alright, Cam!

...and Crystianna.

Camryn: I have to battle Crystianna.

It's gonna be hard because she's my friend

and because she's one of the greatest dancers on the team.

I ain't losing my edge

Like a boxer in the ring, ring, ring, boxing ring

Camryn actually did something new and did her own slow-mo.

My feet moving that's magic

And my style, they try to jack it

I was like, "What is she doing?"

Then she sped it up, and everybody loved it. I was like, "Okay, Camryn."

Gonna knock 'em, knock 'em dead

Knock 'em dead

Get it, Cam!

Kn-kn-knock 'em dead

It's really hard going against Camryn

because she's a good dancer just like me,

so I really don't know who the judges are going with.

When it's time to battle, I'm-a let you have it

Ain't no holding back, keep it moving

Camryn versus Crystianna is a battle that I think

that everybody has been wanting to see.

The last time Crystianna was in a call-out round,

Crystianna didn't freeze.

Crystianna just did not do as much as I expected,

and now she's gonna go for it.

I might do the Michael Jackson, my feet moving

Rittany: Crystianna -- she went out there and she did good to me.

I wanted her to do a little more.

I always want Crystianna to do a little more

because I know what she can do as a dancer.


[ Cheers and applause ]

We just saw three awesome rounds of dancing.

Now it is in the hands of the judges.

Judges, decide on our call-out round winners.

Show us your votes for Round 1, Daija versus Makalah.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Team Kayla takes the first round in our call-out round.

Round 2 between Kanarie and Ken'janae.

Show us your scores!

Team Kayla has won the call-out round,

but give us your vote

for round three between Camryn and Crystianna.

[ Cheers and applause ]

All three of my call-out girls have been victorious.

Says a lot about them. That says a lot about me.

Jay: They swept the call-out round

and won the first-ever Doll versus Doll scrimmage.

Clean up on aisle six!

Give me the broom.

We just swept them straight off the floor.

I'm so excited right now, and I'm kind of like, "Team Kayla!"

And I'm thinking,

"Oh, God, is Kayla gonna have a job tomorrow?"

Team Kayla wins the call-out round,

and I'm really excited

because I feel like I essentially win as a whole

because all of these are my girls, including Kayla.

[ Chatter ]

Camryn: Even though I knew we could win,

it feels so great, and I'm really happy for Kayla.

[ Chatter ]

This will be bragging rights for the rest of the season.

Maybe even forever.


Dianna: Looking at all of the girls

on the floor on both sides,

we have a strong group of new girls.

We have a strong group of captains.

We have an enormously strong battle squad.

With the team that I have, the Dancing Dolls

are definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Going into this summer competition season,

this is going to be one to remember.

There's nothing that we can't do.

[ Chatter ]

This season on "Bring It!"...

You the one walking around here calling me a bitch.

-You a punk-ass bitch. -What gon' do?

This summer, the Dancing Dolls are back.

Oh, I'm on fire! Let's go, class!

Olé, olé.

And the competition is hotter than ever.

Man: Let's get it! Let's go!

[ Whistle blowing ]


[ Lasers firing ]

I'm always the target.

Dianna: Rivals are coming at us from all sides.

Well, hi, there.

Are you kidding me? A rematch with Neva?

-I'm-a get her. -It's gonna be total chaos.

Dianna: This season, the team grows larger than ever.

We added over 42 new girls.

With a brand-new summer dance slam around the corner,

the heat is on like never before.

I'm tired of your mouth.

What you gonna do about it?

-Oh! -Oh!

I didn't come in here to argue with you.

You telling me what you have to say, and I'm telling you back.

-Dianna need to check herself. -What you gonna do?!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Not in front of these kids, man.

Fasten your seat belt,

'cause you ain't never seen a season like this one.

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