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- Today we ask the question that has plagued man since the dawn of time.

- Will It Jello?

- Let's talk about that.

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- Yes. Now if you have watched Good Mythical Morning

for any length of time, you know that we like to mix things up

when it comes to food.

- We like it--

- We like to take traditional foods and bring new ingredients

to them to see if we've been missing out on any flavor combinations.

- Because something might does.

And if it does, we need to find out first--

- If it will. - If it will.

- By asking "Will it?"

And today the operative question is...

- (unison) Will it Jello?

- Now, I've heard there are a lot of people who lives

in fear of Jello.

- That makes no sense to me--

- What? It's wiggly.

- Okay, I'm still not scared.

- It feels like it's alive, it moves on it's own

if like the room shakes, or there's an earthquake--

- No I think you have to start it--

- So yeah, I've always been a little afraid of Jello.

- But let me tell you I am a little

bit afraid of some of the

Jello I see over there on that table.

That's about to come over here and get in our mouths.

- But at first you know, we decided to do something that

I could get a little excited about here.

- Okay.

- We took a little trip down the snack isle.

As we frequently do on a Will It episode

and we picked up some Twinkies.

- (Unison) Twinkies, Will It Jello?

- Look at this! See how wiggly that is guys?

It's gotta jiggle, jiggle and a shake, shake to it!

- But I'm not scared of it.

But I did bring my whipped cream (chuckles)

- Okay.

- Yeah we're gonna--now this is mushed up Twinkies--

- Oh no, put it in the middle!

- You know what, to make you happy--

- There we go!

And ima' wet the pallet with a--

(Muffled) scoop of that!

We have taken Twinkies mushed them up

so there's everything that you find in a Twinkie

is now gelatin-ized.

And, ain't no need to delay this goodness.

(Laughs) It's gotta be good, right?

- Get a big bite Link.

- I'd take this to a pot lot

- It's actually not as sweet as I thought it would be.

Do you find yourself--

- Ignore that. - (laughs)

- Do you find yourself wanting to get more whipped cream?

To add to the sweetness?

- I found myself. - (chuckles)

- Because it's kinda cakey.

- (Crew laughs)

- But in a good way. - Wow

- Twinkie Jello.

- Will It Jello? - (unison) Yes!

- Okay, I'm excited about this one.

We just went sweet now we're

gonna go a bit savory!

With one of my favorite sauces, Sriracha!

- (Unison) Sriracha, Will It Jello?

- Bring it in Chase.

- Ok so--

- Oh! That's got some jiggle, jiggle to it!

- This ones pretty simple. It's basically just Sriracha.

A lot of Sriracha, mixed in with the gelatin.

And in the middle as you can see,

we got some Ramen Noodles

- I don't-- I don't eat Sriracha a lot.

I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't eat Sriracha on everything.

We did do an entire episode to prove that you can eat

Sriracha on anything, called the Sriracha challenge.

- It's very--

- (Link) But we did not make it gelatin-ized

- Dink. - Bink.

- (Laughs)

- Oh! That's intense.

- It's like if I left some-- - (coughs)

- Oh, are you okay?

- I couldn't get it down. Oh I got it down--

- (Hiccups)

- Uh oh, here we-- uh oh. - (Chuckles)

-(Crew laughs)

- It was-- (hiccups) Oh God.

I'm hiccuping, I don't know if you can tell.

- (Laughs) - Hey!

- We should-- oh gosh.

- We can win a contest with this.

- I do see what you're saying.

That this is something you can take

to a party full of hipsters and they'll

be like-- They'll be talking about this

- Yea man that is cool--I'm glad you put

it in the bunt formation.

- Did you bunt it?

- Is that the word I use?

- Yeah you're right.

I don't know, I don't think I wanna eat anymore

though that may be a sign that--

- I think what you factor in the party, factor though.

And my hiccups are now gone.

And I feel a warm burning, which makes me happy.

- It's pleasant, I feel good about it.

- So Will it Jello?

- At a party sure!

- This one is the ultimate party food

but we've twisted it up and put it

into a bunt (Laughs)

- Guacamole!

