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in this video we're gonna continue to put our foreign language skills to the

test by taking completely random language classes and if you haven't seen

part one yet check it out before you do part two but if you have seen part one

then you'll know that all of these classes have been booked on

which is an online language learning platform with thousands of online tutors

for anybody and everybody to take lessons in pretty much any language you

want it's amazing it's 24/7 you can book really affordable tutors

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but don't do that quite yet because we want you to enjoy this video of course

first where we'll be diving straight into the action where we left off in

part one where I'm about to get a Japanese lesson so sit back relax and enjoy

because you're watching English with real teachers real teachers.

Konichiwa! Arigato! Can you read Hiragana or Katakanano? No I can't. OK OK great, great

good question though yeah that's quite important. I just wanted to make sure.

OK good morning is Ohio Ohio Ohio

Oh that's good I used to live in Ohio. Oh really?! Great! Ohio! Good evening is Konbanwa. Konbanwanya. Yes, great.

And good night is Oyasumi. Oyasumi..Oyasumi, great

and that's good night okay I'm asking for you the first step

Good evening. How can you say that? Konbanwa! Great!

Konbanwa. Great! Okay how can you say good morning?

Ohia...ohio! Ohio great! Or konichiwa. Konichiwa yes!

Here's a hello or good.. good afternoon okay okay the last one is

good night. Good night.. Oyasumi

mm great! Okay wonderful yeah okay this is a greeting and the next step next step is

introduce by yourself first is what my name is like this

mm-hmm okay this is in Japanese is I learnt

for your name Charlie.. aha okay "My name is Charlie" (in Japanese)

(corrects Charlie) But like disappeared a little bit disappeared like a finish

to finish this like .. ahh okay so maybe the Japanese schwa? Haha yes!

My name is Charlie. Mmm great!

Can I ask you your age? Yeah you can I'm 28. 28 OK in Japanese say Im 28 old

is.. "I am 28 years old" (in Japanese). Mmm great! And how could I say

How are you? (speaks in Japanese) Can you make a sentence of food?

(speaks in Japanese) mm yeah

Like Japanese is like "I Charlie am" like this. Ok subject-object-verb?

yeah yeah oh OK thank you very much. I'm so glad still like for

your first lesson of Japanese your lesson was brilliant yeah thank you!

How do I say goodbye? Sayonara! Sayonara.. sayonara!

Yeah? Thank you so much, sayonara! Thank you so much, Celine! See you soon! Sayonara!

Charlie these these two lessons I feel a bit stupid it's hard

work yeah it is yes especially when you know zero of

the language yeah it feels a bit stupid doesn't it? It's overwhelming it is stupid of us

to do it like this, isn't it? Because you would prepare a bit at least a bit yeah. So maybe

next lesson we do one that we know a little bit of

That's a good idea. You know Spanish very well so what's a language what's

a language that you know a little bit of well I have actually taken a couple

of Italian lessons with my student well my old student Paola she's been giving me

some lessons so. Paola from the immersion course?

Yeah Paola froimn the immersion course. She's been doing a fantastic job as well and I would love an Italian lesson

okay all right I've booked you an Italian

lesson then. Well lovely thank you thank you what about you what shall I book for you? You

like Spanish and you have you have some lessons in Spanish sometimes I think

that would be a good one I'm still very basic so it it would suit me okay let's

do that Spanish and Italian, let's do it!

Any particular country nationality who you are looking for? um South American

Spanish is what I've been learning. Not gracias (spanish C), more gracias (Latino C)

okay and any specific Italian Italian or Italian yeah it's got a be Italian

Found a lovely lady, Charlie, from Venezuela. Her name is Ines and I think she's a great

teacher for you. Nice so South American, Spanish, brilliant!

I'm gonna book her for you right now, Brilliant!

all right? all right? How was that? Ahhh!

I had a good time I had a good time as well, it was interesting

I definitely have a favorite lesson. Go on. Yeah my Japanese lesson yeah that was

really fun yeah what did you learn in Japanese? A lot, loads. Allora!

You were listening to my Italian lesson, clearly.

She was a good teacher? she's really good and that was really weird because she didn't have that many

students so this is an interesting point there are community teachers there's

professional teachers but sometimes you're gonna find those that are just

starting out and you get them at a really good time because they're

passionate about the thing that they're doing and they're really cheap yeah she

seemed like she was really she loved her job and was good at it

mmm I know and made me feel good about it that's really important yeah yeah and

then your other teacher so he had even less experience than that and his classes

were really really cheap and he was a community teacher and you weren't

incredibly impressed but I think they're the wrong type of classes to take if

you've got really low level right or a complete beginner level , would you say?

Once you've got a conversation level then that is a good option. Yeah that's such a good point yeah so

right from the start you might want someone who knows exactly what they are

doing to not waste anyone's time and then once you've got a bit more fluency

you can get just a language exchange or a teacher that is very affordable

exactly did you did you have fun today I think I fell in love oh my so I had a

Mandarin lesson okay Clara okay and living in America doing her master's and she

was a great teacher very patient very enthusiastic and fun and it was just

really nice had a really nice soft softly spoken voice and she was just

really nice I kind of loved her. So great platform we had a really good time and now if you are

keen on trying it out for yourselves just click the link below book your

first lesson and then you'll be given ten dollars of credits to use on your

next one so I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as we have hope you enjoyed

the platform and leave us a comment below and tell us how your experience

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could watch a video probably around your head and see you again soon for another

video bye for now

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