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Deadlift is a really great exercise. Its a full body exercise. In my opinion the deadlift

is the second best exercise you could ever do. Its really great for building superior

strength. The deadlift is really great for developing whats called the posterior strength

which is the low back muscles, the glutials and the hamstring muscles. Okay, I will demonstrate

how to do this. First thing you want to do is make sure your feet are properly aligned

under your hips, directly with your hips is good. If you think about jumping thats

usually probably the right position on that. You want to make sure you squat down and when

you squat you want to make sure your weight is on your heels and that youre kind of

levered forward from the hips. You want to make sure you have a neutral alignment in

the spine, and that youre looking forward when youre doing your deadlift. Also, your

hands should be one turned over and one turned under. This is a hook grip, and this is going

to help you with your grip when lifting the heavier weights. Okay. This is the proper

starting position, with your butt down looking straight ahead. You want to make sure to take

a nice deep breath before you go to help support your back and then press your feet to the

floor. This is a deadlift.

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