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(dramatic theme playing)

JAKE: My generation--

we were born into war.

(indistinct chatter over comms)

Giant monsters attacked our world.


We called 'em Kaiju.


They came through the Breach.

A gateway to another dimension

at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

They were sent by an alien race on the other side--

the Precursors.

We fought back,

building our own monsters.

Jaegars-- giant robots.

So big they needed two pilots to run 'em.

My father was one of them.

He sacrificed himself to help save the world.

I... am not my father.


-♪ Ooh, yeah ♪ -(whoops)

It's been ten years

since we won the war and closed the Breach.

Most of the world's recovered.

But a few coastal cities never did.

And the world is still picking up the pieces.

Wizzy boy, make me dance

Daddy Yo

-♪ Make me dance. ♪ -But some of us

live better in a broken world.

-♪ ♪ -(snoring)

And squatting in half a mansion

is better than paying for some crappy apartment.

Now, in the relief zones, you have to get creative.

You have to hustle.

Or somebody else might eat your breakfast.

And your cookies.


And your damn hot sauce.

You know, out here,

we place a different value on things.

The Pan Pacific Defense Corps usually looks the other way

as long as you don't go poking around where you don't belong.

Say, like a...

decommissioned Jaeger scrapyard.

Big risks mean big reward,

and nothing pays more than stolen Jaeger tech.

Plenty of nutcases out here

trying to slap together their own Jaegers.

(indistinct chatter on comms)

But they need the parts to do it.

So, if you can steal what no one else can steal... can live like a king.

(scanner beeping)

Are you sure it's in here?

Power cores are stripped before they get decommissioned.

But sometimes they miss the tertiary plasma capacitors.

And that's a big score.

This one's still holding a charge.


You better hope so.


Let's just calm down.

Let's not get excited.

I'm just playing the odds here.

You cheated Barada in Juarez,

skipped out on Chau in Hong Kong.

Now, that was a misunderstanding.

And stole from me...

in my own backyard.

Now I'm stealing for you.

Circle of life.

We good?

You deliver...

and yeah...

we're good.


(air hisses)

Let's get rich.



FEMALE VOICE (distorted): Target lock.

Where is it?

FEMALE VOICE (distorted): Target lock.

Hey, man, uh, just a little situation.

It says it's here.

It's supposed to be right there,

but you know what, let me just figure this out.

(both grunt)

-FEMALE VOICE: Target lock. -(coughs)

Somebody please kill this guy for me.

-(scanner beeps) -FEMALE VOICE: Target moving.

-(gun cocks) -No, no, no. It's here.

You wait, wait. Someone else is in here.

Someone else has the capacitor. Now, let's go. Come on.

Jake! Jake!

Hey, wait!


-(air hisses) -Son of a...

Go, go, go!

Split up.


(scanner beeps)

-(shouts) -Whoa!

Whoa! Whoa! Hey!


-(gunshot) -(gasps)


SONNY: Come on! Jake!

HENCHMAN: Hey, boss, he went over here!

SONNY: Go, go, go!

HENCHMAN: I see him. I see him.

This way.



Jake, Jake, Jake.

-Nice try. -(gun cocks)


-(groaning) -Yeah.


-We're good. -Jake!

(muffled): Jake, you son of a...

FEMALE VOICE: Target lock.

-(gasps) -Target lock.

Target lock.

Hey! Get back here with that!


(chuckles, gasps)

No, no!



(engine starts, revs)

(siren chirping)

FEMALE VOICE: Target moving.

(bird squawking)

(power pulsing)

(bottle clinking)

(grunts softly)

(dog barking in distance)

(device powering up)

(lines crackling)

♪ ♪


(laughs) How old are you?

Old enough to kick your ass.


Let's take a second. Back up.

Back up.

You build this thing yourself?

What do you think?

I think I can sell your little toy

-for a whole lot of money. -Scrapper's not a toy

and she's not for sale.

The man holding the pipe says she is.

So listen up...

(siren chirping)

You led them here?

That's impossible.

-(grunts) -Hey!

Ah, what the hell, man?


(siren chirping)


(siren chirping)

(alarm buzzing)

Come on, come on, come on.


It works!



Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey!

Get out. What are you doing?

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Stop! -Where is it?

Hey! Don't touch that. Hey.

What are you doing?!

-Stop! -Where's the other one?

-The other what? -The other cradle.

A Jaeger needs two pilots.

Scrapper is small enough to run on a single neural lobe.

All right, then you get out, you let me pilot.

Get out!

Screw that.

♪ ♪

Told you she's not a toy.

You're gonna get us killed.

I can get us out of here.

I just got us out.

(gasps) Oh, my God.

That's November Ajax.

MALE VOICE (over speakers): Pilots of unregistered Jaeger,

this is the Pan Pacific Defense Corps.

Power down and exit your Conn-Pod.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Don't-don't-don't give up.

You give up way too easy.

That's what they think. (grunts)

(over speakers): Stop!

You are in violation of Code Ten,

Section 14.

Operation of an unregistered Jaeger.

-Hang on. -I am hanging on!

Hang tighter.



(over speakers): Seriously?




I just out-piloted November Ajax.

No, you didn't.



Okay. What do you got?

And I'm not getting out.

-One of those ion cells redundant? -No!

-They are now. -But we need them.

-Get up to Ajax's head. -What?

-Go! -(huffs)

♪ ♪

Power down.

(voice looping)

FEMALE VOICE: Low power warning. 12%.

I told you we needed that!

It worked, didn't it?


How long before Ajax can reboot his systems?

(both grunt)

-About that long. -(alarm buzzing)


(over speakers): Power down.

This is your final warning.

(high-pitched whining)

All right, let's go.




Look what you did to my Jaeger, you jerk!

(heavy door closes)

(keys jingle)

(lock buzzes in distance)

(heavy door closes)

Should have let me pilot.

Oh, like this is my fault.

-You compromised my command center. -Wow.

Your command center?

-Yes. My command center. -Wait. Sorry, sorry.

-I didn't hear that. Your command center? -Yes!

-Wait, that sorry excuse for a command... -And you had no

place to come in and try to tell me what to do.

I go where I want. It's a different world, right?

'Cause it really worked out well, right? Look where

-we're at, right? -Your top lip and your bottom lip,

they need to meet and become friends.

Smart. That's a good one.

Need to close up, all right? Shut up.

-Shut up. -Yeah, I can.

-Conversation done. -Good.

Junkyard baby.

(keys jingle, door opens in distance)

-(helicopter whirring outside) -Why did you build it?

What happened to the shutting up?

You said you wasn't gonna sell it,

so what the hell was you gonna do?

Rob a bank or something?

I built her because one day they're gonna come back.

The Kaiju.

