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and best of all we're doing the Mystery Box challenge over top of the pond let's

do this let's knock this thing down what is going on Sharer's welcome to the vlog

welcome to another awesome summer day oh we got baby otter laying in the Sun hot

are you having a good day good Oh what was that noise what was that oh it's

grace Oh Grace what's going on what are you doing we're doing the Mystery Box

challenge oh my goodness how many boxes did you buy I got four extra large boxes

oh there whoa they are big and best of all we're doing the Mystery Box

challenge over top of the pond what yeah Oh Sharers I love you so last vlog but

there's be niché's why did some suspicious activity

happening in the vlog check this out I carefully take this up you can just

help big monsters not attached oh this is so nasty look how big this is

are you sure you want to do over top of the pond yeah it makes it more

interesting okay this is gonna be one Mystery Box challenge let's grab these

boxes and let's get going to the pond let's go let's go let's go oh there's my

mom hey mom what's going on oh yeah Sharer's quick let's go inside I'll show

these epic share the love songs that's right sure I got to show you this

we got some prototypes socks for the three million run check it out lime

green socks and red share the love songs they're not even in the store yet if you

want a chance to win these early held over to my Instagram follow me we'll be

doing an Instagram giveaway contest you can win a pair of these at they shovel

of socks to win one these pink slime chill of shirt okay back to the pond you

ready grace getting in the pond whoa Sharer's something's big in the pond

you sure you still want to do this Mystery Box challenge so to say the same

thing I don't know if I want to do this anymore

well we are half way down to the pond grace I think we just got to set up and

go for it hopefully we just don't guess the box

that you're in yeah hopefully oh and there's something else over there

there's some stuff in the pond we're still gonna do it Mystery Box challenge

here we come Sharer's don't the box that I'm hiding in okay we got

the boxes set up we got her spray paint grace we're going to label mixed fruit

mystery box one in mystery box - okay oh yeah

mystery box one and Sheriff's get ready because you're about to come in which

mystery box we're gonna choose mystery box one and mystery box number two whoa

check it out looks good okay now the rules of the game are there are no rules

you pick when every box we want to go into mystery box one or mystery box

two and then share is up to you to comment which mystery box I should not

go over so grace you're gonna be up first you're gonna choose which box you

want to go into and then the stairs are going to come mystery box one a mystery

box - I'm gonna go and decide which box want to push over into the pond and

hopefully you're not in one of them grace hopefully not okay grace well uh

you're up go ahead and choose a mystery box

okay shares make sure you don't choose the one I'm in because I don't want to

go in the pond with the monster okay well grace goes to choose her

mystery box I'm gonna hide behind this tube over here so that way I have

absolutely no idea what box she's in I'm literally just going to choose one I'm

gonna go full for some in there boom push a box into the water hopefully

grace is not going to be in one though is she choosing one yet not yet okay I'm

actually i'm really i'm actually gonna hide because i want it to be a surprise

so i'm gonna hide behind this tube I can't see grace all I can see is this

I'm gonna stay back here and hide let's figure out which box grace chooses okay

sure so under and pick a box either one or two I don't know which one to pick I

want to pick one that Stephens not going to push into the pond because I don't

want to go into the water with the pond monster so I'm trying to think which one

to pick hmmm I think she picked this one or this

one okay I'm picking this box I'm gonna go

inside it now

okay shares I'm in the box I'm really really nervous because I don't want to

get pushed in so make sure you don't pick this box Steve I'm ready

oh great stitches ready okay Sherry's let's do this so rule number one when

doing this always look for movement within the boxes so the boxes are right

next to each other I don't see any movement

grace I'm coming for you I'm coming for you I got to pick which box she's in

take a look for any movement and shares also comment right now which box I

should do hashtag box one our hashtag box number two which box should I knock

over hmm I'm looking for movement I think grace

would be scared she's probably shaking all around I don't know I don't know oh

my goodness in shares I think I just found the biggest animal oh my goodness

hang on we got something going on here check this out hold a momentary pause

from the mystery box thing do you see that giant bird that's sitting on that

