Practice English Speaking&Listening with: F1 Austria - 15.11.2020 - OOR Season 6 - Round 11

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Hello everyone! This week we are driving in Austria

and Austria is a super fast track, but the weather can be quite tricky

This week I chose a setup that is super stabile so I have less chance to spin

therefore however I am losing some top speed.

and during the qualifying the whole field is super close. Here I am driving my final lap

and for my feeling is that I am driving a super fast lap and with only 1 corner left to go I am 1 tenth ahead of my previous lap

but suprisingly its only good enough for P17. I am shocked of the result

but after looking into it a bit I see im only 5tenth from 2nd place and 7th from 1st place

The whole field is super close and now you see how much difference a tenth or two makes onto your starting position.

Here we have the start and like last week im not getting away good enough because im having no grip.

In the meantime im directly being overtaken by JC on my right and toward the first corner im cautiously taking the outside corner

Meanwhile a Ferrari on the right side lost his car and therefore I gain 1 position

That means that right now Im back into P17

at the second corner everyone is bunched up together and im approaching the corner slowly but i did have to slam the brakes at the last moment because its a traffic jam

Right after the corner beefstew is on my right side with more grip and he passes me, therefore im now in P18

Directly after this 3rd corner, i have Spooks coming behind me and he is also overtaking me and therefore im now P19 and that is second last place.

Im feeling like im not even driving bad at all so from now on there is a lot of work to be done to make up for all of this.

Directly 2 laps later in round 3 im trying to regain my position on beefstew and it looks like i passed him, but im overshooting the corner by quite a bit

and now he is having the better inside line out of the corner and he has more grip and speed and therefore he will directly overtake me once again.

I decide to turn on all my extra ERS and i managed to get in his slipstream and it made the overtake super easy. Now I finally really did overtake him

Out of nowhere my engineer is telling me its starting to rain

Later in the race it will become hectic

2 laps later im sitting close behind JC and Spooks and those two overtook me in the first lap

They are quite busy with eachother and therefore JC is losing some speed and I directly take advantage from that.

Therefore Im now back into my 17th position. 1 Lap later im again super close to Spooks and im hoping to outbrake him here..

and I pulled it off, and now im in P16. In the meantime someone made a pit and now im into P15.

That position is unfortunately directly taken away from me because the Ferrari that spun on lap 1 easily passes me on his faster red tyres

At the right side of the upcoming corner you the the orange mclaren from the notorious Razor having some bad luck

and it seemed like he spun and that means another free position for me

BUT...........Razor and the already passed Spooks are right behind me battling, and they are going side by side while they are driving right behind me

and at the moment of braking, spooks brakes too late and hits me from behind and therefore i spin

I am not happy with this because I lose about 5 seconds and 3 positions because JC also overtakes me here

Luckily I do not have any damage so thats a relief. I am still super frustrated and I directly want to make up for my lost positions.

and quite fast im side by side again with JC and im passing him quite easily, which puts me back into P16 Next in the last 7 laps there have been 3 drivers that pitted which puts me into P1

I see yellow flags at the next corner and I see 2 cars parked into the wall which puts me into P11

I did gain a 3second time penalty into that last corner unfortunately.

At the same time 3 drivers pitted and therefore im in P8 but i directly got overtake by 1 of those pitted drivers, on his fresh tyres, which puts me back into P9

After that im directly getting overtaken again by 1 of the pitted drivers. Now you are starting to see that im losing my grip because it already started raining.

I hear caution and on the left side you see the notorious Razor and he spun because he couldnt handle the wet track.

Which puts me right into P8, while at the same time the first drivers are pitting for the inters.

and actually this raining is playing right into my hands, because if we all have to pit now because of this rain it means i will be in a nett 8th positions

and i wont be overtaken by all those people that pitted before me on the dry tyres

Right now I am quickly being overtaken by the Ferrari, and right now Ill ask my engineer whats up with the weather.

Listen to what he has to say

5 or 10 minutes of rain but he isnt sure whether the dry or the inters are quicker

The 3 guys in front of me decide to jump into the pits, meanwhile the rain keeps drizzling down

but its not heavy rain and its already going on for 5 laps and my dry tyres and handling it fine so I got a genius plan....

Maybe I should not pit at all.. and hope that this tyre would last and hopefully after 5 minutes it will be dry and I save myself another pit and therefore I could maybe score a podium!

I do have to survive the next 5 minutes and im starting to get less and less grip and meanwhile you you hear a lot of drivers saying that they are pitting.

We are approaching lap 21 and im getting overtaken for the first time by someone on inters and you see hes actually much faster than me.

At the same time I did overtake many drivers that were in the pits which puts me now into P4 !

and I really hope that the rains end quickly or else it could turn into a disaster.... while I am directly getting overtaken again by someone on inters

Now im into P5 and not much later im getting overtaken again and im P6.

and without having to fast forward the video im getting overtaken again and its Spooks which puts me into P7

again 1 lap later the Ferrari flies past me so P8, and on my left side the alpha tauri so P9

and also on this same straight we got the Williams on the right inside that also overtakes me and he puts me into P10

We are on our way to lap 23 and on the right side in the pits I see parralax that was running the same strategy as me and i noticed he decide to put on the dry slicks

and you see that the sky is sowly clearing up, but its not quite over yet..

I am still much slower and this time im being overtaken by beefstew which puts me in P10 and also the other Ferrari passes me with the inters..

and 2 corners later Loudhoward also passes me on the inters which means im in P12 now..

but its only drizzeling very light and i decide to pit this lap for those new tyres but right before im pitting im getting overtaken by the notorious Razor.

and he puts me back into P13 but finally I am entering the pits and to my surprise the notorious Razor is also pitting

I exit the pits as P17, but its looking like it was exactly the right moment to pit for the dry slicks and you hear everyone on the radio announcing that they are about to pit

On the new tyres im driving much quicker compared to the drivers on the inters. I am also passing the pitstraight where I pass 3 drivers which puts me into P14.

A bit further in the same lap I approach someone who i still driving on the inters and you see how much faster I am and I easily overtake him. I am now P13

I also pass 1 more driver again that still needed to pit for the dry tyre which puts me in P12

Now its time to finally make up the balance whether it all was worth it.. Before the rain started I was in P14

after the other drivers still pitted from their softs to the dry mediums I was driving in P8.

If i wouldve pitted in that moment for the inters when everyone else did I probably wouldve been P8 now but i made the wrong gamble.. and now im driving here as P12.. It couldve ended much worse if the rain didnt stop at all..

but luckily the rain stopped. At this moment I got Loudhoward behind me.

He is leading the drivers championship and he is one of the quickest drivers from the whole grid.

For the past 10 laps I have given it all trying to keep him behind me

but unfortunately in the 2nd last lap he will eventually overtake me..

There is only 1 corner left to go and I can see the finish and I have to settle with just a P13..

Thanks for watching the race!!! The rest is just a lot of jibber jabber about standings etc.. If you like the video please subscribe or watch the other races that are actually SPOKEN in ENGLISH.. THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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