- Guacamole, Will it Jello?

- They all look great, that's the first thing

- They are pretty, but this is very

pureed Guacamole, like to the point where

there's no--you can't decipher the ingredients

- Ima' actually use a chip, and I'm gonna try cause--

in a party setting, what you want to do is say

- "Hey Roger, what'd you bring to the party?"

"I don't know Dal, well I do know.

I brought this Guacamole bunt.

- And then I'm gonna saw it right here Roger.

- You can do whatever you want to. That's your side.

- Okay, dink it.

- I'm kinda being struct by the fact that

Guacamole doesn't need gelatin in it.

It's like drinking--it's like eating Guacamole

that's been mixed with water.

- A lot of water.

- And like left next to a nuclear plant.

- Which incidentally, I think is exactly what we did.

So, I think it makes a lot of sense.

- (Link) It'll dance for ya'

put it next to a subwoofer at the party.

- If you go to a party and end up dancing with Jello,

it probably wasn't a good party.

- Will it Jello?

- (Unison) No.

- Now iv'e never heard Jello say

"Hey can you make a meal out of me?"

But iv'e never heard Jello say anything.

So that's not really applicable.

But we did wanna answer that question with hamburger.

- (Unison) Hamburger, Will it Jello?

- We made the fully cooked hamburger smoothie.

And then added gelatin and poured it into the bunt mold.

And then, the meat still went to the bottom.

Which now becomes the top when you invert it.

So it looks awesome Chase! Good work.

- Aw man.

- Nobody eats their burgers without condiments on it.

- So, the bottom is like meat juice. And the top is more of a meat Jello--

- Heads up.

- Is there cheese in it? We should have put--

- Hold on I'm not done, I'm not done!

- It's not a cheese burger. It's just hamburger.

Oh gosh.

- (Laughs) I'm so excited.

- (Crew laughs)

- (Imitates Rhett) I'm so excited.

Let's just leave that there.

- (Laughs)

- Don't give it a nice love pat, man.

Alright so--

- Oh, I like that.

- I'm tempted to just-- that's called

- (Crew Laughs)

- Oh gosh (chuckles)

- That's called workmanship right there.

Oh you can see it on that side too.

- You gonna go for the whole thing?

Should I get a slice myself?

- (Laughs) - No that's too big.

I'm gonna half this, but ima dip your half

in whatever that stuff floating in the middle is--

- Oh gosh.

We got people gagging off camera.

- (Laughter)

- He's eight feet away from this stuff!

- This is just like Fourth of July, in a cold place.

- Y-yeah! Yeah!

- Okay, dink it.

- It smells bad.

- Wiggly, it's like its trying to dodge--

- (Crew laughs)

- What, what happened?!

- It backfired. - What do you mean it backfired

- It tried to go, I tried to get it down--

- Oh-- - It backfired.

- Where is it now? - All in my mouth.

- Some of it is right there.

- (Dry heaves) - (Laughter)

- It dances around and it dodges your teeth when you try to chew it.

- I legitimately-- - Like it's alive.

- Had an involuntary backfire in my digestive system.

- I thought you were gonna-- bang your head on the table.

- No, no I mean like that was totally unplanned!

It was like trying to swallow bam!

But I will say a little bit of mustard did the trick for me.

- That goes a long way, so whenever you try this

and you shouldn't, make sure you put mustard

- Will it Jello?

- (Unison) No.

- Okay why not incorporate the sea, The ocean.

- And what's the most Jello-like creature in the sea Link?

- Jellyfish.

- (Unison) Jellyfish, Will it Jello?

- Oh gosh, it's not that-- it's like the tentacles of Jellyfish

- It's the bottom part-- it's the part that sting you!

- And then we had that pureed up and then set.

- You know what Link?--

- It has a little bit of peanutty-ness to it!

- Since it's from the ocean we should salt it up a little bit.

- Anything to help, put mustard on it too for all I care.

- It's not gonna melt like a slug is it?

- Oh gosh.

- Okay Rhett there's you one.

- (Chuckles) - Oh gosh.

