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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: $95 Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - How Bad Is It?

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hey with you guys system a context smart

for a pretty classic episode of you

probably this is ABS actually first time

doing one of these everyone's first time

right of how bad is it basically where I

take a real and a fake version of a

brand new smartphone this is the Samsung

Galaxy Note 9 this thing just came out I

don't even know if you guys have checked

it out let me know in the comments if

you have or head up your local Best Buy

but basically fakes exists so if you

want to pick one of these up typically

you can get one used for like 100 or 200

bucks off you might get fooled so in

this video I'm gonna be showing you guys

a brand-new fake Galaxy Note 9 for me

real one which one do you guys think it

is let me know right up in the comments

is it number one or number two

here we go have are you ready so here we


so basically this series works where I

show you guys a real version and a fake

Galaxy Note 9 and no I didn't just give

it away number one and number two case

you guys have not voted in the iCard let

me know in the comments if you guys got

it right or maybe just slap a like on it

this video typically always pops off you

guys love this series if you guys missed

that 125 dollar fake iPhone 10 how bad

is it it's right up there in the iCard

check out a fake iphone 10 before it

really even came out so here we go

real burst fake which one is it this is

the fake one and this is the real one so

this year the s-pen is actually

redesigned in its MV box so with the

note 9 and I got the purple one right

here this doesn't have a colored S Pen

so that's one thing to look for if you

got a purple one it's gonna be a purple

S Pen included and one thing that you're

gonna know boom you can't even put it in

the wrong way that's that's a gimme

right there

so S Pen on the front on this one you

might think it's real and what's crazy

is they try to make these boxes in

advance this is what the picture might

look like but you know this is the real

one so before we open these guys up

let's look at deep back to the box

because that's always a huge thing so on

the real one at the 128 gigabyte model

with 6 gigabytes of brand you can get a

512 gigabyte one with 8 gigs of RAM

that's the upgraded one Matt expensive

this year so just get ready for that

it's a thousand bucks for this one and

1,250 bucks thousand two hundred and

fifty for the more expensive eight gig

at 512 models so the fake one here

actually cost me this one was actually

95 bucks in what's inside is 16 gigs of

just storage not 128 gigs and one

gigabyte of RAM you know what it's about

1900 million power battery versus on the

real one

four thousand milliamp hours octa core

Snapdragon 845 I don't know we're gonna

run a Geekbench at the end of the video

and stay tuned for that let's just open

this thing on the box it says six gigs

of RAM 64 gigabytes of memory that's not

even a model it's only 128 gigabytes and

512 so that's a first catch that you

guys can pick up on 6.3 it should be a

six point four inch display all right

I'm done pointing it out

let's just open up the real one EV here

you go you guess this one you got it

right I think I've probably no I think

I'd put these on the table before the

video at the bottom I actually bought

this at Best Buy that's why there's a

sticker it might fool you if there might

be a sticker on yours but not one on

them the fake real one they're trying to

give you open this up so we got galaxy

note 9 right there so this is where you

might be getting fooled note 9 there's

not really a space in between there and

it even shows it on the real box but

we'll look for that on the fake one in a

sec open this up it's a sim tool at the

front should be some paperwork

but manuals you get in here quick

reference guide eV and then the terms

and conditions alright pretty basic and

boom I got the sexy blue 1f damn 128

gigs oh I haven't even seen the blue one

yet this looks fly I don't know if

anyone heard that oars into that she's

leading up to a moment there ooh

alright that looks really good BAM I

love the purple one too kind of happy to

get the black blues kind of more of my

color so for accessories USB to USB C

connector so an adapter USB C to USB a

just want to plug anything in wall

charger this is fast charging guys no

headphones those AKG headphones that's

something to keep note

and this kind of almost rope-like cable

check these out for a sec ooh these

actually look a little bit better than

apples kind of something to note AKG

okay that's actually a pair of

headphones so the cable included USB hu

USB see you guys know pretty basic some

ear tips and then some sort of pin sure

I've never but new with these are for AB

what do you think this is it's like I

always wanted to figure this out so

we're about to find out

boom could be for something like

inspector wait what was that game

surgeon there we go oh you knew that

before I knew that drop that comment if

you've ever played surgeon am I right or

am I wrong you've ever played surgeon

operation that's why I was there I've

knows better than idea half the time and

so that's everything in the real note 9

box damn this hole looks really good oh


alright and now for the fake galaxy note

9 so again on the box no space what is

this about there just should be an S Pen

so maybe that might change there's cost

me about 85 bucks I'll leave a link down

below if you want to pick up a real note

9 or a fake note 9 I don't know why you

want to buy a fake but hey might be

better it might actually be somewhat

decent that's kind of what you find out

in the series so Samsung Galaxy Note 9

on the top of the box 64 gigabytes I

don't know what that's about

it's said on line 16 I should have to

pay extra for that you can actually get

one for 8 gigabytes that's less I don't

know how you can live with that on the

back dual pixel so camera seems fine I

mean 64 okay if this thing's actually

water and dust resistant IP 860

