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For Some Reason I Forgot To Insert The Logo..Well Who Cares When You Know Which Channel That You Are Watching ..RIGHT?

*opening credits*

Episode 4 : "The Truth Or Coincidences "

aimanhaikal : It`s okay this is just the beginning

aimanhaikal : -how ever I need to stall some time. They can`t attacked me yet..Just not yet..

Chelah : Where are we heading to?

Harious : We are heading to a famous necromancer in Vaska

Harious : She can see and read people`s future..

Harious : -based on your age and date of birth..

Harious : With her help we can plan our journey ahead.

Chelah : How far is it?

Harious : At the end of the village..We almost there..

Pasurina : Young travelers, please sit

Pasurina : I know you guys came far away from home..Sit..Sitt..

Harious : We wish to ask Mak Su (Pasurina Actual Nickname)

Harious : where should we be headed to?

Chelah : Yes , Mak Su

Chelah : Yes we`re really want to know our next destination

Pasurina : Don`t worry..

Pasurina : I will assist you two..

Pasurina : But, head my words, I`m only predicting the future, God and yourself who determined your own path and future.

Chelah : Okay, we understand.

Pasurina : So, you are Chelah..

Pasurina : What is your month of birth?

Chelah : September Pasurina : September.

Pasurina : Now let me predict your future and path that you should take..

Pasurina : Interesting..

Pasurina : Your journey will be full with obstacles that are filled with lies and illusion..

Chelah : Lies and Illusion?

Pasurina : and,

Pasurina : You will unveil the secrets throughout your journey.

Pasurina : - and there pleasures and difficulties along the way

Harious : where should we headed next? Chelah : Yes Mak Su..

Pasurina :You two should go to Mount Vaska

Pasurina : You will find your next hint there..

Chelah : Thank you Mak Su Harious : Yes Mak Su, thank you

*closing credits*

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