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Hi Bold Bakers, rolling smooth bread rolls is a really important technique to learn how

to do, and it can be a little bit tricky, but Im gonna show you how to do it easily.

So you take a little piece of dough, turn it over, pull all of your creases to the back,

nice and smooth, heres what were gonna do.

Were gonna push it into a flourless counter, no flour.

Push it in, and youll start to feel the bread, look at that, starting to take shape

and pop back into your hands and get lovely and smooth.

And within seconds, you have a beautiful smooth bread roll and hardly any seams or creases

on the bottom so this is perfect.

Ill show you one more time, a piece of dough, pull all the creases to the back, there

we go.

A flourless work surface, so you get traction with your surface, push it in with your hands,

shape it into a roll like this, and within seconds you have a beautiful bread roll with

barely any creases on the bottom.

So this is a really important technique because once your bread bakes if you have lines or

creases it will show up in your bread and you dont want that and its really important

when you make my bagels, hot dog buns, my hamburger buns and dinner rolls.

So practice this technique it does take a bit of practice and a little bit of time but

trust me you will get there.

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