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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ENGLISH ADDICT - LIVE CHAT - LESSON 3 - SUNDAY 10th November 2019 - PERFORMING WORDS

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what do you mean I'm late I don't know

what you're talking about I'm not late what do you mean no I'm definitely not

late whoever said that is wrong I'm not late I'm on time

hello everyone welcome to another English addict live

it's show time baby it sure is yes show time we are here

again on a Sunday and it's mr. Duncan on YouTube yes Here I am once more with

another hour of English live every single week for those who are wondering

of course I have changed my times there are some new times for those who are

wondering yes new times and here they are right now

so now there is no way that you won't know when I am on YouTube yes we are

here again today I hope you've had a good weekend how was your weekend

of course we are coming towards the end of the weekend because today is Sunday

so much going on at the moment I tell you because can I just tell you

something something wonderful happened yesterday

would you like to have a look at what happened yesterday I'm going to show you

right now because yesterday we had some snow oh yes

the snow fell yesterday the first snow of this winter so there you can see the

view yesterday out of the window as the snow was falling and as you know I get

very excited by the snow as you saw a few moments ago I was making a little

snow angel however that wasn't yesterday so the video clip that you saw of me

doing my snow angel that wasn't yesterday unfortunately because we

didn't have that much snow in fact the snow didn't last for very long and

everything went back to normal however it is definitely autumn at the

moment you can see the trees in the distance and this is something I filmed

this morning as the Sun was rising and you can see outside there are some

lovely trees all of them turning changing colour because now it is autumn

yes autumn is definitely in the air I think it is safe to say that autumn has

definitely arrived so there was the view this morning looking out of the window

it is a very bright day today very lovely quite pleasant in fact to look at

however however it is very cold so it really does feel as if winter is on the

way in fact just to prove that we've had some snow if you look right now into the

