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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 19 - improve your English - HANDWRITING - 19th October - Saturday

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oh my goodness here we go again yes it is yet another day another time

another moment here on YouTube live welcome to day 19 of 31 days of English during October 2019

oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England

how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I

really hope you are happy today I am happy even though I got a little bit

confused today I got a little bit confused because I thought I was

starting at 2 o'clock but of course I'm not starting it 2 o'clock and there is

one reason why I am not starting it 2 o'clock UK time today do you know why

well I will tell you because it's super Saturday

so it isn't just Saturday it isn't no it's super Saturday mr. Duncan what are

you talking about you idiot I am talking about one thing in

particular because today is Super Saturday and it has quite a lot to do

with this yes I'm sorry I'm really sorry that I have to mention this so early in

the livestream but today it is the day when the final decision is made again

yes again we are trying to sort this mess out so today in London all those

lovely members of parliament are meeting together they are going to decide

whether or not this happens now I know it's boring for those who aren't in this

country by the way I'm in the United Kingdom at the moment we are apart we

are part of Europe but soon if this happens we won't be part of Europe so

that is what is happening here in the UK today

and normally Parliament does not get together they don't normally meet they

don't normally get together to make decisions on Saturday however they are

today they are all together to try and sort this out so there is a big vote

taking place today and this apparently is going to be one of the biggest votes

ever taken ever ever and it concerns this topic I'm not going to say the name

it's a little bit like Harry Potter I'm not going to say the name of this this

is the thing whose name must never be mentioned ever again so that's what's

happening and apparently everyone is calling it Super Saturday I don't know

what is super about Saturday especially when the future of this country is going

to be decided so is it really Super Saturday I'm not sure I think there

might be a little bit of hyperbole going on there ooh now that is a word that I

mentioned during the week don't forget I'm with you every single day during

October 31 days of live English to celebrate my 13th year I have been doing

this for 13 years and over those 13 years so many people have started

copying and doing the same thing as me although I was the original one

I am the first-ever English English teacher on YouTube did you know that I

bet you didn't but now you do so here we go then Saturday it is not just Saturday

it is it's Super Saturday

okay okay that's it enough enough of that enough Super Saturday no more Super

Saturday can everybody stop saying Super Saturday

however the weekend is here are you having a good weekend wow look outside

everything is looking good outside the window isn't that a nice

view so there it is right now the view out of the window looking towards a

large town called Shrewsbury so the thing you can see in the distance is

actually a large town you can see some of the church spires and also lots of

other buildings as well so looking into the distance in the distance you can see

a large town called Shrewsbury that is about 15 yes maybe about 15 miles away

from where I am standing right now so there it is the view out the window and

I suppose we should take a look at that as well so that is the view we opened

with today you can see everything is looking rather old terminal yes without

a doubt I am pretty sure that autumn is on the way in fact I think it has

arrived already because there are a lot of leaves on the ground today we are

talking about handwriting and I'm going to show you some of my handwriting also

I am going to take you into my mind I am going to reveal some of the things that

go on in my mind when I'm not doing this are you ready to do that are you feeling

brave enough to take a trip into this brain so today we are talking about

handwriting I am going to show you some of my hand right

and also some of mr. Steeves handwriting now some people say that my handwriting

is terrible so if your handwriting is terrible

like mine do people ever complain about it do they do you still use a pen

because it would appear nowadays many people type and print things they don't

write with their hand anymore no one writes letters we talked about this last

week no one writes letters anymore who writes letters when was the last time

you sat down at a table and you wrote a letter to someone dear

Marjorie it has been two weeks since I last wrote you so today we're talking

about handwriting but we are definitely not talking about this between you and

me I have had enough of this please no more hopefully by the end of today there

will be no more of this who knows let's have a look at the live

chat oh hello Giovanni hello - Giovanni Oh

Giovanni says when I was younger so much younger than today I never needed

anybody's help in any way that sounds like a song I think it is guess what you

are first on today's live chat

I thought I was on at 2:00 p.m. but apparently on Saturday I am on it 12:00

midday and I forgot I forgot I was actually in bed one hour ago I was

actually lying in bed and Here I am now talking to the world very strange

well done Giovanni you are here first on today's live stream also Belarus ear is

here and a Kobe eka ter Ekaterina hello I like your name by the way I have a

feeling there won't be many people watching today because of sport yes

rugby is taking place in Japan at the moment I believe it is the quarter-final

of the Rugby World Cup Wow look at me I almost look as if I know

what I'm talking about and I believe England are playing I

can't remember who they're playing is it Canada I want to say Canada that doesn't

