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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Barbara vs The Old Man

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Aaron and I had this old guy in our apartment, and he has like a back problem, so he's always like hunched over

He's at like a 90 degree angle

Yeah and we're pretty sure

Aaron and I are sure that he's like a ghost haunting our apartment complex because he fucking pops out of nowhere

Do you have the time? *screams*

So this guy this old guy loves swimming in the pool

Wouldn't he drown if he was led over forward just walk backwards

What's wrong? / What's the time?

so like when you go to Aaron's apartment

you could see people coming out of the pool when you're going in the front door and so I saw him coming out of the

Pool so I kind of like waited to open the door for a bit cuz I wanted him to

Pass by do I have to talk to him and so I saw him pass by and I thought he left and so I opened

The door and I went into the elevator

And he's like "Hold the door" and I'm like "Fuck" and he gets in he's wearing a bathing suit

But it's hyped up into his ball sack

So I could basically see his entire like upper thigh and like maybe a hint of a penis popping out there / screw it

And he's just like dripping all over the elevator floor and it's like

It's not a very long elevator ride, so I like press the button. He presses his button and he goes oh

going up

and then about teh... / Ah he sounds like a sweet old dude

then about five seconds later. He goes almost there *Laughing*

The Description of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures - Barbara vs The Old Man