distance out my window you will see that there is

actually snow in the distance so there is a live view right now looking out of

the window and you can see in the distance all of the lovely mountains in

the distance looking out towards Wales you can see all of the mountains are

covered in snow they have snow all across them because they are very high

up so yes we did have some snow a lot of snow fell in certain places yesterday

and I can officially say that we now have snow so I'm pretty excited about

that to be honest as you know I always get very excited when it snows and today

is no exception can I say thank you very much to mr. Steve for making a lovely

cup of coffee a few moments before I started my live stream so thank you

Steve for taking care of my needs and here is a lovely cup of coffee so thank

you Steve hmm I hope at the moment you have a lovely hot beverage in front of

you as well so it is Sunday it's live English addict

and as I said earlier this is something I started last week in fact you might

not even be aware that I've started some new style of live stream because maybe

you didn't see them so I did start last week Wednesday Friday and Sunday I will

be with you live on YouTube and every week as well so you can catch me all the

time we have important things to do right now because the live chat is also

up and running so let's have a look who was first today oh hello

to Martha Martha in Poland guess what you are first on today's live chat it's

so exciting so I love I love the live chat in fact if it wasn't for you being

there on the live chat I would have nothing to say to be honest because

there would be no one there hello to everyone hello Martha Blue Thunder Julie

Christina hello Christina also Eric Connell business win or new win

depending on how you want to pronounce it there are some names in Vietnamese

that are very hard to pronounce and I think business knew win is one of them

so I hope I pronounced your name right Zdenek Zdenek Seba says hi as well where

are you watching at the moment I am always interested to find out where

people are watching when they when you are sitting down in front of your

computer or mobile device where are you watching I'm always interested to find

out lots of things coming up today we are talking about doing this when you

perform you perform something have you ever performed have you ever given a

performance in your life so what about you have you ever done this have you

ever given a performance in your life ever so if you have if you've ever maybe

performed in public you've done something in front of lots of people

maybe you have sung a song maybe you have acted maybe you have put on some

sort of performance maybe you read a story

some poetry so today we are talking all about performing and giving performances

when you make a performance you give a performance you put on a show you do

something for people so you perform you put on a performance perform so this is

the action to perform something is to carry it out as a verb and the thing you

are doing is a performance so this is the noun the performance you perform in

a performance we'll be talking all about that later on Vickers It's Showtime

I like this expression so whenever you start a show whenever you do something

and you want everyone to get excited about it

especially the people doing it because there is one thing I have to say

performing live is very hard it isn't easy so this is something that

I often use to get me excited because I'm about to do something live so this

is something that I always say to myself before I start my live stream it's show

time it's time to begin the show so that's

why we do that to be honest with you hello to Rolfie hi Rolfie nice to see

you here today of course today is a special day it is

it is Remembrance Sunday this morning many things took place across the

country and in many parts of the world as well

bear Hsieh t says hello also palmyra is here pachu hello Pat you nice to see you

back again with us also Isabela Isobella thanks for joining me today

Massimo hello Massimo nice to see you as well a

lot of people joining today on a Sunday I do appreciate that you give up your

time to join me right here on YouTube oh hello Pedro this is the new look just

in case you haven't seen it this is the new appearance the new name English

addict so if you are like me you are crazy about English we can describe you

as an English addict we often think of the word addict as being a bad thing but

of course you can be addicted to anything something that you love so much

that you really can't stop doing it so I think it is a good thing to be

addicted to learning to learning something new so the English addict is

the name of this live stream hello also - Maria Thank You Maria for

joining me today also - Luis hello Luis Mendez one of our moderators so please

behave yourself we don't want any rudeness or any naughty things taking

place today unless it's absolutely necessary

Cristina yes it is cold outside have a look outside at the moment it is

absolutely freezing outside at the moment and there is the view looking

into the distance right now and you can see all of the hills in the distance are

covered in snow so yes we had some snow yesterday you know what I can't resist

showing you the snow again so there it is that is the snow falling yesterday

and I think one of the most pleasing sights that nature can give is snow

falling I think snow fall is absolutely lovely I really do live

watching the snowfall especially when you're inside so if you are in the house

looking outside there is something so wonderful about watching the snow fall

and today well today outside it looks like this there is no snow falling

however in the distance you can see many of the mountains are covered in snow so

there is a lot of snow around at the moment lots of snow to enjoy it's live

English for you English addicts watching out there hello

Theo hello also Mavi Irene also - Noemi hello

to you as well if it is your first time watching let me know please tell me

please say mr. Duncan I've never said hello before and I might give you

something special very nice hello - Susie Kerr

hi mr. Duncan and very happy to be here learning English this is one of the best

places in the world to come to because it's live everything you see and hear is

spontaneous so one of the best ways of learning English I think is to learn it

live so you are there watching live and I am here teaching live we are talking

about performing today and I think that teaching is very similar to performing

on the stage so I always think that the front of the classroom is the stage and

the students in the classroom are the audience so that's always the way I look

at teaching I think if you want to be a good teacher you have to be a bit of a

performer you have to be able to stand up

and do something that's extra special so I think sometimes being a teacher means

also being a good actor or actress I don't want to offend anyone hello -

Vanara hello to you thanks for joining me today

also Tanya hello Tanya nice to see you back as well one of the things that

always warms my heart honestly my heart becomes warm with a lovely glow every

time I see my regular viewers so it's lovely that so many people now come back

week after week to watch my live streams so thank you very much it's very kind of

you to do that hello ts is it early for snow well we are approaching mint

November we are coming towards the middle of November so actually during

November you can get snow so it's not unusual in fact in the past we've had

snow in late October so you can have snow in November and early December it's

not unusual I will be honest with you so that was the view yesterday outside we

had some lovely snow falling and at the moment you can see in the distance lots

of snow on the mountains so it's all very exciting I must admit in fact this

morning I got very distracted by all of the beautiful views and that's one of

the reasons why I was a little bit late starting for which I apologize Rajeev

says I am weak in speaking English and I want to speak it fluently will this

course help me to learn English well of course yes that's the reason why

we are here we are all here to share and also to learn so I will help you as much

as I can and by listening it will improve

your listening skills and also give you more confidence so part of speaking

English isn't just about learning the words it's also about learning to be

confident I think so Henrique Henrique hello to you I like the way you use the

English language so tenderly thank you very much that's very kind of you

hello also to sueli sueli perez a very beautiful place thank you very much yes

it does feel as if autumn has already disappeared even though it's still

autumn so technically it is still autumn here in the UK even though it's very

cold outside but I suppose it this time of year as we head towards December it

will definitely start to feel like winter is in the air hello hello to Jay

Gould I agree with you the snow is very nice I always want us to play in the

snow yes me too as you saw earlier on I do like playing in the snow

definitely hello row sir mr. Duncan hello everybody it is a rainy morning in

Brazil however it is 25 Celsius you are very lucky because this morning when I

woke up it was just below zero freezing cold outside satury know thanks for

joining me I do like autumn or as some people call

it fall so in the United States they will often describe autumn as fall here

in the UK we call it autumn so there are different ways of describing that

particular season hello - flower I am sitting in my living

room but do you have a cup of coffee I have a cup of coffee hmm

what are you drinking at the moment maybe something hot

maybe something cold maybe something strong

perhaps hello Mon Lisa hello teacher I am watching from Thailand hello

Minh Lisa and it's great to see you here today thank you for joining me on Sunday