sound right do Canadians play rugby is it is it really England against Canada

that doesn't sound right I'm sure you will tell me who England is

playing in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final in Japan so that's the

reason why I would imagine about 50% of my viewers are not here because they are

watching the rugby on the television Rolfie

hello Ralphy the Dominican Republic is live with mr. Duncan I am very pleased

to hear it Meeker is here Oh Meeker in Japan I see

are you watching the rugby on the television as well at the same time at

the same time is watching me mmm maybe maybe not

also curry watching in France a big bonjour to you sir junior says hello mr.

Duncan I can't wait for your lessons every day yes I am here every day during

October and this is my 19th day without a break so I have been doing this for 19

days how do I feel do I feel tired do I feel exhausted do I feel as if I have

burnt out no I feel great every day I feel so excited except today because I

was in bed one hour ago I was lying in bed because I forgot that

I was on it midday because Saturday I'm always on earlier because normally we go

into town to have a nice meal yes it is Super Saturday I've already explained

why I'm not going to explain it again yes Crowl that is true this subject here

we go again this is episode 4 of this today they are voting again I think it's

the fourth time or maybe the fifth time that they're voting on this bloody thing

Cory is here hello Cory I wish you the best my dear Rakesh is here

hello mr. Duncan have a lovely day how is it going your livestream thanks a lot

for for lots of this live yes I am very live at the moment at 18 minutes past

midday so Saturday I am normally here at midday much earlier than during the week

