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welcome ah to the course of consumer behavior ah consumer is the king so runs the well known

proverb and imprisoned with that proclamation we can say that the field of consumer behavior

draws heavily from the field of psychology and topology economics and mainly this course

pivots around the decision making process of the consumer the decision making in this

context we mean to say the purchase decision making to proceed with ah we have divided

the course into four major facets the eight week span will gradually unfold all this four

facets of consumer behavior the course talks with instruction to consumer

behavior where in the first module we will unaware with the course ah the basic concepts

of a consumer behavior different key terminologies in that and what is a relevance of consumer

behavior in the field of marketing may it be a designing of the product may it be designing

of the price promotion or distribution how the domain the facets of consumer behavior

puts immense implication to all facets of marketing perspective

now ah secondly we will talk about the nature of the world wide customer and how this is

changing we will have a special reference to the customers of india and in specially

the customers of rural india this will be followed by the understanding of the concept

of segmentation targeting and positioning in context of consumer behavior and it will

be followed by the buzzword of today that is consumerism which means how the customers

become the victims of consumerism and what are the ah consumer protection acts and forums

which can protect the customers from the analog field practices of the organization

secondly the course talks about the individual determinants of consumer decision making and

this individual determinants are basically the personnel trades of the customers the

personnel and psychological or demographic aspects of the customers so here we start

with the theory of motivation the process of motivation what motivates the customer

to take a particular purchase decision we start with the theories of ah maslows need

hierarchy mois psychogenic needs deities consumption motifs and maknews human need

we will also talk about in different kind of involvement situation high involvement

or low involvement how customers ah motivation differs how customers decision making process

differs then we talk how a customer perceive about a product or a service or a brand so

the process or perception will be our next topic of discussion which will be followed

by the theories of personality theories of personality is very well connected with selecting

of the celebrities for promotion in this context mccrackens has developed a model which is

known as meaning transfer model which actually creates a bond which mean the customers process

the cultural traits personnel traits along with the celebrities a image in mind of the

customer ah which means the celebrities personnel traits in a mind of the customers and the

brands traits in a mind of the customers so theories of personality would be followed

by the process of cognitive and instrumental learning after the learning theories we will

talk about one of the most fundamental a path in the or individual determinant of consumer

decision making process that is attitude formation we have resulted to multi attribute ah attitude

formation model of marken fishbein we discuss about a how the customers evaluate different

ah different ah um attributes of a product or brand and forms an attitude towards that

the third facet of consider this course is related to the ah group determinant or the

environmental determinants of consumer decision making process

this will begin with the impact of culture on the consumer decision making which would

be followed by the process of final decision making how as a family ah determines the choice

decision process what are the different levels of conflicts in the family decision making

process and how resolving this conflicts the families comes to a consensus to a take a

final decision we also talk about the ah life style criteria of the customer which is the

we talk about worlds typology of different kind of customers we talk about aio classification

and its impact on market segmentation we talk about the impact of reference groups

on the customers like like whom the customers aspire to become or do not aspire to become

and the impact on the consumer choice of brands ah thereafter we talk about ah the concept

of diffusion of innovation innovation is a buzzword today even all these data businesses

innovation becomes a buzzword in todays world but how the customer adopts an adepts to the

innovation following the everett everett rogers ah um ah diffusion of innovation process we

will unfold this process of diffusion of innovation and the third states about the decision making

of the consumers and ah this is the decision making model we start with the cole black

box model and a basic decision making rules or choice heuristics followed by the traditional

and contemporary decision making models the traditional models will be divided into micro

economic decision making models ah which i was propounded by marshal and ah the micro

economic decision making models in which we will talk about ah friedmans permanent income

hypothesis and duesenberrys relative income hypothesis

this would be followed by the contemporary buying decision making which has taken into

consideration different psychological aspects apart from the income and price aspect which

was discussed in the traditional models and we will discuss nicosia model a howard sheth

model engle kollat miniard model and howard sheth grossman sheth grossman and newman model

of different values to a talk about the models of consumer decision making and thereafter

in a nutshell you have also described the western model of industrial decision making

and different industrial situations and the courses concluded the the research in consumer

behavior so in short this is the course and i assume

that this course they sensitize you about the afosets concepts which i right now said

and ah this will help you to design appropriate marketing mix and understand the implication

of a consumer behavior in the overall marketing strategy formulation so once again i welcome

you in this course and i look forward to interact with you in different sessions which is going

to come forward thank you so much

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