thank you for joining me and giving up your time we are going to take a look at

an excerpt from one of my full English lessons on my youtube channel there are

many lessons and I often like to show you some of the lessons that exist on my

youtube channel so here we go here is an excerpt from one of my full English

lessons where I talk about lots of different subjects whilst helping you to

learn new words

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you oh wait there a

moment something's wrong here oh there you are I'm very sorry I was facing the

wrong way I had my back to you well here we are once again with another edition

of mr. Duncan's full English yes another serving of piping hot English is about

to be served so please take your seats and let the

full English soiree begin oh by the way soiree is a French word meaning evening

meal or social gathering

can you see what sort of day it is here the weather today is cold and icy there

is frost on the ground and the air is frigid the word frigid means cold it can

also be used to describe a person who is unemotional and cold-hearted if a person

shows no affection towards others in any way or seems distant and uninterested in

making friends we can say that they are frigid the word refrigerator derives

from the word frigid and the word frigid derives from the Latin word for cold

talking of which there is a harsh frost on the ground here today which is caused

by moisture freezing on the surface of the ground today is a chilly day it's an

icy one it's nippy it's colder than a penguins breakfast

if I was given the choice between being hot or feeling cold I know which one I

would choose I'm not a fan of the cold weather

I find going out on a freezing day tiring your body uses up much more

energy when it is cold so you get tired easily your hands and feet become numb

and if there is a cold wind too then your face will freeze to the point where

you cannot speak oh yes I'm very sure that if I was given the choice I would

always choose a hot day over a cold one every time whilst walking out on a day

like this you are bound to come across some patches of ice you might even find

a frozen area such as a pool or lake there is an idiom in English that

relates to ice if a person is doing something that might get them into

trouble we can say that they are skating on thin ice or treading on thin ice

this person is running the risk of being punished

they are tempting fate by doing something dangerous or risky the boss

has noticed that you keep coming in late for work you are really skating on thin


well I hope you enjoyed that an excerpt from one of my full English lessons and

all of those lessons are available on my youtube channel they sure are hi

everybody yes we are back live on a Sunday it's

myself mr. Duncan for those who don't know who I am I teach English on YouTube

and that is what I have been doing for over 13 years can you believe it so just

in case you don't know now you do know so it's Sunday I hope you are well today

we are talking about giving a performance so what happens when you

stand up and you give a performance well we can say that you perform you perform

something so if you perform an activity or perform something that you are doing

for entertainment then we say that you perform it you carry out something you

do something for other people or you do something to help another person for

example if you are a doctor then you might perform an operation so you carry

out you perform you do something so sometimes you will perform a thing

especially for one person you perform surgery you perform an operation on your

patient and performance is quite often used to describe a show or something

that is being done for entertainment for entertainment purposes however have you

ever put on a show have you ever performed have you ever done a

performance ever in your life you might describe

teaching as being a type of performance I think so

a few moments ago I was asked if it is more important for the teacher to be a

good performer or for the student to be good at learning well to be honest with

you my answer to that is both both are important so I always think that a good

teacher will often bring out the good things in the student so even if a

student doesn't feel like learning a good teacher will persuade them they

will use maybe their character or maybe they will do things that are interesting

to that particular person so there are many ways of give being a good teacher

but also sometimes a good teacher has to persuade their students to learn and

sometimes the student has to be willing to to learn the subject so yes it is

very complex it isn't a simple thing it looks easy but can I tell you now I

think teaching is one of the hardest jobs in the world it really is and I

always respect anyone who does that for a living I really do mmm can I just say

that cup of coffee was very nice thank you mr. Steve we will be talking about

Steve a little bit later on because as you know Steve often performs he likes

to appear on stage let's have a quick look at a photograph and here is mr.

Steve doing something on stage so this is something I'm going to look at later

but here is Steve on the stage right now there it is can you see the picture mr.