oh and also tomorrow I'm here as well so you can actually catch me tomorrow

as well and for those who want to catch me well if you want to be notified of

when I'm on you can always like and subscribe can you see it there

so you can like and you can subscribe and then you will never miss another one

of my live streams ever again so go on subscribe to me and like and

then I might come back tomorrow and do this again does that sound like a good

idea I think so hello to Belarus er one of our four moderators I haven't seen

Pedro or Luis today I haven't seen them maybe they are watching the rugby Kathy

hello Cathy cat and can I say thank you once again for your lovely message and

also your donation on the live chat during the week thank you very much that

was very kind of you also Rakesh says mr. Duncan your video

is beneficial so if something is beneficial it means it offers help it

will help in some way it will give you help so it is beneficial to you or for

you pal Mira these days handwriting ro handwriting because that's what we're

talking about today we are talking about handwriting so pal Mira says these days

handwriting has gone to the dogs I love that expression so if something goes to

the dogs it means it has been thrown out it is no longer done it has gone to the

dogs something is lying in ruins

it has been destroyed it no longer is the thing it used to be it has gone to

the dogs so I suppose it would be fair to say that people nowadays do not tend

to write with their hand especially in the day in the age of computers because

we have computers we can type we can print we can email we can send text

messages so maybe when we send a text that is almost like writing by hand

almost not quite Tomic oh hello Tomic I haven't seen you

for a very long time hello Tomic hi mr. Duncan I have been

your follower since October 2010 so you've been with me for nine years you

were not only the first teacher on YouTube in my opinion you set the bar so

high for the other teachers this is true I was actually looking at some other

videos yesterday on YouTube and I noticed that there is a strange thing

happening on YouTube with other teachers where they seem to just repeat the same

lessons over and over again so they are making new lessons but they seem to be

repeating the subjects all the time not here I always try to come up with

something new and original every time like now because I'm live no one else

nobody else on YouTube is doing live English lessons every day because it's

too difficult but not for me Luis mr. Duncan YouTube has become crazy why your

live streams was announced in two hours I thought it could be a mistake no it

was the 19th of October that is why I'm late don't worry

it is actually i falled can you believe it I actually

forgot that I was on early today so that's what happened it's my fault

I'm sorry I was actually in bed at around 11 o'clock I was still in bed I

was having a little bit of a rest today and then I realized that I'm actually on

earlier on Saturday so that's the reason why earlier my livestream was supposed

to be on it 2 o'clock but it isn't not on Saturday it is always earlier on

Saturday so I do apologize once again for causing confusion

hi mr. Duncan and everyone else in the chat now root oh hello Naruto it's nice

to see you here again today I haven't seen you for a long time

salad says a big hello to you yes it is the weekend it's Saturday and yes we are

here today thanks a lot once again to Kathy for your donation by the way if

you want to make a donation through PayPal you can as well everything I do

on YouTube is free however sometimes I have to support myself I have to pay my

bills especially doing this making these live lessons making my video lessons

doing this for free for 13 years it costs a lot of money to do this you

might not realize it but there is a lot of expense involved in doing this

so if you want to make a donation you are more than welcome to to help my work

continue forever and ever Christine says I love writing letters

even if that is unusual well I suppose it's unusual for for young people so

maybe if you are young perhaps you never pick up a pen you

never even in school so many schools now will actually give their students iPads

or tablet devices so even in schools many students now don't use pen and

paper quite often they will use a tablet device such as an iPad so yes it would

appear that writing is slowly becoming a thing of the past

hello also to chalene hello Charlene or cherlene apparently I don't know what

cherlene said I wonder what cherlene said I'm curious what's surely and said

oh thanks mister don't come for your good English I think that's okay

I think that's acceptable I don't think that's anything bad really I'm glad that

you like my lessons hello pal Meera yes pencils and pens are no longer used

most people like to type on their computer or on their mobile device Emma

I usually make my everyday notes with handwriting that is something we are

going to talk about today in a few moments we are going to talk all about

handwriting before that I would like to explain a couple of words I have been

asked to explain the difference between these two words now I did actually talk

about this a few weeks ago in one of my recorded full English lessons but I will

do it again I don't mind I will do it again just for you so the first word is

loose loose the second word lose loose lose

loose lose so if something is loose it means it is not fixed securely something

is not secured or fixed firmly so if something is loose it means it is not

secured there is some movement in the thing that should be secured so

something that is loose is something that has some movement for example you

might have a loose tooth so one of your teeth might be loose something that is

loose you can also loose something it means you let go so if you loose

something it means you let go of it and the second word is lose that means to

put something down and then later you can't find it you lose something maybe

something that you had in your pocket suddenly disappears you can't find it

anywhere maybe an item that you have in your house suddenly vanishes you lose it

something that was there but suddenly isn't you lose it you might lose a

relative if they die you lose them so you lose a parent or you lose a brother

or a sister you lose them so these two words have very different uses not fixed

something that is not fixed in place it is loose something that you can't find

something that has vanished something maybe that you dropped whilst at walking

you lose something the past tense of this word is lost so you lose it you

have lost it and then we have the word loose and of course when you let go of

something you loose it thank you very much for your lovely messages today so

many people are here Tomic says I heard the other day that handwriting is

significant for certain parts of our brain this is true and this is something

I was talking about a few weeks ago when I was talking about ways of improving

