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Thursday February 6 anyone want to talk about a groundhog apparently something

happened with the groundhog okay first out of the gate this morning we are

gonna stand for the pledge and after that I would ask that if you would join

us we're gonna have a moment of silence to allow all those personally to do and

think about what is going on a couple things I want to remind you of we had a

very very serious accident in Carroll County

at another one of those infamous intersections that we can continue to

see problems at 31 in Medford I actually was at an event with the superintendent

of schools when that was going on and our first responders and our law

enforcement saw what I have seen for many many years and that is just a

serious critical amount of trauma so it affects you and so I ask that you keep

all of those that were on that scene in your thoughts and again right next door

as we continue our regional approach to reach out to her neighbors we had a

problem in Anne Arundel County last night where two police officers were

shot one of them is in critical condition at Shock Trauma I reached out

to County Executive Stewart Pittman this morning and had a brief conversation

with him and we need to keep all of those folks as well in our thoughts

so with that will rise for the pledge

thank you

all right it's good to be back there's a lot of stuff going around school system

you want to elaborate on that I've got a school nurse that I live with it's been

down for four days now there's just a ton of stuff going around and I got a

little touch of that last week so here's my public safety that happens on

occasion even if I'm not sick so here's my public safety message for today wash

your hands you know you can really you can really combat this by just merely

doing that and I've been fist bumping a lot of folks lately that handshaking

thing I don't know Steve you and I were an event the other night and where were

we shaking hands you know what the first thing is I did before I left there yeah

I jumped in the sink so anyway took a bath in the sink anyway

just if there's my public safety message for the day it's also a Black History

Month and I encourage everyone to take advantage of all the activities and all

of the things that are that are going on in Carroll that honors that and we do

have many of them and not only in Carroll but in our surrounding

jurisdictions so be mindful of that and certainly take advantage of the

educational opportunities associated with that and I know our school system

does a good bit of that as well let's do priority Carroll and then we'll

jump right for the school system kissing these folks probably got to get back to

work so Commissioner Boucher we'll do our

personal and then I'll let you do the other Thank You thanks for being here

today this week I had the honor of touring the Carroll tourism center here

in town I had another tour and actually when I wanted a building where City Hall

is I've seen councilman Dennis Frazier's and they multiply we're very fortunate

to have a tourists system set up in the county which welcomes people from other

jurisdictions into or go ahead and get use of to where

community and familiar with it so it's a great asset I like to think BA nice

table and in Cox for giving me the tour and we went and had lunch at the rock

salt had a wonderful date with them and on Tuesday I seen on our agenda today

we're having force reforest raishin program set up in Gil's Falls which is

very close to my home so I took an interest in that I contacted Chris Hein

and by that afternoon he had me out on site going hiking with my boots on

looking at where we're planting trees we have a tremendous staff and I'm very

grateful to everyone in the resource management for taking a time to get me

out there and seeing what we're actually doing also Commissioner of wayne's

mentioned the axle in the intersection of 31 in Medford Road that's in my

district it's a big concern I was receiving notices that that night about

that accident how one individual said they've known six people had died on

that roads that are very much concerned the sheriff briefed me on the situation

what happened and also advised me for the citizens out there watching and

listening that we will increase air presence through law enforcement to

bring the traffic down to a lower speed plus all the parties involved are going

to review and analyze that area and make recommendations of how we can make it

safer maybe a flashing light I don't know what all particulars are that's not

my expertise but I want to community know that rest assured that we will take

care of this and try to eliminate those deaths from half and then get on that

road thank you very much to all of our law enforcement partners just

I also a few complaints and accidents in certain state highways and she said

we've asked the State Highway to evaluate and help us make those

intersections safer for people one at 140 in Sandy mount road is a dangerous

intersection a lot of accidents in there and this past week that has been greater

than most I guess as far as accidents but state highway is really trying to

help help those areas I just want to say let's see the school system here today

Monday I do have a tour with some of the members of the school system looking at

the technologies the higher end technologies associated with agriculture

and I do appreciate their willingness to look at the aspects where we're heading

and then next 10 years or 20 years so thank you I guess we have a common theme

deal with these intersections and state highway and MDOT is definitely our

partner in trying to come to better solutions but while we're doing that the

input that I received from them along with our law enforcement is if you see

something say something on intersections and on roads because

what's happening is when I bring up an intersection to State Highway and they

say and they show me all of the accidents that happen they are very

small numbers compared to what actually is happening because people drive away

they exchange insurance cars whatever and then they move out of that

intersection so they don't highlight all of the activity that's happening in some

of those challenged intersections down Mayer and across the board across the

county if you see something say something just see speeding if you see a

rack behavior you know I'm sure the police are very open to saying please

call us and let us know so then they can put attention to those intersections and

those um those roads completely different note a few of us attended the


Saturday it was a wonderful event it was a packed event very good food from from

laboratories and from Gina Bird desserts but most importantly the community

coming together once again rallying to support a very wonderful organization

with the CC ysb and how they're taking care of our community contain take care

of our community so we did get in a little bit of a issue on Saturday night

there with that with our shadowing a commissioner for that day

well we did and we offered the auctioning off somebody to buy the

chance to shadow a commissioner for the day and lunch with us in the sheriff so

it went for $700 I believe and somebody paying for that yeah they wanted to be

here with us so we made so we made a few extra dollars for the Youth Service

Bureau let them take a tour next time you have a tour it includes once at rock

salt let me know please all right say last night I was honored to administer

the oath of office to the new officers at the Westminster Fire Department first

time with the batsman to do that I came and it would and I'm surprised it was

like 20 different officers there that they take youth so remember all these

people are volunteers and then they step up and they do additional work there it

you know taking whatever the I sure you know Commissioner Wentz whatever the

jobs that they have to do it is officers for the fire departments but it's just

it was tremendous honor to do that because these people has faced a fact

besides the Sheriff's Department in the local police departments you know make

this County the safest county state of Maryland it's not just the police it's

also fire and EMS services so thank you very much for what you do and thank you

for inviting me to minister the earth of office

alright couple good things for me I want to thank all of those that were involved

in an unfortunate incident that we here at the county office building on

Monday I'm not gonna get into the details about what occurred there

because I'd get on my rant and raving about the silliness that this world is

experiencing now when it comes to politics that's the way I'm gonna stop

but unfortunately as it always typically is the the person that was was targeted

was not a person that even got close to becoming involved in the incident

there's one of our employees and it's just ridiculous so my point is to thank

law enforcement and Oh Brandon you were involved and Dave you were Steve here

yeah there's Dave stop sitting right in front of me Dave there was a lot of our

law enforcement a lot of our fire department personnel and EMS and we also

received mutual aid from Baltimore County as they brought a hazardous

materials unit up here to deal with the absurdity so thank you all and

thankfully it turned out in a positive way Superintendent of Schools this year

today dr. Locker it's an honor to have you here today and

he and I attended an event the other evening the Kiwanis Club honors student

of the month and and it was a packed house at the Best Western and we shook a

lot of hands and more importantly we heard some stories about some amazing

students that we have in the county school system and take that a step

further and they're amazing because of the folks that are in our schools that

are teaching our amazing students and today we're going to pay tribute to

those that the council those students as well so that was a great event I want to