And when they do, I'm not gonna be stuck waiting

for someone else to come save my ass.

Not like before.

(footfalls approaching)

(door unlocks)

You. Let's go.

I don't really want to talk about it. It's ridiculous.

That's just, like, my right or...

(indistinct radio chatter)


(device beeps)

Hello, Jake.

Here we are again.

It's just a stretch of bad luck. I'll figure it out.

Father used to say we make our own luck.

Yeah, well, Dad said a lot of things.

You were arrested in a rogue Jaeger.

Hold on a second.

That wasn't my Jaeger.

There's this little kid, she's about this tall...

You have priors.

This is serious.


That's why I need my big sis

to help me get the hell out of here.

Just one last time.

They're not going to let you just walk.

-But there might be another way. -Okay.

See, that's what I want to hear.

That's what I'm here to talk about, the other way.

Lay it on me. What do I got to do?

Reenlist and finish what you started.

I'm not doing that.

I'm-- look, I'm-I'm too old to be a cadet.

I don't want you to be a cadet.

I want you to help train them.

Train who? Train what?

I'm not training no damn kids.

The transport is standing by

to bring both of you to Moyulan.

Both of us?

You and your new recruit.


I can't believe she just hologrammed me.

JAKE: Yeah, look, I didn't have a choice.

AMARA: I know, I get it, but why me?

Why do they want me for the program?

You built and piloted your own Jaeger.

These people like that kind of stuff.

Okay, so then why am I just a cadet

and you get to be a ranger?


Valor Omega.

Oh, my God.

That, that is Valor Omega.


-Hey! -(indistinct shouting)

You got to be kidding me.

I didn't believe it

when they told me you were inbound.

How you doing, Nate?

It's Ranger Lambert.

Are you having a laugh?

Well, this is a military base.

You remember how that works,

Ranger Pentecost.

You must be Amara Namani.

Yes, sir.

Ranger, sir.

Well, let's get you squared away.

Oh, and, uh,

try not to steal anything while you're here.

Did that haircut just call you Pentecost?

As in badass Stacker Pentecost?

Pilot of Coyote Tango, hero of basically the whole world?

It's just a name.

Yeah, a really cool name.

LAMBERT: Sim training starts at 0600.

You're late, you miss the day.

You fall behind, you'll be on the next transport

back to wherever they found you.

That's Titan Redeemer.

And Bracer Phoenix.

She's a three-man rig.

Saber Athena.

I love Saber Athena.

She's the fastest Jaeger in the fleet.

Did you know that?

FEMALE VOICE: Warning: stand clear of lift.

Okay, so which one's yours?


-You pilot Gipsy Avenger? -He used to

until his copilot got a better offer in the private sector.

Jules Reyes, J-Tech.

Amara, cadet.


Ranger, apparently.

Heard a lot about you, Pentecost.


You know you still hold the record?

-What record? -Shut up.

JULES: So how did they lure you back?

I mean, it couldn't have been the pay, so...

Oh, yeah, it's a long story, but if you,

if you want to talk about it, we can meet up...

-She's busy. -(man speaking indistinctly over P.A.)


(buzzer sounds)

Eyes front, Pentecost.

(man speaking indistinctly over P.A.)

-(grunting) -(music playing)

Oh! Come on, Renata, not the face!

-Sorry, man. Ooh! -Oh!


And raise you two shower chits.

Fold, Ilya.

You need all the showers you can get, man.

I have a musk!

What you smell is musk.

Ranger on deck!

AUTOMATED VOICE: Audio system deactivated.

(music stops)


This is Amara Namani.

She'll be joining you in sim training bright and early.

And this is Ranger Pentecost.

He will be helping me instruct you

until I can find a new copilot to replace Ranger Burke.

Anything you'd like to add?

Nothing you want to hear.

Malikova, get Namani squared away and prepped for training.

Yes, sir!

As you were.


We're gonna be trained by a Pentecost!

So? Not like he was the one who died helping close the Breach.

-He's never even been in combat. -(music playing)

SURESH: Renata, let's go for round two.

RENATA: Yo, Ilya, you see this? Ah!

Uh, hey.

So, where should I...?

Heard you built your own little Jaeger.

Yeah, actually.

Uh, Scrapper.

I operated her, too, with this solo bay...

You want to put junk together, be a mechanic.

Moyulan is for pilots.

Hey, come on. I got ya.

-Thanks. -Yeah.

-Um... -Jinhai.

Ou-yang Jinhai.

So, you and Vik already buddies, huh?

-Vik? -SURESH: It's short for Viktoriya.

But you don't want to call her that.

Yeah, what's her problem?

-Took her three shots to pass the entrance test. -Yeah.

Don't think she likes how you landed here.

Yeah, well, it's not my fault.

Recruiters never come around back home.

-Hey, know any Russian? -No.

I'll teach you some. Calms her down.

Come on. Let's get you squared away.

(woman speaking indistinctly over P.A.)

(door chimes)

♪ ♪


Aah! (panting)

AUTOMATED VOICE: Hemispheres out of alignment.

-Warning. -We need to reconnect!

I know! I'm trying!

-(Kaiju roaring) -(Amara screams)

(electricity powers down)


AMARA: (sighs) I just can't get this.

SURESH: That sucked.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Drift simulation terminated.

-(beeping) -LAMBERT: You know, when I heard

you gave November Ajax a run for his money,

I thought we might have something here.

-Now I'm not so sure. -(Vik chuckles)

How am I supposed to drift in this thing?

It smells like feet.

I didn't ask for your excuses, Cadet.

You putting her up against Kaiju

that almost killed veteran pilots doesn't make any sense.

Well, maybe she's not the only one that doesn't belong here.

Wow. See, Nate, I know you have a problem with me.

But come on. She's just a kid.

So were we. That's the point.

You make stronger connections when you're young.

And that kind of bond makes for a better drift pilot.

Yeah. I remember the pitch.


Ryoichi, Renata, you're up.

Show our new recruit how it's done.

(jet engine whooshing)

("Better Man" by Leon Bridges playing)

I just wanna be a better man

-Oh. -♪ To my baby

Mm, mm... ♪

What the hell are you wearing?

Jules loves it.

Yeah, she told me it's nice to finally have

someone with style around here. Can't blame the girl.

-I'm sexy. -Mm. Yeah.

-Want a drink? -(sighs) Sure.


Ice cream's up top.

Yes. Yes.

So, one more time around, huh? Prove your old man wrong?

Nah, I just came back to see

if your chin implant ever settled in.

-Well, I think it's settled in quite nicely. -Yeah.

It's very commanding. Kids must love it.

Jake, these kids, they look up to us.


We got to show them that we can work together.

Well, the war ended ten years ago, man.

You just need to let that go. Just... woosah.

Y-You have to understand your enemy's ob...

