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- This is it.

- Uh oh.

- This is the one.


- Hello.

Welcome back to What's Inside?

I'm Lincoln and this is Dan

and today we have a basketball.

- A very smart basketball.

- It's very smart.

- Some would say the smartest basketball you've ever seen.

Somewhere inside of this ball

it's a Wilson X Smart basketball.

It has something in it that talks to your devices

that helps you learn how to play basketball better.

- It's smart.

- Lincoln really, really needs to learn how

to play basketball better.



- Guess so.

- He's a good ball player.

Let's see how the thing works

and then let's cut it open see what's inside of it

and then tell you more about it

because I think is gonna become something

that becomes just standard in our family

for Lincoln training.

- If we get another one after we cut this one open.

- We'll definitely need to get another one

and this is not a sponsored video.

This is just something that we thought was super cool

and it's like college basketball season

and NBA season right now.

This is Elijah Bryant,

this is Jenelle Bryant.

They have a channel called the EB&J.

- [Man] Boom shaka laka.

- I think this ball will be very useful just for

little kids who can see their actually really stats

of how many shots they've made for the workout so.

- [Dan] So let's test this thing out.

Have you ever used one of these before?

- Never have.

I've used Dr. Dish.

They actually put something in the annex that tracks

our shots.

It's similar to this but this is all inclusive to the ball

and the app.

- So Elijah plays basketball for BYU.

It's a college in Utah.

They are in the West Coast Conference.

I think you're what? 11 and three now at this point?

- [Elijah] 11, two.

- 11 and two. 11 and two.

Leading the West Coast Conference.

Play hasn't started in the conference yet.

Are you the leading scorer on the team?

- Uhhhh. I think so. Yeah.

16.3 or something like that.

- [Dan] Something close to that.

- Something like that.

- Maybe 16.25.

Kay, we're gonna do this.

Let's see how this ball works.

So the way that this one works

is it gives you 20 seconds on the clock

and so for every two point shot you make

you get a certain number of seconds

like five seconds added to it.

For every three pointer you make

you get like eight or nine seconds added to it.

And so you can just keep playing.

Like you could play this all day long but

your clock is gonna run out the more shots that you miss.

So you kind of got to keep making if you wanna keep going


- And then when you, I saw when you get the last 10 seconds,

you get more seconds if you make a shot.

- Ooohh. Okay. All right.

So when the pressure's on.

- And you're clutch.

- You get more seconds.

Let's give Lincoln a shot with this.

- Oh no.

(electronic music)

- This was kind of weird like Lincoln was shooting

from right here and it wasn't counting it after a while.

I wonder if it's...

- [Lincoln] Why didn't you tell me that?

- I'm just the camera man.

That's all.

Okay Lincoln wants one more shot at this.

That was his warmup round.

He made seven out of 18 shots.

He played for a minute and 21 seconds.

Let's see if you can get longer.

It's all about the time here.

(electronic music)




Oh it didn't count it.

Has to go in before.

Ooooooooooooh okay.

56 seconds.

Two for 11.


What? You feel like in your mind you made more than you did?

- Yeah.

- [Dan] Can you beat a minute and 21 seconds?

- We'll see what I can do.

I'm gonna shoot threes.

I'm gonna try to shoot all threes right now.

(hip hop beat)

- [Dan] Is this what he usually does just like all day

just makes it?

- Yeah. All day.

I'm the rebounder though.

- [Dan] Really?

- It's not that fun.


- [Dan] Well you've officially beat Lincoln so there's that.

There we go okay.

Let's just let it go from here.

Lincoln's tired.

He needs a drink.

He needs a nap after that.

All right how do you feel about your performance

as the clock goes down.

- It was good.

Started getting a little winded toward the end

started missing shots.

- [Dan] Blame it on your rebounder maybe.

- Yeah what was going on Lincoln?

- [Dan] You probably should shoot more threes in the games

'cause it seems like you're a higher percentage there.

- That's what I tend to do.

- I purposely wore jeans and long sleeved shirt

'cause I didn't wanna have to embarrass myself on camera.

So this probably won't even make the cut but after watching

Lincoln go three times and Elijah going

I gotta give it a shot.

This is just too fun.

How did I do?

Three minutes 38 seconds.


Says I only made four threes.

- So it probably missed about four shots

and it gave you some shots as well when it hit the rim.

- It shows that you made some when you didn't

and then when you make some sometimes it doesn't give

you credit.