thank the Kiwanis Club and if you get a chance to go to that is that sort of a

that's a regular event that they have take advantage of that

because and if we hear some fantastic stories about wonderful young people and

then yesterday I was honored to be in the chamber to hear the governor give

the State of the State address and it's always an honor to represent local

government in that chamber and I think I don't need to go on about town myself

and the rest of my colleagues feel about our governor and tremendous things that

have occurred as a result of him being an office down there this being his

sixth year now so it's it was a it was a great it was a great State of the State

address and we look forward to working with he and his cabinet and I hope with

most of them yesterday as we continue to move through 2020 and I can assure you

that no one tore up his speech when he was finished commissioner Boucher yes

sir I'd be remiss if I didn't also introduce and we have three of our

school board members in attendance with us today as well the president Donna

Sevigny is here and also Tara Battaglia and Marsha Herbert folks thank you for

being here as well and we appreciate the collaboration that we have with you as

we continue to move forward in a positive manner to ensure that our

school system remains number one in the state like everything else here in

Carroll Commissioner Boucher thank you sir before I address the issue of the

school and recognizing their hard work accomplishments West State captain

Sowell's in here today and last week I gave him recognition for giving me a

tour to detention center and I was worried now if I slaughtered his name

he'd do something to me now he shows up for these officers all right one two

good things I'd give recognition to a couple of women who work for the school

system I was reading the newspaper and seen an article written on them on a

service or providing for the county school system which is a big help the

students or a faced with the impact and negativity you've not only the opioid

epidemic but the mental health issues and this is moved for front and Tara

perception of how we're teaching and educating their children after all a

child can't go to school and learn his bath and reading if he's worried about a

parent who's overdose a night before and all the other trauma that goes with it

so the resources that you two are applying to our school system help these

children deserves recognition that's why you're here today

certificate of appreciation this certificate is awarded to Kathleen

McCormack and Kristen KB congratulations on receiving the Maryland high school

counselor a year award from the Maryland school counselor Association school

counselors are vital resource for students parents and teachers providing

academic and emotional support and guidance it is an honor to have

professionals like you who are devoted to their careers advocating for students

and Carroll County Public Schools thank you very much before we do that

Superintendent of Schools here and dr. Locker the floor is yours sir yeah thank

you well thank you very much good morning commissioners thank you so much

for having us and recognizing our outstanding employees in this case our

outstanding counselors you know state of Maryland the counselors Association that

you mentioned Commissioner Boucher recognizes three counselors of the year

elementary middle and high we happen to have two of the three you recognized in

the entire state of Maryland so that speaks alone you referenced a little bit

of the work that happens by our counselors hmm it's incredible the gamut

from supporting students whether that's mental health issues with classes and

scheduling supporting teachers families you name it it's sort of a many hats

that are worn to support and I had the the honor to go over and visit both of

these outstanding folks at their schools and and and just listening to this the

students provide some feedback about what these counselors mean to them and

the impact they have on them was that's all we needed to hear

we appreciate the recognition we know the outstanding things that are

happening through our counselors and are very very like I said honored to be able

to be here today to recognize these outstanding folks thank you thank you

doctor Locker president School Board I really want to

thank you for having us here today and to recognize these two wonderful ladies

for the amazing job that they've done for many years and so glad just to see

the recognition you know we've we've made it a strategic plan focus on the

the school board side and I think the benefits of that or you you are seeing

the benefits of that you're you've provided us a lot of support in that

regard and being here today and really recognizing the fruits of the labor and

and the efforts that they put in is just amazing so thank you for having us here

today we appreciate the recognition and look

forward to our collaborative efforts with you going forward thank you and

finally ladies let's let's we'd like to hear from you too as well that's usually

prior in private they talk the world recognize and to focus on the work that

school counselors across our County are doing miss clinger has been an amazing

mentor I know to me the last years that I've been a school counselor previously

working as an elementary teacher people taking focus and you know honing in on

what we do as school counselors and how we're helping families and students

means a lot to us for you guys to recognize that I would also like to

thank the commissioners and the school board dr. Lockhart and Miss clinger and

all of the teachers staff faculty assistants in our school

because we are one you know one or two or three suit personnel in the school so

we appreciate the support of our community and the people within our

school to help us meet the needs of our students I just want to say I don't

think you can give a job description to a counselor anything come everything and

anything comes your way and I tell you good counselors worth their weight in

gold so thank you thanks Lex I appreciate everything counselors do some

people are probably worried I've taught for 40 years and I appreciate all the

heads-up that you get from the counselors because you know you have

students coming into your classes and they might have some baggage some home

something happens in life before something and you get the heads up in

the counselors so we're extra aware of what's going on with that particular

student and that really means a lot to teachers in the classroom thank you for

everything you know and for me people know I'm very proud of my family family

means a lot my children are doing wonderful continue on with schools

they're a product of our public education here in in this community and

a large part of that is due to you and the counselors that not just are there

for academics but making these children into young adults which takes a whole

team effort of teachers and athletics the coaches and also the counselor so

you are definitely a critical part of the team and molding our young children

into young adults and then future leaders of our community so thank you

we're going to have a photo op so I think the five of us will stay up here

because I'd like to get everyone that's here today associated with them to be up

here so you guys keep them up here

you're welcome to stay for the alright mr. Fowler I know I know Mike that you

are just giddy with excitement about getting right back down to Annapolis as

quickly as you can so without further ado sir yes that's

why I have a short report and I always always start with the good news right so

so some of the big news in the past week since I've seen you

the legislature did their veto overrides they over four bills three most

prominent were the ban the Box bill the repeal the state handgun permit review

board that was vetoed and the expansion of the DREAM Act

so his veto of that so those three are moving forward and of course yesterday

we had the State of the State address as she mentioned the governor began with a

strong note of bipartisanship noting that what was happening in in Washington

and basically used the time to outline his legislative package retiree tax

relief school construction education spending accountability his

transportation priorities addressing crumbling infrastructure the

improvements in Howard Street Tunnel to allow double stacking of trains coming

out of the port the environment strengthening emission regulations

improvements to bay quality and of course the EPA and Pennsylvania suit

over pollutants into the Susquehanna also talked about redistricting Maryland

being the most gerrymandered state in the nation

he has a very strong crime bill as you know addressing violent offenders

witness intimidation he wants to make the judges more accountable in their

sentencing or create more transparency in their sentencing and then he wrapped

it up with another emphasis on the bipartisan nature of how we operate in

Maryland and we really don't want to to imitate our neighbors to the to the

south so as far as legislation goes of course with the again the theme of the

session being education funding a lot of tax legislation continuing to flow

interestingly there's still a lot of subtraction modification bills being put

forward again Meiko as a general policy as opposed to subtraction modifications

because the the way our tax structure is with the piggyback tax that affects you

as well and so this is something that you have no say in so the the the effort

of Meiko is to try to change these into tax credits and that way if if a county

wants to enact the same benefit they can

so the the focus so far appears to be primarily on retirees and veterans and I

know Commissioner Rothschild has some strong

opinions on

Rothstein's yes and now we're down to four all right well it's been fun we've

all brought machine yeah and I know stop for a moment here because I know you

were pretty vocal in yesterday's Mako meeting which was good because actually

to have a colleague sort of change for me but it was it was the the the

argument or the the challenge let's say the challenge that you brought up was

the fact that on this theme of tax credits and and the continuing way in

which we're seeing these things come across our desks they're good and

there's no intent here to try to to try to to disrespect those that are that

that would we would like to give tax credits for the problem from Mako is you

know where does it stop because while we certainly want to support our veterans

and give them all the tax credits that they deserve oh by the way we've got

police officers we've got firefighters we've got

paramedics we've got teachers and where does it stop to the point where we would

be exhausted with the revenue because it would take a huge hit on local

government so the Meiko effort has always been to look out for that until

the state that look we agree we think that you should be doing this but do it

at the state level and don't put it on the backs of your counties

I want to commend you ed because you you stood up for the veterans yesterday and

you had a little help in there because there's quite a few veterans that

circles make oh let's sleep committee quite a few firefighters too it's

interesting that we have that that mixed down there this year but you made some

very valid points and it it garnered a huge discussion down here so I want to

commend you for that it's a couple quick points cuz I'm not done yet about having

this conversation although we don't like to I guess use the word quid pro quo

anymore however and in that in mind Maryland has

been the recipient of an extreme uptick from our federal government in deal with

the military the Base Realignment closure programs on the last one that

just finished in 2011 Maryland was a massive gainer in that for me receiving

5500 folks major command from Jersey coming down to

Aberdeen Proving Grounds the point about this is is that this is going this

increase of our military presence in Maryland is going to increase the number

of veterans that will reside in Maryland and because it's a choice

somebody's either gonna go back home to where they started go to a place where

they were very comfortable or stay in the last place that they were in the

military and that's a large part so with that said for us to retain that

community that veteran community we should be looking at incentives and

that's what our governor is asking us to do and he's you know been pushing on

that it so so with that in mind we just have to look at how are we going to

retain our veteran community and specifically our retired veteran

community here in Maryland that are given a lot of other choices by dozens

of states where taxes are exempt on our pension

and people are leaving because of that so that's the argument that needs to be

made it's an education to the legislators and tomato on the impact of

our military community and its rise here in Maryland and if we do not embrace it

then it's gonna be very tough for us to continue to to increase that debt

presence that's the education I was others were trying to educate me on

taxes I said I got that part but let me educate John what's happening within the

military over the last 20 years and specifically the last base realignment

closure that Marilyn was a massive gainer so yeah and there is and and you

know to that that information that you just shared with us that's the perfect

the perfect message that our legislators need to hear exactly the Democratic

legislation specifically because there is just and Mike you can back me up on

this you're down there every day we're only down there a day or two a week the

mindset is if there's anything tax break wise we're not interested we're just not