-You have... -(whipped cream sprays)

-(whipped cream sprays) -Sorry, mate.

You have to understand your enemy's objective

to know you've defeated 'em.

-We still don't. -No.

I can help you out with that.

See, I'm thinking it has something to do with them

sending giant monsters to kick the crap out of us.

No, no, no.

The Precursors wouldn't send Kaiju to flatten a few cities

if they were trying to wipe us all out.

All right, look, Nate, I don't have a problem with you, man.

But I had to make a choice.

It was between your pretty face and prison.

I chose your pretty face.

Oh, well, I'm touched.

And how many damn toppings do you need?

Leave my toppings be, man.

Don't mess with my damn toppings.

So the cadets got, like, what,

couple of months before they graduate?

-Six. -Okay. I'll tell you what.

Every time you want to say something soldiery to 'em,

I'll just nod, or like, "Yep, what he said."

And then, before you know it, they get to be pilots.

-And I get to get back to my life. -Great.


It may happen sooner than you think.

How so?

Big dog and pony show tomorrow.

Shao and her team are presenting

this new drone program they have.

Could make us all obsolete.

Sounds like my "get out of jail free" card.

You know, you can front all you want,

but you and I both know you could've been great.

(engine rumbling)

Sorry. (chuckles)

She doesn't do the whole hand shaking thing.

Dr. Newton Geiszler, head of research

and development for Shao Industries.

That's a nice firm, firm grip you got there, uh...

That's a much better look on you.

Guess it's better than prison stripes. Barely.

(chuckles) I-I'm sorry, is this him?

It-It's got to be him, right? You're Stacker's kid.

Hey, uh, I'm Newt.

I was, uh, I was a big fan of your father's.

Amazing speech writer, by the way.

Did you ever hear his one where he canceled the apocalypse?

-Newton. -Hermann.

I was hoping you'd be tagging along.

I could use your help on an experiment I'm working on.

Now, this will only take a moment.

-I know how busy you are. -Yeah.

Don't want to impose, but, uh...

Aw, come on, you can't impose on me.

I mean, we've been inside each other's heads, right?

We've saved the world.

We've drifted with a Kaiju!

You know, if we hadn't yanked that intel

out of that Kaiju's brain,

Raleigh would've never been able to close the Breach.

Now, that was you and that was me.

Technically more me,

but any chance we could make this quick or...?

-Um, deployment. -Huh?

Of Jaegers.

Deploying them into battle, it takes, takes too much time.

The amount of damage

a Kaiju can inflict before they've ev...

Ah, here. I think I've found a solution.

Hermann, you know I can never read your, uh...

Uh, rocket thrusters, huh?

Yeah. No.

No. There's no fuel in the world

with that kind of boost-to-mass ratio. (chuckles)

From this world.


I-Is that Kaiju blood?


I've discovered Kaiju blood is highly reactive

when it's combined with rare earth elements--

cerium, lanthanum, gadolinium.

I realize that, pal. Okay.

Y-You can't be fooling around with this stuff.

You're gonna blow yourself up. Uh...

Now, no one knows more about Kaiju morphology than you.

-Okay. -And if you could just take a look, please.

No, Hermann, I got to stop you. Look, none of this matters.

Once my boss' drones are approved,

deployment time, that's gonna be a non-issue.

Within a year, buddy, we're gonna have drones everywhere.

So you won't help me?

Look, why don't we talk about it over dinner at my place?

Okay? You can finally meet Alice.

I don't need a hot meal, Newton.

What I need is a solution to a very specific problem.

-Hey. -(watch beeps)

Ah, that's me, bud.

I'm sorry. Duty calls. It's been nice catching up.


I, um...

I still get nightmares about what we saw

when we drifted with that disgusting Kaiju brain.


But... it was a hell of a rush, wasn't it?

Oh, uh...

I-I know, I'm terrible.

Uh, yes, we shared a lab together.

Oh, some crazy idea he had about

thruster pods on a, on a Jaeger.

Oh. Well, (chuckles) the man's completely harmless. Uh...

-(speaks Mandarin) -Uh, okay.

Could you say that again, and this time about 80% slower?

I said don't make me question your loyalty. Understand?

Ay. (chuckles) What's to question?

I... look, I barely talk to the guy anyway.

LIWEN: My drones are the next step

in Jaeger evolution.

The system I designed processes commands

through a quantum data core.

This means that a single pilot

can operate the drone remotely from anywhere in the world.

As soon as the council approves deployment,

based on Secretary General Mori's final report,

the days of struggling to find and train

drift compatible pilots will be a thing of the past.

And you think a bunch of desk jockeys are better than us?

We are not here to shut you down.

Cooperation between our programs

has never been more vital.

If there are any questions.

-Yeah, I got a question right over here! -(clamoring)

We are pilots, not a bunch of office workers!

And now we're shouting. There's no need to shout.

(clamoring continues)

JAKE: Well, that was slick.

So, how long until all this is shut down so I can go home?

I don't trust the tech. Not yet, at least.

Well, it looks pretty good to me.

Remote systems can be hacked or compromised.

No, you've got the key vote, right?

So there you go. It's your decision.

I wish I could just go ahead and approve them.

Nearly half the council is backing Liwen.

They aren't going to like my decision.

Who cares what they like and what they don't like?

I'll tell you what, I'm gonna go with you.

For moral support.

Plus, I want to get out of this place.

I'm glad you offered, because I already requested

Gipsy Avenger as honor guard at the Council Summit.

Look, you know Gipsy's Nate's ride.

His copilot works for Liwen now. He needs a new one.

One that you already know is drift compatible.

All right.

I'll do it. I got your back.

But I want to be there when you tell Nate,

'cause I just want to see his face.

He's gonna be so pissed.

He's just gonna stand there like,

"Yeah, I don't think you belong in a Jaeger, Jake.

Get out of my Jaeger. I'm handsome and sexy."

(Mako chuckles)

He is handsome. He is sexy.

Thank you, Jake.

(buzzer sounding in distance)

(sparks crackling)

♪ ♪

FEMALE NEWS ANCHOR: Welcome back. Lots of sunshine

today to kick off our weekend. The city...

OVERTON: Good afternoon, everyone.

Peter Overton broadcasting from the Nine Studios

in Sydney with the latest...

FEMALE REPORTER: So far, police say

at least 49 officers injured.

MALE REPORTER: Kaiju worshippers in black masks

throwing bottles and rocks.

PPDC security in riot gear

are attempting to regain control...

♪ ♪

(over radio): Gipsy Avenger, this is Marshal Quan.

All you have to do is stand there and look pretty.

Stay focused, try not to fall over.

Roger that, sir.

QUAN: Go for drop.

In three, two, one.



