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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Breakdown of the “Come Along With Me” Intro & Speculations About Ooo’s Future (Adventure Time)

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Hey everyone, so Adventure Time is over, and its quite a weird feeling for me.

The weeks leading up to the finale, I was feeling rather fine and content about the

end being at hand.

Even after I sawCome Along With Mea week early at a special screening, I was

mostly joyful and happy because I had a wonderful time and loved the ending.

But now that the series finale has officially premiered, now is when Im starting to feel

a little despondent and like theres a gaping hole in my torso starting to form.

Im going to miss Adventure Time a whole damn lot.


So before I get all teary-eyed thinking about it too hard, lets get on with this video,

in which I wanna talk about the visuals in the custom opening sequence ofCome Along

With Methat features the Land of Ooo 1,000 years later.

And dont worry, I am definitely going to make a lengthy review ofCome Along With

Meas well; consider this video as a teaseran appetizer before the main dish.

I should preface my breakdown by saying it will be highly speculative, simply because

we are given quite the glimpse into the world of Ooo 1,000 years into the future but with

no background information on how we got to a lot of the stuff we see.

The Adventure Time crew left a whole lot open to our own imaginations, and Ill definitely

be relying on mine in this video to posit some speculations.

The new opening begins in an area heavily covered in mountainous ice, and the frosty

winterland that stretches on appears far more harsh and intense than the one featured in

the regular intro.

Normally, we would transition into the Ice Kingdom, whereas now it seems like we start

within it, and my interpretation is that the frost has expanded beyond the range it occupied

1,000 years prior.

I would attribute this expansion of ice to the new Ice King, formerly Gunter.

Gunter didnt just wear the Crown, his wish also seems to have caused him to merge with

the Crown at least to some extent.

And we know how the Ice Crown can get when it becomes emotional.

[Farmworld Marceline: Then the horrible Crown, grieving its lost master, loosed a spasm of

magic so wild and crazy the entire earth was buried in ice for four hundred boring years.]

So perhaps Gunter-Ice King experienced enough pain and loss for snow and ice to overwhelm

the landscape moreso than in the Land of Ooo of the past.

For one, we know Ice King married Turtle Princess, but shes mortal and would one day die of

old age, while Ice Kings lifespan is indefinite.

Thats one speculation that went through my mind of what could have potentially went

down; Ice Kings loved ones disappeared from his life over time and he wasnt able

to deal with it.

The icy peaks looking like horrified screaming faces doesnt exactly give me good vibes either.

In one of the giant slabs of ice is a prison-like room with pink hands gripping the bars.

Pink in Adventure Time should of course would make one think of gumcould this perhaps

be Aunt Lolly?

I dont know.

I really doubt its Princess Bubblegum, but this whole scenario certainly does remind

me of early Adventure Time back when the Ice Kings schemes revolved around kidnapping

princesses, so this image does elicit rather unpleasant emotions from me, even if the identity

of the person remains a complete mystery.

Another unknown character is this person atop the giant stone duck that appeared in the

episodeEvictedall the way back in season 1.

While the backpack and sleeping bag combo is associated with Simon, the backpacks

design does differ from Simons, so its not outright confirmation that Simon is alive

1,000 years later.

Theres of course also the question of whether Simon should age regularly and die from old

age now that hes free from the Crowns influence, but, well, we dont really know

how that worksmagic isnt always clear-cut in Adventure Time and theres probably other

ways to attain immortality or extend ones lifespan in the Adventure Time universe.

But yeah, I dont really have a good guess as to who this mysterious character searching

for something might be.

I also dont recognize the rune-like marking on the monocular, but if anybody does, please

inform me where youve seen it in the comments.

Theres a walled off city with a tube stretching far into the sky, and cargo trucks driving

toward it.

When zoomed out, the insignia sort of reminded me of a G, similar to Gumbalds insignia,

but after seeing the zoomed-in version I think the similarity is pretty superficial and I

doubt theres any sort of direct relation between the two.

This city is occupied bypups!

The distant descendants of Jake and Lady Rainicorn.

I think the tube is a launch pad into space, perhaps supplying colonies on other planets

with resources.