in don't talk to us right now we we don't want to hear it so that

message would be any I would suggest it that you you sign up to testify when

these things come up and I don't know when the dates are we'd have to get you

down there specifically but because of your background and what you have lived

you'd be the perfect person to sit on the other side of that and tell them

exactly what they need to hear whether it would make a difference or not I

don't know but maybe well put they don't okay yeah maybe there's there's my

suggestion for for my sake appreciate you bring this up now Mary grace we can

also talk about this because the community needs to continue to

understand the impact okay but again from a maiko standpoint and you got it

you know I'm always putting on 14 different hats when I'm down there

cuz I bring up fire for tax breaks and I've got my firefighter hat on I'm like

absolutely go oh but wait if we do that where are we gonna make up the revenue

that we're gonna learn as a result of that here in the county right and I can

give you a three-letter word that's where we make it up and I'm not sure

there's a stomach for that so it's tough when you're balancing and putting on the

different hats down here it is and and and of course Mako has the same issue

with counties with different perspectives and try to balance that

perspective and get it into one cohesive coherent message so but but yes clearly

the governor made some of those similar points when it came to retirees they

want to keep retirees in the state but they're they're fleeing to low tax

states so that the digital advertising tax I mentioned that breather fee - yeah

I just wanted to recount what I heard in the in the hearing because I I thought

was very interesting so this is the the tax on digital advertising so these

large platforms that that are present that we use want to tax things like

banners I think about when you're when you're on the internet like banner ads

at the top of whatever site you're on search engine ads you type something in

the first half of the listing comes back as sponsored ads the kinds of ads that

come up because you were maybe browsing for a particular item and the next time

you go on that item is showing up in a column on on the site so at the at the

hearing governor former governor Colorado governor Roy Romer was there at

the age of 93 sharpest attack and his son Paul Romer who is a Nobel laureate

and economist with the World Bank he came at this a little differently

senator Miller and and president Ferguson we're talking about the revenue

the taxing and the revenue because this is essentially advertised

that is directed to Marylanders so they were talking at the revenue because

Marylanders are subject to the advertising Maryland should get the

revenue the mr. roamers argument was this is really a bad that that the the

digital advertising itself is a bad practice it's a maligned practice that

it's taking your data and that these these large platforms are taking your

data and selling them and in turn the advertising is now being directed back

with you so his argument was you can tax it that's fine I don't care if you tax

it and put the money wherever you want to put it but but the the the effort

should really end I mean he is he was talking back it's a it's a bad thing but

it's not probably not gonna change so you may as well get the revenue for it

so I thought that was very interesting they expect 250 million the president

did sort of concede that this is gonna it's going to be heavily amended there

were there was talk of constitutional challenges because you're targeting one

particular type of advertising that it would ultimately have to go to print to

to media so I just think that's an interesting when they keep our eye on

and that's a big piece of what they would like to fund and and the revenue

was directed specifically to the blueprint from Maryland currently bill

and again the bottom line is it's a tax take so for those those for that that

part of the media they look at Maryland and say well whether you like the

banners of the advertising or not then that shines a negative light on Maryland

as pertains to them because why would they want to come here for additional

tax it's it's tax tax tax tax tax and it where does it stop down there and it's

significant it it starts out at two-and-a-half percent but it eventually

goes to ten percent the accessible base for gross revenues exceeding 15 million

so which is essentially have these media outfits just pull out of here so I don't

I don't know enough about it but I'm not sure how you would not direct

advertising I'm sure it could be done I'm sure okay yeah I just thought it was

very much one bill we saw that we you saw yesterday in your legislative

committee meeting was hospital 621 the county tax fairness act so this goes

back to the wind case this would extend from five years to twenty years the time

over which the Comptroller can withhold quarterly embarrassment to the local

reserve account so I think there's some recognition that maybe extend that give

you that additional benefit you saw something on cool school construction

yesterday House bill 665 would require any school construction or new school

that's funded by the state a 50 percent or more to would be required to install

a geothermal energy system that was opposed pretty quickly by the body so

makeup will be opposing that issues on land use again the constitutional

amendment for environmental rights we talked about that last year you have a

right to pure water pure air again it's very broad and very vague and most

likely will again be defeated but it's back again there was a bill House bill

539 and across file on the Senate Senate bill 457 this authorizes the creation of

local resilience authorities this is promoted primarily by anaerobic county

in Howard County because they've seen significant flooding in the last couple

of years City Dock gets flooded pretty regularly down there in Annapolis these

days and of course the Ellicott City flooding that occurred so that would

authorize the county to set up a resilience Authority that would be able

to to then borrow for projects to address what they believe are the the

results of climate change or the impacts of climate change

House bill 589 is an interesting one this would require we cry our food

residuals so unused food starting at 2 tons residual food and then eventually

falling into a quarter ton would have to be separated from from the waste stream

and if a facility that can take this is located within 30 miles it would be you

would be required to send it there and so think large large consumption of food

hospitals schools other institutional uses would have to separate their food

waste out and send it to a separate facility didn't seem like a good idea to

to most of the folks in attendance yesterday so that that's going to be

imposed yeah it would be sort of an incinerator type of place that would

makes too much I think it's to actually be able to donate unused food that's not

waste right okay so in the rest of that conversation is in is organic facilities

which is what they are talking about so wow this seems like it's fine on the

surface all be it just a tad bit absurd what's the next step oh I know they're

gonna make us bill drunk an organic facility

millions of dollars because there's a there's a there's a distance there you

know you have to be within 30 miles or something of an organic facility I mean

you know that's one of the things that just make you go

what add bamboo to that because we're talking about bamboo and then add the

right signage on bathrooms it's interesting yes you have a bill which is

essentially a ban the box for fire rescue and EMS so it would prevent the

in your case the fire company from asking about prior convictions in the

initial interview everyone that I've spoken to seems to think this is a bad

idea you're dealing with seems to thing with people who are at their most

vulnerable and so I have a feeling that's going to be strongly opposed the

governor's the ban the box they overrode his veto so now they think the doors

open and I just don't understand that mindset so we're not gonna check on

anyone that were has the potential to be a volunteer that would be in your house

to take care of someone I mean can you imagine treating a child and it's it's

found out later on that it's there's some sort of child sexual offense things

that this individual has gone through does that make sense to anyone that we

would just not do that at some point I have to believe that argument is going

to win the day I'll be very very shocked it is it is it is but we're talking

about it that line of work that's distinctly different from from typical

employers it's our volunteer fire station sue the

last time I checked ninety-eight percent of them don't have an HR director

sitting in them in the facility so it's well the strange thing about is you

would be able to ask that question on the second interview so what is really

the point well right it still remains there it's just a matter of fact then

that you spend the money on the individual to get to that point just to

go oh okay by the way now would you want to do that initially so that you didn't

spend the money one would think

Health and Human Services certainly bill is almost echo that she's keeping her

eye on would require an annual appropriation of 1 million to expand

Aging in Place and Mako is very supportive of that they'd like to amend

the 10% requirement to fund senior villages because many of the counties do

not have senior villages and that would certainly reduce the amount of money

that that would be appropriated so that'll be a strong support also there's

a bill House bill 464 to enable community-based organizations like

nonprofits to establish overdose and infection disease prevention sites so

these would be what we've talked about is safe injection sites they would

provide services like first aid counseling that sort of thing and that's

gonna be very controversial I think the organization Meiko will take no position

on that so I think that's going to be up to individual jurisdictions to to weight