(screams echoing)


AUTOMATED VOICE: Drift alignment unstable.


It's coming back to me.

-You sure? -Ion cells activated.

And hey... We're in each other's heads, remember?

So I'd appreciate it if you'd stop thinking about Jules.

Not gonna happen.

How about you stop thinking about kicking my ass?

Not gonna happen either.

(Lambert scoffs)

Gonna be a long day.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Incoming transport.

(indistinct chatter)

(shouting, chanting)

(seagulls squawking loudly)

-AUTOMATED VOICE: Warning. -LAMBERT: Gipsy to Command.

You reading this?


Gipsy, this is Command.

Be advised, we have a rogue Jaeger.


LAMBERT (over loudspeaker): Pilots of unregistered Jaeger,

power down and exit your Conn-Pod immediately.

I repeat:

power down and exit your Conn-Pods now.

Missiles fired!

(indistinct shouting over radio)


(Jake grunts)

(shouting in Mandarin)

(people screaming)

-(grunts) -AUTOMATED VOICE: Low power.

-Warning. -We're losing power!

Jake! That Jaeger's

power reading is the same...

(high-pitched whirring)

It's jamming our comms!

-Nate! -Power's up!


-(grunts) -(gasps)




Oh, shit.

-(grunts) -(man screams)

(man screams)


-What do we do? -Follow my lead!


Mako's hit!

(alarm blaring)

She's going down! We've gotta move!

Activating gravity sling!

PILOT: Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

This is Mike, Mike, Charlie, zero, five, two!

We have been hit and we are going down!

-And we are going down! -AUTOMATED VOICE: Sending.

(echoing shout)

(helicopter blades whirring)


(Jaeger powering down)

-Mako! -LAMBERT: Jake!



(thudding Jaeger footsteps in distance)

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(alarm buzzing)

(Amara groans in frustration)

AUTOMATED VOICE: Drift alignment failing.

Come on, Sarah!

-Do something... -Drift alignment failing. stupid brain thing!


-Hey. -Hey.


So, I'm not really good

at emotional stuff, but...

I really am sorry about your sister.

Half sister? I...

Yeah, her family died during the Onibaba attack.

My dad took her in.

And she was my sister.

My family.

Why are you out of uniform?


Just had a lot on my mind after Sydney.

Guess I just wanted to be comfortable.

Well, don't let Ranger Lambert see you in that.

He might take the stick out of his butt and beat you with it.

I think I'm safe.

It's wedged in there pretty tight.

(both chuckle)

So they're still using Sarah.


And I can't drift with her for some reason.

All the other cadets have been training for years

and I just...

I hate feeling like the slow kid.

You gotta relax. Or you're just grinding gears.

-I'll help you out. -Got it, coach.

-Don't call me coach. -All right, sensei.


You have to make a good connection.

You can't do that if you're yappin' your gums.

You ready?


All right.

Let's see if we're drift compatible.

-(echoing giggles) -MAN: Get him!

(echoing laughter)

(cadets singing)

-(grunting) -Shoot! Come on!

-(panting) -AUTOMATED VOICE: Neural load exceeding limit.

Stay focused, Amara.

Remember, the stronger your connection,

the better you fight.

That's it.

(echoing scream)

MAN: Amara! Come on, jump! Jump to me, baby!

You have to, Amara, come on!

-Jump! -JAKE: Amara!

Don't hang on to the memory.

Just let it flow right through you.

MAN: Amara! Amara! Jump in there!

Yeah, come on. Get together. Ready?

One, two, cheese!

-(shutter clicks) -Got it.

Want to see?

Wait a sec.

(echoing): Amara.

Amara, you need to let it go.


Look, just listen to my voice!





-(echoing): Amara! -Daddy!


-(Kaiju roaring) -Amara! Come on, jump!

(echoing): Amara! We need to break the drift!

Jump to me! Come on!

I'm scared!

Baby, I will catch you, I promise. Come on!

-(echoing): Amara! -WOMAN: Amara, come on!


(echoing, overlapping voices)

JAKE: Amara!

(panting): Take it off!

-(crying) -(panting)

JAKE: Hey.

Are you okay?

I was there.


I felt it.

JAKE: Yeah.

I felt it, too.

LAMBERT (over radio): Jake, it's me.

You there?

Yeah, I'm here.

Meet me in the lab right away. Marshal wants to see us.

All right.

I'm on my way.

You okay?

(sniffles, sighs)

-What is it? -A message. From Mako.

GOTTLIEB: She was trying to send it from her copter

right before it went down.

It's a data package. High density.

Obsidian Fury was jamming comms.

How could her signal get through?

QUAN: It didn't.

-At least not intact. -So it's gone?

GOTTLIEB: Well, "gone" is relative in the digital realm.

By running a modified fractal algorithm,

I might be able to reconstruct a few megabytes.


Is that a Kaiju?

I'm checking against PPDC Kaiju archives.

(computer buzzes loudly)

No match against the database.

Keep looking.

Whatever this is, it was important to her.

I want to know why.

And I want to know who was piloting that rogue Jaeger.

(indistinct chatter)


(chuckles) Sorry I'm, uh, I-I'm late.

I-I thought you were still in Sydney.



that's great.

Thought you'd be a little more enthusiastic, Doc.

Yeah, no, I'm-I'm pumped. This is great.

Uh, it's just the timing of everything,

with the attack and all,

-feels a little... -I was there.

I know what happened.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Neural connection terminated.


Uh, I guess they do.

If you look at it sideways and you squint,

then maybe you could say that.

Uh, I'm sorry, what are you...

what... what's going on here?

(inhales) 48 is a...

Get it done.



Not a problem. That-That'll be fine.

Y-You don't think there's a way?

All right, well, then you're fired.

Okay? How about that?

Or maybe you're promoted.

I don't know. We'll see how it goes.

Just get it done!

(frustrated groan)

Give me this.


-("I Want to Know What Love Is" plays loudly) -Hey, honey!

I'm home!

Sorry I'm late.

(groans) God, things were...

things were crazy today, with what happened in Sydney.

(volume lowers): ♪ This mountain I must climb... ♪

All those people-- it was, uh, not pretty.

My boss almost got killed.

That could've been bad.

Maybe. I guess, I don't know.

That would've been great, actually,

that one is all over me.

I mean, I can't get a break from her!

I'm ranting. Enough about work.

And enough about her, really, I should be focused on you.

How about we have a little fun in the bedroom?

How was your day?


Oh. That's great.

Yeah, that's, uh, that's exciting.

-(burbling) -What's that?

A little pick-me-up? (chuckles)

Well... (exhales)

...what can I say?

You read my mind.

-♪ I want to know what love is ♪ -(snorts)

-♪ Oh, oh ♪ -(groans with pleasure)

-♪ I want you to show me. ♪ -(echoing heartbeat)

REPORTER: Hundreds of police officers...