Steve is on the right of the photograph you can see that he is dressed as a

character from one of the stories written by Charles Dickens

and this is a performance of a Christmas carol that Steve starred in about four

years ago he was playing Scrooge a Bernese a Scrooge so there is Steve on

the screen right now when he was acting on the stage he was giving a performance

but what about you have you ever put on a performance have you ever sung a song

or maybe you have appeared in a show with other people or maybe you did

something solo oh I like that word solo so when we think of solo we think

of something you do on your own solo and I suppose also the word solitude is

connected to that word so when we talk about solitude it means you are doing

something in a place where you are alone or you are isolated and the word solo

means to do something by yourself so maybe you sing a song solo you do it

by yourself I'm sure many Star Wars fans will have another use of that word I

think so hello to Chris Morales I used to be a

folk art dancer I didn't mention dancing did I so dancing is something that you

need a lot of confidence to do when I was young I was a very good dancer so

Chris morels says I used to be a folk art dancer when I was abroad in

Indonesia and my group represented the Philippines and I made a performance in

a special event for the ambassadors and even the president of Indonesia so Wow

so in fact Chris Chris morels has performed in front of

very important people Wow congratulations that sounds very good so

have you ever performed in front of people like Chris and mr. Steve satury

no hello to Christina and also Luis hello to Belarusian oh hello Belarusian

I didn't see you there I'm sorry about that I have seen you now there you are

hi welcome sorry I missed you out can I say a big hello to you and your family

of course I hope everything is ok there I met mr. Duncan are you full this is a

very big change of subject a big change of subject

armed' is asking mr. Duncan are you for or against leaving the EU and why mr.

Duncan why don't you make an episode about the benefits and harms of leaving

or Britain leaving the EU it's actually the UK the United Kingdom that is

planning to leave the European Union it is a very complicated subject and of

course I have to be very careful what I say because I'm here teaching I'm not

here to talk about politics however I have made a lesson all about the

situation that we are in at the moment so there is a lesson on my youtube

channel all about the situation where the United Kingdom is trying and next

year in January it will be the third time that we've tried to leave the

European Union so it isn't going very well in fact it's caused so many

problems we will be looking for a new government next month so we are having a

big election next month so yes what about me what do I think do you

think that I agree or disagree so what do you think what do you think I think

if that makes sense hello also to V Shan hello V Shan nice

to see you here v Shan Rathore or that could be rattle hello B Shan nice to see

you here it's your first time saying hello really I think that deserves

something very special

it's nice to see you here today very nice Rolfie that feeling when I'm

watching mr. Duncan and somebody interrupts by knocking the door hmm yes

there is nothing worse than being disturbed yes when you are disturbed

it means someone interrupts they break your concentration maybe you are doing

something and you are enjoying yourself or maybe you are having to concentrate

and then suddenly something disturbs you you are interrupted vision thank you

very much you are welcome it's always nice to see a new person here on the

live stream mr. Duncan can you explain the word mr. Burke Oh in in can you

explain the word mr. Burke Oh in Parliament says there are many words he

says well in fact he's just left so last week he actually he actually left his

position so the leader of the House of Commons Parliament many people refer to

it as Parliament so the speaker in the House of Commons has all of the

authority so he can direct the way in which Parliament works and yes there are

many words and phrases that he uses for example he will often say odd odd odd

now when he says order he's actually asking everyone to be quiet and calm

down so when mr. Burke Oh the Speaker of the

House of Commons says order odd he's actually asking everyone to be

quiet he's politely telling them to shut up so I hope that helps you but yes

there are many words that are used in the British Parliament and many of them

date back maybe four or five hundred years so that is the reason why some of

the words seem very unusual Noemi I have performed a few times in my

childhood I was a fairy and also a butterfly although it isn't for me

so Noemi tried acting when she was a youngster and you played a fairy now I

always wanted to play a fairy at school they would never let me I don't know why

it's not fair Maria I think you want the UK to stay in Europe says Maria mm I see

very interesting so what do you think I think what do you think my opinion is do

I want the UK to stay in the European Union or leave you see how clever I am

sometimes so what I'm doing I'm actually avoiding having to say what my opinion

is you see mr. Duncan you're very sneaky so

when you perform we can say that you put on a show you put on a show you do

something for the entertainment of other people so you might describe this as a

show so you might say that mr. Duncan's English addict show is a sort of

performance so the English addict livestream is a show I suppose so we

could describe it as a show or maybe a performance something you are doing for

other people to enjoy at least I hope you're

enjoying it when you perform you put on something so if you put on a show you

put on a show so the show is something you are doing you put on a show so when

you put on something well first of all it can mean where so maybe you put on a

hat you put on a tie you can also put on a show so maybe you arrange the actors

you arrange the performance you get everything ready and then everyone will

come onto the stage and perform the show they perform the show they put on a show