in on that bill and we can talk a little bit more about that as it moves through

through the process and of course lastly the Kerwin bill senator Penske announced

on the Senate floor on Tuesday I believe that the the text of the bill would be

available didn't say the bill would be would be introduced but the text of the

bill would be available on either today or tomorrow and it would essentially

incorporate the recommendations and the formula as the Commission put forward in

the text of the bill and hearing is scheduled for the 17th of February so

it's a joint hearing with the four Committees of jurisdiction in the house

its appropriations in ways means where we have two members of our delegation

and in the Senate budget and tax and education and Health and Environment so

that'll be in the in the joint hearing room in the DLS building and I'm sure it

will be an overflow crowd and and so we'll we'll just start to start the

process of working through this it's gonna be I think significantly amended

we talked about the the way the formulas are built now and I suspect they'll

they'll change so we'll be keeping her eye on I'll keep you up to the date

up-to-the-minute updated on it that's all I have for you today so you know

there's we had a two hour conference call on believe Monday evening Mike we

were on the phone for two hours the rural counties because of the amount of

bills that have been dropped up to this point

and we spent we went through some of them very quickly yesterday because

folks needed to leave to get to the state at state but there is just a ton

of bills you're approaching 2200 so it's a good thing that we have Mike down here

to keep an eye on all because some of them are just unbelievable

so I would suspect it like other years they'll get weeded out and they'll be

gone but the very fact that they're introduced in the first place just makes

one to go what so so we're on it the legislative meetings that may go is as

my colleague ed will attest to are getting lengthier and lengthier and you

know the other thing is to for the first time this year we actually had to have a

roll call vote on one of the bills yesterday because the tension is also

ramping up down there as we knew that it would and it was interesting how that

turned out well there are some national issues that are starting to to find

their way it's a challenge please keep us posted on that controversial issue of

the state injection locations sure I know it's extremely controversial and

sometimes the solutions and politics are counterintuitive to what we

instinctively think should be so I know it affects us less than some other

jurisdictions but I'm really curious to find out what data is out there and

other jurisdictions other nations if there's a positive to this because in

the long term I do see it as a potential I have a focus point to have contact

with addicts and get them into to see the system for treatments on the sores

that it's a safe place that they could communicate with error their health

department's staff or whatever and try to get them in treatment so please keep

us posted an update on that issue I'd really appreciate it well again it's an

authorizing but also it would enable the nonprofit's to establish this

when I think obviously with the with the approval of the local jurisdiction but

but it is authorizing but but you're right I mean that's that's the intent of

the bill that's the sponsors intent of the bill and so you have a difference of

opinion on whether we should provide those kinds of services or whether

there's an issue with enabling you know illegal drug use is illegal so you're

facilitating an illegal act yes exactly so that's some of the argument that's

important public and no way am i endorsing or against this concept by

really I'm all about the education of Oz's commissioners how to address this

opioid epidemic and I'm willing to look at everything at least get it on the

table and educate us thank you anything else okay Mike travels and again my

apologies Commissioner Rothstein

mr. Fowler you do a wonderful job thank you thank you

all right next on our agenda is to make a decision today that was based on the

public hearing and all the work that we've done up to this point reference to

our enhancement to the police pension disability benefits Kim's here and

Werner as well

so okay one thing just to follow up on what Mike's gonna say give us a HR did

follow up with the HR affiliates been in touch with Miko about that band the box

for the Public Safety so okay we've already provided comment on that as well

okay alright so I know that we we've been through all the details is there a

need to to go over this again the details many my colleagues kneazle so

let's just skip that part there because I think we've been we've been we've been

vetted to the nth degree on this with all due respect and now it's it's up for

us to make decisions based upon what we have heard and where we'd like to see

this it's the end result here so let's just open it up for discussion here with

that being said and I know there were there were a couple questions that were

brought up last or during the hearing mm-hmm so I mean I I know that one of

those was the the allowance the office at E offset hearing didn't come up set I

I did some research on that and I'm sure some of you guys did too because that's

how we roll up here I I quite frankly don't see the need for an offset at all

I just think it adds a whole level of work for you guys let's be clear because

you'd have to get w-2s and do all that kind of stuff and I just think that's

and I also think it's just a tad bit for me personally a tad bit disrespectful I

mean let's let's be clear you know these guys or gals

deserve to get what they what they need and I just don't see the need for the

offset so I'm with you I also have done some research on this and other places

have an issue to deal with I mean I'm not sure on procedure here

mr. Burke do we do we need to just we need to vote on these things is that how

it goes or what do you want us to do here to make it official

you need to make proposals for amendments to what has been presented to

you okay so that would be in okay correct and then we'll have to go back

and work with the pension attorney to have those amendments made to bring new

final ordinance to you for signature what you wanted to take them one at a

time yes Commissioner Boucher you've got something yeah I just want to ask what

motivated to offset to be putting this what's insurance firm or where does this

come from that was back in 2009 when the plan was developed I know Frederick

County is one that has one we had looked at their plan and again this was all

free me so I think that's where it came from because there were a couple

jurisdictions that had it and that's why it was put in there the rationale behind

it is to prevent potential abuse of the of the system

I know Howard County does not have an income offset Frederick County does so

um that's where we stand today and like Commissioner Wantz said when the sheriff

was here last time he asked you to consider just eliminating that offset

completely and your point is well-taken potential abuse spread and the potential

abuse is very you know the intent of that abuse so getting rid of it and

taking you're making this much cleaner I think is the way do

I mean I'd like to make the motion that we amend make the amendment and getting

rid of the offset second sure okay yeah okay I got a motion and second to to

deal with that one again for me just the final comment and I think if we had a

much bigger department that perhaps then maybe it would be something that we need