They're calling it Obsidian Fury.

There's never been a rogue like this.

MEILIN: News feed said

they were posting a dozen Jaegers at the memorial.

When I die, I want that many to send me off.

Your pop's gonna make you work with boobs when you wash out.

Jaegers do not show up when the boob guy dies.

Wait, your dad works with boobs?

He's a plastic surgeon. He doesn't just work with...

I'm not gonna wash out.

I'm gonna be a pilot.

Still. You die,

meh, I post one Jaeger at your funeral.


-Maybe half a Jaeger. -(chuckles)

I heard that's where they found Amara.

In half a Jaeger.

It was a whole Jaeger.

It just wasn't very big, Viktoriya.

Bigger is better.


What did you say?

Am I saying that right?


-Ah! -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa! -Guys.

I worked every day of my life to be here.

You didn't do anything.

You were just picked up off the street like garbage!

-(grunting) -Guys, come on!

Hey, hey.

-Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa! -You know where I learned that?

On the streets, you big, dumb...

Ranger on deck!

-(coughs) -She jumped me!

She doesn't belong here!

I don't care!

You know, when I first joined the Corps, I was just like you.

Worse. I was nobody.

But that woman we laid to rest today,

Mako Mori, she said, "Whoever you are,

"the minute you enter this program, you join a family.

"And no matter what they do,

no matter how stupid they may act sometimes..."

" forgive 'em and you move on."

So you start believing that. In here.

And you'll start believing in a Jaeger.


Marshal's looking for you guys.

Says Gottlieb found something.

It isn't something.

It's somewhere.

Severnaya Zemlya.

Off Siberia's Taymyr Peninsula.

What's in Zemlya?

GOTTLIEB: Well, nothing anymore.

A facility roughly in this location

was used to manufacture Jaeger power cores earlier in the war.

-But it was decommissioned years ago. -Why would

Mako be trying to tell us about an abandoned factory

in the middle of nowhere?

Sir, permission to take Gipsy Avenger

to see what the hell's out there.

(footfalls pounding)


(sighs) Looks like Mako's message was a dead end.

This place is abandoned.

No, no, wait a second.

I'm getting some weird readings.

-(alarm blaring) -Incoming!

-Take out his legs! -(shouts)

♪ ♪

-(alarm blaring) -We got to get out of here!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Plasma cannon!

-Think we pissed him off. -Good.

You remember our old move?

Hell yeah.

He looks hurt!

Go for his power core!






(robotic groaning)

(over speakers): Pilots of Obsidian Fury,

get the hell out of your Conn-Pod!

What the hell is that?

It's definitely Kaiju.

A secondary brain used to control the hindquarters.

How'd they get into our world?

There hasn't been a breach in ten years.

Sensors would've picked it up.

I don't think there was a breach.

Kaiju flesh...

has a distinct radioactive half-life signature.

Particular to the Anteverse.

This specimen does not.

Wait, so, you're-you're saying that it's from our universe?

The genetic fingerprints indicate distinctly terrestrial

modification techniques, probably engineered

from Kaiju flesh left over from the war.

Precursors didn't do this.

Humans did.

SURESH: Oh, my God.

That hunk of slimy crap was piloting Obsidian Fury?

AMARA: We got to get a look inside.


That thing's part Kaiju.

Come on, guys. When are we ever gonna get a chance

to see something like this again?


Never would be good.

You guys can stay here.

I'm going.

No, Amar... Amara.

Guys, guys, we should not be in here.

(liquid dripping)


It's fused all the way through the system.

Like... muscle tissue.

JINHAI: That's how it was able to move like it did.

-Cool. -Yeah, cool.

Working with boobs is sounding better and better.

Shine your light over here.

SURESH: Oh, yeah, let's just go yank on the guts

of the weird-ass Kaiju killbot.

What is it?

-I think it's some sort of... -(sizzles)

-(screams) -Jinhai!

I told you not to yank on those.

Go get help! Go!

SURESH: Man, we are so screwed!

(muffled): This goes way past what she did.

QUAN: The decision has been made.

Security will take it from here.

We're done!

(lock beeps)

Is Jinhai okay?

He's got some scarring, but yeah, he'll live.

Marshal put him on probation.

Meilin and Suresh, too.

They blink wrong, all of 'em are out.

No, it's not their fault.

-I talked them into it. -I'm sorry, I tried to talk

to the marshal, but...

you're dismissed from the program.

Never belonged here anyway.


You know, I used to say the same thing a long time ago.

But I actually didn't want to be here.

Still don't.

Why'd you sign up?

We were at war.

And my dad was leading the charge

and I thought... maybe I could see more of him.

Maybe even drift with him.

Well, one night, me and Nate got into it.

It was over something stupid. I can't even remember what.

So I climbed in an old Mark 4

just to show him I didn't need him to be a great pilot.

That's pretty dumb.

-Yeah. -How far'd you get?

-About seven steps, well, take or leave. -How far did you get?

About two steps, then I blacked out from the strain.

And the first thing I saw when I woke up was my dad,

just standing right in front of me, looking stern.

Wh-What'd he say?

He said I was out of the program.

He said I didn't deserve to be in a Jaeger.

Look, he said a lot of things.

A year later, my dad was gone.

And I didn't get a chance to prove him wrong.

More importantly, I didn't get a chance to prove it to myself.

You listen to me.

Don't let what other people think of you

define who you are.

You won't like where that takes you.

Do you understand?

And keep your head up.

And you might just be as good-looking as me

in this type of situation.

-(scoffs, laughs) -Seriously.

This face is, is set up well.

Beauty is a burden. (chuckles)

You'll be all right.

Shao Industries.


Obsidian Fury has tech in it made by Shao Industries.

That's impossible. Jules and her team

scanned every centimeter of that Jaeger.

Insulating metamaterials wound counterclockwise

in the shunt cabling.

Shao's the only company that winds them that way.

Amara, are you sure about what you're telling me right now?



I stole a ton to make Scrapper.

I thought it might be important.


-(lock beeps) -Thank you.

GOTTLIEB: Shao Industries?

They don't even have a bio division.

Yeah, not that we know of.

Cabling could have been stolen, just like in Amara's Jaeger.

We're gonna need more than that to connect Fury to Shao.

What about Newt?

He'd have access to the internal records,

-the shipping manifests... -JAKE: All right.

Go see him. Keep a low profile.

I have a mission? Finally.

We'll take what we know to the marshal.

(announcement over speakers in Mandarin)

This isn't fair.

I'm sorry.

You don't deserve this.

It was my fault.

This is on me.


The next Jaeger you build...

make it a big one.

(helicopter blades whirring)

AUTOMATED VOICE: System online.