they put on a show so there are many ways of describing this you can also

stage a show so this word is very interesting in the fact that it can be

used as both a noun and verb so stage is the thing that you stand on as a noun so

you stand on a stage but also you can stage a show which means to perform the

thing so you stage something as a verb you might do something that you want

people to believe is real and we can also use the word stage as well so maybe

you stage a robbery you stage I don't know a reenactment of an old battle so

stage can also mean perform

and I suppose here is a word everyone is familiar with you act act so again act

can be used in many ways when we think of acting we think of a person

performing or maybe they are being someone else they are not being genuine

so maybe a person who is pretending to be upset or angry but really they're not

we can say that they act a person might act surprised

they act so it is the way they perform their expression or maybe the thing they

do their reaction you act and of course this is based on the word action so an

action is something you do you act act there are many ways of using the word

act as I said you can act up if you act up

it means you misbehave you cause trouble you create problems so you act up so a

person who acts up is a person who is causing disruption or chaos a child will

often act up they will misbehave they will start crying they will be very

awkward and angry or upset so if someone acts up they act up they create

disruption also acts on this means to carry out something or a reaction to

something so if you act on something it means you react so when we describe a

person's reaction and the way they react we can say that they act

on a certain feeling so you can act on your instinct the thing you feel so

something you feel in your mind or heart you act on it you act on that feeling to