to look at because I know in my previous life it's always I always remember this

story we had a firefighter he declared

disabled because of a back injury and

several months later he was found throwing boxes up high shelves at Home

Depot so there is that potential that that would occur but I would like to

think that because the size of our department and the way in which we it is

managed and what have you missed it just it's just I don't think it's relevant I

think self-regulation that's how that happened dick because somebody went wait

a minute wait what and then you know I mean use of this hurts everybody so I'm

sure everybody that knows the potential

there or excuse me there are mechanisms in place for us to

investigate abuse anyway already if they're retired on disability if it's a

work-related injury obviously workers comp still involved so they would be

looking into that something in place that the police had so to speak someone

yes all right all right I've got a motion in second on

that proposed amendment and never discussed moves it to eliminate it that

was the motion correct and he discussed further all in favor aye

okay so is that one one of the other issues I think was some sort of

grandfathering which I don't future answer yeah which I don't necessarily

understand I would think of that if we put this into place it applies Rep

actively to those that are on the force is that correct Werner correct so if a

police officer goes out on disability and he's receiving a benefit according

to the percentages that's currently stated in the amendment either forty

five percent or thirty five percent minimum depending on the extent of the

injury if and when in the future the sheriff comes up to the board and asked

that those percentages be raised that that officer that's already in pay

status for his disability that he or she also gets the the increase to the

proposed or you know implemented percentage if that happens down the road

okay so that's already there I mean

that's not there see I thought it was no and the other part of this is if when

this went not if when this goes into effect it applies to everyone at this

point right well correctional officers and law officers yes okay future

employee they need to be employed when it's signed into law okay so let's get

the elephant out of the room we've got an officer that clearly would be able to

have this be an advantage for him he needs to be on payroll when you the day

you sign this really is he on payroll yes okay okay all right I want to make

sure that I don't want anybody left behind when we make these decisions nor

do I it will be retroactive to somebody that's not here right they've already

left yeah if there was somebody worked anyway whatever as long as they're still

here at applies when if they're here they needs to be effective for all right

okay if the pay scale

another percentage those that are on that disability pension will not get the

increase right now they would get the increase to the

benefit percentage but the average compensation piece of it would remain

the same again from my experiences with military there's different retirement

plans you know over years they've changed and you kind of fit into

wherever you finished and that was your retirement plan but then there was also

the disability piece they make it retroactive to when you left the service

even though you got your disability six months later the claim came through they

will back dated to when that is that's correct yes the intent here is not to

leave someone behind okay manager so so so I guess maybe I'm

not let's let me clarify in the case you're speaking about officer was

injured until say three years ago four years ago time just goes too fast and I

know it's been way too long getting this done so this would cover that injury

because he was injured here and he is still here hypothetical officer heard at

the same time who left last year would not be covered by this

the federal officer if I can ask in because I'm confused

okay the future okay these are put into place mhm

these percentages and five years from now somebody somebody's retired on this

disability getting one of these percentages five years from now the

Board of Commissioners changes the percentages and raises them again yes

that's no right it's not in there now but that's that's what they're at

Lincoln beat last time that's what the sheriff is asking you to do I think when

you retired the benefits are there when you retire are the ones that you should

receive I'm retired from school system what the school system increases

benefits for the people that retire do I get those increased benefits no I don't

I don't think anyone else who's retired from any position if you retired now

five years of ten years later you get additional benefits you don't get those

additional benefits I think I don't see why I don't know I don't you can

convince me but I don't see why it should be any different okay now can you

put a time frame on that so it's like a lapse of you sure enhancements for up to

three years after retirement or something like that

you made a very good point Commissioner not that we're aware of but we would

have to go back and look at that specifically let's be clear now this is

not read but this is not retirement no I know and that's because this is not

retirement up but it is benefit aside you get when you stop working

whatever scheme but you're right this is not retirement we're not talking massive

numbers if that's what this is you know future enhancements the future

enhancements I think we've made a big statement with these increases that we

have right here and getting rid of the earth earned income offset I think that

makes a tremendous statement all we've done I what I've already said if you

stop working today you get the benefits once there's a sign whatever you give

these benefits if they change in ten years I'm sorry I don't agree with that

part of it I think we made it to mend estate which afire increase here I

really think that we have I can't I can't give you an answer if I'm trying

to run it through that disabled from there you know I just wanted what they

do see that the problem is I don't know that the precedents on that has ever

been set because I don't think that there are there are that there are

enhancements that are made on regular basis throughout the years that's the

problem I'm not sure that there's an answer to that because I know in my

previous employment in Baltimore County the percentage is what it is and has

been for quite some time and they haven't looked at it to get it okay well

let's do this a little bit more let's do this a little bit more so I can't I

don't I can't answer that quick spin that it's been the percentage down

there's been the same as it always has been know a couple things you didn't

just and I can only use my experience

the VA hacked me in their system the VA continues to watch over me to check on

my disabilities whether they go to increase or actually decrease so it's an

it's an active system and again that's one piece of this the other pieces and

you know I applaud the teachers we are asking folks so this is it to me an

impact statement with a very small I agree we've come a long ways I think

taking this next step is just a nice appropriate measure especially with all

the garbage that's going on right now in the news in the annals of County other

places I'm just we've got to figure this out

with the training routine and we're gonna have a tough time

there's any other jurisdiction offer that we're trying to propose I mean if I

look at it if they're not know why we're doing it if changes are made

if the changes are made to the plug-in that idea okay absolutely some future

board may reduce benefits for some reason because if we say just changes to

the plan keep in mind let's say a couple of years from now the board entertains

the possibility of raising those percentage benefits when we do when we

ask our actuary for the cost study the cost analysis they would then have to

also include the officer that's already getting a benefit that's going to move

to the higher benefit that would have to be factored into the overall cost of any

future enhancement that's done so essentially what you're saying Werner is

they're gonna do that anyway not necessarily in order for them to

to get that benefit but they do it in order to get the right number well not

the increase your factored in it what if they say they're gonna be a $10,000

liability but now that we've increased benefits they have to go back and look

at everybody the grandfather it and they become 15 20

whatever it is so they would have to do that for each person individually well

again I'm not sure that that's as easy as what the question alludes to because

there aren't other jurisdictions have set their their standards and we're

trying to get to where we think we need to be and I think we're very close with

this based upon the percentages that we are offering so I'm not sure that you

can well I would be pretty sure those jurisdictions then started where they

are right now a lot of them did a lot of them did because of Lee ops Lee ops sort

of set the tenets difference yeah as a matter of fact there's a bill right now

in Annapolis that raises the percentage for Lee ops which is being opposed by

local because it's a huge price tag right and I don't know where that

money's gonna come from so so that's there too but yeah that's it that's a

huge one as well but so I got a motion a second

I just think again and I'll refer back to what I did my argument on the first

amendment and that is if we had 2,000 officers in in Carroll this would be

okay I understand you're saying that's not the point but let me make it because

it's kind of my point

i if we had a huge number of employees I think it would be it would it would be

substantial and it would be it could be a huge challenge for us but because of

the numbers that we have here I don't know that it is it even if if we if we

allow this amendment I don't see where it would be incredibly impactful that it

would break the bank here I really don't think so so and I think that it's

deserving and I'll go to a little bit of EDS theme here

it's deserving of those individuals - out of respect - let them get whatever

that small percentage is and let's be clear if we make differences or changes

to this it's not going to be huge I mean it you know we're not gonna be able to

afford it there's this little thing called Kirwan out there we're not so

even if we do take another stab at enhancing what are we talking a couple

percentages if that best really well just just keep in mind that the the

police force overall is relatively small like you mentioned we have you know over

200 correctional and law officers but all it takes is a few disabilities -

right cause an issue so that's just it's a valid point it's not gonna break the

bank is it's not a reason to pass or deny it and if you're looking at what

we've gone from zero zero to 35% well that's it wait that's a tremendous

improvement now who says that the future board or us and next year so we'll make

it to another drastic change like that which is a big big improvement and then

you're looking at so the idea that it's not gonna break the bank or we have the

money in a small force I'm sorry I just don't think it holds water and I that is

not the rationale and it's not the rationale also of taking care of an

individual although that may have been a catalyst for a large part of this

conversation the rationale is again making a very clear statement

on our support to those that are willing to put themselves in harm's way and

you're right we are taking large steps forward but this ain't a leap this is

calculated and my recommendation will be to continue to make increases to

disability support but I agree it's not about the number it's not about the cost

but it's about the impact to a specific service and those that are willing to

support us and I will say in today's world we're relying more and more for

good police officers to be out there to protect our citizens I think we have to

recruit good people to come in they have to know that they can react that their

family is going to be taken care of things are gonna be out there if

something happens they don't have time to think through those things and they

have to feel safe same as the military you have to be able to react on a

moment's notice you don't think about all these things

you hope they are well you react quickly on those things hopefully after it's

thought to or someone here yeah but in that situation I think we have to set

the tone here that we have a good police force and we are behind okay and I admit

I admit defeat on my point because I think that's what a good debates all

about I mean I get it and you're a I see I see that that the rationale behind

that so I applaud you guys for making me turn left okay turn right

before you vote I just want to make because because we you have to work on

the language I just want to make sure that we understand that into work so it

sounds like it's the intent of the board if you vote

it would be the intent of the board to have a grandfathering provision in the

pension plan that it will allow people who are on disability at the moment

whether it's permanent or to receive any increased or enhanced benefits that come

down the pike in the future yes the only remaining question I have I don't know

somewhat private information whether or not there are people on disability at

the moment but would you extend that grandfathering to anyone who happens to

be just going forward from this point forward correct if they're already on

disability they've already left I would suggest a long term Trump's

right what your suggestion is I just want to be clear I'm not suggesting I

think because of the precedents that we said with the language my last amendment

on employment currently so we would make the work answers that question and based

on that based on that we would make the brand fathering forward from the date of

this adoption

I'm curious as to what the impact is only cost of her insurance program this

has to have an impact upon the cost we pay out for shorts only okay we are

self-insured but this is a pension plan well this would be the cost of operating

the pension plan so there's no type of insurance with the pension so to speak

because I'm worried about the overall liability on the long term and how this

impacts because we're exposing ourselves cause it's part can be factored into

part of our annual required contribution for the pension and there is a mechanism