And we have delivery at 100%, people.

-System online. -A hundred percent!

That's the way that it's done, okay?

-I told you we could do it, and we did it! -(beeping)


I'm losing uplink to drone 375!

-Why? -Malfunction.

-(Burke grunting) -Why? Figure out why!

QUAN: We'll take what we know to the council in person.

Prep a transport.

Give me a second.

(electricity crackling)

-Get to Gipsy! Go! -(alarm wailing)

(drone roaring)

(over P.A.): All pilots,

man your Jaegers and engage hostiles!

(drone squeals)

Okay, you got this. You cool?

Yeah, super cool. Just, uh, just stay calm.

I-I know. I'm heading up! I'm heading right...


Uh, what are you doing here? How'd you get in here?

I do have PPDC credentials, and besides,

everyone else seems a little bit preoccupied

with the killer drones your boss just set off!


-(amplified panting) -(muffled shouting, screaming)

-She used you. -No.

-She lured you with money and a fancy title. -No. No way.

And while you were basking in the glow,

she took your research and she twisted it.

Help me stop her, Newton.

Help me save the world like old times.

All right, technically, uh, you were helping me last time.

-Let's get that straight. -Fine.

Help me help you save the world.

What do you say?

Well, I say, um, I say... Don't shoot!

Uh... (speaks Mandarin)

Goddamn it! Why can't I get this language?

-What's happening?! -Amara! Are those Jaegers?

No, they're drones from Shao Industries.

What are they doing?

I don't know. They just went crazy.

Hey! Clear the deck now!

Get back to your quarters right now!

-Yes, sir! Go, go, go! -Go! Go!

Go! Get the hell out of here! Come on!

-(screams) -Come on.

Come on, come on. Get up.

(alarm wailing)

Really? Now?

("The Girl from Ipanema" playing over elevator speakers)

(Gottlieb coughing)

(coughing loudly)

Hermann! A little help!

-(elevator bell dings) -Next time, why don't you learn

how to use a gun! Take that!

-Vile, vile individual! -(Newt laughs)


-Thank you, Newton. -Yeah.

I'd hug you if I didn't have a rule about

-public displays of affection. -It's fine.

-Oh, to hell with it. -Okay. All right.

If you're done groping me,

let's take care of the drones, right?

-Mm. -Okay.

(alarm beeping)

(woman screams)

Everyone, get out of the lab or I will shoot you!

I will shoot you twice!

You're officially fired. Get out.

What do we do? How do we stop this?

-There's a back door, Hermann. -To what?

To the drone subroutine.

I added a subroutine just in case I want to get in here

-and poke around down the road. -Oh, sneaky bastard.

-(laughs) I know, right? -(computer whirring)

(alarm beeping)

What did you just do?

What I've been planning the last ten years.

I'm ending the world.

♪ ♪

-(panicked shouting) -(alarm beeping)

(over P.A.): All pilots, breaches detected.

Drones in the field are opening multiple breaches

across the Pacific Rim.

(Quan yelling)


Why would you do this?

Why would I do this? Mm.

Well, I guess I wouldn't.

Well, not normally, not really my style.

Yeah, no, I don't know, maybe I hate you all for treating me

like an insignificant little joke of a man.

Maybe that's why he did it, Hermann-- I did it.

Uh, see. (chuckles)

There you go. There's the problem.

I'm just not feeling totally myself these days.


-(beep) -(electrical whirring)


Very good, Hermann, you figured it out.

And as usual, a step behind.

Newton. You are a good man.

-No. Uh, Hermann. -You must stop.

No, there's no point in fighting them.

-You must fight back. -I'm not strong enough, Hermann.

-Please, Newton. You must! -I am not strong enough.

(distorted): He is not strong enough!

None of you are strong enough!

(normal voice): I'm sorry, Hermann.

They're in my head.

Oh, hey, boss.

(panicked shouting)

(drone roars)

MAN: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

What the hell are you doing here?

-I told you to get to quarters! -All the doors are blocked!

What do we do?!

I mean, 38% of your company is fully automated.

It really wasn't very hard to reallocate a little over here

and a little over there,

and slip in a little Kaiju surprise without you noticing.


-Stop! Wait, wait, wait! -(gunshot)

Newt's not in control of himself!

It isn't him! It's the Precursors.

They must have infected his mind

when we drifted with the Kaiju.

Shut up!

You stay here. We're gonna try and get to Gipsy.

You ready for this?

-No. You? -No.

-On three. -Great.

One, two...

GOTTLIEB (over radio): Hello? Anyone there?


Jake! Thank God.

We're under attack! You need to force Liwen

-to shut down the drones! -It isn't her.

It isn't Liwen. It-it was Newt.

The Precursors, they've infected him.

They're controlling his mind.

Gottlieb, can you get him to disable the drones?

No. He got away.

(tires screeching)

Gottlieb, shut 'em down.

It-It's trying to lock you out.

Feedback loop.

♪ ♪


JAKE: Gottlieb, what the hell is going on?

-Gottlieb! -(Amara gasps)


Gottlieb, shut 'em down or we're gonna die!


Shut 'em down!

-(drone roaring) -(electrical whirring)


(Kaiju growling)


Liwen has disabled the drones.

The breaches are closed.

I repeat, the breaches are closed.

(alarm beeping)

Oh, no.

"Oh, no" what?

Three Kaiju have gotten through.

South Korea, Russian coast, and East China Sea.

Two Cat 4s and a Cat 5.

JAKE: Copy that.

Get back to the dome.

We're gonna need all the help we can get.

(urgent chatter)

You girls okay?

-Yes, ma'am! -Yes, ma'am!

(groans loudly)

All right, what do we got?

The reports are still coming in,

but drones took out Jaegers and Shatterdomes across the Rim.

All right. How many Jaegers do we have here?

Operational? Gipsy Avenger, barely.

-That's it? -Yeah. -Okay. We need more Jaegers

up and running or this is gonna be a short fight.

Even if we can, all of our other pilots

are either dead or severely injured.

Okay, okay, one disaster at a time.

Let's just focus on those Jaegers.

Smallie, come over here.

I need you to help Jules with the repairs.

-Can you do that? -I thought I was kicked out.

I'm kicking you back in.

She's pretty good at turning junk into Jaegers.

You good with that?

-Hell yeah. -Right, we got a lot of work to do

and not a lot of time.

We got incoming!

(aircraft approaching)

♪ ♪

I brought some help!

Hakuja, Shrikethorn, and the big fella, Raijin.

I took the liberty of assigning the designations.

Well, the spiky guy and the big idiot

are moving away from the cities and towards the ocean.

-What does that mean? -Maybe they're trying

to link up with Hakuja in the East China Sea.

Yeah, I bet Newt would know what they're up to,

if we can get it out of him.

