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This sucks. I try to stick to the racing line, but it drifts.

That's not safe.

Just kidding. Sorry.

The BMW M4 needs and doesn't need an intro.

It's the M3's successor. The BMW 4-Series is the 3-Series coupe.

Better aerodynamics, good for marketing, etc. Fantastic.

There's been a lot of changes.

Most important is the engine. We're back at the 3-liter straight-6.

The previous 4 BMW M3s had naturally aspirated engines.

This is the first real M with a turbo engine. Two turbos, even.

It has a big advantage: a lot more torque. Up to 40% more, depending on rpm.

406 ft lb torque over the entire range, which is nice for cruising.

It'll go when you hit the gas in 5th or 6th gear.

It's less racey, though. The M3s rewarded you with ultimate power at high revs.

A great sound and the feeling you could hit the track for DTM any time.

The performance is great. It's faster than the previous M3.

0-62 mph takes 4.1 seconds if you manage to use launch control.

That doesn't always work when you want it to.

Then there's the smokey burnout function, which does the same as launch control.

If you try to use launch control, sometimes it does the smokey burnout.

What does that mean?

The top speed is limited to 155 mph, after German fashion.

With the M Driver's Package for some extra euros, you get to do 174 mph.

The 435 hp aren't a big upgrade compared to the V8 from the previous M3.

However, the extra torque makes it easier to drive.

Nice thing is, it has become 176 pounds lighter than its successor.

And, the M4 is faster at Portimao, for example. -4.5 seconds on that track, which is a lot.

There'll be a manual transmission with automated rev matching.

When you shift back, it'll match the rpm for a smooth transition.

We're driving a version with DCT (double-clutch).

We can set 5 things: transmission, steering, throttle, chassis, DSB.

That's a lot. Luckily, the wheel has 2 buttons: M1 and M2.

With the previous M3 I said they should be called M and P: mama and papa.

In "mama" it'll be comfortable and efficient with start-stop.

In M2 or "papa" ESP goes to 50%, everything in maximum attack mode.

That's nice. BMW did that perfectly.

Make the car do what you want with buttons, or use "papa" to shred some rear tires.

ESP can be switched off, so this happens.

Indeed, it'll drift. In M Dynamic mode it'll help a little.

There's some oversteer, but no epic drifts and smoke curtains.

That's nice on public roads, a safety net to help when it gets too exciting.

What is less well done? The sound.

When driving it could've been a 330d. It sounds like a diesel sometimes.

That's because the M Performance diesels have speakers to beautify the sound.

It sounds the same. Only at high rpm you'll hear the M3 and M4 has a 6-cylinder.

The red line starts at 7,400 rpm, which is a lot for a turbo engine.

That aside. The sound will never give you goose bumps.

The handling is sublime. You can drift it, but don't have to.

Finding its limits on the public road won't make the rear twitchy.

You feel it's RWD; no torque steer on the front wheels.

The balance is great. The ceramic brakes work really well.

There hasn't been a moment in which it got scary, overheating the brakes.

It just works great. Then there's the price.

The M3 sedan is 104,000 euros, the M4 coupe is 105,000 euros.

Is that a lot of money? Yes, it is. Too much? Look at the competition.

The competition finds it a tough one. There's the Audi RS5, which is older.

More expensive, I think. The Mercedes C63--

There's a new C-Class, so we'll have to wait for a new AMG.

BMW is free in this segment to attract all the customers.

It's a brilliant car.

The biggest disadvantage is the sound doesn't give me goose bumps.

I'll save some money for extra rear tires and smoke 'm.

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