to address it yes there's details so it's very conflicting because I

emphasize with Commissioner Frazier's point but also very much emphasized with

law enforcement that they're out there exposed at very hazardous occupation so

it's a tough decision to be made all right is there any more debate on the

current motion

all those in favor aye aye opposed I'll abstain from the okay alright based on

that three to one to one you have your your direction are there

any other additions or or amendments that were identified as all of you

looked over this you know I've read it forward backward sideways

I've met with Werner and Kim and pick their brains over this and I can't find

anything else right now that I think we need to do but that's just me only one

so are there any did anyone else identify any any items that they would

like to address at this point we still need to make the motion move with those

two additional amendments that the Board of Commissioners of added into this that

the were commissioners approved amendments Carroll County pension plan

incorporated by reference encode of public law an or instead of Carroll

County chapter 35 personnel pensions and retirement sections thirty-five tech

sixty tech 35.6 one parentheses Carroll County certified law officers pension

plan close parentheses and thirty 5.30 TAC 35 31

Carroll County pension plan Jews feet that no

second what are we talking about timewise here and we just have to get

with Mary Claire to have her make the changes I'll reach out to her tomorrow

she's out of the office today so she'll make the changes to the to the

amendment from there it's a matter of as soon as she gets us the document we'll

have it up here for your signature all right I got a motion in second let's

make this official any additional discussion on this all those in favor oh

okay again this has been this has been an interesting this has been years in

the making yeah it's been a challenge an arduous

task these decisions aren't easy they they aren't and you know I applaud

everyone to kind of put their necks out there and make these decisions because

it's important it really is and you know I like and I've been comparing a lot

lately about the direction that we're going in with fire and EMS and the

direction that we took several years ago with our law enforcement here in the

county while the two I think are a tiny bit similar emphasis on tiny they're not

really at all and my point is I think this is something that should have been

addressed then and then we wouldn't have been put through this now and my point

with that is my second point is we have got to ensure that we do fire and EMS

correctly out of the game not that that was wrong but we've got to think about

all this so if there's any positive that came out of these things this sort of

sets the stage and reminds us that we have got to get this right

there's my ten cents add that to the pension all right thank you all right

next on our agenda is request approval to proceed to public hearing for our

five-year housing and annuals of plan for the Department of citizen services

Selene good morning I'm here today with Daniel Yates who is our bureau chief for

Housing and Community Connections and then Paul Moffitt is also here with us

he is our housing program manager we are coming before you this morning because

each year we are required to review our Housing Choice Voucher tenant based

program annual plan that you all have in front of you we have done that review

and each year we are required to make some recommend recommended adjustments

it is needed to continue to maintain that we're meeting the needs of our

community we have made some recommended adjustments to the annual plan and I we

are here then to seek your approval to display the annual plan for 45 days for

public comment and review and announce a public hearing prior to April 17 2019

2020 to consider approval to submit the FY 2010

and I'm gonna have Danielle speak a little bit more on those details of our

recommendations commissioners so as Selena noted our agency is proposing

seven adjustments to our terms and policies that are currently in the

administrative plan we have added two additional goals for our public housing

authority as noted in chapter one and we have adopted the pilot program that was

initially created in the beginning of the last five-year plan which began in

2015 we were required to add a local preference for permanent supportive

housing families regarding the mainstream award that we received and we

have adjusted language for three items in Chapter eleven as noted in our

attachment would you have any questions that we can answer for you in regards to

those adjustments

the adjustments that you're making will qualify them so each adjustment you can

establish when you meet success of those and basically with the three adjustments

we've done it's kind of shoring up language right and just clearly more

identifying so yes absolutely

any questions on dose we get most support from the Baltimore VA Medical

Center possibility to tap into other VA centers or us it happens the way that it

has to go through the Baltimore V through there

all right any other things that you want to any other changes or auditions that

you want to highlight before we move forward

Selina's said annually we review our administrative plan and we make

adjustments to make sure we're meeting the needs of the community and these

were the adjustments that we have identified throughout this past year

all right and keep in mind we don't have to do this real quick yeah we've got 45

days announced to review this it's you're suggesting then that we go to the

public hearing which we always do with this and then we'll be able to make

adjustments accordingly itself right but your request is that we allow for that

window to start today okay okay so I move that the board commissioners

approved the display of Daniel

okay and if as we are reviewing this in the next 45 days great reading at night

all of these things I mean it's the same with the pension I studied that thing

for yes you know it's just what it's what we do and this job if we find

something that we have a question or I want to contact us immediately and we

could definitely discuss anything okay

exactly okay this plan really is the administrative manual for how we how we

run our housing all right any other questions before we vote on this one all

right all those in favor

now the the fun of our annual county transportation priority letter as

they're walking up we had a planning session Planning and Zoning Commission

last night for a couple hours and we had a wonderful dialogue specifically on

this plan Cody you did a great job and I appreciate all the work you're doing and

you know they're gonna go through the letter there's a lot to be done but what

I just want to share with you is that the Commission last night really showed

a lot of appreciation to what's going on and is looking to really dive into this

just more eyes and ears to

it's a big issue here in district as well you're faced with some challenges

well it is but it is but it's very diverse in this county last night was

South County is very different than what's happening up in the north and

there may be other transportation needs but we want to ensure that the effort

being done looking at the entirety of the county from down there through

Westminster over at Morton some here with Mary lien planning manager just to

briefly introduce you to Lee come to you every year with the annual priority

letter we'd like to try to get this done during the legislative session so that

we can get our delegation signatures on this letter this letter is then

submitted to Maryland Department of Transportation for their consideration

for inclusion and the consolidated transportation program for the state of

Maryland so again this letter is for the top state transportation priorities in

the county that include county highways and roads as well as County trails so we

do work with our other departments in the county Public Works and Recreation

and Parks to put for projects as well as the towns that they feel should be

included in this top list of priorities for the county

um again we start working January with our Public Works Economic Development

rec and Parks we meet among the Planning Department County municipal agents

agencies in February and we're working on doing that currently to see what the

other priorities are that we are unaware of and then we like to submit this

letter in April to the state then this follows with the

the transportation tour that you all attend in the fall of every year and

then this goes to the legislature for approval so the three projects that

we've been putting forward over the last several years are major highway capacity

enhancement projects for Maryland 32 from the county line to south of

Maryland 26 Maryland 97 from Bachman's Valley Road to Maryland 140 and

Westminster and then Maryland 26 from Liberty Reservoir to Maryland 32 we have

had various breakout projects come forward with these state highway

projects again you know Maryland 32 complete dual ization from 26 to the

Howard County Line is a huge project there's a lot of expense involved with

that so one of the things that we have been working on over the years is

prioritizing segments within those larger projects to get the ball rolling

to have something moved forward one of the projects that went forward because

of the Maryland National Guard Readiness Center is that dual ization from freedom

Avenue down through 32 and this project is on schedule with an estimated

completion of this fall um I believe that'll be before the readiness center

opens and then this is the full extent of the project that's been in

development for 30 to occur so they're working on the part in front of the

readiness center which is right about here how long is that area

that project was very D timing there had to be relocation of fiber and things

like that underneath so we had a lot of coordination with Public Works our IT

department as well as the state to coordinate that segment of the project

well so do you about a mile out of the entire length of the what we would like

to see done eventually yeah ten miles and it's been segments you know along

Springfield Avenue near yeah come in and they've done the dual ization and

upgrades to the intersection years ago some other improvements that they've had

also suggestion are some curb cuts for sight distance improvement things like

that so there's systematic improvements I came out of that planning an

environmental link I just study that we've put forward annually just say okay

let's keep chipping away at least I'm making safety improvements if doulas

ation can't occur for a while the next stretch is Maryland 97 Bachman's Valley

were to 140 the phase one breakout project which was the point six four

miles of improvement on Maryland 97 from an airport magno way to sort of Pleasant