Yeah, we'd have to find him first.

Any Jaegers closer to those Kaiju than us?

What was left of the Chin-do and the Sakhalinsk domes

tried to intercept-- emphasis on "tried."

I'm afraid we're on our own.

There's got to be something here.

Something in the East China Sea.

Maybe that's not where they're headed.

Pull up a map of Kaiju movement from the war.

Pushing data to main display.

What, do you know something we don't?

You said we need to understand our enemy's objective

to know we've beaten them.

What if the Kaiju weren't blindly attacking

our cities during the war?

What if we were just in their way?


Well, right here.

Mount Fuji, Japan.

Extrapolate for Hakuja, Shrikethorn and Raijin.

Mount Fuji? But why?

-Rare earth elements. -Huh?

Mount Fuji is a volcano rich in rare earth elements.

Kaiju blood reacts extremely violently

with rare earth elements is the basis of

my fuel-thruster experiments. Excuse me.

Oh, that sounds bad. That's bad, right?

Very. Mount Fuji's active, a geological pressure point.

Based on the blood-to-mass ratio of the Kaiju,

the reaction would cause a cascade event,

igniting the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Rim.

Billions of tons of toxic gas and ash

will spew into the atmosphere, wiping out all life.

And finish terraforming the Earth for the Precursors.

We can't let 'em reach Mount Fuji.

I'm gonna check with Jules for Jaeger repairs.

Even if we had a hundred Jaegers,

there's no way to intercept in time.

-What about your thruster pods? -GOTTLIEB: Oh, no, no, no, no.

They're not, they're not ready.

-Can they be? -Well, in theory,

if it, um-- maybe, with-with your help.

Gottlieb, what does that mean, "in theory"?


it means yes!

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

FEMALE VOICE: Power partially restored in sectors two...

Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo, and Bracer Phoenix

are good to go.

It's not a lot to work with.

If Liwen can patch some Fury tech into Gipsy,

that might help.

-(alarm blares) -Okay.

-Prep everything we got for deployment. -Okay.

Don't get yourself killed.

You either.

Well, that's confusing.

Let's just stay focused.

We got four Jaegers against two Category 4s and a Fiver.

It's better than just Gipsy.

We still need pilots.

We have 'em.

Oh, shit.

If my dad was here, he'd probably give you a big speech.

Make you feel invincible.

I'm not my father.

I'm not a hero like he was.

Like Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori.

But they didn't start out that way.

They started out as cadets, just like you.

We remember them as giants because they stood tall.

Because they stood together.

It doesn't matter who your parents are,

where you came from,

who believed in you and who didn't.

We are a family now.

And we are Earth's last defense.

This is our time, this is our chance to make a difference.

Now let's mount up and get it done!

Do you understand?

ALL: Yes, sir!

Jaeger pilots, do you understand?!

ALL: Yes, sir!

-Do you understand?! -ALL: Yes, sir!

Now help me save the world.

Let's do this.

♪ ♪

-FEMALE VOICE: System online. -Initiating neural handshake.

FEMALE VOICE: Establishing neural link.

AMARA'S FATHER: Amara, jump in there!

-Neural handshake strong and steady. -So...

how does it feel to be in a real Jaeger?

-Bigger's not bad. -LAMBERT: All right,

all Jaegers sound off. Go-no-go for launch.

Guardian Bravo, go.

Saber Athena, go.

Bracer Phoenix, let's go already.

Copy that.

Command, we are go for launch.

Roger, Gipsy Avenger.

Ignition in ten seconds.


(over speakers): eight,

seven, six,

five, four,

three, two,



♪ ♪

(alarm blaring)


Exceeding structural limits.

(alarm blaring)

Tro-lo-lo-lo-lo, lo-lo-lo, lo-lo-lo... ♪

What the hell?

My grandmother used to play it for me.

-Keeps me calm. -What about me?

Not calm, man, not calm.

Lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo, lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo, lo

Oh... ♪

(all cheering)

I knew it would work.




(woman shouting in Japanese)


(man shouting in Japanese)



(glass shatters)

(man shouts)

-(screaming) -(roaring)



Gipsy to Command. Targets acquired.

GOTTLIEB: Roger that, Gipsy.

Everyone in the city is secured

in underground shelters.

You are clear to engage.

Solid copy. Going hot. Bracer Phoenix, on me.

We'll take Raijin.

Roger that, Gipsy.

Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo,

-you take the other two. -Copy that.

It's our turn to save the world.

-Let's hope so. -LAMBERT: On my mark.

Three, two,

one, mark!

(Kaiju screams)

♪ ♪



(car alarm blaring)

GOTTLIEB: Gipsy, Raijin's faceplates

are absorbing the hits and throwing the energy

back at you!

Let's see it absorb this.


How many buildings can this thing take?!





(shouts) Shrikethorn inbound!

Hey, guys, we could use a little help over here!

-Right now! -Copy that, Saber.

Vik, take out Shrikethorn.

On it.

Saber Athena, Guardian Bravo coming to assist!

Activating arc whip!


(over speakers): Yeah, that's right!

You better run!

These things ain't that tough.

Bracer Phoenix, watch your six!

Hostile inbound!

VIK: Copy that!

(Kaiju growls)




Okay, we're going with giant robots again.

All right, real original, guys.

I'm not impressed.

I am not impressed.

(alarm blaring)


We've got movement!

Multiple hostiles, three kilometers southeast.


Are you reading this?

That's one of my automated factories.

It was Newt.

He's in Tokyo.

Locating his position.

Hostiles, one klick away and closing fast!

All Jaegers, brace for contact.

Disengage and brace for contact!


(panting): All right.

Let's go, all right. Go, go, go, go!

Go, baby, go, baby!

Where they going?

(metallic chittering)


♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Well, he's pretty big.



(car alarm blaring)

All Jaegers, advance and fire everything you've got

on my command!




Guardian, stand down!

We've got this!

JAKE: Negative!

That's an order!

You freaking teenagers.

Go for the eyes!

-Which ones? -All of them.

(electricity crackling)


(Newt laughs)




Ilya, Suresh, report.

Do you copy?

Come on, guys, sound off!

LAMBERT: Guardian Bravo, give me a sitrep.

You guys okay?

Guardian's down.

(panting): I'm pinned in the Conn-Pod.



Suresh didn't make it, sir.

Copy, Guardian.

You just stay put,

and we'll send you help as soon as we can.


Bracer Phoenix, report.

(alarm beeping)

LAMBERT: You guys okay?

We're a little banged up, but we're still in the fight.

RENATA: Us, too, Saber.

I mean, Saber Athena, sir!

JAKE: Saber, Bracer,

prepare to intercept at the following coordinates.

-Let's finish this. -Move your ass,

-and don't be late. -Copy.

