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Hey guys, welcome back to Gadgets Unleashed. I'm sure some of you have seen my previous

video where I talk about how to increase your battery life of your LG G3 by decreasing your

display resolution from 2K to a Full HD. In a part of the video I actually talked about

how your LG stock apps will not work because it's made for 2K display not for Full HD display.

So in this video I'm actually going to talk about how to make these apps actually work

on your display when you change it to a Full HD. As you can see I'm actually using a Full

HD resolution right now on my LG G3. And let's open the LG Dialer. So as you can see, the

dialer works even though I'm actually downscaled to Full HD. So how to make it work? First

thing, you have to be rooted on your phone. If you don't know how to root your phone,

I'll put down the link below, my previous video on how to root any Android phone. Basically

after rooting your phone, I'll require you to download this app called "Xposed Framework".

I'll put a link down below also. So after installing Xposed Framework on your phone,

you'll have this Xposed Installer icon and what you need to do is to open it, click on

"Framework". And then you have to click on "Install/Update". After clicking "Install/Update",

they'll prompt you to reboot, and you should just reboot your phone. After rebooting your

phone, the next step is to access the "Downloads" section. In the "Downloads" section, you need

to find this Xposed Mod called the "App Settings". I have it installed already. What you need

to do is to click on "Install", and install it. After installing "App Settings", you will

need to access the modules and tick this box. After which, they will prompt you to reboot

your phone again, and you should reboot your phone. After rebooting your phone, App settings

should be already in your App Drawer. All you need to do is to open it up. OK so you'll

see a long list of apps and it looks very... ... complicated. But it's actually quite simple.

As you can see, the apps highlighted in red are actually apps that I have modified before.

I'll just go to one of it, let's say the "Calculator". OK, by default your calculator or any other

apps should look like this when you click on it. All you need to do is to click on the

"On" button. After clicking on the "On" button, you'll see this screen. And all you need to

do is to change the DPI to 530, and the Font Scale to 75. Adjust these two settings, and

click on the floppy disk icon here. Click on OK, and you are set. After which you should

move on to the next app. Let's assume calendar. Do the same thing, 530, 75, click on floppy

disk icon, and back. As you can see, the calendar works, calculator works. You have to do this

for every single LG app. I'll show you what are the LG apps that I actually change the

settings for. I did it for the "App Updates", the "Calculator", the "Calendar", "Clock",

the "Contacts". the "Contacts" will be together with the dialer, so by changing the settings

for your "Contacts", your dialer will work. The "Gallery", "Messenging", "Music", "Quick

Remote", "LG Video", and that should be it. So I hope by showing you how to make your

LG apps work on your downscaled display you are actually getting the best out of your

LG G3. I hope you like this video. Thank you for watching. See you again.

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