Valley and this project is substantially complete this was a really great

collaboration between our County Public Works the county funding and also

working with State Highway Administration to get that project done

for Economic Development purposes along the segment we have initiated a

feasibility study from Mandalay to 140 we put that forward in last year's

priority letter we're not sure where the state stands with that too much work

that's something we'll keep pressing on to have at least that segment complete

again this is the entire segment that we've put forward this is the pipe

that's being worked out until we want to try to get through this segment complete

we don't have anything in a letter about going good to go back to that without

going from the bubble I guess north um I think the party for

right now and you would like to see that change but it's give me people off of

140 right exaction right except when any bottleneck it where it comes together

yeah I'm just I'm just saying if we could just put add that to the letter

looking at from north of what has already been completed up to up to was

the bachman Valley Road because I think and I also have to say that what they've

completed has really cut down on the amount of traffic oh man I'm amazed how

much better it is I really am doesn't mean we want to stop still want to move

forward so that's out of this scope so that's further north the ideally you

know would be nice to go to the Pennsylvania line I think only laughs

because we'll never see that but it's it course I guess somebody said somebody

probably said that when it was just a wagon trail back in nineteen so we're

making progress hundred years of progress boom okay now I concur with

with what you're saying Dennis because you're right and I turned out Pleasant

Valley Road now and I don't wait it's crazy but it needs to be that whole

entire session instead of just this and then we're gonna do this I mean it's

sort of like the mindset if when you got everybody there with the trucks and the

bulldozers let's just do it

does decrease again we're gonna keep working with the state to move forward

projects we've been successful with in the last several years

just getting recognition getting on their radar and moving these projects

four inch by inch

because what money gets tight nothing new is going to be added so they're

looking at something now that Mike's it might go into the their book nothing is

gonna be out after a while things are going to get tight let me ask you a

question the other end of 140 the reservoir the Cleves Mill Road is that

and radar in the future that is a this intersection is getting dangerous a lot

of accidents in those areas so that was a long long time ago part of this

overall project we still do acknowledge that that stretch of Maryland 140 has

issues as we move for with the transportation master plan hopefully

which is another separate project from this we can continue to look at those

issues I know that Maryland 91 at 140 is state highways looking at some safety

improvements at that intersection car it's getting terrible number of actions

and deadly accident

I understood I mean I direct that section every day and I very where

congestion and one accident how it stops up traffic in both directions is

problematic so I would suggest that statistics will tell you that that's

more relevant in this one that is for your discussion if you feel that these

priorities should change especially Dennison dick you remember us sitting

here discussing about our priorities and it you know it's interesting because you

talk about the state highway and they see something say something well that's

fine to do but their answer is we'll look at the statistics like everything

is statistically driven frankly with the decisions that they make so you can see

and say all you want go to the statistics and say but I think in this

case discussion because I understand that we we set the priorities and work

gets done based on the priorities that we've set but I'd love to see the

statistics of the accidents and incidents that occur from 26 to Liberty

versus 91 - right because I bet you they far outweigh this not as something that

we can definitely look look at and that's something we are looking at with

the transportation master plan but that's what this letters for what are

what are the priorities moving forward Marilyn 26 we've done a lot of studies

on Maryland 26 were still waiting for the redesign of swords with Maryland

26 with a practical design approach it's still within the secretaries office of

MDOT so that has not been shared with us currently we did Express to them they

even desire to have that sooner rather than later because we would like to know

where that project stands to bring forward to you all we have not received

those developments for that particular study and what they're recommending as

well as you know just moving for with our transportation master plan that data

an analysis that they have done would be very valuable to us so we keep pressing

them to get us that information I may take you up on that on that day I'm not

sure but on that stretch I mean the 114 E 26 but I wanna be clear that she some

say something it's it's reporting it saying means reporting it to get it into

those statistics because that's the biggest hurdle I've been having with

state highway when I say here's the problem and they say well here's the

statistics it's not showing the amount of that I said there are because I've

seen them and they're not being reported so that's but I do agree on one point

now you're talking 140 east of 90 why are you talking 140 like by the library


like to add an additional project or change the nothing freeze the magic

number it seems to work well we used to have a laundry list of all the projects

it was like a list of 12 when we get there's a lot of me again you know

funding is limited from everyone so pudding projects were we really just

tried to focus on what were the top three projects and I'm not saying that

this is a number four I think sometimes things change annually depending on

what's been developed driving habits where people are commuting from I think

that's why this transportation master plan when it's complete will help us

along with understanding but if you'd like to we can try to come back with

seven safety numbers and see what has higher crash rates I can see if we can

get that data unfortunately that changing to come by

and come by readily but we can see what we can do to help in your decision

making to see if you want to add that as a fourth or reprioritize the three that

are here Michelle Vance would it be appropriate to do stuff about the

Medford Road 31 which was the lighter flashing light or something you know

more about this intersection I do over the years safety money not necessarily

in capacity enhancing money and that actually might be the same thing that

does happen with 140 I think maybe the capacity is there because it is

two lanes in each direction so maybe it's just us alerting them to safety

enhancements along 140 so I think it's going to be pushed and pushed and

statistics used to avoid it on my motorcycle so maybe that that's about

whatever that is I think it's something something you will want to address in

this letter and I think the Sutter is you know really the main purpose for

years has been capacity enhancement what are we do to add in big projects to

Carroll County state roads to allow more volume to come through in a comfortable

manner so I think the two things are do you want more volume capacity or do you

want to enhance safety and sometimes the two go hand-in-hand and sometimes

they're there they're exclusive from one another

so if the idea for this particular intersection is safety we could add a

safety section same please pay particular attention to as well as you

know the state and the county are both working jointly on a state highway

safety plan I'm not quite sure on where that is in the press I think Chris has

been really working on it over the years with the Sheriff's Department to come up

with different techniques to get to that zero death so Bruce engineer and

enforcement and things like

and I did a similar cycle and we suggested some safety enhancements at

Gillis before we got to light that I think helped as well I mean even maybe a

blinking or something you know great big arrows that say hey stop here so I yes

let's add that to the letter I get do your work on that and then see what we

can do because again the statistics will

not your that accident I mean Lee had a constituent contact me travel PS that

incident and stated that she is aware of six people over a lifetime have died at

that intersection that's a tough so yeah so let's thank

you let's do that I mean again here's the the st. the stretch I just

describing the prior slide so if we were to add a fourth project here would you

suggest that we do that at this point to this letter was that something that's

good well it's been added before so we have a lot of detailed information you

know that that stretch of 140 has always been a project in the highway needs

inventory so I think we have some good information that we can bring forward

for a description of what that project scope the extent would be I would like

to get it there just so they're gonna see it as we move ahead and some of the

others drop off things we need to understand is I mean III don't believe

what you're asking for is another Lane well have been asked for in the past is

really having a median for safety so you don't have that high-speed crazy turn

lane in the middle and some other major safety enhancements along that stretch I

believe is what you'll be asking that is something that they have a concept

they're working on for that what they're calling a jug handle design which is

very common in New Jersey to help them with that wall I think at one point that

was a continual flow intersection interchange I think that may occur given

how those have to be constructed by yeah and then having so you would not even

have that I mean that's a crazy intersection you had to get through the

shopping center to make a left on yeah so that's on the state highway even

recognises that needs to be done and we're gonna reaffirm and push that I

think we always put forward our municipal urban reconstruction we're

working on trying to get some updated data on this we know that New Windsor

really wants to see something happen with Maryland 30 wine so again we

reaffirm that in this letter again scene with marilyn 851 in Sykesville the

county's really been working with the town to try to work on drainage issues

water and sewer line issues because that is something that's under the county's

since it's our system so again we're gonna continue to put those projects

forward this for New Windsor would include improvements to sidewalks

enhancements to bicycle pedestrian accessibility as well as roadway

improvements and for them to coordinate the replacement of water lines that

would have a positive impact on the town so again we're continuing to work with

the town on this scope again here is the limits of the proposed project through

their Main Street in downtown area and then again with Sykesville the concept

for a Maryland 851 has been complete but it's currently not funded for design so

I'm the keys to get them to that design component for the actual streetscape

project not the underground work that's happening and again here are the um so

again that's it with the priority letter with the main projects that we have

we'll work on making those adjustments I suggested to have anything else for us

it's our County why transportation master plan and we are using federal

funding to help and we're we have used them to contract up with the consultant

for us so so it highlights partnership that we have with BMC involvement

engagement with the BMC and it will segue right into this parent Rider

house that's that's what was discussed

Commission last night yourself yes we're in the very early stages for this letter