ledge there I don't know if that's an owl or what hold on hold on hold on this

is getting crazy this is some crazy bird what is that

what is that what is that what is that what is it well what is that thing

whoa I don't know what that was coming to know what that was that bird may have

helped distract so we can see if any boxes have moved since I've been gone

okay any movement in the boxes no movement okay you know what shares it

looks like you've common in box number two let's go destroy this box I'm gonna

hit it as hard as I can here we go okay shares you all come in box number two

let's do this let's knock this thing down let's hope grace is in let's do

this box number two here we come in three okay my guy two wrong I got it

wrong grace is not in box number two you're in box number one okay guys I

really thought you were gonna box number two

well no shares that means it's my turn okay I got to choose a box which box

looks most tempting that crazy oh oh oh box I'm with you fell Oh No box number

two fell reset reset put box number two back up whoo we got new number two box

ready to go looks almost identical um my turn grace you ready to select the box

oh yeah okay how many go choose the box grace you go hide hide behind the

mountain no peeking okay grace is going to hide over there should I pick

Sharers comment below make sure she's hiding good I really want to push

Stephen in I want to peek okay I'm not gonna peek but you guys can peek let me

know if back there you can see what box is going into comment below

time Sharers you comment in box number two graces in box number one I'm just

trying to think which box I would think she would choose hmm

okay I got it got it let's see what's behind here oh something's in the water

something is in the water okay this is probably not the good best time to do it

let's hope she doesn't push me in because I did not want to land oh

whatever that is try pushing the box that I went in because then he thinks I

won't push it in or should do the other box comment below

I need help shares I really want to push him in the water with the pond monster

we're going in okay we're in the box I'm ready it's all about just standing still

oh he's ready let's go I'm coming okay shares here of the boxes look very close

to see if you see any movement or if we can hear him or if he moved them when he

got in I need your help now that you have more evidence comment below which

one I should pick ok shares it looks like you guys are commenting ok I know

which one to push you ready for this ok guys I'm ready I really hope we get this

straight - what got me oh my goodness I survived box number 1 was not the box

I'm the winner don't worry there's a next round that's

right grace I won that round oh yeah

well Steve there's still one more round so I could still be the winner

ok so who's going in the box on the last round then rock paper scissors rock

paper scissors ok let's do this you ready yeah rock paper scissors to find

out who is going in the box next ready here we go ready Rock Paper Scissors

shoot oh ok ready Rock Paper Scissors shoot alright here we go

Rock Paper Scissors shoot okay I'm going in the mystery box okay I got to pick

strategically this time Kay so it's been okay okay I think I got it I think I got

it you ready to go hide yeah come on Shores I need your help we have to pick

the right box okay go hi guys go hide go hide okay we

gotta go hide okay grace meant to go hide okay so number one just got pushed

in it's a little bit wet number two is dry hmm

which box should I choose shares come on hashtag box number one our hashtag box

number two I've been feeling grace is getting clever at this no we're good

she's not I really need your help this time comment down below which one he

will be in we have to push him in this time come on come on come on hurry Steve

I'm anxious I want to push you in we have to win we have to win team grace

team grace here we go in position I'm ready to go

please don't choose this one grace he's ready let's go let's go look for any

movements of the boxes which one do you think it is box number two you see any

movement do you hear him or box number one do you see any movement comment

below I need your help guys okay shares I don't see any movement this is really

tough we need to get him into the water so really help me comment below which

box I should push we need to get Stephen in the water we need to win guys okay so

I think I got someone I want to push I really hope it's the right one okay sure

I got the Box picked out for good luck let's get Stephen in the water I'm going

in three

that was crazy absolutely crazy ah sure how did Greece gets the right

box Steve looks like I'm the official winner

okay shares come over to mr. box challenge we see today they're gonna

keep crates back until then you guys know what to do stay awesome and share

the love peace!

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