do something to react let's have a look at the live chat lots of people saying

hello hello to everyone nice to see you all here today on this beautiful day

looking out the window you can see in the distance there is a lot of snow on

the hills in the distance it's a beautiful day today it's beautiful

hello max Lewis hello max nice to see you here mr. Duncan I have an English

literature mock GCSE tomorrow good luck with your mock exams so when we say mock

we mean something that is unreal so something that looks real feels real but

isn't it isn't real so if you have a mock exam it means it is giving you a

flavor it is giving you the feeling of doing an exam so a mock exam very useful

things a very good idea in fact to have a mock exam and then people will know

exactly what is expected of them when the real exam comes along so you can get

results from your mock exam and then that will give you an idea of how well

you will do in the real exam or of course maybe it is a good way of finding

out if you need to do more work to improve your score so all the best max

max Lewis can I say good luck with your forthcoming English literature GCSE exam

be shown what is the difference between few

you few and little wealth little can define sighs so size can be little or of

course when we are talking about time it can be short so little has more uses we

can use little in many ways however few often means not many so a few people a

few days not many however little has more uses and quite often few and little

can't be used together pal Mira Thank You mr. Duncan for explaining I

knew the meaning but not how to spell it oh okay you are welcome no problem

Silvio Sylvie Silvio has made a very interesting

spelling mistake I don't often laugh at the live chat but there is a brilliant

Silvio it is uncountable countable and

uncountable okay there is an O in that word there is definitely an O in that

word hello Ahmed I think you want to stay in the European Union mr. Duncan

says armed' I see very interesting hello Anna I think you would remain in the EU

because you lovers thank you Anna you might be right there who knows you

might be right hello two TS as I remember you have mentioned that you

choose to leave the EU but I'm not sure what do you think do you think I want to

leave or hmm very interesting it is a big subject

of course hello to Rolfie again my computer has been acting up

very good so if your computer I'm having difficulty with my caper today

if your computer is acting up it means it's not working properly it is acting

up so something that will act up is not working properly it is causing a problem

children often act up they do if you perform on stage we can also say that

you pretend I love this word pretend who as a child didn't pretend we all did I

used to pretend to be a character from Star Wars it's true I'm not joking

because I'm very very old I remember when Star Wars was a new

thing way back in 1978 when I went to see Star Wars for the first time 1978

and I used to pretend to be a certain character from Star Wars but can you

guess which character I used to pretend to be at school so pretend means to do

something but you are not really that thing you are pretending you are acting

so you might say that acting is also about pretending you pretend you play

act so when you play act you pretend so you're not really doing the thing you

appear to be doing you pretend

when you are acting on stage we can say that you tread the boards I love this

expression so there is an expression that means to go on the stage to act on

stage you tread the boards you go on stage

you act like like mr. Steve he's another photograph of Steve would you like to

see another picture of mr. Steve here he is

here's another photograph of mr. Steve acting on stage ooh

and there he is on the left this time and that is Steve appearing in a

production of A Christmas Carol which is a story by Charles Dickens a very

seasonal story all about Christmastime so Steve appeared I think this is about

four years ago when mr. Steve was on the stage performing in a Christmas Carol

and he did a very good job of it between you and me mr. Steve is a very

good actor he really is very good Chris asks mr. Duncan what does it mean

to act upon if you act upon something then once again it is react so maybe a

certain situation comes along and you act upon it you act upon that thing so

maybe there is a terrible situation or difficulty there is a problem you you

have to act upon that thing the circumstances or the situation that you

find yourself in you must act upon that thing Valentin is here hi everybody I am

thinking about working in the British Parliament oh I see I think

I think working in the British Parliament is a bit of a performance and

mr. speakers position is now vacant well in fact someone has actually been

elected so mr. Bourke Oh left last week but now a new speaker has been elected I

think his name is Lindsay Lindsay it is a man it is a man a lot of people wanted

a female speaker but of course a few years ago there was a female speaker in

the House of Commons her name was Betty Betty Boothroyd what a great name I love

that name so well crystal says Mr Duncan you performed very well in November in

October I did a live stream every day yes thank you very much for that sohow

Sahel mr. Duncan sometimes when you are reading a passage approximately one or

two pages it might happen to understand fully but when you try to write it again

you realize that you don't know anything what is wrong hello see how when you

read something sometimes you might need to read it more than once so this is

something I've mentioned in the past about learning new words or learning a

new skill sometimes you have to repeat the thing many times not one time or two

times or twice but maybe 10 times 20 times a hundred times until you feel

comfortable with that thing so learning anything is often about

repetition repeating things so maybe when you read something maybe you don't

understand it maybe you don't understand the meaning but this is something you

have to get used to another good way of remembering were

is to write things down copy something maybe a book that you're interested in

so never be afraid to repeat yourself never be afraid to repeat the thing you

were learning never don't worry about it it is perfectly normal

Satur Eno says don't worry mr. Duncan you and all the UK will remain in the

European Union okay we will see what happens we will see Pedro wants to

become a politician well the good thing about being a politician is that

everyone has the chance to do it I could be a politician if I wanted to I'm not

sure which party I would belong to am I am i right wing so am I am I on the

right or on the left who knows sometimes I'm a little bit of both

sometimes I'm in the middle it just depends on what the topic is mr. Duncan

have you ever met a person from Vietnam yes I have Dave I have quite a few

friends who were from Vietnam they came here during the 1980s when a

lot of Vietnamese people came to settle here in the UK so yes I do I do know

some Vietnamese people Sally mr. Duncan can you please explain the word pedantic

a person who is pedantic is fussy or they analyze something too much they

always pick tiny things especially when they are talking about mistakes so maybe

a person makes a very small mistake and a pedantic person will always point out

that mistake it happens to me sometimes so because I do this live sometimes I

make little mistakes and there is always one person somewhere

pedantic they will pick that one mistake so a person who is pedantic can be fussy

choosy or maybe they are a person who picks on small mistakes or tiny errors

that someone has made hello to Belarusian nice to see you here also

dave is here again yes I have met some Vietnamese people yes I made friends

with some Vietnamese people who lived in Birmingham hello Pedro again hello V

Shan I can't understand the difference between few and little I think I

mentioned that already have I answered that question already maybe I'm going

around and round in time I don't know maybe I'm stuck in the same day like

Bill Murray in Groundhog Day so when I was at school I used to pretend to be a

certain character from Star Wars so we are going back many years so not the

late Star Wars films I'm talking about the first Star Wars film that was

released originally in 1977 although it wasn't released here in the UK until

1978 so in the United States the original Star Wars was released in 1977

here in the UK it was released early the following year in 1978 but which Star

Wars character did I used to play I will give you an example of the sort of thing

