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Welcome to ViniloEnfermos. I salute you finally from my new house and I'm here

setting the corner but I don't know if it's going to be definitely in this room or

not but well, here we have turntables in boxes and records more or

less in place. I will probably have to move it somewhere else

Still I have decided to advance this video because as you see here in the background ... Do you see there?

There I have three albums that I just bought this morning in the new store

They have opened in the nearest town. So ... Let me tell you about it

Yes, as I was saying, this morning, I missed a turn in El Boalo a town in

Comunidad De Madrid that is close to Where I live, very close. Well, I have

found with surprise that there is a new used vinyl and book store

so I've almost skidded At the door with my car. I got inside.

I've been talking to the girl called Lucia,very nice and has offered me to

to make a report for the channel about the store so soon I will show you

So in the short time I've been there, I found the Rock And Roll

of Elvis Spanish edition with all The translated titles. You see it

Perro de Caza and others. I have also found first Spanish release of Axis As Bold

by The Jimi Hendrix Experience and it is a first edition of those in which vinyl comes out

from above. The cover is a bit damaged, but it's OK.

Do you see?

And the last one is an album that I already have

But I bought another copy, it was a good price too.

And I have beenyou offered much more than that for this record

which is a record from his early years in the 60's and you see how young he is

and a little jewel to have that is in perfect condition

and I'll just leave it here

this has been a short improvised video

I just couldn't stand the thrill of having

found a record shop next door, just five minutes driving from my house

So I'm going to dig it properly and I will show it in a future video

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My new friends having tea here with me

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