certified I would be shocked I might

even just put it in a glass of water and

see if it can last so here we go

slides up like the other one Samsung on

the bottom this should actually make

some sense should have like that SSID

the IMEI I just got the color black of

mine alright so here is whoa

we've got an Olympic version I believe

what is it what is SH stand for super

hot like Galaxy Note 9 you guys looking

at this like whoa on the back it's black

it's almost like they were covering up

the Samsung logo whoa ah and then I mean

it's a phone

hey it's a phone it's a fake phone I

don't know which one weighs more this

one has more features in it and it

should weigh more the real note 9 the

fake one which is black so fake is black

REO is blue so you guys know if you need

the colors and Wow

just look at the back on those so font

is way less noticeable on the real one

and then on the fake one it's just it's

just on there what is that fingerprint

reader dude that's like that's an indent

that's like a full-on

indent whoa that's like a um a crater or

something geez okay let's see what else

comes in the box how well would your

Craigslist seller go to sell this phone

open up the QuickStart guide okay this

looks like it was actually printed okay

power brick I wouldn't trust this this

even feels yeah that even smells burnt

that's I didn't even laugh really yes

really put the power adapter up to your

nose while you're buying this phone out

of Starbucks if it smells burnt it

probably is sim tool and then a cable

another a two USB C so pretty basic what

you'd expect in the box but men that

didn't even work so you didn't even get

an adapter you're not getting that

adapter you know it's a fake if you get

the phone and you look at the

fingerprint reader and it actually looks

like a crater like if it doesn't really

feel like it blends in with the phone

and you can like feel it like my fingers

actually getting caught it's like

so the real note 9 there should be two

12 megapixel cameras and there is

because it's real on the fake I don't

even know what there's packing it looks

like there is two cameras yeah a flash

what looks to be like a heartrate

monitor and then that insanely really

big fingerprint reader I had to pay

extra for it there's actually ones where

it's not included so galaxy note 9 is

really on the back just sketching Gus

versus versus on the real one made a

glass so plastic that's glass let's see

what the buttons are about oh I think

there is so you have a dedicated button

on the side that's for Bigsby I want to

check out what fake fixed fees like and

the volume buttons then on the right

side of the phone you have your power

button at the top SIM card and I'm gonna

see if there's a micro SD for expandable

storage on here I'm guessing maybe I

read something about that maybe that's

the 64 gigs of referencing at the bottom

USB see headphone s-pen what is the big

s-pen about no way does he even come out

if it's like properly stuck in there you

see if I can fish it out whoa

that's how you know if the s-pen you

can't just easily pull it out that's how

you know well there goes half the note I

mean now it's just a galaxy so real one

turns on fake when I see a screen so

Android is starting you don't get that

obnoxious white screen on this now you

do it's a different white screen and yes

it's a little bit larger but but it

takes you to the whole setup so I gotta

set the real note 9 up and I've done

this has done a few videos on the note 9

the right up there in the iCard ooh

this just feels really strange says

there's a bunch of messages on here what

does this mean I think it's some carrier

info whoa

ah dude that's crazy

it's not the red Gatorade that's almost

drank there was a sim card oh I've never

had that

whoa someone knew that I was getting his

phone so here both note 9 side by side

is there a difference in hand I want to

see the fake phone almost feels a little

heavier than the real phone that's kind

of weird to be expected

usually the cheaper stuff actually

weighs more than the good stuff sits lot

on the top and on both microSD expansion

so that exists what's this mystery

button on the side Bixby there's a fake

Bixby on the fake phone but gotta update

Bixby on the real one makes me why are

you updated get it together

you just shipped could you spot you so

this just takes me to Google assistant

that's just like what everyone wanted


alright so that's kind of interesting

everything else looks kind of decent

it's nice though to have a real S Pen

because s-pen remote is a new feature

this year I mean you can just take

photos with your S Pen now

so speaking of F it's photo time my boy

here we go so there are two 12 megapixel

cameras on here variable apertures a new

feature with the new note 9 so it can go

up to F 1.5 lots of lights coming in and

then on the second lens up to F 2.4 F

time to remake that same pose for the

viewers it looks like it's almost like a

Nexus 5 weird it's like really like

super googly and the front-facing camera

is just stupid good 8 megapixel camera

good like ooh so when you compare them I

mean you guys can compare them you guys

can see you guys let me know in the

comments which you like better the real

or the fake this is just for you guys to

know if you buy a phone on Craigslist

eBay whatever test this stuff out

immediately and then call if you guys

did get scammed start Bixby and it just

takes me to Google assistant really and

I'm even on Wi-Fi interesting

interesting interesting dude it's the

same interface

is that the one plus it's like oxygen OS

I totally see it you guys be the judge

maybe this is just me but the bezels

like they're hella thick compared to the

real one-year bezels aren't supposed to

be that big that's a chin that's a

proper double chin on the fake phone the

real one really tiny black bar bezel at

the top even thicker at the top wow they

didn't even come close on this fake

this is totally a oneplus device here's

how I know when I go to the volume

button I hit volume down it gives me

none priority or all pretty sure that's

on oneplus one two three they always

have the notifier switch and you love it

you have to love it but it's not on this

