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It's AumSum Time.

What if our Hair Disappeared?

No Problem.

I have no hair, I am wearing a wig.

Oh AumSum.

Firstly, if our hair disappeared.

Hair stylists will have to look for a new profession.

Secondly, if our hair disappeared.

Demand for hair combs will fall while that for hair wigs will sky rocket.

Thirdly, if our hair disappeared, stocks of shampoo companies will plummet.

As there will be no demand for shampoos.

Fourthly, our hair protects us from harmful sun rays, if our hair disappeared.

Many people may start applying sunscreen lotion on their scalps or start wearing caps.

Fifthly, if our hair disappeared.

We may initially find it a little difficult to easily recognize our family and friends.

Sixthly, if our hair disappeared.

Men sporting beard as well as a mustache will be in for a greater loss.

Lastly, bald people will be the happiest of the lot.

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