your English so a good way to get English to stay in your brain is to

write things out with your hand don't type them don't do that write them

with your hand apparently when you write you are using extra parts of your brain

parts of your brain that you don't normally use so when you see a word it

is hard to remember it however if you write something down it

will stay in your brain much easier and it will it will get into your memory it

will stay in your memory much easier as well so it is a good tip in fact it's a

brilliant piece of advice I have to say it is really a very good tip so if you

write it is a good way of getting words new words sentences and also grammar

rules in to your brain Thank You Tomic hello also to zoo zoo Zika hello Susie

care sorry I'm late I'm cycling what right now you are actually riding your

bicycle whilst watching me how are you doing that have you got your mobile

phone in your hand whilst you are cycling along the road that doesn't

sound very safe to me take care take care good afternoon

to Ana Rita good afternoon to neo zero as well thank you very much Cory says

it's true and it is a very good tip for the memory so when we say tip it means a

useful piece of advice or maybe an idea to help your life go easier so when we

say tip it is a suggestion a useful suggestion is a tip I like that word so

we are talking about handwriting we are going to take a look at some of my

handwriting in a moment and also mr. Steve's handwriting and I want you to

decide whose handwriting is the best is it mine or mr. Steve's

so that coming in a moment and we will be taking a journey into my thought

process you will see soon some of the notes that I write to give me ideas for

my lessons so we are going to take a journey into my my strange brain it is

true by the way when we talk about writing or

handwriting the study of handwriting is graphology so graphology is the study of

handwriting a person who studies handwriting is a graphologist so a

graphologist will study a person's handwriting they will look at it and

they can tell by the style and the way that they write they can tell what a

person is like they can actually work out a person's personality just by

looking at their handwriting I must be honest with you I'm a I'm a little bit

scared by that so we say graphology or

a person who studies handwriting quite often I think it is a type of

psychology as well so I think graphology might be an area of psychology so you

can actually work out you can understand a person's character by looking at their

handwriting I don't know about you but I find that a little scary I really do

Irene hello to Irene hello cute armed' hello cute armed' how are you feeling my

friend how am I feeling I'm feeling very happy even though I was lying in bed

today until 11 o'clock and then suddenly I remembered that I was starting earlier

because it's Saturday it's Saturday

okay okay that's enough that's enough that's enough Saturday you can have too

much Saturday hi - Irene hello also - oh I've got one or two people saying hello

in Arabic but of course you can type your name so I can read it if you don't

mind anna says my handwriting is awful oh okay then now we are going to take a

look at my handwriting would you like to see my handwriting so this is my

handwriting now I haven't tried to make this look

neat I haven't tried to make my handwriting look better than it really

is this is how my handwriting looks and

here it is right now so that is actually my handwriting as you can see it says

this is a sample of my handwriting so that is what I wrote this morning on a

piece of paper and also I got mr. Steve to do the same thing so there is my

handwriting and this is mr. Steve's handwriting so that's mr. Steve and that

is me so there is my handwriting and there is mr. Steve's

handwriting see I think mr. Steve's handwriting is is quite hard to read I

think I think it looks a bit like the writing of a doctor do you know when a

doctor writes something on a piece of paper you can never understand it

you can never read what it says so I think mr. Steve's handwriting looks a

little bit like a doctor's handwriting and there is my handwriting so which is

better which do you think

is better mmm so which one do you think is better mine mr. Steeves

my handwriting or mr. Steeves I think my handwriting is better I mean

of course I'm going to say that aren't I of course I'm going to say that Tomic

says not bad mr. Duncan your handwriting is easy to decipher to understand so if

you decipher something you can actually read it it is a you are able to convert

what is written into the thing that has meaning

so you decipher something we can also say translate I suppose

Abraham mr. Duncan your handwriting is not very bad it's good I'm not sure

about that you see I think I think Steve's handwriting is better than mine

however I think my handwriting is clearer

I remember at school one of my teachers said that my handwriting looks as if a

spider has been in the inkwell and then it's walked across the paper I think

that's very unfair to be honest very unfair indeed

hello to Patrick both of them look good oh okay then I like that

that is also nice to hear in Japan they say that your handwriting expresses your

personality yes we have a thing called graphology where a person can actually

determine your personality based on your handwriting Wow I wonder what they would

say about this I wonder what a graphologist would say about that

so there is Steve and there is me my handwriting would you like to have a

look now it's some of the things I do when I'm preparing my live streams I

told you a story during the week about something that happened during the night

and I had a very strange experience where I got out of bed and I came

downstairs and I sat in my studio and I did some writing I actually wrote some

notes some ideas for my live streams so I'm going to show you now so these this

gives you an idea of how my brain works so right now this is real I haven't made

this up this is not fake this is what I did in the middle of the night during

the week and I wasn't even awake I was half asleep there it is

so that is what I wrote and I don't know why my handwriting seems very neat and I

don't know why so this is something I wrote on a piece of paper during the

night when I couldn't sleep and you can see there are some ideas thought of my

live streams in fact I used all of these ideas the next day on my live stream so

you can see I was writing notes about extremes also my strange little thought

that occurred in my head about blue food and the word hyperbole as well was a

word that is being used quite a lot at the moment in the news so there you can

see a sample of not only my handwriting but also the notes that I sometimes

write out when I'm planning a lesson so this particular note is one I wrote out

in the middle of the night when I was half asleep it's true

twice al Muricy says hi mister Duncan are you okay I'm okay thank you

we follow you from the Republic of Yemen can you please say my name twice al Maru