If you swish it straight through and it hits the ground

a lot of time it doesn't think that it went through

so if you can hit the rim and have it drop down

or if you swish it and it spins in the net a little bit

I think it's good.


I'm out of breath.

Lincoln you need to do it one more time because

you can't have your dad beat you.

(circus music)

Look at those numbers.

(buzzer buzzing)


How are you feeling buddy?

How many shots do you think you took?

- Hundred.

- [Dan] You made 40 shots out of 100.

What percentage do you think that is?

- 40%.


- Oh dang.

I tried to trick him with some dorky dad math.

It didn't work.

Yeah to be fair to Elijah we made Elijah stop.

If we had Elijah go he'd probably go for like an hour

and he's got practice later today

so we don't want to hurt him too much.

He's got big game coming up.

Jenelle thinks that the actual chip is right here

in this spot and it makes sense because on the other side

there's the air side of it

even though it has the Bluetooth logo.

But this is where it must be.

This is it.

- Uh oh.

- This is the one.


I've always wanted to do that.

Dang that went right through it.

Just to be careful.

I'm gonna do it to myself away from you guys a little bit.

I'm going straight for the circle.

I hope that's where the technology is

and Wilson if you're watching this

you are more than welcome to send us another ball.

- You want a kid's ball or a real-size ball?

- No, real-size.

- Real-size.

- Real-size.

(ball dropping)

- Okay.

We got it.

Look at this hole in the ball.

Here we go.

You get one shot to make it

with a flat ball that has a hole in it.

Can he do it?


Look at that thing.

All right this it?

You think that's it?

- It has to be.

- [Dan] We still don't know much more.

When I was throwing this up earlier the ball

it felt like it was a little bit lopsided.

It seems like that's heavy enough to make it wobble.

- Wobble, wobble.

- I don't know when it moves.

Something about it vibrating, I don't know.

- [Dan] Looks like we have more,

I have more work to do here.

(hip hop beat)

Oh yes.

What's inside of this sensor that's inside

the Wilson X ball?


- Is...

- Wait is it liquid?

- Oh it's a battery.

- It's having a baby.



- Is that?

- Ew, it's slimy.

- I'm not touching that.

- [Elijah] I wonder if it moves inside that little capsule.

- [Dan] When the ball spins it can sense the rotation of it.

That is interesting and on this top side it looks like

that's the battery like right there.

- [Elijah] Yeah.

- [Dan] It's gotta have something to get that RFID chip.

- [Elijah] So does it ever die?

- [Dan] I don't know.

- I don't wanna touch it.

- [Dan] Touch it. It's not bad.

(battery dropping on floor)

Does it sense it?

It doesn't sense it.

Try it again. Oh no it's ready.

- [Elijah] Uh oh.

- Oh no way.

- [Dan] What he made it?

- Yeah.

- Yeah but it doesn't know

because it's zero for two yep.

Okay so there's a science to it.

It's not just the chip.

The way that it spins, the way that it talks.

It has something to do with it.

(smacking battery)

What happened?


I split the thing.

Well I just chopped the battery out of it.

That's a pretty heavy duty battery.

Will that run out of battery?

It could.

This is all the technology inside of it

with the motherboard, the chip's inside.

- [Lincoln] You can definitely see the chip.

That's the main chip that makes the ball be cool.

- [Dan] The ball be cool?

- Cooler than other balls.


- [Dan] There's nothing else that's inside of this

plastic part right here.

- [Lincoln] Just a bunch of gooey stuff.

- Just a bunch of gooey, slimy stuff.

So it was nice to have our basketball expert friend

with us and his wife Jenelle from EB&J.

They just hit 2,000 subscribers.

Can we get them to 10,000 subscribers in the next week?

- So right now, right now everyone go and subscribe to them.

Do it right now.

- Watch the video that's on their channel.

We'll link it and make sure you subscribe while

you're watching the video and ring that bell.

Let's see if we can get it to 10,000.

- Let's do it.

- You just need to get a bell.

You need to ring the bell?

- A cowbell?

- A cowbell.

So someone needs to get a bell,

like a...

- Cowbell.

- I'm losing you bud.

We have a little surprise for you that watched

that are true friends that watched the full video.

We all signed it.

Lincoln, me, Elijah, Jenelle.

This was the ball that was cut open.

You can't really play ball with it but

if you would like to have this

we're gonna give it away to somebody.

We'll put the link in the description.

Also go watch Elijah and Jenelle's video

and they'll have more information in there on it

but if you want this broken basketball

it's yours.

Just do the steps below.

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