Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Harry Potter: Flipendo! - Lekker spelen

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Peter: Ladies and gentlemen

They're back again...

We're those annoying lads from Lekker Spelen

And on Facebook we asked you

What game will they play?

Well, Martin had the right idea

Timon: Yeah, Martin is ingenious, brilliant, ingenious

P: Ingenious twice, combo

T: Yeah, I don't give that combo away easily but this time he really deserved it

P: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

There aren't many games that make me go:

"Oh, that's something I absolutely do not want to play"

But this was one of them, and indeed

But we're just gonna go ahead, then

And you can see why this is next gen

T: Yeah, for real, I just thought this was the actual movie

"I am Albus Dumbledore-" P: His beard has grown into his dress

That's why he deserved those sunglasses

We did everything we could to make it lagless but the game is simply too heavy

"Follow me, Harry!" P: On Twitter, or..?

T: Oh, that's a tasty bean!

This one's tasty! P: Look at that bean!

I don't want to fall down

T: That's a tasty bean...

P: I wasn't aware of this?! Is this a horror game as well?

"Peeves is not fond of first years, so watch out!"

T: Stinking Peeves...

"Oh, little Potter, you're really not pretty!"

P: Bugger- he's making me insecure

T: You're already struggling with you self confidence and then Peeves is gonna act like that...

P: What is happeni-

"You would fit in in a zoo, or something!"

T: He's not stopping, is he?

This was out of line, he really went too far this time

P: What are you doing, Peeves

That's one way to spend your day

They want us to play this game

T: Oh, man P: And this is what you get

"Press and h-hold the mouse button and repeat the pattern"

T: Ah, lag

A 3.8?

That's not bad at all

P: "A 10, Harry Potter!"

T: Ha, "excellent work!"

"That's n-not the shape I had in mind, P-Potter"

T: It would be kinda odd if he'd said

"Well I had that in mind as well" P: "I was just thinking about this!"

"T-try it on th-that square" T: Why is he stut-stutter-

P: [laughs] very good

T: Flipendo!

P: Shouldn't you use your Flipendo sometimes?

T: I hope we can exercise one of those Flipendo spells at some point

P: Push those beans down your throat

T: What do I do here?

Oh, right

Hey pal - "Use your Flipendo on this b-block-"

T: But how do you cast a Flipendo?

Oh, only one try!

P: Very good. And we're playing it on expert

You don't even want to play this game yourself, why would anyone want to watch someone else play it?

T: Yeah, that's incredible, seriously incredible



Those stinking adorable men!

High risk

And now it's time to fly, guys!

"Look after yourself, Potter-ter-ter-ter-"

P: Wow, remix! T: This is the remix!

"You're a natural, Potter-" T: Hey, thanks ma'am!

"I'm gonna give you ten-" T: Wow! Ten points!

P: He doesn't give a shit

"Can you find the two secrets in this room now?"

P: Secrets in the room...

Hm, this statue which is the only thing in the center of the room

I wonder if that's something?


"When you're done admiring yourself, perhaps you could take a look at that magic chest!"

P: "Yeah, put Peeves said I wasn't pretty!"

"Pay attention to the symbol for Wingardium Leviosa" T: Damn it.

"A different spell doesn't work!"

P: So it IS a spell

T: Naturally

P: Wonder what it'd do

Drop it

Both: Suuuure

T: Keep your hands of my- OOOOOH

P: He got your beans

Why are these loose in the school?

T: Yeah, you ask yourself that

P: What did you do?


P: Peeves, bugger off for once, man

T: No

P: Very good, exactly on the mark

"Maybe you should put a bag over your face!"

T: He's still calling you ugly!

P: Me? T: Yeah!

P: I thought he was just talking to Harry Potter! T: No

"This is my Remembrall"

"It tells you if you've forgotten something"

"Oh, it says Herbology class is about to start!"

P: Oh, it says I've forgotten that I shouldn't listen to your boring chatter


P: Oh, man, this stinking game..

I can't even hit it, bugger-

This was some enjoyment!

T: Wow, this was really fun P: Fun!

P: You thought it was fun too? I thought it was fun T: I thought it was fun

T: You thought it was fun as well? P: I thought it was a lot of fun

T: I thought it was fun as well

P: If you want to pick a game as well

Go to

I've enjoyed this intensely

I thought it could use a bit more Flipendo

That my favorite spell, personally, so that's something I missed

Graphics were good

It's too bad our computer was too slow

But you can expect that

Next gen... we're just not ready for that yet

T: We're not ready

P: I say it's a 9.8, Game of the Year

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