Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Liverpool goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher sets sights on replacing Alisson Becker as number one.

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Reporter: "I suppose this has come at

a good time with Alisson

possibly coming back late from international duty.

Is that on your mind?"

Kelleher: "I think no, just at the minute

it's been

obviously on the game against Qatar.

Tomorrow is the main focus.

But if I do play at the weekend, that's

like I say, it's good to get a game

in before that as well.

But the main focus is

against Qatar tomorrow."

Reporter: "What's it like every day

in training coming up

against the quality in

attackers they have?

At the elite level of football,

there's a lot that actually does for you

and obviously Alison as well."

Kelleher: "Yeah, and obviously, like I say,

it's quite

a high level, obviously.

So for me, everyday,

I just want to go in

and try to learn from that

and try to better myself.

It's obviously great to be in and around that,

to learn from that

I think brings quite a lot to me

and improves me quite a lot.

So now I'm so happy to be going in there

to be training with players

of such a high quality."

Reporter: "When you see Mo Salah score

the kind of goal he scored the

previous weekend,

what's it like

going up against that in training

and how does that improve you as a keeper?"

Kelleher: "Yeah, like I said,

I think they're some of the best

players in the world that you're training with,

so it's only going to improve you

as a player as well to train

with that kind of level.

So it's helped me a lot.

And I'm just looking forward

to training every day

with that and trying to improve

and get some games."

Reporter: "Over the years you said that was your ambition,

to be Liverpool's number one goalkeeper.

Do you still see that as

that pathway developing?"

Kelleher: "Yeah, I think certainly.

I think there's no point being somewhere

and not thinking

you can be number one.

And I think

you have to have

that mentality and want to

push on and be number one.


if I get a chance, I'll take it.

But I'm just trying to take it

day by day at the minute

and when I do get games

for Liverpool,

to put in good performances.

And show that I'm capable of that level.

And just trying

to kind of keep consistent

and keep pushing on.

Hopefully one day

I get to that level."

Reporter: "Have you had this conversation

with Liverpool about

maybe trying to go out on loan,

you know, to get some game time,

and is that something you would like?"

Kelleher: "I think it's been a

different situation for me,

I think, like Liverpool

want me to stay as number two

this season, and

it's a good position to be in.

I think hopefully there's a chance

I'll play some games

and get opportunities

to play at a high level,

and if I do, to play well.

But if I do need have that conversation,

about playing more games,

then I'll have it but at the minute,

I think, I'm in a good position

and happy where I am."

Kelleher: "Yeah, I'm not sure.

I mean, I think like I said, I'm

quite focussed on myself.

What I do, I think I'm

quite happy at the minute.

The time does come that

I feel I need to go out,

then I'll have a look at it.

But at the moment, I'm

quite comfortable

where I am and I'm happy."

Reporter: "Do you regret not going out on loan

at all? What's your viewpoint?"

Kelleher: "Yeah, I think I don't regret anything.

I don't.

Completely different.

Everyone's different individually,

have different journeys or whatever.

I think the way my career has gone,

the way Gavin Bazunu's gone, has been

completely different.

So I don't have any regrets.

Could I have done stuff different?

No, I've done everything

the way I wanted to do,

and I'm quite happy

the way it's turned out at the minute."

Reporter: "Stephen Kenny spoke to us before,

about the prospect of possibly

going on loan to Holland

before a couple of team-mates

got injured. How close was that?"

Kelleher: "Yes, quite close.

I think maybe if,

like you say,

some injuries hadn't happened or whatever, I

maybe would have gone but

a few injuries happened.

So then I wasn't able to go."

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