I used to do

what a desolate place this is Oh

there'll be no escape for the princess this time so who was I at school who did

I used to play the part of I used to love pretending to be this particular

character Thank You Isabella Isabella has got it right well done

hello also too sassy hello sassy hello mr. Duncan I am able to write I was only

able to watch and listen however thank you for explaining about giving opinions

I watched it with enthusiasm I'm pleased to hear that sassy well done and thank

you very much for all you English at Excel there I will be with you not once

a week not twice a week but three times a week you can catch me live on YouTube

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and KITT hello Hank it nice to see you here today we are talking about

performing if you want to be an actor if you want to appear in a play or a

musical you can take to the stage I love this expression so if you take to the

stage it means you stand up and perform you take to the stage

so maybe you decide that in your life you want to be an actor like mr. Steve

wants to be an actor you take to the stage so this can be used in more than

one way if you take to the stage it means you start acting you want to be

a professional actor also it can mean to walk onto the stage so the stage is the

place where you perform you might describe this as my stage so maybe this

little box that you are staring at at the moment that I am trapped inside is

my stage so this is actually my stage that I'm standing on at the moment so if

you take to the stage it means you start performing I like that of course when

you want to be a performer when you want to sing a song or maybe act in a play

you have to do this you have to rehearse rehearse so rehearse means to do

something as a way of practicing so maybe something you are going to perform

in the future you have to rehearse you have to do something again and again and

again until you get it right so if you want to be an actor quite often you will

have to rehearse the show you will have to do something as a way of practicing

to make sure that you get it right another picture of mr. Steve on stage so

here is another one I like this picture this is my favorite picture of mr. Steve

acting on stage and there he is so mr. Steve there playing the part of

Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas carol so Steve was playing

the part of Ebenezer Scrooge and of course a Christmas carol is a very

famous play also musical and a book written by Charles Dickens in fact did

you know that there is actually a video on my youtube channel where I read the

whole story of a Christmas carol it's true so you can actually read watch and

also listen to the story of a Christmas carol on my youtube channel so what are

you waiting for go on watch my super-duper lessons you

know you want to you know you want to resistance is futile so when you

rehearse something we often say you run through so if you run through something

it means you practice so maybe you have to give a speech to some of your

classmates so you have to rehearse you have to think about what you are going

to say so you might rehearse your speech that you are going to give to your

classmates you run through so when we say run through in this particular sense

it means you practice you run through you practice the thing in question so

when you run through it means you practice here are some lovely

expressions now connected to going onstage I like this very much

curtain up and down so we can say curtain up or curtain down curtain up

curtain down so when the curtain is up it means it comes up

and it reveals the person on stage so quite often when we say curtain up it

means the beginning of a performance the start of a performance so something

begins when the curtain comes up and the opposite is curtain down curtain down so

when the curtain comes down it means the show has ended the show has

come to an end it has finished and we are approaching the curtain down right

now I know what you're going to say mr. Duncan it's not fair please don't go

just yet okay then I have some more words for you before I go a person who

watches something so maybe you are on the stage performing we call them the

audience so the people watching a performance is called audience so the

people watching are there enjoying your show hopefully so you are my audience an

audience can also be a verb as well so audience can also mean to meet so when

you meet someone you have a meeting you have an audience an audience so actually

as an adjective or as a noun so an audience so the audience is watching

they are there watching your show and of course spectators as well so the

spectators are the people who are watching in fact this is the one that

can be used as a verb spectate so when you spectate it means you watch you

watch you are watching a performance so the spectators are the audience the

people watching spectate is the action is the action so you're watching the

thing that is happening thank you very much for your company today lots of

people are here on the live chat

hello also - Chris yes curtain up and curtain down are used in expression in

talking yes they are we will often say the curtain comes up when you begin and

the curtain comes down when it ends we can often use curtains as an expression

to mean the end of something maybe a person dies or maybe something terrible

happens to them we can say that it is curtains for them I don't know why you

keep putting that on there so I will do that there we go that's better

hello Belarus here again yes you have a lot of viewers today thank you very much

for that and I do appreciate you coming along sometimes when you want to perform

something you have to do it in many different places so maybe you will

perform in one town or one city one place however you might decide to go on

the road if you go on the road it means you go around the country you tour so

you go on tour you travel around from place to place performing your show or

maybe performing your play or something that you are doing on stage another form

of performance something I haven't mentioned is magic as well so maybe

a performance can be magic so maybe you are doing some magic tricks maybe you

are making a rabbit appear out of a top hat or maybe doing some psychic trick

maybe you are reading people's minds in the audience

in fact I'm feeling something now I can feel something coming from my audience

it's coming through now through the screen I can feel it you are thinking

mr. Duncan when are you going when are you going to stop this live stream

that's what you're thinking right now isn't it you see I am psychic I should

go on the road with my performance so when you go on the road it means you

travel around performing in different places so you are on the road you are

traveling around performing your show

one more before we go here is the last word and this is something you can use

when you are performing on stage or maybe if lots of people are watching you

so maybe you are getting lots of attention from many people we can say

that you are in the spotlight a person who is in the spotlight is a person who

is getting lots of attention they are the center of attention so if you find

yourself in the spotlight this can be a good thing or a bad thing

so sometimes you can be in the spotlight for bad reasons and sometimes you can be