would we include probably not in here additional buses for yes yes yes so we

only bring the meet but also comes out of the CTP the consolidate


I appreciate the initiatives on the Main Street both New Windsor and Sykesville

because the main streets are so vitally important to our economic development

and when I was campaigning and doing door-to-door in New Windsor the

sidewalks were all uneven tripping over I'm at citizens along the side of Main

Street told me how the border would flood down the road in their yards so

this is long overdue and it's deeper though he's seared sincerely grateful

when this takes place thanks for what you're doing absolutely we're trying our

best wish I could make money up here back or anything else at number four and

we're off and running all right we're renovating the permit

and inspection office and I guess we're gonna have to give those guys and gals

something to sit on huh Justin good morning and Maureen from purchasing

contract which is part it's called map which is part of the

Baltimore metro council and Washington metro currently there's 24 employees in

the permits area so all these furnishings it's gonna be from tables

two desks two chairs completely retrofit this whole area so when permits move

back into the building obviously the next day they can hit the ground running

and get back in there and everything will be furnished for them they're

moving on up they're moving on up like to Jefferson that's it good

like I say we're on target for April completion pick my head in there today

we got walls being built we got ductwork installed HVAC is going in obviously

it's it's right on target contractors working very well quickly moving very

very well I'm pleased with it I appreciate I appreciate the fact that

staff has been so accommodating to make the move to New Windsor

not skip a beat I know it's difficult we have all moved our hose more and it's

been arduous and stressful I flew and they haven't skipped a beat

at all for servicing constituents Oh No thank you George

furniture and that's what make sure we're not purchasing gold-plated

screwdrivers and hammers understand that this is a are we getting the most it's

well-known name manufacturer we're not going with the high-end furniture

commissioner we're going with the mid grade now permits 24 people there's a

lot of a lot of furnishings that we gotta hit in that building drafting

tables workstations I feel comfortable with the with the price we had several

meetings with doron they have gave us some brochures and literature of their

quality the install they warranty it any problems we called or on and they're out

the next day on the spot

and having toured at the farm and I'm well aware that they're specially

furniture that they require having orders made sir Prince and out of us you

them so it's not just standard deaths and cheers that I knew the Board of

Commissioners award the purchase to do Ron there on incorporating the amount of

forty 1800 $21.60 for new furniture for the care came from it's an inspection

office discussions Falls stream restoration our bureau chief fine how

are you I'm doing well in yourself good morning so we are requesting your

approval to submit an application to the Department of Natural Resources

Chesapeake in coastal grants gateway for two hundred thousand dollars to fund the

Gillis fall stream reforestation project this project proposes 25 acres of stream

side plantings on county owned property in the area the proposed gills Falls

Reservoir these plantings will establish a riparian buffer along the stream which

will address the requirements of the county's National pollutant discharge

elimination system permit the facilities manages this property right now they are

aware of this and support this request in addition to the two hundred thousand

dollars of the grant request there is a fifty thousand dollar match for $250,000

total project cost

is this currently in the budget to $50,000 because we're asking for the

grab right now probably be in next year's budget which one so the we have

in the current budget the $200,000 for the planting which we are then asking

for the grant to cover okay the $50,000 is the anticipated maintenance over the

next ten years so that would be and so that it's not in capital that would be

an operating moving forward over the next ten years mr. Hein first of all I

want to thank you for taking the tour out there and the creeks bottom the

hiking down getting your boots dirty during that tour you explain to me the

credit program that we receive can you discuss and elaborate for the board how

that works for us and how beneficial this is and the cost value we get off of

it as well yes absolutely so our NPS program that's that we have

our NPDES permit which we have with MDE MDE sets requirements for a certain

amount of impervious area that we need to treat and impervious area being roads

and buildings and so on and the standard way of treating that and impervious

areas with stormwater management facilities and so when we build ponds

and so on so that's that's the normal way of doing that MDE though recognizes

that there are other practices that improve water quality and they want to

give us credit and incentivize us to do those practices one of those will be

tree plantings and so when we plant an acre of trees MD he gives us credit for

treatment of one acre of impervious towards our permit if those if that

acreage is adjacent to a stream they actually give us bonus credit and so

they give us it's like 1.41 acres of impervious area credit so these 25 acres

when if we plant them we will actually get credit for 31 acres of impervious

area towards our permit now if you compare that to a stormwater management

facility we typically look around $30,000 an impervious acre for treatment

for constructing a stormwater facility so if you take that 31 acres and apply

that 30,000 furgus acre that is would be the

equivalent of about a million dollars structural practice so by spending this

$250,000 for those 31 acres of credit where there's a significant savings and

then you put on top of that we're asking for grant money to cover 200,000 of that

dish so entire 25 acres will be covered with trees yes and which on it now it's

currently open field and it's all its floodplain and it's in between forested

area the current areas that are currently forested I believe that

there's there's there is some discussion of walking trails that I've talked with

Jeff Daggett's concerning we're working out as to whether the walking trails

that he is looking at doing would be through this area but that is easily

accommodated as far as putting a trail through our planting area this is County

ground yes it is County ground the credit ratio you just expresses

tremendous I'm glad you're you're involved in it also

Commissioner Weaver expressed to me a week before about the types of trees are

playing in the county and he has a concern about invasive species and all

what type of trees will be planted and for what reason so I'm an engineer I

don't do trees specifically what the trees are but we do have staff and

working up and planting plan I could certainly provide that there's a science

to it now absolutely look at this we look at whether they'll be inundated

during storms because it's adjacent to the stream and if they're all native

plants absolutely application and acceptance of the ward to the Department

of Natural Resources Chesapeake inclusive grants gateway second

all this and no bamboo very good thank you thank you mr. Heineken recreational

trails program application mr. Daggett's

and we don't float on these trails now ideally we don't reservoir sooner good

morning commissioners this apparently is the Gillis Falls day

here this morning to request permission to apply for a grant through the

recreational trails program the trail would be located in the Gillis Falls

area there's currently a mixture of equestrian trails and some single track

mountain bike trails through the area what we're actually requesting now is in

the capital budget it's planned for FY 21 so there's four hundred and sixty

seven thousand dollars it's in the budget for this trail project and it's a

mixture of impact fees and program open space fees as with many projects there's

an interesting story behind this one this was actually initiated in the early

2000s a lot of design work was done in fact a preliminary plan was put together

back in 2005 started going through the development review process it is very

close to a finished plan what we're looking at is we have this opportunity

with the recreational trails grant to utilize some of those funds saving our

POS money for other projects the grant does require a 20% match we have a

couple of bridges that we know are going to be needed in that area the bridges or

box culverts as we learned with Bennett Cerf Park that tends to get very

expensive ideally we still complete the project within the four hundred and

sixty seven thousand dollars but our using grant funds instead of some of the

POS if it ends up costing more than that by getting this grant that would give us

some flexibility to keep the project moving forward what's the green area on

the mouth the green area is county owned property that was purchased for the

reservoir location should note that this project has two phases to it the phase

that currently has funding in the CIP starts at the bottom of the page near

the Carroll County Equestrian Center and it would connect from Greenville Road up

to saltbox Park which is on Gillis Falls Road that is the only section that we

are requesting funding for at this time that's also the only section that is

current the CIP the second phase would run from

Gilles Falls Road north up to Gillis Road and that's a little bit longer the

second phase is about a mile and a half first phase is about a mile and a

quarter and it's some beautiful scenery through there we're focusing on a

north-south spine to this trail network this would be a 10 foot wide trail stone

dust surface you'd have people on bicycles hiking equestrians and then it

will help get to some of those side trails which may be single track biking

trails or equestrian trails and I have been meeting with both representatives

of the hiking biking and equestrian communities to get their feedback on

this as well it would be trailheads at both saltbox park and down near the

equestrian center it's just down the hill a little bit from the Equestrian

Center ok this is County on ground that was purchased for the reservoir that's

correct what happens if we proceed with the

reservoir sometime down the road that's an excellent question

you are built here I don't believe it's gonna happen in my lifetime I had that

question the other night at a meeting that I attended it's certainly not gonna

happen within 20 years we started today if we get 20 years of usage out of this

that would satisfy any requirements for the grant for POS excuse me with having

natural surface trail this is close to my house and have hike back through

there's there's woods a lot it's absolutely beautiful it's nice to see