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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 10 Scariest Things Found By YouTubers

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YouTubers are always looking for the next big thing to make videos about, but sometimes

the next big thing finds them instead.

I do have to commend all of the YouTubers on this list for being brave enough to put

their scariest findings online.


A YouTuber named Jimmy Maya is in the middle of a windswept field when he finds the absolute

last thing youd ever want to discover while metal detecting.

Jimmy does not seem afraid to handle the heavy object, which makes me think that maybe this

was a dud.

He says that there was once an active base near this location.

Jimmy observes a random string of characters on the side of the object.

If anyone can use this information to identify what kind of device this was, then I would

really like to know.

Maybe together we can figure out how much actual danger Jimmy Maya was in at the time.


A YouTuber named Commander Holly came across this strange cottage while hiking with her

aunt in Ireland.

The first floor is mostly just crumbling stone architecture, but Commander Holly looks up

and sees strange ornaments hanging in the attic.

At the top of a worn ladder she finds an entire room full of things used for strange rituals

and various incantations.

In the center of the room is a hanging decoration with faded pictures of various saints, and

in the corner is a book of pure black magic.

Commander Holly eagerly flips through its pages and decides to take it home to study,

but Im not so sure if thats a good idea.

Let me know if you would have done the same or if you would leave it be.

After all, who knows what secrets are inside, or who may come looking for it.


A YouTuber named Dark Exploration Films is checking out an old abandoned police station

in New York City to see what he can find.

He makes his way through some old dark service tunnels and finally comes out on the other


The police station starts off as a series of twisting hallways filled with old electronics,

paper documents and various forms of evidence.

As Dark Exploration Films goes deeper he finds a lonely medical wing filled with abandoned


The walls look particularly clean until he comes into a final room that looks absolutely


On the floor he finds a red stain that he thinks is absolutely real, and based on the

realistic splatter pattern, I tend to agree.

He steps over it and finds one last scary item, a bright orange biohazard container

with the lid open.

The container is pretty much empty, but it doesnt exactly look clean.

Hopefully the mysterious white powdery substance inside is just chipped paint flakes and not

something that is dangerous to inhale.

I wish him the best, but I hope theres more info on what was in that container.


Samuel Porter lives near an abandoned house that he wants to explore, so he and his friends

take a short walk and soon find themselves standing outside of its gnarled wooden door.

Someone has gone to great lengths to keep trespassers away.

The door is locked and the window they get in through is covered in barbed wire.

The inside of the old cottage is filthy and collapsing.

Large sections of the floor have been eaten away, but they curiously press on.

Samuel Porter pokes his head through a hole in the ceiling to see whats on the second

floor, a decision he will remember forever.

The first thing he notices are two sticks that have been formed into a hanging cross

for some reason.

I did notice one thing about this creepy scenario.

If this is an actual noose meant for hanging purposes, then it looks to be set the wrong

height for someone to use on themselves.

Im curious to find out what you think happened in this room.

To me, it unfortunately looks pretty obvious.


Devinbroseph and his friend Brian find the creepy remains of a decrepit, hairless doll

in the woods one day.

They want to take a video of the bizarre find, so Devin goes back to get his phone.

When he returns a short time later, the doll is not in its original spot.

Somehow the doll had become entangled under a thick pile of brush within the brief period

of time that it took for them to get a phone and come back to the spot.

The two friends record it for a bit and then leave.

Two days later, they get a random impulse to check on the doll again.

A light snow now covers the forest floor, though they are confident that they can find

the doll again easily.

This time, in place of where the dolls head and body used to be, they find its missing


Either someone has been ripping dolls apart and moving around the body parts all over

the forest, which is creepy enough, or I guess this doll has been doing it on its own, both

are simply terrifying.


This video comes from Wolfies second YouTube channel called MoreWolfie.

After enjoying a full day of vacation fun, Wolfie returns to his rented house to find

a small mysterious door thats begging for further investigation.

He cautiously knocks first and then unlatches the lock.

Inside is a deep cavernous tunnel leading further underground.

Wolfie stands at the mouth of the entrance and contemplates going inside of it for a

long time.

All of them get a bad feeling at once, but Wolfie shrugs off his fears and bravely crawls

face-first into the hole.

He doesnt make it very far before the urgent need to turn around becomes even more intense

than before.

I still dont know if they were just psyching themselves out or if they really did sense

a dangerous presence down there.

According to them, this tunnel apparently extended way deeper than the average crawl

space, so maybe something really was waiting for them at the other end.


A YouTuber named JudetheCoolDude is making a video tour of his house when he discovers

something new on the third floor.

Concealed behind a hidden wall panel is a cramped room with extremely small furniture,

including a tiny table with a single candle for light.

Terror spreads across Jude as it dawns upon him that he could very well be standing in

the hiding spot of an intruder who has been living here for some time.

It even looks like whoever inhabited this place may have rerouted the wiring to divert

power to this part of the house.

Its almost impossible to tell if this video was staged or legitimate, but with all of

the stories Ive read about people living in houses for years without being discovered,

I really wouldnt be surprised if this was real.

Either way, Jude decides to quietly close the trapdoor and never mention this find again.


Sean Baker noticed this strange thing living in his backyard not too long ago, and now

the situation has become too large for him to ignore any longer.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure: the strange-looking mass is able to withstand

a lot of punishment.

It oozes some sort of weird sludge in response to his attacks that I really hope is not toxic.

Even with the help of a 2-by-4, Sean Baker is ultimately unable to bust the thing open

or pry it loose from the earth.

He curses the seemingly permanent growth in his backyard and ends the video in disgust.

This almost certainly has to be some sort of rare fungus in my opinion, though Im

not sure what kind.

But then again, maybe it really is from someplace far away like Sean Baker seems to believe,

perhaps even space.

Im hoping that together we can identify exactly what this thing is, and, more importantly,

how to get rid of it.


The Martinez Twins are both excited about moving into a new house with an old friend.

They are arguing over which room belongs to who when one of them notices a locked door

leading to an unexplored part of the house.

None of them have a key, so they pick the lock and step into a plain room with an empty


They are talking about what to do with it when suddenly they notice an attic entrance

that needs to be checked out.

They forget about the chair for now and climb a wooden ladder into a darkened attic.

Even though the insulation is making them cough and one false step could send them falling

through the ceiling, the group is determined to get to the other side and see what they

can find.

A small box is waiting for them at the end of their crawl but they dont open it up

right away, choosing to look at a pile of old magazines from the 1920s instead.

When they turn their attention back to the box, they find this old mysterious broken

thing inside.

The others try to stop him, but its too late.

An eerie song fills the empty dark attic space, perhaps for the first time in many years.

Theres an old Bible even farther back in the attic, but when the music box starts playing

a few more notes all by itself, they decide theyve seen enough and leave quick.

All of these things seem like perfect indications of a classic haunting that I certainly would

want nothing to do with, but Im curious what you think.

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Lewis Clark and his friends want to check out this old abandoned train up close to see

whats in it.

All of the train cars are mostly empty, but then they see something horrible in the caboose.

The sheets are covered in red splotches and appear to have something heavy underneath

them, but Lewis Clark and his friends dont dare unwrap them.

They run away from the scene as fast as possible instead, jumping over a second sheet in the


What was under these sheets, if anything, is anyones guess, though many have speculated

that both incidents could have been covering an actual body.

As far as I know, Lewis Clark and his friends have not returned to unwrap the sheets.

And they probably never will.

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