in the spotlight for good reasons so at the moment I am in the spotlight because

I'm here doing this live so much pressure

in the spotlight so maybe a certain person is being talked about in the news

maybe a person is being talked about a lot so at the moment a lot of people are

talking about President Trump so we could say that he is always in the

spotlight maybe people are talking about the new

Terminator movie which is awful and terrible and not many people seem to

like it so you might say that the new Terminator film is in the spotlight lots

of people are focusing their attention on that film because it's not very good

let's hope that Arnold will not be back hello Eric hello Massimo we are going

soon one last look outside to show you just how beautiful the view is today

it's gorgeous in the distance you can see there is

lots of snow on the mountains oh and another thing I haven't shown you the

birds in the garden although they seem very shy for some reason I don't know

why the birds appear to be very shy I think mr. Steve might be outside

disturbing the birds maybe that's the reason why anyway I am going in a moment

I hope you've enjoyed today's livestream thank you very much to all of those who

have joined me today thank you Eric thank you also to Massimo Thank You

Maria Anna thank you very much for joining me today I will be going soon in

the spot opera in the spot opera can you explain to us in the spot opera I'm not

quite sure what you are referring to there at mend I'm not quite sure what

you are referring to how ever a lot of people are very interested

in opera do you like opera so everybody sings like this but quite

often opera is performed in Italian so you will often hear a lot of opera is

performed in Italian and the strange thing is about opera and this is

something that always fascinates me is that when people sing in operas they're

just talking so like they're having normal

conversations so an opera normally is just people having normal conversations

yesterday I went to the dentist what did the dentist do

he took my tooth out it was very painful I don't like the sound of that that sort

of thing so that's the amusing thing about opera quite often opera is just

people having normal conversations except their singing maybe we should do

that in real life maybe every day we should just sing so maybe when you go to

the shops you might say good-morning shopkeeper may I have a loaf of bread

and then the shopkeeper says you certainly may white or brown I want

brown bread because it's very healthy that sort of thing hello also to LOM

Andre who asks do you eat dogs no because they keep running away

they're very hard to catch hello Julie nice performance thank you very much

maybe maybe I should go on tour with my show

maybe I should travel around the world with my English addict live tour maybe

so the character that I used to pretend and to be from Star Wars was c-3po

because a lot of people at school used to say that I reminded them of c-3po

catch it Sona Captain solo the chances of successfully

navigating an asteroid field or 2702 one never tell me the odds anybody tuning in

for the first time are probably wondering what their hell is going on

hello - Kevin mr. Duncan can be a singer I'm not sure about that I'm definitely

not sure about that hello Julie Florence thank you very much

Anna I am going in a moment I hope you've enjoyed this so a lot of people

seem to think that I am in favor of remaining in the European Union which is

not easy to say in fact it's not very easy to say if you want to get in touch

you can you can send me an email you can also follow me on Facebook and this is

how you do it

hmm I'm just slurping slurping on water sometimes all you can do is slurp on

water and that's what I was doing then Sally says I love it when you sing my

song Sally Sally standing down the alley I don't know

what she's doing over there that sort of thing is that what you're on about

Christelle bye bye mr. Duncan bye bye Massimo Rolfie where you started ten

minutes past 2:00 and you're still alive you've made up for your lost time yes I

do apologize because I was slightly late today for various reasons one of the

reasons was because I was very excited because we had snow yesterday and I

don't know why I always get very excited when it snows and one of the things I

love doing when it snows I love making snow angels

did you enjoy that I hope you did because that's what I was doing there on

the ground making a snow angel and that is that that's all we have time for

today I hope you've enjoyed yourself today it's been a super super long

english stream and thank you very much for all of your lovely messages today so

many people have been watching don't forget you could watch this later the

whole live stream will be saved on youtube and there will be captions later

on as well so you can watch everything I will see you later thank you very much

for your company today it's been so nice having you here thank you

this is mr. Duncan in England with you on Sunday

Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time saying thank you very much for watching

I hope you had a good time and I hope you learnt some new English words

to my fellow English addicts I will say...

ta ta for now 8-)

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