Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Learning Time with Timmy courses for young children

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With Learning Time with Timmy

were looking to help children, first of all, be ready for primary school

with the English language that they need.

But more than that, get them ready for a future in a global world.

We want every child to fulfil their full potential

and so we give them a range of learning tools to do that.

Introducing English to learners aged between two and six

means that learning languages comes much more naturally to them.

Young children are born curious

and what weve done at the British Council

is that weve tapped into the natural curiosity.

The Learning Time with Timmy curriculum

is developed by our experienced specialists in

and English as an additional language

who also understand that every child

is unique in the way that they learn.

Aardman are a high profile

Oscar-winning British animation company

recognised all over the world

for their distinctive and family-friendly animation style.

We approached Aardman to partner with us

because Timmys stories are the perfect way

to bring our English teaching to life

and engage early learners.

We create a safe, happy and relaxed learning environment

set in Timmys world

where the learners feel uninhibited

and secure and relaxed

so that they can communicate without worry.

[My son] has been here for two years now

and hes got a good vocabulary for his age.

Hes able to understand us

when we talk to him in English

so its great

Our interactive and play-based approach

nurtures children's creativity, critical thinking

and self-confidence

while they learn English naturally

with good pronunciation.

We take inspiration from

the UKs Early Years Foundation Stage.

In the Learning Time with Timmy classroom

the children learn English in a very natural way

through activities such as stories,

songs, games, arts and crafts, videos, drama

and we set up very purposeful play activities

that engage them and help them to learn in a natural way.

[My daughter] starts to recognise all the colours.

She starts saying them in English,

saying somethingis blue, its red”.

She sings along to lots of songs

likeWheels on the BusandIncy Wincy Spider’.

She likes to play it out likeIncy Wincy Spider’.

She loves that sort of thing.

She didnt used to do that, now shes really starting to

she likes talking in English because its fun for her,

here at school.

Children arent afraid to make mistakes

and so they have this playful approach

to learning a language.

Some children may not even realise that theyre learning a language,

so thats another benefit.

When children are exposed to the sounds of English

from a very young age

a theres this window of opportunity

that they have to reproduce those sounds in a very authentic way.

I love Timmy!I love Timmy! Yeah!

I love Timmy!

Their happy memories of the experience

will help them to build a stronger foundation in English

and a positive attitude to learning.

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