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welcome to ghetto TV with these three a sleuth and my real geez watching GTV and

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nigga you know upon you too bitch man this video right here some notes it's

going shock y'all some of y'all gonna be hurt at the tree cuz I got a master list

of celebrities rappers and companies that still following Takashi 6-9 to this

date as of right now still following them gangster rappers people they even

distant cadonia snitch 9 and all of that campaign but it's still following them I

don't know what to make of that other than it's a double standard

maybe they try and get in good with him when he get out of jail the song I don't

know but I was on Instagram and I was shocked to see it so without further ado

I'm gonna go ahead and share this list with child y'all gonna be surprised all

the people that your ceiling is this I'm put out a disclaimer before I drop this

this I'm personally gonna give a pass to all of the females cuz they probably

wanna fuck him or whatever you know and I'm sayin and companies you know what

I'm saying but with the net you know what I'm sayin these rappers they don't

get no pass other than DMS you know I'm saying he one of my all-time favorite

rappers and he's still follow to kasi 6:9 but damn X ain't no internet nigga

you know what I'm saying so we're gonna give him a pass and we're gonna get a

female as a pastor probably wanna fuck them so let's go ahead and get to this

list and if you doubt me and you doubt my credibility just go to Takashi's 69

page go to as follows and type in any name that I listed on here

and it's going so well so let's get to this list my geez some of these people I

do know some of these people I don't know y'all probably know these people so

here we go Shay Johnson bella thorne lala Mealing Lucy's yeah biggie smalls

little cousin Lord sees is still following Takashi 69 you got DJ Duffy

juice world oh and also we're gonna give a pass to bloggers - you know what I'm

saying they get a pass - cuz they got blog and cover stuff so relatable art

ball he do hip hop commentary like me so he got a past guilty the kid he a

gangster what is he doing following them Rob Evans success ready he's the

president of A&R some record cut Atlantic Records I believe then you got

Donna Marie Sean John the company power 105.1 DJ

Clue DJ spin king boys hurt from cash money and he went to jail for like ten

years Rene Grisanti oh who was that laws and

yet Louis am following them he ain't no street cat so you know he'd

get a pass you got carnage DJ drama the shave room smack white that smack that

do the Lord URL jane boolittle right leave or whatever smack dvds he

following them the rocks following them cash - er Nick Cannon DJ I could dim it

- bro - yes he do hip hop commentary just like these academics Joseph Harwood

legendary Snoop Dogg billboard hip hop you got techno official cartel Juicy J

Funk Flex kid ink French Montana

Lou got cash there's a lot of people following

Takashi 6:9 we ain't even halfway through the list I'm telling you this

this is gonna hurt your heart these people ain't living what they

talking about you got P we long wait he following

Takashi some Spanish dude named Mario also angie martinez following them

lynnie grant which is uncle murder

g-unit uncle murder the one that just recently ditched to Kashi six nine he's

still following him that makes you think like with the dis rail was he trolling

when he's just trying to get some hits some clicks some listens

cuz I don't know anybody that beef with somebody especially a rent it still

following him does that's wild you got Logan Paul you got Jimmy boy which is a

street jeweler and Lucy Lucy badass he's a lot of our favorite rapper and I was

surprised to see that he's father went to Kashi six nine still he's been on

vlad TV interviews talking about how he's snitching and stuff called him a

lord double oh you got HipHopDX eating up david efficient WorldStarHipHop

catchy DMX he gets a pass when you ain't gonna

tell me nothing about dear max I know hang on the internet like that damn X

move a different type of wait you got kid Capri you got suede suede Calloway

sway in the morning you got kid the great DJ a holiday a one Bentley

you got slim Jimmy from Ray Sherman still following them with Khalifa

Hollywood unlocked 24 hours Johnny dango and company also

Nicki Minaj is falling like Nicki Minaj I mean you know we only might have to

pull her street car because it should be rockin

rapist and Takashi 69 I don't know she giving them a box so what but she

supposed being Street right but this ain't supposed to go down like this like

these names on this list is crazy let's continue this list you got little mama

Chico Braxton Jazze PHA who's that a boogie with the hoodie he's still

following them Jermaine Dupri no jumper that spanish do and your oh my goodness

you got compton menace the gangster rapper himself compton minutes is still

falling you got DJ envy bt u--'s it DOM is live

news Tarzan Adrien Broner can rebel Britney Renner the real Swizz Beatz o

Swizzy come on Swiss you got Jake Paul ksi DJ self

chocolate goddess whoever that is you also got Winnie Harlow Cory Smith

which is mr. serve on from No Limit he following them 50 cent still following

them like 50 Rudd um that's not a good look for you v arsenal to rebel which is

a battle rapper I don't know why he's still following and I don't know why

half these people still falling you got ski master slump God ray Jay

King imprint DJ Paul from three 6 mafia you got the sauce also you got gangsta

rapper trapped rapper Waka Flocka Flame following them teairra Marie little flip

La La Anthony Carmelo Anthony's wife she following

Anthony Flay media type of name is that honey you know you got the CEO of seer

glam shop some person named one little key killer key on island def jam music

record label Lord scrappy Tiger Tiger Tigers following Takashi six nine that's

crazy you got easy money sniper 35 delicious

from uh what was that uh what was that show she was on with Flavor Flav the

love of flavor flavor what I was she she following them that you got that pissed

and Gary Owens man is crazy I told you want you'll be surprised was on that

list I know some of y'all I feel betrayed like a lot of these people went

hard on Takashi six nine but they still following them I wonder why but if you

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