see I hope I pronounced your name right if not well at least I tried I tried and

that's the most important thing of all would you like to have a look at another

one of my notes oh dear so this gives you an idea of the strange

things that I that I write he was something else that I wrote down on a

piece of paper and again it is just a random thought that went through my

brain so I wrote it down because I thought it was interesting the dark ages

were in fact the Middle Ages does anyone know what that actually means I wrote

that down and I can't remember why I wrote it down

so that gives you an idea of what my brain is like how it functions so the

dark ages were in fact the Middle Ages I

think I know why I wrote that down I think what I was saying is a lot of

people say the Dark Ages when they actually mean the Middle Ages so quite

often the Middle Ages between is it when is it 5 5 BC not BC ad 5 AD 210 ad is

the Middle Ages so I think that's it isn't it that's it that's it that's it

but often we call the Middle Ages the Dark Ages even though technically it

wasn't but the reason why they call it the Dark Ages of course is because it

followed the fall of the Roman Empire so I I think that's how my brain was

working I hope it makes sense Valentin says it

seems that you do so little to make a speech or fully good oh I'm not sure

what that means is that a compliment Thank You Valentin

it seems you need so little to make a speech oh I see so you mean very few

notes this is true I don't know how or why but again I think it's how my brain

works I am able to talk about things quite easily without thinking about it I

don't know why I have a very strange brain mr. Duncan what a good knowledge

of universal history yes it was just a random thing that popped in my head so I

think it was something that I learned at school and I remembered for all of those

years and for some reason at that moment my brain thought it was interesting so

that's an insight into the way my brain works I hope you enjoyed that or not

hello palmyra some historians think that Dark Ages were in fact not so dark yes

well nowadays we don't tend to use the word Dark Ages I think that has become a

little unpopular because of the negative connotations so yes I think quite often

these things get mixed up neo zero says I don't like trivia ah I like that word

trivia we might talk about that tomorrow so trivia when we talk about trivia we

mean facts and information that aren't really important

however they are quite useful to remember so trivia small facts small

moments of time that we refer to something they

it is trivial small unimportant or something that needn't be mentioned is

trivial trivial Thank You neo zero for introducing that word so I'm going in a

minute because it is always a short one on

Saturday because I'm going into town with mr. Steve we have Bing lunch in

town today thank you huh Sam good afternoon mr.

Duncan and all a group I will be going soon

hello also - duck hello duck watching in Vietnam yes I don't know why

I've always had an ability to stand up and talk about things without having

much preparation I don't know how I do it but I think it has something to do

with my brain because I've known for all my life that my brain does not work like

everyone else's and I don't know why mr. Steve's handwriting looks professional

even though mr. Duncan's is more standard and understandable I see so

there is mr. Steve's handwriting and there is my handwriting I think my

handwriting looks a little messy mr. Steve's looks quite professional and

neat by the way talking of neat there is a type of writing which is very neat we

call it calligraphy calligraphy is a form of handwriting which is very neat

it is almost like art I suppose an example of calligraphy is on the screen

now so when we talk about calligraphy we are talking about artistic writing it

looks almost like art calligraphy very nice thank you - Tomic

for your mention today Thank You refika Thank You Luis

thank you also to Ana pal Mira have a delicious lunch and a nice time in town

I hope so I will I will see you tomorrow and of

course today is the day when we find out what happens with this it is the big

decision taking place today in the houses of parliament what will happen

next find out tomorrow because I am back with you from 2 p.m. UK time I will see

you tomorrow and of course I hope you have a super

day enjoy the rest of your weekend thank you to refika Shaddaa Lee Ha Na

refika again Maria Beatriz thank you very much for your

company I know a lot of you aren't here today because you are watching the rugby

but that's okay I forgive you no problem this is mr.

Duncan in the birthplace of English saying see you tomorrow

2 p.m. UK time have a great weekend enjoy your Saturday and of course until

the next time we meet you know what's coming next

it's time to have a little dance and enjoy the music oh and of course...

ta ta for now 8-)

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