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Hey there Spartans! What I used the Keker Success Guide for was

planning my day out in the agenda sections as well

as planning out future semesters in the four year planning guide.

It's a great planner because you can look at either the whole month or a day by day week by week basis.

And they have lots of different options for organizing your time.

I mainly used it for the information on campus.

As a first-year student I was really really nervous to ask anybody for information.

So when I got this book after NAV1GATE I just looked through it and I learned about all of the acronyms,

resources on campus and it has helped me so much.

No new place is going to ever feel like home if you never feel connected.

The Keker Common Experience is a great way to build your web of connections in your freshman year.

KCE began my journey but led me to the Co-Curricular Transcript, on campus organizations,

and just other new people going through the same experience.

The first Keker Common Experience event I attended was called NAV1GATE,

a Convocation where you'll learn about campus resources and traditions and become an official Spartan.

After that I attended conferences, social events, career fairs, and skill building workshops

which helped me connect to the UNCG community, I grew academically, develop personally,

and professionally and establish an affinity for UNCG.

Jullien Gordon is the author that helped create this success guide.

He has been featured on multiple different things like MSNBC, Forbes, and TedTalks.

The Keker Common Experience Scholarship is the ultimate reward after finishing your first year at UNCG.

And, anyone is eligible to apply.

Applicants are reviewed based on an essay, a few short answer questions,

and how many events you attended throughout the entire year.

Not only do you get this unique opportunity to experience UNCG in your first year,

but also to win a scholarship for the next academic school year.

Could it really get any better than that?

Take advantage of the resources you're learning about now during SOAR

and you won't regret it.

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