InGraybles 1000+” we see some of thesepupsengaged in a space wedding, and

while their lineage isnt immediately obvious while theyre inside the space suits, it

does become very apparent when we see their full body.

They clearly possess Jakes eyes and the jowls making the biological lineage kind of

hard to deny in my opinion.

But if you do need more evidence, they also speak Korean.

Jake and Ladys descendants seem to have become a space-faring society as well as having

a prominent presence on Earth.

Jakes pups mature super quickly and have a variety of powerful abilities, so it makes

sense for their genes to spread far across the world over time.

They might just be the dominant life form of the future, fancy that.

Okay, so heres a very interesting character.

Its Gibbon!

Thats Charlies son that she saw in her visions in the episodeDaddy Daughter Card Wars."

He must have attained long life or immortality to still be kicking around after 1,000 years,

and I bet the gemstone in his eye has something to do with that.

Now, heres something cool, Steve Wolfhard actually created a bunch of pup designs, and

his notes lead to an entire plotline around Gibbon, the Pup Kingdom, and Beth.

And yknow what?

I actually think thats an interesting enough topic to warrant its own video, so look forward

to that next, were going to going to flesh out the future of Ooo a bit using some supplemental

materials from Steve Wolfhard.

So, Gibbon fires at the Ice King, which does illustrate that the Ice King is at best a

nuisance, but at worst a threat to the Kingdoms safety.

Next, we see massive stone monuments, now decrepit and lying in ruin, of Finn and maybe Jake.

The Finn monument is clear as day; you can make out his iconic hat and backpack.

The maybe Jake one is a bit harder to figure out, but I think these are supposed to be

his legs, and that his tail.

While Finns legacy may be a forgotten relic of the past, at least for some time, Finn

was acknowledged as a hero of Ooo, and a gargantuan statue was made to honor him.

Now why do I keep saying maybe Jake?

Well, whats interesting is that a destroyed slab of stone doesnt read Finn and Jake,

but Finn and Jermaine.

At least I have to assume thats Jermaines name, what else could it possibly be?

So that raises a ton of questions that I dont have answers to.

Its such an open-ended mystery.

Also, perhaps these arent merely monuments, maybe theyre enormous tombstones?

Just something else to think about.

Theres so many countless possibilities here, I dont even know what speculations

to propose, so Im gonna move on.

A fire creature riding a tank shoots at some kind of slime creature and a two-headed duck

with a jetpack.


The two-headed duck is probs a descendant of the two-headed duck we see in the regular intro.

One of the pups in a space suit is spying on the cabin that used to be Marcelines

where Beth and Shermy now live.

Im gonna talk about this more in my future video on Gibbon.

And in this cabin that was formerly Marcelines, we can see theworlds greatest uncle

mug, which implies that Bonnie and Marcy probably lived together for some time in this cabin.

Im not sure why else it would end up there.

Heyo, heres the ruins of the Candy Kingdom as we see at the end ofLemonhope.”

The Candy Kingdom apparently became far more metropolitan before eventually falling to demise.

That mystic tree at the center no longer has its foliage, which is quite sad, and I of

course then have to wonder what happened to Neddy.

The lumpy person in the background might be Lumpy Space Princessdescendant, since

she does have the star on her face.

Shermy and Beth ride Sweet P!

And hes massive, an absolute unit.

I didnt realize it was him in the intro until after we see him towards the end of

the finale.

I gotta point out his facial hair reminds me a lot of Pendleton WardI wonder if

they deliberately styled it after him.

But yup, were at the final scene of Shermy and Beth fishing in a pond by their cabin,

joined by that two-headed jetpack duck.

So this was a very intriguing intro that packs so much mystery and raises far more questions

than it answers.

Originally, I was going to jump into the whole Gibbon discussion within this video, but in

the process of making it, I decided to split the topics up.

So thats where Im going next, look forward to some supplemental lore on the pups of the

future, and after that, it will be my review ofCome Along With Me.”

The Description of Breakdown of the “Come Along With Me” Intro & Speculations About Ooo’s Future (Adventure Time)