- (Crew laughs)

- Don't shake when I put it on the spoon--

- I'm sorry I can't keep my--

- (More laughter)

- I haven't even put it in-- this is how hard it is to get it into a spoon

How hard is it gonna be to get it in my mouth?

- Alright, and then ima put this tentacle on top for you.

- Don't just go and grab a Jellyfish out of the ocean and eat it

cause it will probably kill you but--

- Come to us!

- These are the kind of Jellyfish that apparently can be eaten.

- Ah Jellyfish.

- Think of yourself like a sea captain

- Oh gosh, okay.

- Hold on, think about this for a second.

You're on the ocean--

- I'm hot man, I just want something cold.

- You and Robert Redford, in a sail boat--

- Hey Red! - Forever.

- You're like "Hey Robert, all is not lost. I found some--"

- Frozen (Unison) Jellyfish Jello.

- He's like "Oh cool, man"

- Dink it? You convinced me Rhett I'm gonna eat it now.

- (Dry heaves) - (Crew Laughs)

- It feels like a Jellyfish in my mouth.

- Do it for Robert Redford, man.

- I was with Robert Redford and we were on the open ocean together

and he was like "I'm putting you in my next movie."

- I'm rowing dude.

- I'm gonna get this down.

- Boy, that stuff is gelatinous.

- Hold your chest like this it helps.

- I did it!

- (Laughs)

- Oh no it's still all in-- that's the nastiest thing iv'e ever seen

- Oh God. - (Laughter)

- Hey! - We made it!

- Will it Jello?

- (Unison) No.

- Nothing is sacred on this show, even the windows to

the soul can be put into Jello and eaten.

That's right, eyeballs.

- (Unison) Eyeballs, Will it Jello?

- Oh my goodness. These are various eyeballs of the fish.

- And the Gelatin is just-- just Gelatin.

- Like that one right there is looking at me.

- Oh wow--

- So I'm just gonna reach in here and scoop.

- Oh no!

- It's like Jurassic Park in there.

- That's a small eyeball--

- You can build a whole new fish with this one eyeball.

- Oh my goodness which one do I want?

- (Rhett) Hey, don't go small now.

- Now let's compare the size. Mines huger than yours.

And got like flesh hanging off of it.

- (Crew laughs) - Well that's your fault.

You want me to get a big eyeball?

- Yeah, man.

- I'll get this big sucker right here.

- Oh gosh. - Yeah, that's the one.

- Oh gosh, that's got serious redness on the back.

- I'm feeling nauseous.

- Let me get my barf bag. - (Laughter)

- My barf bag-- - I got mine right here.

- My barf bucket ready. - I'm ready.

- Movin' this out the way here.

- You know I shouldn't get it ready. I should kick it away. But I'm not gonna.

Three, two, one-- Oh it's hard!

- (Rhett) It's like a rock! It's like a rock!

It's like a glass eye - Oh really?

- It's a fish that had a glass eye. It's a prosthetic!

- (Laughter)

- Is yours hard? - I haven't bit it yet.

- (Crew laughs) - (Throws up)

- Dang it! Who's gonna eat it now?! - Oh you wanted more?!

- I'm gonna try to bite this thing. - Get it in the mouth, man.

Now bite it with the molars!

- (Dry heaves) - (Crew laughter)

- I'm going for a smaller one.

- (Dry heaves) - (More laughter)

- I'm gonna throw up in here.

- (Laughter)

- Alright I'm going just straight ball.

- It's hard again! - (Crew laughs)

- It feels like it has the eye socket in it.

- (Laughter)

- I got it! I got it down-- my breath smells horrible

It smells like a fish market.

- Look, look. Look at that. - What is that?!

- That's the soul! - (Laughs)

- Oh my gosh Rhett. - Hold on I have to do my thing.

- Do it, yeah. Grow gills man!

- Yeah! - I did it!

- We both did it! We ate a full fish eye in Gelatin!

- Will it Jello? Absolutely not!

- Well there's plenty more where that came from.

- Rhett vomited on it a little bit but we'll save these fish eyeballs for you!

And for the crew so stick around guys.

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