Bracer Phoenix hauling ass!

Gipsy to Command, do you have a tactical scan of the hostile?

Assessing data from their sensors.

We have it, Gipsy, but it's still compiling.

JAKE: No time. Can you locate the brains?

Hostile's central brain mass is heavily armored.

Your weapons won't be able to penetrate.

What about a secondary brain?

This son of a bitch have one of those?

Hostile has three secondary brains,

one for each component Kaiju.

Sending intel.

-(beeping) -Package confirmed for Saber Athena!

-Confirmed for Bracer Phoenix. -(alarm beeping)

All right, team, follow my lead and stay alert!

Fire up some of that Fury tech Liwen grabbed us?

Read my mind, partner.


(Kaiju squeals)

-Yeah! -(cheering)

-(Kaiju roars) -(Renata and Ryoichi scream)




-AMARA: Eject! -Damage detected.

Eject! Eject!

-All pilots, eject! -(alarm beeping)


(alarm beeping)



(Kaiju roaring)





-AUTOMATED VOICE: Warning. -(coughing)

Neural load exceeding limit.

-Hey! -Warning.

-Neural load exceeding limit. -Nate! Nate!

(over radio): Stay with me! Stay with me!

-Get up! Nate! -(Lambert coughing)

Pilot down!

(laughs) Get up from that, you pile of junk!

(Kaiju growling)

(Kaiju growling)


Liwen! Is there anything you can do to help?

-I need more time! -We don't have any!

-If the hostile reaches Mount Fuji... -JAKE: Understood.

Not gonna let that happen.


-(yelling) -(electrical whirring)

Jake, you can't operate Gipsy without a copilot!

-The strain will tear your mind apart! -(groaning)


What do we do now?

Regroup with the others.


-(yelling) -AMARA: Gipsy Avenger,

this is Amara Namani!

-Stand by for assist. -Amara, don't.

-You won't make it. -I'm gonna!

-Don't! Don't! -(Amara shouts)


I told you.

(panting): Since when do I listen?

Amara, you're up.

What are you doing?

Getting the hell out of your way.

You got this, brother.

-(beeping) -(Lambert groans)

AUTOMATED VOICE: Ejection sequence initiated.

-(pod launches) -Ejection sequence successful.

-You ready for this, smallie? -One way to find out.


Stand by, Command.

Initiating neural handshake.

AUTOMATED VOICE: Establishing neural link.

Come on.

(buzzing, whirring loudly)

Yeah, that was supposed to be epic, but it wasn't.

-Definitely not. -AUTOMATED VOICE: Warning.

Cascade failure. Multiple systems offline.

-Reboot! -Okay, okay, I'm on it.

Command to Gipsy. Hostile is...

two kilometers from the summit of Mount Fuji and closing fast!

(birds chirping)


Gottlieb, do you have enough fuel left in your thrusters

-to launch us into the atmosphere? -The atmosphere?

-Yeah. -Possibly, but there won't be

-enough to slow your reentry. -We don't need to slow down.

We're gonna drop Gipsy right on top of that thing.

I just ejected my escape pod.

Yeah. We'll have to use mine.

Jake, there's only one thruster with enough fuel remaining.

-Sending location. -All right, checking.

We're too far away.

We're not gonna make it.

LIWEN: Gipsy Avenger! Transport inbound!

Remote systems are online. Sending help!


(thumping steadily)

-LIWEN: I've located the thruster pod! -(beeping)

Stand by!


JAKE: Come on, come on! Move them little legs!

AMARA: The thruster's way too strong.

There's no way we can hold on to it!

JAKE: Liwen, what do you got?

I can weld it to your hand.

I upgraded Scrapper's weapons.

Nice. I was actually gonna do that.

-No, you wasn't. -Yes, I was.

We only got one shot at this.

Yeah! Then let's make it count.

(Amara shouting)

-I'm stuck! -Stay there!

You're an extra ton we can drop on that thing!

(shouts, pants)

(Amara yells)

(both shouting)

-She's coming apart! -Almost there!

(thruster sputtering)

(thruster powering down)


(alarm beeping)

(Jake grunts)

-We're drifting off course! -Use the plasma cannon!

Disengaging safety protocol!

AUTOMATED VOICE: Plasma cannon engaged.

Warning. Exceeding structural limits.

-It's working! -Structural failure.

Hold on!

-Come on! Come on! -(beeping)

Target locked!

Jake, Amara, you need to eject!

-(Amara grunts) -Disconnect!

Amara, disconnect!

I will catch you! I promise!

Come on!

-(alarm beeps) -(Amara grunts)

I've got you.

Gipsy to Command, we're getting the hell out of here!

AUTOMATED VOICE: Escape pod failure.

No. No, no, no!

I'm sorry, smallie.

For what?

We got to save the world.

Your dad would be proud.

-(sparks crackling) -Ah!

-Scrapper! Ah! -Ah!

Get over here! Hurry up!

Move! We have to go!

20 kilometers to impact. Get out of there!

-(Amara grunts) -Go! Go!


We're in! Close the door!


-Hang on! -I am hanging on!

Hang tighter!


(both grunting)







(cheering continues)

No! No!


Okay, you know what? Plan B. Always a plan B.



-(radio chirps) -Anyone who's listening,

(over P.A.): this is Ranger Lambert.

Be advised, we just caught ourselves a Newt.

JAKE (chuckles): Copy that.

There he is.

I'm glad you're still okay, man.

LAMBERT: You, too, brother. I knew you could do it.

Well, I had a lot of help.

-Nice work, Ranger Namani. -Thank you, sir.

-Never seen snow before. -So out of all the things

to notice right now, you're noticing snow?

Big, dead Kaiju is just, is right there,

-and I'm not sure if... -Okay, okay, all right.

Is this the part where you're gonna give me

one of those big, dumb speeches, 'cause...

Did everyone think it was dumb or is that just your opinion...

Just be honest, how many times did you practice that in front

-of the mirror? -It was motivational.

-Okay. -You can be whoever you want to be.

-(Amara shouts, laughs) -Oh!

-Fire! -Okay. Oh, now you want to play that?

I'm a natural at this.

-No, you're not a natural because... -Ha!

Give me a break. I've never done this before.

(both grunting)

There you go. Boom!

We did it!

♪ ♪


(electronics powering up)

You think this is over, huh?

You think you've saved your crappy little world?

We're gonna keep coming!

We are never going to stop, and sooner or later,

(distorted): your luck is going to run out!


The things in your head?

The Precursors?

Tell them we're not afraid.

Tell 'em, next time,

they won't need to worry about coming for us,

'cause we're gonna come for them.

♪ ♪


(heavy fluttering)


♪ ♪




♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(music fades)

The Description of Pacific Rim Uprising