phone there's no switch okay so we're

gonna play a video I'm just done

freaking out this is the real note 9

this is the fake

it's a 720p display versus a quad HD one

so let's listen to them really tinny on

the fake one on the real wood it's much

more like gold so colors actually don't

look all that bad

very interesting Before we jump into the

benchmarks and see what the fake note

nines actually packing and that's the

final test you can do that on any deal

that'll tell you if it's a real or fake

device here's the score to look for but

let's test out these fingerprint readers

and see if they even works on the fake

phone they moved it down on the new note

9 this year so instead of it being next

to the camera it's actually underneath

it so much more convenient you won't be

hitting the camera lens anytime you put

it on the back so much nicer good job

Samsung fingerprints draw an unlock

pattern alright you guys know the

password now continue one more time

create fingerprint

whoa it works out but it doesn't even

like show or pulse that you're on the

sensor all right show all notification

content let's see if this works

I know what's gonna work on the note 9

so I'm gonna try to reset up the finger

per reader

look at the phone it's not even the

right phone dude there's like an actual

button it's rounded

it's not even shaped like a rectangle on

the note 9 you'd think he would try to

at least get the details right am i

right place the finger on the back of

the center of the sensing area it's a

lot of herbs

all right I got it see this unlock so

there is a fingerprint reader on here I

don't even know what these phones are

doing anymore

whoa it led me in Wow I think I just had

to retry it and do a better test yeah

that works trying to hold it with the

other hand boom we're in so when I set

up my fingerprint on the real note 9

notice that it's a circle and you have

to swipe your finger down alright so

here we go we're gonna test out both

fingerprints and see which is better wow

that took way longer on the fake phone

I'm a real one it's just so sensitive

it's what you would expect and what you

honestly paid for it all right this is

kind of interesting so we're in the

final part of the video where we

Geekbench it and this reveals all fire

up this app have the person that you're

buying a phone from download it this is

gonna tell you the software that it

should be running and the one that it

shouldn't it kind of gives you the whole

breakdown in structure of the phone so

it's gonna tell you the specs of the

phone this is an octa-core processor so

eight total cores octa like a spider

come on guys you got it Charlotte's Web

come on you know so the real fun you

should have a total of eight cores so am

i right here snapdragon 845 claw couple

up to 2.8 gigahertz then on the fake

phone it says there should be eight

cores but one of the cores is running at

0 gigahertz so that that's a not that

that's a fake core that's a not core

there's no core there then the other

ones running at 3 gigahertz so really

interested to see what kind of power the

fake phones packing really should be

kind of an interesting shakedown so the

fake phone on my left is running Android

7.0 nougat versus Oreo that should tell

all right there if it's not running 8.1

you know it's a fake phone so let's run

the cpu benchmark on both

these see what scores we get you're

gonna know what score to look for on the

real one and that's all you guys gotta

care about right off to the start this

thing's running we're 5% on the fake

phone it's still figuring out life we're

at zero 11% Wow

real no 9 is just trucking and I'm just

commentating like this is a sports race

here we go on the right pocket here we

go we got the 17% on the note 9 note 9

at 19% 0% still on the what is life fake

note 9 the real know 9 is just crushing

it as you would expect you're shelling

out a minimum of a thousand bucks maybe

even 1250 if you're getting really spicy

eight gigs of RAM boom that phone's

gonna crush it might even be done if you

pay that extra cash it's a powerful song

perfect fine nail this water bottle flip

you're buying me lunch oh my gosh he did

it first try you all saw it while we're

mid benchmark 17% on the fake phone 66

on the real 1f now owes me a lunch

so the real new nine is done multi-core

score is eighty nine hundred single

chorus almost 25 so 2400 that's what you

have to look for I almost have to cut

this this videos getting way too long

props if you guys made it drop a like if

you are real one maybe get subscribed if

you guys haven't we're gonna wait till

this thing finishes it's basically a one

plus two alright so all the benchmarks

are done the fake note 9 honestly this

thing took 20 minutes to do the real one

took less than like three so here's a

breakdown of the scores it's pretty

revealing this is all you need to do and

this will tell you everything you need

to know if you have a fake phone or if

you are encountering a real phone you

can go ahead and give him the money it's

a real phone you're all good to go

don't worry he's a good guy so the fake

phone you have a single core score of

404 and a multi-core score of a thousand

and fourteen that is so telling of how

bad is it

that's how bad it is like that is record

bad I've never seen a phone look so good

on the outside perform so well and that

just goes to show you where we're at in

2018 I mean this is kind of a budget

phone am i right like 85 bucks to get

you a fake note 9 so if you were to pick

up the fake note 9 and you

the daily my guess is you'd actually be

able to use it if you want a powerhouse

obviously you're gonna put the real deal

and it costs about ten times more

thousand bucks

justyou can get started with the note 9

series that's it for how bad is it

the fake note 9 how bad is it not that

bad do you guys enjoyed this video make

sure to drop a like and click subscribe

by hitting that circle button if you

guys want more videos like this and make

sure to check out that playlist right up

there I'll see you guys on Instagram

it's just tech smart I'll catch you next

time peace


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