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Sticky rice, plain rice 2

Episode 35

What are you thinking?

Who is the one needing comfort now?

You come here and I have to serve you?

The serious sentence of illegally taking others' assets is 5 years in prison

Have you heard what I say?

I just took that amount, so now I return that amount

Minh, I beg you, you have to save Hong with all means

Hong is Minh Hien, your half sister

Long, only you may save little Hien

She's your sister

I beg you, please save your sister!

Please stand up!

Who are you people?

Get off me!

The blind girl is here, catch her!

Do you want to be a hero?

- Guys, hit them! - I'm here, don't be scared

Police is coming

Police! Let's run!


Are you two alright?

Do you want to go to the hospital?

Are you alright?

No, are you alright?


I'm here

Are you alright?

I'm alright

Did you give up your career and your mom to come here just for this blind girl?

First, it's none of your business

Second, if you offend Bao Anh one more time-

- I won't leave you alone

You are ruining his future

Leave him alone!

Don't listen to her! Let's go!

Hello, Dean!


Your arm...

I and Bao Anh got into an accident out there

Is your injury serious?

I'm alright, thank you


Bao Anh, are you alright?

Bao Anh!

Are you alright?

Well, I'm alright, thank you

It's good you're both alright

May I help her to inside to rest?

Yes, please!

Go to rest!

I'll come back tomorrow

Aren't you always here?

Can you promise me one thing?

Please go home!

It's me, Dung



Are you awake?

What are you saying?

Who did this to you?


Hey! Dung!

Dung! Dung!




How is he doing?

He is seriously injured

He got over the critical condition

He needs time to recover

Thank, doctor!

I'm here

Have you decided yet?


Where are you going?

Doctor says you need to rest


Lie down and rest!


Can you hear me?


Be careful!

Come back to the hospital!

Go inside to meet grandma first, we'll deal with you later tonight

Just let me meet her first, you can do what you want

And you, do you want to meet grandma as well?

This girl!

You go inside, I'll wait here

Hey! He won't go inside

Follow me!

We go now

How do you feel now?

Seeing you, I feel much better

Yes, 3 siblings at home can't compare to you

This girl!

Did you have fun with your performances?

Yes, lots of fun

Everyone in the crew treated and took care of me so well

How can you still lie to me?

You obviously left home

But they said you were gone for performances


I didn't tell grandma

It must be uncle Quang

It doesn't matter who told me

What matters is you have to stay here

And wait for the day of your surgery

Grandma, I...

Don't you want to see me again?

We can afford for your surgery

No worries about it

It's not that

Quan said he found a sponsor fund and I may get the surgery for free


I warn you not to touch Tri Dung again

Remember it!

What's wrong, Mr.Quan?

Nothing, it's just misunderstanding

Did you pay the debts of our uncle-in-law?

Light pink roses, your favorite color

It's not worth it

About my surgery-

- about my uncle-in-law-

- it's such a big debt

I don't want you to feel like you owe me

I just need you to understand

I need you to give me a chance-

- to be with you

- to take care of me, it's enough

Why did I go missing?

I'm waiting for your answer?

When your mom was delivering a baby-

- your grandpa took you and your sisters to be with your mom

He let you sit on the bench in front of the surgery room

Then he went to prepare hospital documents for your mom

In those short moments-

- you suddenly disappeared

Where were you at that time?

Were you with your junior wife?


Go away!

Hien! Please!

My name is Hong

I know..

You know nothing

You know just nothing

Just go away!



Go! Go away!

You may go home


My mission is completed

Your mission is to earn 2 billion for me

Do you know why Japan is a developed country?

It's because they have prestige

So we also have to keep pres...

Let's go home!

When your backpack had fallen, I took it right away

So what?

There's only 500 million in there

Hey! Don't lie like that!

Everyone know there's 2 billion of cash in it

My boss is my witness

Is it right, uncle? You already asked her

Who is your witness?

Is there anyone?

This bastard!

- What are you doing? - Stop it!

This is a police station, don't steal then shout!

- Whom do you say is a burglar? - I say it's you


We'll talk at home

If it's right or wrong-


Just hand me to the police!

Justify it all and come home!

It's so easy, she dares you now, uncle, arrest her!

Calm down!

Let's discuss at home!

What home?

Your mother ruined our family

You ruined my life, is it not enough?

We're enemies, not family

And you, one day, I'll take off your mask

You say it and do it

Let's see who believes in you

Everyone here is moral people

Do they believe me or a whore like you?


Shut up!


Sister Hien!

I just say the truth

Sister Hien!

Please don't go!

My name is Hong

Whatever name it is-

- you're still our half sister

You can be angry with him

And our mother

Don't be angry with us!

We have no guilt


All this mess is from our parents

But I suffer the consequences, I consider it for us

Do you know how I have lived for all these years?

Do you want me to stop hating you?

From now on, don't ever show up in front of me!

Sister Hien!

Yes, I'm home now

Everything is quite complicated

I know

I'll call you

Yes, ok


Are you done overhearing?

Why are you call yourselves so distantly?

He's still my friend

Friends? Why do you smile talking to him?

This girl!

Where is sister Hien?

She said she didn't want to see us

What do you think about the money thing?

I think she was wrong when she got it and hid it

Mr.Tuan told me she cried and swore that there was only 500 million inside

I can't believe someone acted so well

What does it mean?

Someone just acted so well

I choose to believe sister Hien

If brother-in-law had lied, why would his company have protected him?


There's a hole in his testimony

This is Mr.An, a lawyer, he's my friend

His company confirmed giving him 2 billion

On the way he brought this money to home, what happened?

No one knows

Hello, Mr.Quan?

Can you help me with one thing?

This is data from CCTV in the day that he took the money from his company

He left his room at 5.30pm-

- with no money backpack

Let's check the gate!

Why is his backpack so thin?

Let's check all his way coming home!

Why is it?

Ask me, I know why

Uncle Khang!

During the last 2 days, I and my police friends-

- we took the way from his company to his house

I stopped by to check anywhere I found CCTV

And this is the result

You guys pay attention to the bag

Watch this part, it's more interesting

I'll get going

Yes, ok

2 bowls inside!


Yes, thank you!

Please come and sit inside!

1 more bowl inside!


- Here! - Yes

Please order!

She's so busy now

You can take actions

Yes, ok

Oh! Is anyone out there?

Anyone out there? Please help me!

What's wrong, bro?

Minh, is that you?

Please check the door! Help me open it!

Let me check it!


The lock is broken


The lock is broken

Gosh! What to do now? Help me!

Wait here! I'll look for someone to help



It's not like this in Japan

Do you remember it all?


[Calling Big sister]


Oh why does your voice sound like that?

I'm having a flu

Gosh, have you taken medicines?

Let's talk about it later

But you said you gave me 500 million, I counted and it was only 490 million

It's total of 500 million inside

Are you sure it's 500?


I'm sure it's 500

I counted carefully in the gold store then gave it straight to you, no lost penny

Is that so? I may count it wrong, I'll count it again

Yes, 500 inside

I'll hang up now

Yes, ok

Chau! It's done

Thank you!

I'll treat you coffee for one week

But I don't drink ice lately, I'll drink lemon juice to dub high quality audios

Ok, thank you!

I'll get going, bye!

- Thank you! - Ok!

Catch the mouse!

In the bag your sister gave you, there was only 500 million inside

Hey! Don't you...

I'm sure it's 500

I counted carefully in the gold store then gave it straight to you, no lost penny

How could you do it?

Have you heard what mom says?


I'll keep it

One is staying in this house, second is getting rid of it, get it?

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